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Report of NPM National Committee for the Music Industry
January, 2004

The music industry is represented on the NPM Council by a representative elected by the NPM membership to serve as chair of a committee for the industry. In addition to offering general advice, the representative offers specific advice in the area that concerns the interaction between the music industry and the association.

The representative is elected for a four year term. Currently the position is held by John D. Wright, Director of Marketing for World Library Publications, and the music and liturgy division of J. S. Paluch Company, Inc in Schiller Park, Illinois. The NPM Staff liaison for the music industry is Ms. Nancy Bannister of the Western NPM Office.

The main work of the committee on the Music Industry is to advise the officers and staff of NPM on area where the commercial and philosophical approach to the role of music and liturgy intersect with the activities and goals of the association. That interaction is most evident at the national and regional conventions as well as other educational efforts by the association. The advice and counsel may include the areas of sponsorship, Expo Day, quartets and showcase, music opportunities, exhibit hours, etc.

During and after the conventions, the evaluation of the exhibitors is requested and the evaluation of the NPM Council is reviewed for necessary changes or corrections needed in making the convention experience beneficial to all. While the NPM staff has the ultimate authority to make changes, the industry is consulted in informal ways to evaluate and solve problems that may arise. The change initiated at the Cincinnati National Convention 2003 that opened the exhibit hall on the first night of the convention from 10 to midnight is an example of such an innovation worked out jointly with the industry and the association.

Comments and suggestions may be directed to John Wright (wrightj@jspaluch.com) or to Nancy Bannister (NPMWest@npm.org).

John D. Wright, Chair

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