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Cantor Subcommittees

The NPM Cantor Steering Committee is happy to announce the formation of three new subcommittees.  These committees are formed with the purpose of furthering the new Strategic Plan approved by the Board of Directors.

The subcommittees and their Chairs are listed below:

Subcommittee Chair JC Cantrell
Young Cantors Subcommittee Julie Males and Kathleen Harmon
  jmales@dioceseoflafayette.org and kathleen.harmon@sndden.org
Cantors from Small/Rural Communities Tammy Schnittgrund
Hispanic Cantors Communities Brent McWilliams

Subcommittees will communicate via email throughout the year and work on futures planning in each area. 

Anyone with questions or desiring to be on one of the subcommittees – please contact either JC Cantrell or the chair of the individual subcommittee.


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