The Vigil of Pentecost has been restored and is offered as an option in The Roman Missal. It makes use of all the readings offered as options in the Lectionary for Mass. A simple form of the Vigil is also offered; it would use the usual three readings (chosen from among the options) along with the responsorial psalm.

Genesis 11:1-9. The confusion of languages at Babel because of human pride accounts for the multiple human languages and the confusion as people try to translate from one to the other.

Psalm 33 (32). In this hymn, God is praised as the creator as well as the ruler of nations, and the people chosen by God are invited to sing praise.

Blessed the People (Kreutz) JS 33
Dichoso el Pueblo (García) FYC 196
Dichoso el Pueblo (Sosa) FYC 197
Happy Are the People/Dichoso el Pueblo (Haugen) GC 45, ref. III/WOR4 45, ref. III
Happy the People You Have Chosen (Cooney) GP 197

Exodus 19:3-8a, 16-20b. The covenant to which Moses and the people agree at Sinai leads to an encounter with the living God.

Daniel 3. In this canticle of praise, the three young Hebrews in the furnace call on all creation to praise God. The hymn is designed as call-and-response.

Cántico de los Tres Jóvenes (Cortés) FYC 284, estrofas 1-3/GP 290, estrofas 1-3
Glory and Praise Forever (Ash) GP 289/JS 118
Song of the Three Children WOR 84/WOR4 118
Song of the Three Children (Gelineau) GC 151/WOR4 117
Song of the Three Children (Guimont) GC 150


Psalm 19 (18). The second part of this psalm, from which today’s verses are drawn, praises the Torah (the Law) as God’s great gift.

Lord, You Have the Words (Haas) CCH 20/GC 27/GC2 20/LMGM 525/WOR4 32
Lord, You Have the Words (Haugen) PMB 139, refrain 1/WC 419, refrain 1
Lord, You Have the Words (Joncas) GP 172/JS 20
Lord, You Have the Words (Proulx/Gelineau) WOR4 33. ant. I
Lord, You Have the Words (Roberts) LMGM 526
Señor, Tú Tienes Palabras/Lord, You Have the Words (Reza) FYC 177
Señor, Tú Tienes Palabras (García) FYC 178
The Law of the Lord Is Perfect (Kreutz) CH 133
Words of Everlasting Life/Palabras de Vida Eterna (Alonso) GC2 21
You, Lord, Have the Message (Inwood) GP 173


Ezekiel 37:1-14. In the vision of the dry bones, Ezekiel experiences a rebirth of God’s people after the Exile to Babylon, as God breathes the divine spirit into the bones and brings them to life.

Psalm 107 (106). This psalm invites all who have experienced rescue to give thanks to the Lord (the refrain is the first verse of the psalm). The verses chosen for this occasion call on those who have “dried up” in the desert to praise God for rescue.

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Joel 3:1-5. “Prophecy” was considered a special gift given to certain people for the sake of the people. But Joel envisions a whole nation filled with this gift of the divine Spirit.

Psalm 104 (103). A hymn of praise to the Creator who also sustains the whole of creation especially through the gift of water (verses 10-18 and 27-35). See the commentary on the water imagery used at the Easter Vigil.

[See the suggestion for the Solemnity of Pentecost]

Romans 8:22-27. The Spirit, working in believers, helps us to become the voice of all creation "groaning" for God's reconciliation.

John 7:37-39. In this passage John links baptism with the gift of the Spirit.

For other music suggestions for the Vigil of Pentecost, see Pentecost Mass during the day.