Because of the date of Easter and Easter Week this year, the celebration of the Annunciation has been transferred to April 4. Church tradition holds that Jesus was conceived by his mother as soon as Mary responded to the angel, “Let it be done to me as you have said.” As early as Hippolytus, Church tradition held that Jesus died thirty (or thirty-three) years to the day on which he was conceived, in about the year 30. Until the year 1752, March 25 (the usual date for this Solemnity) was celebrated in England and some European countries as New Year's Day. That is also the anniversary of the first Mass celebrated in the English American colonies, on March 25, 1634, at St. Clement's Island in Maryland.

Isaiah 7:10-14; 8:10. Unsure of whether or not to follow the prophet's advice in a time of great conflict, King Ahaz of Judah asks for some sign from God. The prophet responds that one of Ahaz’s wives (a “young woman” according to the Hebrew) will give birth to a son. The sign, then, is that the dynasty will continue—a sign of God's continuing presence with the nation through the line of King David.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (39) 40. Today's excerpt is taken from the first half of this psalm, an individual thanksgiving hymn. In response to God's action, the psalmist proclaims personal fidelity to the divine will, considered to be superior even to the sacrifices offered in the Temple.

Aquí Estoy, Señor (Castillo) FYC 203
Aquí Estoy, Señor (Rubi) FYC 204
Here Am I (Proulx) RS 75, verses 4-7/WOR 1029/WOR4 1214
Here I Am (Cooney) G2 47/GC 49/GC2 35/GP 204/RS 74
Here I Am, O God (Warner) PMB 149/WC 435
Here I Am, O Lord (O'Carroll) CH 143

Hebrews 10:4-10. Building on the attitude of Psalm 40, the author of Hebrews describes Christ's fidelity to the divine will as the reason for his exaltation and as the medium of our salvation.

Luke 1:26-38. The vision of the angel ends with Mary also echoing the psalmist: “May it be done to me according to your word.” We repeat that same attitude of fidelity each time that we pray the Lord's Prayer.

Songs for the Liturgy

A Message Came to a Maiden Young RS 478
All Who Claim the Faith of Jesus CH 321/G2 567/GC 787/RS 897
Ave Luz Mañanera FYC 205
By All Your Saints Still Striving, w/ special second verse RS 887/WOR705/WOR4 890/WC 990
Canticle of the Turning G2 376/GC 556/GC2 527/RS 678/G3 622/WOR4 624
Como Estrella en Claro Cielo FYC 450/WOR4 901
Del Cielo Vino FYC 448
El Angelus FYC 475
Hail Mary: Gentle Woman G2 564/GC 782/GC2 779/GP 426/JS 739/WC 1000/BB 711/WS 835/G3 889
I Am for You G2 506/GC 704/GC2 676/G3 794
I Sing a Maid G2 563/GC 781/GC2 777/RS 899/G3 458
Immaculate Mary CH 316/GC 790/GC2 783/GP 430/JS 493/RS 890/WOR708/WOR4 893/WC 1005/BB 201/WS 832/G3 886
Madre Morena FYC 464
Mary the Dawn CH 329
No Wind at the Window GC2 768/RS 876
O Mary of Graces CH 332
O Mary of Promise GC2 781
Oh, Virgen sin Mancha (Ave de Lourdes) FYC 472
Praise We the Lord This Day GC 777/RS 877/WOR 696/WOR4 876
She Will Show Us the Promised One WC 1011
Sing of Mary CH 323/GC 783/GC2 778/GP 432/JS 503/RS 528/WOR404/WOR4 444/WC 1009/BB 705/WS 838/G3 457
Sing We of the Blessed Mother GC 786/GC2 776/RS 895/WOR 714/WOR4 896
Stainless the Maiden CH 333/WC 981/WS 826/WOR4 900
The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came GP 441/WOR 695/WOR4 875/BB 42
The God Whom Earth and Sea and Sky CH 334/JS 501/WOR 405/WOR4 447
There Is Nothing Told G2 566/GP 431/BB 697
Who Has Known GP 327