This solemnity developed in the thirteenth century to promote belief in the full and true presence of Christ in the Eucharist. First celebrated in 1247 in Liège, it was mandated as part of the Roman Catholic calendar in 1264. From the fourteenth century on, the most conspicuous part of the celebration was a procession with the Blessed Sacrament.

Readings of Year C focus on prequels to the Eucharist: the offering of bread and wine by Melchizedek (remembered in Eucharistic Prayer I: The Roman Canon) and the feeding of the multitude.

Genesis 14:18–20. Abraham's meeting with the king of Sodom, war-chief of the five armies that Abraham has just defeated, is interrupted by Melchizedek, king of (Jeru) Salem, who presents a feast to the mighty victor. Christian tradition has suggested that Christ's priesthood is related to Melchizedek (see the psalm), since he did not come from the priestly tribe of Levi.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (109) 110
This is a prophetic psalm, acclaiming in God's name that the king inherits the right to Jerusalem (including the priesthood of Melchizedek) and that he will be victorious in battle and a just ruler. (The second prophecy is not used today.)

Priest For Ever, Jesus Christ   BFW 202/SS
Tú Eres Sacerdote para Siempre (Montgomery) FYC 252/Una Voz 232
You Are a Priest For Ever   PSL C-204/SS
You Are a Priest For Ever (Alstott)   JS 88/BB
You Are a Priest For Ever (Armstrong/Somerville)  CBW 113
You Are a Priest For Ever (Batastini/Gelineau)  RS 148
You Are a Priest For Ever (Guimont)  GC 103/GC2 979/PMB 642/WS/PRM C69/LPMG 169
You Are a Priest For Ever (Hunstiger)   SS
You Are a Priest For Ever (Schiavone)   JS 947/LP 91
You Are a Priest For Ever (Schiaonve/Gelineau)  WOR 864/LPGG 869

1 Corinthians 11:23–16. Paul's summary of the words of institution is followed by a text that has become one of the memorial acclamations. This reading is also used on Holy Thursday.

Sequence: Lauda Sion. The sequence is optional for this solemnity. If used, in whole or in part—the Lectionary points out a shorter form for it—it would be sung before the Alleluia, and the Gospel Book could be carried in an extended procession (to balance the procession with the Sacrament later, if the parish is going to do that).

Contemplate the Bread of Angels (shorter form) BFW 207
Laud, O Zion   JS 473
Praise, O Zion, Voices Raising   WC 651/PMB 319

Luke 9:11b–17. Luke's account of the feeding of the multitude suggests, as do the other accounts of this miracle, that the overwhelming bounty of the reign of God is breaking into the world through Jesus’ ministry. There are even twelve wicker baskets of leftovers!

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Songs for the Liturgy
All Who Hunger (G)  GC 820/GC2 817/RS 845, 926/SS
Alleluia! Sing to Jesus (1,Ps) WOR 737/WC 721/CBW 426/GP 419/LMGM 67/RS 914/GC 853/GC2 826/JS 477/MI-BB/PMB 352/WS/SS
Amén. El Cuerpo de Cristo (2)   JS 824/MI-BB
Bless the Feast (G) GP 532
Blest Are You (1,2,G)  RS 702/GC 588
Bread for the World (G)  GP 528/GC 827/MI‑BB/JS 810
Bread of Life ‑‑ Farrell   MI‑BB/JS 819/GP 498/CBW 597
Bread of Life from Heaven/Pan de Vida Eterna   GC2 803/SS
By Your Hand, You Feed Your People (G)   SS
Christians, Let Us Love One Another, v 3 (2)  MI‑BB/JS 751/CBW 595/GP 646
Come, Taste and See (G)  GP 526/JS 818
*Do This in Remembrance of Me (2)  WC 641
Draw Near and Take the Body of the Lord (2)  WOR 732/GC2 829/WC 624/JS 472/PMB 293/WS
Draw Us in the Spirit’s Tether (2)  WOR 731/RS 917/JS 797
Eat This Bread (G)  WOR 734/GC 838/GC2 806/MI‑BB/LMGM 130/WC 642/RS 928/CBW 602/WS/SS
Eucharistic Litany (G)  WC 625/PMB 310/WS
Gather Us In (G)  WOR 665/GC 744/GC2 743/WC 883/MI‑BB/RS 850/CBW 587/WS/SS
Gift of Finest Wheat (G)  WOR 736/CBW 603/MI‑BB/LMGM 136/GP 525/WC 640/JS 803/RS 912/GC 815/GC2 816/PMB 300/WS/SS
Here at This Table (G)   JS 807/MI-BB
I Come with Joy to Meet My Lord (2)  WOR 726/CBW 424/WC 887/RS 854/GC 806/GC2 799/PMB 320/WS/SS
In Christ There Is a Table Set for All (G)  RS 916/GC 749
Let the Hungry Come to Me (2,G)  WC 669
*Let Us Be Bread, v 3 (G)  GC 816/GC2 808/RS 929
Let Us Break Bread Together (2)  WOR 727/GP 505/LMGM 135/WC 627/JS 806/RS 911/GC 832/GC2 832/MI‑BB/PMB 313/WS
Life‑Giving Bread, Saving Cup (2)  GC 822/GC2 821/RS 920/SS
*Litany for the Holy Eucharist (2,G)  WC 993
Make of Our Hands a Throne (G)   PMB 302/WC 668/WS
Now We Remain (2)  GC 694/GC2 696/WC 652/MI‑BB/RS 813/WS/SS
*O Blessed Savior (2,G)  WC 647/PMB 308
O, How I Long to See (2)  GP 306
*O Living Bread from Heaven, v 2 (G)  WC 991, 995/PMB 546
O Taste and See (G)  CBW 414, 415/GC 835/RS 923
*Our Blessing Cup ‑‑ Joncas, v 3 (2)  GP 184/JS 91
Our Daily Bread (G)  CBW 600
Priestly People (1,2,G)  WC 761/PMB 383/WS
Psalm 34: Taste and See
*Remember Me (2)  WC 654/PMB 304/WS
Seed, Scattered and Sown, v 1 (2)  GC 834/GC2 830/JS 811/MI‑BB/RS 918/GP 516/CBW 604
Shepherd of Souls, in Love, v 4 (G)  WC 655/PMB 307
*Song of the Lord's Supper (2)  GC 412/GC2 434
Table of Plenty (G)  GP 530/JS 793/MI‑BB
*Table Song, v 1 (2)  GC 849/GC2 833
*Take and Eat (2)  GC 831/GC2 812/WC 660/RS 910/CBW 611/WS/SS
*Take and Eat This Bread (2)  GC 842/GC2 839/WS/SS
Take the Bread, Children (2)  RS 925
Taste and See (G)  LMGM 129/GC 47, 814, 837/GC2 34, 827/WOR 36/MI‑BB/GP 199, 200/WC 402, 403, 664/JS 37, 38, 39. 40, 821/RS 69, 70, 71, 72, 73/CBW 610/WS/PMB 148/SS
The God of Abraham Praise (1)  WOR 537/JS 602/RS 685/GC 544
The Hand of the Lord Feeds Us (G)   WC 666/WS/JS 110/MI-BB/SS
*The Living Bread of God (2)  GC 826/GC2 841
*The Lord Provided (E)   IH 34
The Song of the Supper (2)  GC 845
This Holy Covenant Was Made (2)  RS 621
*This Body (2)   JS 812
*This Is My Body (2) WC 635/PMB 318/WS/PSL C-56/SS
Ven al Banquete/Come to the Feast (G)   FYC 600/JS 795/GC2 734/MI-BB
We Come to Your Feast (G)  GC 850/GC2 814
We Come with Joy (G)   HG 85/SS
We Give You Thanks (2)  LMGM 140
*When We Eat This Bread (2)  MI‑BB/JS 823/GP 510
Wisdom’s Feast (1,G)   WC 629/PMB 298/WS
*With Finest Wheat (E)   PSL C-203/SS
You Are Our Living Bread (2,G)  GP 523/GC 819

Songs for Eucharistic Procession and Exposition
Many communities have an outdoor procession and/or a period of Eucharistic exposition as part of their observance of today's feast. Many of the songs listed above could appropriately be sung for such a service.

The following songs, which focus on adoration of Christ in the Eucharistic elements, are not suitable during the celebration of Mass but are very appropriate for a Eucharistic procession. These songs may also be used at the beginning or end of a period of exposition.

Adoro Te Devote (Latin/English) WOR 489/WC 999/PMB 540/JS 858/MI-BB/SS
Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All  WOR 488/GC 480/WC 990/PMB 547/SS
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence  WOR 523/JS 611/CBW 596/WC 659/RS 658/GC 540/GC2 542/GP 694/PMB 306/BB/SS
O Lord with Wondrous Mystery  WC 648/PMB 309
O Sacrament Most Holy  WC 998/PMB 544/WS/JS 856
O Salutaris Hostia (Latin/English)  WOR 757/JS 140/CBW 689/LMGM 81/WC 224/RS 962/GC 887/GP 497/PMB 44/MI‑BB/WS/SS
Pange Lingua  (Latin/English/Spanish)  FYC 381/WOR 813/WC 550/CBW 68/JS  404, 405, 406/BB/RS 972/GC 407/GC2 426/GP 366/PMB 600/WS/SS
Tantum Ergo  (Latin/English)  WOR 758/CBW 68, 688/LMGM 82/JS 141/WC 227 /RS 963/GC 888/GP 366/PMB 45/BB/WS


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #
Anima Christe (SATB) Thacher Trinitas/OCP G
Ave Verum
Ave Verum
Ave Verum
Ave Verum
Ave Verum
Ave Verum
Ave Verum
Ave Verum (SSA)
Ave Verum (SA)
Ave Verum
F. Peeters
Alliance Music Publications
Cantus Quercus Press
E.C.Schirmer & CPDL
Morning Star & CPDL
Cibavit Eos (He Fed Them Also), K. 44 (SATB, Organ/Keyboard, Latin/English) Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Concordia (from MozartAnthem Book, Vol. I) E
Come, Share the Feast (SAB) Based on a canon by Mozart, W. A./ arr. Hopson, Hal H. Celebrations Unlimited (CU 206) S
Do This in Remembrance of Me (SATB, Keyboard) Purifoy, John Triune Music (10/1095-3) G
Ego Sum Panis Vivus Palestrina CPDL G
Holy Thursday in “Three Responses for the Triduum” (SATB, Solo, C-instrument) Trapp, Lynn MorningStar (MSM-80-305) PS
How Shall I Repay the Lord? (SATB, Keyboard) Englert, Eugene GIA (G-5202) PS
Humbly I Adore Thee Powell St. James Press  
I Am the Bread of Life (SATB, Keyboard) Lole, Simon GIA (G-4473) C
I Am the Living Bread (SATB, Organ, Oboe) Johengen, Carl GIA (G-4353) C

I Keep the Lord Before Me

Proulx Aureole PS
In Remembrance of Me (SATB, Keyboard, opt. Guitar) Red, Buryl Broadman (0-7673-1568-5) G
Last Supper, The (SATB, Keyboard, opt Guitar and Bass) Pote, Allen Choristers Guild (CGA 532) G
Life-Giving Bread, Saving Cup (SATB, Keyboard, C-instrument) Chepponis, James J. GIA (G-2958) G
Name of God, The (Unison, Descant, Keyboard, C-instrument) Haas, David GIA (G-3498) PS
O Bread of Life from Heaven (SATB, opt. keyboard) Isaac, Heinrich/ed. Hopson, Hal H. Carl Fischer (CM-8205) G
O How Blest (SATB, Keyboard, Guitar, opt. C-instrument) Schiavone, John OCP Publications (9427) G
O Esca Viatorum
O Esca Viatorum
O Sacrum Convivium (SAATB)
O Sacrum Convivium (SATB)
O Sacrum Convivium (SATB)
O Sacrum Convivium (SATB)
O Sacrum Convivium (SATB)
O Sacrum Convivium
O Sacrum Convivium
O Sacrum Convivium
Tallis, Thomas
Biery, James
Messiaen, Olivier Victoria, Tomasso di/ed.
Tovey, Donald F.
Oxford (TCM 74)
MorningStar (MSM-50-8311)
Durand, S.A. (12.742)
Stainer & Bell/Augener (Laudate Pueri, p. 36)
Pange Lingua Victoria CPDL G
Panis Angelicus
Panis Angelicus (Unison, SA, TB, SATB, Organ/Keyboard)
Panis Angelicus (T-solo, SATB, String(s), opt. Harp)
Panis Angelicus
Panis Angelicus (SATB, a cappella)
Panis Angelicus (SATB, Organ)
Franck, César
Franck, César/arr. Proulx, Richard
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi/Lee, John
Saint-Saëns, Camille
Various publishers & editions
GIA (G-5572)
GIA (G-2003)
Oxford (Oxford New Anthems, p. 359) & CPDL
S, G
Sacradotes Byrd CPDL  
Soul of My Savior Shepherd St. James Press  
Supper of the Lord, The (SATB, Keyboard/Organ) Rosania, Laurence OCP Publications (#n/a) G
Tantum Ergo from “Quatre Motets sur des Thèmes Grégorien, Opus 10” (SATB, a cappella) Duruflé, Maurice Durand, S.A. 2
This Do in Remembrance of Me (SATB, Organ) Lovelace, Austin Agape (Hope) (AG 7189) G
Verily, Verily Tallis CPDL G

Very Bread - Sequence

Currie GIA G