MEMORIAL DAY Lectionary #887–891

This day of remembrance was instituted in 1868 to honor soldiers who died in the Civil War, but it is now a day to remember all of the nation's war dead. While honoring those who fought to defend our national values, it might also be good to pray for all who died in wars, particularly the victims caught between opposing armies. On this day, many parishes will want to sing a patriotic song, but it might be best to include one that contains petitions for the nation as well as prayers for peace and justice. Since Memorial Day falls in Ordinary Time, appropriate texts may be used for a special Mass or for other services celebrated on this day.

Suggested Psalm: Ps (71) 72 or (84) 85

Ps (71): Se Postrarán ante Ti, Señor (Grajeda) FYC 218
Ps (71): Se Postrarán ante Ti/Every Nation upon the Earth (Cortez) FYC 219
Ps 72: Every Nation on Earth (Joncas), refrain II GC 72/GC2 46/RS 102
Ps 72: Justice Shall Flourish (Guimont) RS 101
Ps 72: Justice Will Flourish in His Time (Dohms) WC 418
Ps 72: Every Nation on Earth (Tate) WC 417
Ps 72: Lord, Every Nation on Earth (Cooney) GP 220
Ps 72: Lord, Every Nation on Earth (Reagan) CH 112
Ps (84): Muéstranos, Señor (Rubalcava) Cantos 68
Ps (84): Muéstranos, Señor (Sosa) FYC 226
Ps (84): Muéstranos, Señor/Show Us, O Lord (Cortez) FYC 225
Ps (84): Muéstranos, Señor, Tu Misericordia (Taulé) FYC 227
Ps 85: Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Haugen) GC2 48
Ps 85: Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Proulx), refrain II GC 80/RS 113

Songs for the Liturgy
All the Ends of the Earth JS 582
America the Beautiful CH 659/GC 890/GC2 872/GP 725/JS 517/RS 965/WC 1009/WOR 763
Anthem GC 690/GC2 681/JS 614
Diverse in Culture, Nation, Race GC 739/GC2 729/RS 837
Dona Nobis Pacem CH 598/GC 730/GC2 724/GP 653/JS 348
For the Healing of the Nations GC 339/GC2 712/JS 472/RS 823/WC 935/WOR 643
Great Is Thy Faithfulness LMGM 242
I Will Not Die JS 552
I've Got Peace Like a River JS 762
In Christ There Is No East or West CH 650/GC 738/GC2 726/GP 565/JS 443/LMGM 301/WC 782/WOR 659
Jesus, Shepherd of Our Souls GC 725/WOR 649
Let Justice Roll Like a River GC 716/GC2 709
Let There Be Peace on Earth GC 731/GC2 723/GP 655/JS 565/LMGM 300/RS 831/WC 871
Lord of Nations, God Eternal WC 1005
Make Me a Channel of Your Peace GC 726/GC2 721/GP 650/JS 759/RS 830/WC 874
Make Our Lives a Prayer of Peace GP 654
O Day of Peace WOR 654
O God, Empower Us WOR 642
O God of Love, O King of Peace CH 599/RS 833/WC 872/WOR 652
Oración de San Francisco GP 651/JS 760
Peace for Our Times WC 876
Send Us as Your Blessing, Lord JS 671
This Is My Song RS 964/WC 1010
Voices That Challenge GC 721/GC2 702
We Are Called GC 718/GC2 710/RS 820/WC 792
We Shall Not Be Silent GP 559
With Jesus for Hero CH 615/WOR 645
World Peace Prayer GC 732
Your Love, O God, Has All the World Created GC 713/WOR 638