YOM HA SHOAH Lectionary #892
Shoah is the Hebrew word for “whirlwind.” It is the term used in the title Yom HaShoah (“Day of the Whirlwind”) to described the conflagration that swept up six million Jewish souls between 1938 and 1945. Every year, on Yom HaShoah, our Jewish brothers and sisters remember the martyrs who sanctified the name of the Holy One in the camps, the ghettos, and in the gas chambers. Even in the midst of our Easter festivities, we ought to pause with them to remember the martyrs, including, for us, many Christian martyrs among an additional six million people who died in the Shoah with the six million Jewish people.

Services on this day, especially in Israel, begin with silence, a pause to remember the six million. People are invited, in this silence, to take time to remember what happened, whether we understand it or not. We can take the time to focus our thoughts on how we can strengthen our faith in the Holy One in the wake of tragedy. We can take the time to contemplate what needs to be said about the tragedies, and how to say it. Silence affords us these opportunities.

Remembrance services also usually involve the lighting of candles, at least six—one for each million who died.

Although Yom HaShoah falls on the traditional date for the Solemnity of the Ascension in 2016, if your parish is celebrating Ascension on the following Sunday, you might use appropriate readings, psalms, and songs in a non-Eucharistic service on this day, or at least remember the Shoah in intercession and sung prayer. (We do not change the readings and other assigned texts for Mass or the liturgy of the hours, however.)

Here are some suggestions. The readings are taken from Lectionary #892-896: For Reconciliation, and from 927-932: For Refugees and Exiles and For Those Held in Captivity. The suggested songs have been selected for use by a Christian congregation. (Choices of readings and songs for a shared service with Jews on Yom HaShoah, of course, should be made by a joint committee.)

Amos 5:4, 14-15, 21-24 (892-3)
The prophet calls on the people to let their worship be reflected in their deeds of justice.

Psalm 130 (129) (894-2)
This individual lament is composed in three sections: a call to God to hear the psalmist's plea (vv. 1-3), an affirmation of trust in God (vv. 4-6), and an invitation to the community to maintain trust in God (vv. 7-8).

Contigo, Mi Dios, Piedad (Hurd) GP 276
Del Señor Viene la Misericordia (Taulé) FYC 269
Del Señor Viene la Misericordia/With the Lord (Hurd) FYC 268/JS 105
For with the Lord There Is Steadfast Love (chant) BFW 527-528
From the Depths (Warner) WC 472/WS 407
Out of the Depths (chant) BFW 84
Out of the Depths (Currie, Gelineau) RS 175, ant. III/WOR 71/WOR4 103
Out of the Depths (Soper) GP 277/JS 107
With Our God There Is Mercy (Manion) GP 275
With the Lord There Is Mercy (Carroll, Gelineau) RS 175, ant. IV/WOR 211/WOR4 103, ant. V
With the Lord There Is Mercy (Haugen) GC 127/GC2 71/RS 176
With the Lord There Is Mercy (Joncas) GP 344/JS 769/WOR4 102
With the Lord There Is Mercy ( Jordan ) LMGM 512
With the Lord There Is Mercy (O'Carroll) CH 118
With the Lord There Is Mercy (Roberts) LMGM 511
With the Lord There Is Mercy (Smith) JS 106

Romans 12:9-16b (928-1)
Let love be sincere.

Matthew 25:31-46 (932)
The final judgment is based on our care for those unable to care for themselves. “As long as you did it for one of these least, you did it for me.”

Other Songs
Abundant Life (Duck) GC 710/GC2 703/RS 636
All You Who Pass This Way (Berthier) GC 421/RS 567/WOR 440/WOR4 492
An Evening Prayer (Battersby) LMGM 312
Attende Domine/Draw Near, O Lord WC 557/BB 121/WS 491
Change Our Hearts (Cooney) GC2 414/GP 349/BB 665
Come, Let Us to the Lord, Our God CH 243
Comfort, Comfort, O My People GC 326/GC2 331/JS 327/RS 488/WC 507/WOR 370/WOR4 402/BB 57
Comfort My People CH 171
Deep Down in My Soul: Psalm 103 (Haas) GC 880
Diverse in Culture, Nation, Race (Duck) GC 739/GC2 729/RS 837/WOR4 842
Escúchanos, Señor/Attende Domine FYC 542
For the Healing of the Nations (Kaan) GC 719/GC2 712/JS 866/RS 823/WC 960/WOR 643/WOR4 798/BB 435/WS 798/G3 803
Give Me a Clean Heart (Douroux) LMGM 279
Healer of Our Every Ill (Haugen) GC 882/GC2 854/RS 958/WC 713/WS 616/G3 960/WOR4 965
Hear Our Entreaties, Lord/Attende Domine CH 238
Hear Us, Almighty Lord/Attende Domine GC 387/RS 552/WOR 414/WOR4 473
I Will Not Die (Conry) GC 658/GP 716/JS 552/RS 771
In Love We Choose to Live (Cotter) GC 873
Justice Will Flourish (Dohms) WC 418
Lead Me, Guide Me (Akers) GC 574/GC2 555/LMGM 168/RS 712/WC 816/BB 392/WS 677/G3 656/WOR4 657
Let Justice Roll Like a River (Haugen) GC 716/GC2 709/ 810
Lord of All Nations, Grant Me Grace CH 612/GC 634/GC2 602/RS 751/WC 805/WOR 602/WOR4 697/G3 703
Make Us True Servants (Wente) WC 961/WS 806
My Soul Is Longing WC 892/WS 745
Out of the Deoths (Duck) WOR4 970
Out of the Depths We Cry (Dufner) CH 246
Precious Lord, Take My Hand (Dorsey) GC2 847/GP 478/JS 572/LMGM 162/WC 888/BB 692/WS 747/G3 955/WOR4 980
Refiner’s Fire   SPS 160
Remember Your Love (Balhoff et al.) GC2 851/GP 474/BB 668
Remember Your Mercy, Lord: Psalm 25 (Inwood) GC 885/GP 476
The Cry of the Poor: Psalm 34 (Foley) GC 48/GC2 33/GP 203/JS 847/RS 69/BB 622/WOR4 46
The God of Abraham Praise (Yigdal) GC 544/JS 602/RS 685/WOR 537/WOR4 601
Voices That Challenge (Haas) GC 721/GC2 702
We Cannot Measure How You Heal ( Bell ) GC 575/GC2 558/WOR4 664
Whatsoever You Do (Jabusch) CH 609/GC 670/GC2 656/GP 558/JS 846/WC 969/BB 624/WS 800
When from Bondage (Dufner) CH 252
You Have Rescued Me (Dufford) GP 475