The first or second reading from Year A may be used in place of the readings provided here. To some extent, the stories of Jesus' birth and infancy are patterned on the stories of the prophet Samuel and his mother, Hannah. Mary's canticle, for example (Luke 1:46 -55) is based on the canticle of Hannah (1 Samuel 2:1-10). It is fitting, therefore, that the story of Samuel's presentation to Eli at the Shiloh sanctuary should be the first reading on the day when we also read of Jesus' self-revelation at the Jerusalem Temple. The message of the day, in a sense, is captured in the second reading: We know that we are already God's children. Can you imagine what there is yet to be revealed?

Psalm of the Day: Ps (83) 84. This song celebrates Zion as the place where God's dwelling is found. It is also a pilgrimage song for those going to Jerusalem.

Blessed Are They Who Dwell (Alstott) BB
Blessed Are They Who Dwell (Black) CBW 35
Blessed Are They Who Dwell (Gelineau/Batastini) LPGG 784
Blessed Are They Who Dwell (Guimont) GC2 950/LPMG 17C
Blessed Are They Who Dwell (Kasbohm) PRM C11/PMB 572/WS
Blessed Are They Who Dwell (Schiavone) LP 26
Dichosos los que Viven (García) FYC 224
Happy Are They Who Dwell PSL C-18/SS
Happy Are They Who Dwell (Porter) RS 111/GC 77

Psalm of the Day (Years A,B,C): Ps (127) 128. This wisdom song celebrates the blessings of family life for those who live faithful to God’s commands. It is sung from the husband’s perspective.

Blessed Are Those Who Fear the Lord (Guimont) GC2 996/LPMG 17
Blessed Are Those Who Fear the Lord (Hunstiger) SS
Blessed Are Those Who Fear the Lord (Rendek/Burns) PRM C10/PMB 570/WS
Blessed Are Those Who Fear the Lord (Schiavone) LP 24
Blest Are Those Who Love You (Haugen) GC 125/GC2 70/CBW 628/PCY2 43/RS 173/WC 441
Happy Are Those (Somerville) CBW 33
Like Olive Branches (Deiss) WC 690
O Blessed Are Those (Gelineau) CBW 431/LPGG 782
O Blessed Are Those (Inwood) JS 104/MI‑BB/GP 273/SP2 68
O Happy Are Those (Gelineau) WOR 782/RS 172
We Praise You (Balhoff/Ducote/Daigle), vss 6‑7 GP 677/GC 541/MI‑BB/RS 694/JS 626

Suggested Common Psalm: Ps (97) 98

All the Ends of the Earth (see suggestions for Christmas Mass during the Day)

Songs for the Liturgy

Bread of Life – Advent/Christmas setting (1,G) BB/JS 819
Child of Gladness (G) CBW 326
Child of the Poor (G) GP 336/BB/JS 366
Christ, You Are the Fullness (2A) CBW 431
Come, Sing a Home and Family (G) PMB 220/WS/WC 970
Faith, Hope and Love (2A) GC 624/GC2 609
Faithful Family (2) GP 365/GC 413
For the Beauty of the Earth (2) GC 572/GC2 548/WOR 557/GP 704/CBW 531/WC 957/JS 642/MI‑BB/RS 697/PMB 517/WS/SS
God Is Love (2) CBW 473/MI‑BB/GC 629/GC2 608/JS 749/RS 744/GP 647/SS
God Made from One Blood (1A) RS 824
God of Adam, God of Joseph (G) RS 960/GC 893/GC2 870/JS 361
God of Eve and God of Mary (1C,G) RS 959/GC 892/GC2 871/JS 360
God of Love (2) GP 647/WC 707/WS/SS
*How Happy You Who Fear the Lord (PsA) WC 696/PMB 336
Joy to the World (G) WOR 399/CBW 328/BB/LMGM 19/GP 318/RS 524/GC 343/GC2 353/WC 493/JS 336/PMB 207/WS/SS
Love One Another (2) GC 630/RS 745/MI‑BB/GP 645/JS 752
Love Which Never Ends GP 465/JS 573
Of the Father's Love Begotten (G) WOR 398/CBW 330/BB/RS 510/GC 351/GC2 374/WC 487/JS 349/PMB 211/WS/SS
Once in Royal David's City (G) WOR 402/GC 372/GC2 380/WC 491/RS 526/JS 362/PMB 205/WS/BB/SS
Our Father, by Whose Name (1,2,G) WOR 570/RS 961
*Our God Dwells in His Holy Place (E) IH 9
Sing of Mary (G) WOR 404/GP 432/MI‑BB/LMGM 100/WC 983/GC 783/GC2 778/JS 490/RS 528/PMB 538/WS/SS
The Aye Carol RS 525/GC 371/GC2 381
The God Whom Earth and Sea and Sky (G) WOR 405/CBW 464/JS 514/SS
The Greatest Gift (2) WC 6793PMB 334/WS
The Snow Lay on the Ground (G) JS 354/BB/WC 511/PMB 221/WS/SS
Ubi Caritas (2) WOR 604/GC 408/GC2 430, 568, 631/CBW 67,376/WC 824, 827/MI‑BB/RS 746/JS 753,754,805/GP 364/PMB 428, 430/WS/SS
Virgin Born, We Bow before You (G) WOR 403/RS 527
What Child Is This (G) WOR 411/LMGM 29/GP 337/BB/CBW 338/GC 380/GC2 387/WC 522/JS 365/RS 530/PMB 216/WS/SS
When Love Is Found (2) WOR 745/WC 694/CBW 629/RS 942/GC 865/GC2 856/JS 568/PMB 337/WS/MI-BB/SS
Where Charity and Love Prevail (2) GC 625/GC2 610/MI‑BB/WC 825, 833/JS 756/RS 747/GP 644/PMB 424, 429/WS/SS
Where There Is Love (2) MI‑BB/CBW 631/JS 569/GP 464
*Within the Father’s House (G) HG 42