The readings selected for this feast personalize Israel's hopes for God's presence among the people. When we hear in the first reading that “the King of Israel, the Lord, is in your midst” or sing in the psalm, “Great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel,” we think of two things: Mary, pregnant, acclaimed as the “mother of my Lord” and ourselves, as the Church continuing the incarnation of Christ.

Zephaniah 3:14–18a. Sparked possibly by the raising of a siege around Jerusalem, the prophet celebrates God's final triumph over evil and Israel's liberation from oppression.

Psalm of the Day: Isaiah 12
This canticle (Isaiah 12:1–6) is like an individual psalm of thanksgiving. The Hebrew word for “savior” applied to God is transliterated as “yeshuah.” Rendered in Latin, based on the Greek transliteration, it is “Jesus.”

Cry Out with Joy and Gladness (Batastini) RS 205
Ustedes Sacarán Agua (García) FYC 282
Ustedes Sacarán Agua/You Will Draw Water Joyfully (Reza) FYC 2/JS 116
We Shall Draw Water (Inwood) GP 288/GP3 203/JS 117
With Joy You Shall Draw Water (Haugen) GC 148/GC2 81/G3 97/G3 97
Y Sacarán Agua (Rubi) FYC 395
You Will Draw Water (Guimont) RS 204

Romans 12:9–16. Paul's practical advice to the Christian community at Rome receives a shining example in the conduct of the two women celebrated today.

Luke 1:39–56. Luke brings together these two women in a scene that unfolds his understanding of Jesus’ role in world history. His point is not Mary’s care for her aged cousin (or she would not leave before the birth—see verse 56). It is so that both women may praise God, who is active in extraordinary ways in their lives, and so that Elizabeth’s child may be presented as the “precursor” of Mary’s child.

Songs for the Liturgy
Instead of simply repeating the Magnificat, which is proclaimed in today's Gospel, consider using one or another variation of the text or meditation on the text as suggested here.

All Who Claim the Faith of Jesus (G) GC 787/RS 897
Canticle of the Turning (G) GC 556/GC2 527/G3 622/RS 678
Christians, Let Us Love One Another (2) JS 751/MI-BB 476/GP3 657
Hail, Queen of Heaven/Salve Regina GC 779/GC2 780/G3 880/RS 894/WOR 703/WOR4 883/WS 834/GP3 376
I Sing a Maid of Tender Years GC 781/GC2 777/G3 458/RS 899
In the Lord I'll Be Ever Thankful (Ps) GC 566/GC2 546/G3 639/RS 703/WOR4 639
Mary, Woman of the Promise JS 496
Salve Regina/Hail, Blessed Lady WC 1008
Salve, Regina/Hail Mary JS 499/SPS 199
Salve Regina/Hail, Queen of Heaven WOR4 882
Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above (Ps) JS 610/RS 683/WC 955/WOR 528/WOR4 617
Sion, Sing (1) RS 532
Surely It Is God Who Saves Me (Ps) RS 739/WOR 584/WOR4 603
Tell Out, My Soul, the Greatness of the Lord (G) WOR 534
The Servant Song GC 669, 683/JS 829/RS 788/MI-BB 386/GP3 537
Word of God, You Spoke Creation JS 676