Or, if there are catechumens, see the suggestions for Year A.

Thresholds are frightening places: We stand between what we know and what we don't know. Thresholds offer an invitation to leave the familiar behind and step into the new, the unexpected.

Joshua 5:9a, 10-12. On the day that the people ate the food of the Promised Land, the familiar manna ceased. The source of nourishment on which they had relied for many years dried up. They had to wonder: Will we have enough to eat in this new place? Will it sustain us?

Psalm of the Day: Ps (33) 34. This psalm—or at least its refrain—was one of the Communion songs of the early Church. It is a hymn of thanksgiving praising God and inviting the community to join in giving thanks for some great benefit.

Gusten y Vean (Cortés) FYC 201/GP 201
Gusten y Vean (Montgomery) FYC 200
Gusten y Vean (Rubalcava) Cantos 61
Gusten y Vean/Taste and See (Reza) FYC 202/ JS 39/MI-BB, vss. 1, 2, 3
O Taste and See (Haugen)  GC 835/RS 923
O Taste and See (Isele)  CBW 414/LMGM 541
O Taste and See (Somerville)   PMB 146, vss 1, 2, 3
Taste and See (Alstott)   JS 40/BB
Taste and See (Angrisano) MI-BB
Taste and See (Balhoff/Daigle/Ducote)  PCY6 15
Taste and See (Brustle/Black)  CBW 55
Taste and See (Chepponis)   SS
Taste and See (Dean)  MI‑BB/JS 37/RS 72/GP 200/SP1 32, vss 1, 2, 3
Taste and See (Guimont)  RS 71/GC2 917/LPMG 42
Taste and See (Haugen)  GC 47/GC2 34, 827/PCY1 62/RS 70/SS
Taste and See (Hillert)   PMB 591/WS/PRM C22
Taste and See (Hommerding)  WC 403/SO 26/PMB 148
Taste and See (Hunstiger)   SS
Taste and See (Kreutz)  SC 39
Taste and See (Moore)  LMGM 129/GP 240/GC 814/WC 664/CBW 610/MI-BB/WS
Taste and See (Proulx/Gelineau)  WOR 36, 798/RS 73/LPGG 802
Taste and See/Gusten y Vean (Rubalcava)   WS
Taste and See (Savoy)  CCS 2548
Taste and See (Schiavone)   JS 914/LP 45
Taste and See (Talbot)  MI‑BB/JS 620
Taste and See (Tate)   WC 402/WS
Taste and See (Walker)  OCP 7147
Taste and See (Willcock)  PFS 46/JS 38
The Goodness of the Lord   PSL C41/SS

2 Corinthians 5:17-21. “Whoever is in Christ is a new creation.” What does it feel like to be a new creation? How does one deal with the fact that “the old things have passed away” and “new things have come”? And then, as this new being, to become an “ambassador for Christ”—that's quite a challenge!

Luke 15:1-3, 11-32. The wayward son certainly knew what it was like to step into a new situation and fail. What must he have felt like walking down the familiar road to home, wondering how he would be received?

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Songs for the Liturgy

All Who Hunger (1,Ps)  RS 845, 926/GC 820/GC2 817/SS
Amazing Grace (G)  WOR 583/WC 685/CBW 480/MI‑BB/GP 615/LMGM 173/GC 612/GC2 586/JS 713/RS 737/WS/PMB 323/SS
As a Fire Is Meant for Burning (2)  RS 779/GC 663/GC2 643
As We Gather at Your Table (2,G)  RS 848/GC2 738/CBW 583/JS 792/SS
As We Remember (2,G)  GC 818/GP 504
Awake, O Sleeper, Rise from Death (2)  WOR 586/GC 803/RS 729/WC 802/WS
Be Reconciled as One (2,G)  GP 469
Bless His Holy Name (G)  LMGM 200
Bless the Lord (G)  JS 631/GC2 576/SS
*Come, Come to the Banquet (G)   PSL C43/SS
*Come Home (G)  GP 468
Come to the Feast (G)  GC 503/GC2 499/RS 642/MI‑BB
Come, Ye Disconsolate (G)  LMGM 255
Come, You Sinners, Poor and Needy (G)  WOR 756/RS 954
Deep Down in My Soul (G)  GC 880
Deep Within (2,G)  GC 399/GC2 419/RS 546
Far from Home We Run Rebellious (G)   HG 86
Forgive Our Sins (G)  WOR 754/CBW 620/WC 684/JS 556/RS 952/GC 879/GC2 848/PMB 324/WS/SS
From the Depths of Sin and Sadness (G)  WC 535/CBW 487
From the Depths We Cry to Thee (G)  JS 386/BB
Grant to Us (2)  WC 661/RS 558/CBW 621/WS/PMB 329
Great God of Mercy (G)  WOR 746/CBW 361
Great Is Thy Faithfulness (G)  LMGM 242
Hold Me In Life (G)  MI‑BB/GC 599/CBW 707/JS 702/GP 596
Hold Us in Your Mercy (G)  GC 398/GC2 398/GP 350
Hosea (G)  MI‑BB 679/WC 680/GC 386/GC2 405/JS 559/GP 471/WS/PMB 327
*I Call You to My Father's House (G)  WC 700/WS/PMB 343/SS
I Want to Call You (2,G)  GC 884
I Will Be Your God (2)   JS 383
*I Will Give Thanks to You, My Lord (Ps)  WC 404/WS/PMB 147
I Will Sweep Away Your Transgressions (Ps,G)  CBW 622            
Jesus, Heal Us (1,Ps)  GC 875/GC2 846
*Lord, I'm Coming Home (G)  LMGM 178
Lord Jesus, as We Turn from Sin (G)   SS
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (2)  WOR 588/MI‑BB/GP 640/JS 746/WC 832/RS 743/GC 622/GC2 613/WS/PMB 431/SS
Loving and Forgiving (G)   JS 560/MI-BB
*Make of Our Hands a Throne (Ps)   PMB 302/WC 668/WS
Mercy, O God (2,G)   GC2 417/SS
Now We Remain (2) GC 694/GC2 696/WC 652/MI‑BB/RS 813/WS/SS
O Christ, Bright Sun of Justice (G)   JS 389
O Christ, the Great Foundation (2)  WOR 618/RS 781, 782/GC2 646/CBW 527/SS
*Our Father, We Have Wandered (G)  WOR 755/WC 678/RS 955/WS/PMB 326/JS 554/GC2 849/SS
Out of Darkness -- Walker (2)  MI‑BB/GC 689/JS 765/GP 574
Out of the Depths (G)  JS 107, 393/RS 947/GP 344/WC 537/WS/PMB 241/MI-BB
Praise to You, O Christ, Our Savior (2)  MI‑BB/GC 515/GC2 517/JS 208/RS 652/GP 662/CBW 442
Ps 51: Create in Me (G)
Ps 103: The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (G)
Ps 130: With the Lord There Is Mercy (G)
*Rejoice, Jerusalem! (E)   IH 18
*Rejoice, Rejoice, All Who Love Jerusalem (E)   PSL C40/SS
Remember Your Love (G)  GP 474/MI‑BB/GC 881/GC2 851/JS 561
Remember Your Mercy, Lord (G)  GC 885/RS 550/GP 476
Return to God (G)  GC 389/GC2 410/RS 555/WC 538/WS/SS
Return to the Lord (G) GC2 415
Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us (G)  LMGM 47
Shepherd of Souls, In Love Come Feed Us (1)  WC 655/PMB 307
Show Us Your Mercy (G)  GP 473/JS 563
Somebody's Knockin' at Your Door (G)  LMGM 34/WOR 415/RS 547/GP 354/WC 728/WS/JS 388/GC2 394/BB
*Taste and See (Ps)  GC 837/GC2 827/JS 821/RS 919/GP 199/WC 664/MI-BB/SP2 15/WS/SS
Thanks Be to You (1,2,G)  RS 708/GC 569
The Kingdom Calls Us to Repent (G)    BB
The Lord Is My Hope (Ps,G)  GP 631/MI‑BB/JS 730
There Is a Balm in Gilead (Ps,G)  PMB 331/MI-BB/LMGM 157/WOR 608/WC 689/RS 764/GC 648/GC2 617/WS/JS 723/GP 634/SS
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy (G)  WOR 595, 596/MI‑BB/JS 748/WC 682/RS 742/GC 626/GC2 603/GP 639/CBW 443/WS/PMB 322/SS
This Is Our Accepted Time (2)  WC 539/PMB 231
Those Who Seek Your Face, Scrutiny verses (G)  GP 447/JS 128
Turn Our Hearts (2,G)   BB
Turn to Me (G)  GP 342/JS 377/MI-BB
Turn to the Living God (2,G)   GC2 408
*Yes, I Shall Arise -- Deiss (G)  WC 679/WS/PMB 325
You Have Looked upon the Lowly (G)  CBW 624
You Have Rescued Me (G)  GP 475


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  
Amazing Grace White Selah G, C
Create in Me a Clean Heart (SATB)  Nelson, Ronald A.  Kjos (8808) 1
God Was in Jesus (SATB, organ/piano)  Herbst, Johannes  Boosey & Hawkes (5851) C
Gustate et Videto (SATB, organ/keyboard, Latin only)  Isaac, Heinrich  J. W. Chester (JWC 55127) P
I Will Always Give Thanks (SAB)  King  Concordia (98-1659)  P
I Will Always Give Thanks (SATB, organ)  Titcomb, Everett  Flammer (84701)  P
I Will Arise Creighton, R. CPDL G
I Will Arise and Go Wesley, S. S. CPDL G
I Will Bless the Lord (SATB, organ)  Roff, Joseph  GIA (G-2367)  P
I Will Praise the Lord at All Times (Unison)  Handel, G.F./Hopson, H. H.  Choristers Guild (CGA-243)  P
Jesu dulcis: The Taste of Goodness (SATB, organ)  Kreutz, Robert  GIA (G-2304)  P
My Song is Love Unknown (SATB)  Busarow, Donald  Concordia (98-2336)  C
New Creation, A from  “A New Creation” (SATB, div., Keyboard)  Clausen, René  Mark Foster (2047)  C
O Magnify the Lord with Me (SA, piano/organ)  Mueller, Carl F.  Carl Fischer (6684)  P
O Taste and See (SATB)  Doherty, Anthohy  Trinitas (4592)  P
O Taste and See (SATB, keyboard)  Larkin, Michael  Coronet Press (Presser) (392-41993)  P
O Taste and See (SATB, Soprano, opt. organ)  Vaughn-Williams, Ralph  Oxford (43 P 909)  P
O Taste and See (SATB, Soprano, organ)  Wolff, S. Drummond  Concordia in “Lift Up Your Hearts”  (97-6219) P
Proclaim with Me (SATB, Organ, opt. Trumpet)  Busarow, Donald  Concordia (98-3127)  P
Reconciliation (SATB, trumpet)  Pfautsch, Lloyd  Abingdon (APM-345)  C
Shout for Joy, Ye Righteous/Exsultate justi (SATB)  Viadana, Lodovico  Oxford (0-19-343695-7) E
So We Are Ambassadors from “St. Paul” (TB duet, Organ)  Mendelssohn, Felix  Various pubs. & eds.  C
Your Goodness, O God (SATB, Solo, Guitar, Keyboard) Guimont, Michel  GIA (G-3683)  P