God's people are called not only to believe but also to put that faith into practice. Both the Torah and Jesus' announcement of his mission remind us that peace and justice and healing are at the core of that practical living of the faith.

Nehemiah 8:2-4a, 5-6, 8-10. The “book of the Law” read to the people after the return from Exile in the ruins of Jerusalem was probably the Book of Deuteronomy, a collection of legislation made later than the collection in Leviticus. Ezra holds up the scroll as proof that he is reading from the text and is not making things up. The people rejoice that this summary of the Torah unites them to their ancient faith and way of life.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (18) 19. This praise of the Torah comes from the second half of the psalm.

Lord, You Have the Words/Tú Tienes, Señor (Alonso)   GC2 21
Lord, You Have the Words/Tus Palabras, Señor (Alonso)   SS
Lord, You Have the Words (Haas)  GC 27/GC2 20/LMGM 525/PCY1 57/RS 40
Lord, You Have the Words (Haugen)  PRM C140/WC 419/WS 352
Lord, You Have the Words (Joncas)  JS 20/GP 172/SP1 10/MI-BB 749
Lord, You Have the Words (Kreutz)  PSC 28
Lord, You Have the Words (Peloquin)   SI 98
Lord, You Have the Words (Roberts)  LMGM 526
Lord, You Have the Words (Willcock)  PFS 38
Señor, Tú Tienes Palabras (García) FYC 179
Señor, Tú Tienes Palabras (Sosa) FYC 176
Señor, Tú Tienes Palabras/Lord, You Have the Words (Reza) FYC 177
Tus Palabras, Señor (Rangel)  GP 174
You, Lord, Have the Message (Inwood)  GP 173/SP2 8
Your Word Is Life, Lord   PSL 64/SS
Your Words Are Spirit and Life (Farrell)  MI‑BB 601
Your Words, Are Spirit, Lord (Hutton/Black)  CBW 120
Your Words, Lord (Alstott)   BB 748
Your Words, Lord (Gelineau/Waddell)  WOR 873/RS 39/LPGG 878
Your Words, Lord (Guimont)   LPMG 83/GC2 889
Your Words, Lord (Haugen)  WC 203/PRM C72/WS 352/PMB 139
Your Words, Lord (Schiavone)   JS 956/LP 100

1 Corinthians 12:12-30. Building on his unity in diversity theme (see last Sunday's second reading), Paul introduces the metaphor of the body to describe how Christ and the Church work.

Luke 1:1-4; 4:14 -21. We are introduced this Sunday to Luke's version of the Gospel. Luke will interpret the Christian message for us through the rest of this year. This passage combine's the opening verses with a description of Jesus' announcement of his ministry in the synagogue at Nazareth: “Today this Scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing.”

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Songs for the Liturgy

A New Song (E)  GC 530
*Arise, Your Light Is Come! (G)  CBW 302
As Grains of Wheat (2)  MI‑BB 331
As One Body in Your Spirit (2)   PSL 103/SS
As the Grains of Wheat (2)  GC 825/RS 921
As We Gather at Your Table (2,G)  RS 848/GC2 738/CBW 583/SS
Bread of Life ‑‑ Farrell (2)  GP 498/JS 819/MI‑BB 324/CBW 597
Come Down, O Love Divine (G)  WOR 472/CBW 407/JS 461/WC 628/RS 617/GC 465/GC2 471
Come, Holy Ghost (G)  W3 482/W4 544/CBW 416/GP 402/LMGM 69/LMGM2 324/MI-BB 452/JS2 458/JS3 443/WC 769/RS 611/GC 469/GC2 472/G3 559/WS 652/PMB 372/SS 859
Come, Lord, to Our Souls (1,G)  CBW 440
Come Now, Almighty King (1,G)  WOR 487/LMGM 76/JS 471/MI‑BB 720/GC 475/GC2 486/GP 417/WC 778/WS 653/PMB 378/SS
Come to Set Us Free (G)  GC 338/GP 298
*Disciple's Song (G)  CBW 505
Diverse in Culture, Nation, Race (2,G)  RS 837/GC 739/GC2 729
Draw Us in the Spirit's Tether (2)  WOR 731/RS 917/JS 797
Earth and All Stars (E)  WOR 517/RS 681
*Gather Your People (2) W3 482/W4 544/CBW 416/GP 402/LMGM 69/LMGM2 324/MI-BB 452/JS2 458/JS3 443/WC 769/RS 611/GC 469/GC2 472/G3 559/WS 652/PMB 372/SS 859
Glorious in Majesty (2)  GC 671/WOR 619/RS 791
*God Has Chosen Me (G)  JS 831/MI‑BB 379/GC 682/GC2 669/GP 546
God Has Spoken by the Prophets (1,G)  WOR 516/RS 654/JS 678/PMB 419/WC 800
God Is Here! As We His People (2)  WOR 667/RS 844/GC 741/GC2 737/WC 906/PMB 463/JS 796/SS
God's Blessing Sends Us Forth (1,G)  WC 921/WS 773/PMB 473
*Good News, ref, v 1 (G)  LMGM 282/GC 679/GC2 672/RS 797/HG 90
*Great Is the Lord ‑‑ Toolan, v 1 (G)  GC 684
*Hail to the Lord's Anointed (G)  WC 546/PMB 225/SS
Here I Am, Lord -- Schutte (G)   GP 542/WC 829/GC 686/GC2 671/JS 832/LMGM 283/MI‑BB 378/RS 802/CBW 520/PMB 406/WS 686
*I Am the Light of the World (C)  JS 664/MI‑BB 609/GP 658
In Christ There Is No East or West (2)  WOR 659/GP 565/LMGM 301/JS 850/CBW 529/WC 807/MI‑BB 588/RS 836/GC 738/GC2 726/WS 672/PMB 391/SS
Jesus Is Our King (2)  LMGM 91
Let All Things Now Living (1)  WOR 559/WC 984/RS 707/GC 567/GC2 551/CBW 534/WS 814/PMB 516/JS 641/MI-BB 596/SS
Let Us Be One (2)  WC 777/PMB 388
Lord, You Give the Great Commission (G)  CH 639/GC 456/GC2 466/CBW 691/JS 381/PMB 382/GP 401/RS 607/WC 788/WOR 470/WS 663/MI-BB 375/SS
Make Us One (2)   PMB 392/WC 806/WS 673
Many Are the Light Beams (2)  GC 736/RS 841
Not by Bread Alone (1,Ps,G)  GC 517
*O Bow Down before the King (E)   IH 38
O Christ, the Great Foundation (2)  WOR 618/RS 781, 782/GC2 646/CBW 527/SS
One Bread, One Body (2)  GC 830/GC2 813/GP 499/JS 2 820/LMGM 139/RS 915/WC 687/WS 556/BB 348/J3 793/G3 932
One Love Released (2)   JS 814/MI-BB 365
One Spirit, One Church (2)  GP 570/JS 703/BB 421/JS2 778/JS3 745
Out of Darkness -- Walker (1,G)  JS 765/GC 689/MI‑BB 516/GP 574
*Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness (G)  CBW 582
Praise to You, O Christ Our Savior (1,G)  JS 674/MI‑BB 605/GC 515/GC2 517/RS 652/GP 662/CBW 442
Send Down the Fire (G)  GC 466/GC2 477
Sing a New Song -- Schutte (E)  GP 670/JS 607/GC 537/GC2 544/CBW 563/MI‑BB565/RS 686/WC 931/WS 784
Sing a New Song to the Lord -- Dudley-Smith/Wilson (E)  WOR 550/CBW 566/GC 521/GC2 541/RS 677/WC 958/PMB 493/SS
Song of Good News (1,G)  WC 801/WS 670
Speak, Lord (1,G)  MI‑BB 603
Take Christ to the World (G)  GP 549/JS 836
Tell It! Tell It Out with Gladness (1)   GC2 518
The Church's One Foundation (2)  JS2 779/JS3 746/CBW 526/WC 789/GP 573/MI-BB 420/GC 661/G3 742/LMGM2 606/WS 660/PMB 385/W4 736/SS 959
The Day Is Near (G)  GC 768
*The One Same Spirit (2)   PMB 389
*The Spirit of God (G)  WC 832/GC 458/WS 687/PMB 399
*The Voice of God Goes Out through All the World (G)  WOR 358/CBW 433
There Is One Lord (2)  WOR 657/GP 453/GC 809/GC2 796/CBW 530/WC 638/WS 555/PMB 287/JS 699/MI-BB 499
There's a Spirit in the Air (G)  WOR 531/WC 627/RS 689/GC 550
Vayan al Mundo/Go Out to the World (G)   MI-BB 386
We Are Many Parts (2)  W4 822/GC 733/GC2 727/G3 733/RS 840/WC 803/MI-BB 591/WS 674
We Bring God's Holy Love (G)  WC 923/WS 764/PMB 469
Where Charity and Love Prevail (2)  CH 387/GC 625/GC22 610/GP 644/JS 429/PMB 424, 429/RS 747/WC 850, 858/MI-BB 485/WS 712,719/SS
Word of God, Come Down on Earth (G)  WOR 513/CBW 429/RS 653/PMB 367/WC 751
*You Have Anointed Me (G)  RS 795/GP 555/GC 767/GC2 662


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation


Publisher & edition  #

All Who Believe and are Baptized (SATB, Keyboard)  Bach, Johann Sebastian  Augsburg in “Bach for All Seasons”  (080065854X)  G
Alleluia! Sing to the Lord a New Song  (SATB, 2 Violins, Viola & Continuo, English/German)  Telemann, Georg Philipp/  ed. Conlon, Joan C.  Augsburg (11-5124)  E
Cantate Domino (SATB, Latin/English)
Cantate Domino Omnis Terra (SATB, Latin)
Cantate Domino
Viadana, Lodovico/Cramer, John
Croce, Giovanni

Marks (4291)
Arista (AE 199)

Cantate Domino (SATB, Organ or keyboard)
Cantate Domino
Berger, Jean
Concordia (98-1557)
Cantate Domino (SSATB, Latin/English)
Cantate Domino (SSATB)
Cantate Domino (SSATB)
Cantate Domino (SATB, optional Organ, Latin only)
Sweelinck, J. P./Colton, Donald
Sweelinck, J. P./Ehret, Walter
Sweelinck, J. P./Klein, Maynard
Vecchi, Orazio/Wilhelm, Roger
Concordia (98-1937)
Walton (6029)
G. Schirmer (12102)
Lawson Gould (51633)
Cantate Domino (SSATTB, English/Latin)
Cantate Domino (SATB, English/German)
Cantate Domino (SATB)
Cantate Domino (SATB)
Cantate Domino (SATB)
Cantate Domino (SSA)
Cantate Domino (TTBB)
Cantate Domino
Gabrieli, Giovani/Schnee, Karl-Heinz
Hassler, Hans Leo
Walton (6048)
Hanssler (H.E. 1.125)
E. C. Schirmer (2979)
J. & W. Chester (JWC 55107)
GIA (G2878)
E. C. Schirmer (821)
E. C. Schirmer (68)
Cantate! Sing to the Lord (SATB)  Goemanne, Noel  Mark Foster (MF 147)  E
Cantique de Jean Racine (SATB, Keyboard or Harp)  Fauré, Gabriel  Oxford in “European Sacred Music”  (0193436957) 1
Cantique de Jean Racine (SATB, Keyboard or Harp)  Fauré, Gabriel  Oxford in “European Sacred Music”  (0193436957) G
Christ’s Own Body (Unison, 2-part, keyboard,  optional 2 octave handbells)  Tucker, Margaret  Choristers Guild (CGA-801)  G
Christ’s Own Body (Unison/2-part, Keyboard, opt. 2 Oct. Handbells) Tucker, Margaret  Choristers Guild (CGA 2
Declare His Honor (SAB)  Handel, G. F.  Concordia (98-1957)  E
Good News (SATB, Baritone, Organ)  Marshall, Jane  Carl Fischer (CM7758)  G
Hail to the Lord’s Anointed (SAB, Keyboard, Trumpet)  Bender, Mark  Concordia (98-2888)  G
I Will Give Thanks (SA, keyboard)  Hruby,Dolores  Concordia (98-2405)  P
Laetentur Caeli (SATB, Latin only)  Hassler, Hans Leo  J. & W. Chester (JWC 55017) E
Laetentur Caeli (SSA, Organ, Latin only)  Pinkham, Daniel  C.F. Peters (66709)  E
Law of the Lord, The (SATB)  Mathias, William  Oxford (A 301)  P
Let the Heavens Be Glad, Psalm 96 (Unison or 2-part, Kebyoard)      E
Let the Whole World Stand in Awe (SAB)  Handel, G. F.  Concordia (98-2473)  E
Let the Words of My Mouth (SATB)  Scott, K. Lee  Concordia (98-2963)  P
Let the Words of My Mouth (TTB, keyboard)  Purcell, Henry  Oxford from “Anthems for Men’s Voices,” Vol. II)  P
Lift Up Your Voice (SATB, opt. keyboard)  Sweelinck, J. P./Rowan, William  GIA (G-5707)  E
May the Words of My Mouth (SATB, Organ ad. lib.)  Titcomb, Everett  H.W. Gray (2601)  P
Mirror of Eternity, The (SATB, Organ or keyboard)  Chepponis, James J.  GIA (G-4225)  G
O God of Light (SATB, Keyboard)  Rotermund, Melvin  Concordia (98-3377)  C
O God, O Lord of Heaven and Earth  (SATB, Organ, opt. Trumpet, opt. Congregation)  Bender, Jan  Augsburg (0800652509)  G
O Light of Light, Love Given Birth in “Three Motets,” Op. 252  (SATB, divisi)  Stearns, P. P.  Paraclete (PPM 9908) C
O Sing to the Lord a New Song (SSAA, Organ)  Martinson, Joel  Paraclete (PPM 9710)  E
O Sing unto the Lord (SAB)  Handel, G.F./Coggin  Choristers Guild (CGA-513)  E
O Sing unto the Lord (SATB, Organ)  Aston, Peter  GIA (G-4185)  E
O Sing unto the Lord (Unison, keyboard)  Bedford, Michael  Choristers Guild (CGA-295)  E
O Sing unto the Lord a New Song (SAB, optional Organ)  Morley, Thomas/Greensing, Anthony  RSCM from “Six Easy 3-part Anthems” E
O Sing unto the Lord a New Song (SATB, Organ Keyboard)  Bender, Jan  Concordia (98-1876)  E
O Sing unto the Lord a New Song (SATB, Organ, strings)  Purcell, Henry  Novello (29.0146.03)  E
O Sing unto the Lord, Op. 29 (SATB, Organ)  Mathias, William  Oxford (A-228)  E
Praise Ye the Lord (SATB)  St.-Saëns, Camille  Boosey & Hawkes (1951)  E
Proclaim with Me (SATB, Organ, opt. Trumpet)  Busarow, Donald  Concordia (98-3127)  C
Psalm 96 (SATB, Organ)  Adler, Samuel  G. Schirmer (11491)  E
Schiru L’adonai (SATB, Organ, percussion, Hebrew only)  Gottlieb, Jack  Presser (312-40774)  E
Silent Devotion and Response (SATB, Piano)  Bloch, Ernest  Broude Brothers (BB179) P
Silent Meditation (SATB, Organ)  Gottlieb, Jack  Presser (312-40780)  P
Sing a New Song (SATB)  Kreutz, Robert  Summy Birchard (5256)  E
Sing a New Song (SATB)  Schütz, Heinrich/Jennings, Carolyn  Belwin (SCHCH07601)  E
Sing to God the Lord, Cantate Domino (SATB, English/Latin)  Hassler, Hans Leo  Concordia (98-3147)  E
Sing to the Lord a New Song  (2-part choir, Keyboard opt. 3 Octaves Handbells)      E
Sing to the Lord a New Song (2-part Treble, Keyboard)  Bouman, Paul  Selah (410-897)  E
Sing to the Lord a New Song (SATB)  Sweelinck, J. P./Hines  Concordia (98-3211)  E
Sing to the Lord a New Song (SATB, Children’s Choir, Organ,  and 3 or 4 Octaves Handbells)  Scott, K. Lee  Concordia (98-3124)  E
Sing to the Lord God from “Stabat Mater”  (Unison Treble, Organ, C instrument)  Pergolesi, Giovani Battista/  ed. & arr. by Burkhardt, Michael  MorningStar (MSM 50-9451)  E
Singet dem Herr nein neues Lied (SATB/SATB, German only)  Pachelbel, Johann  Hanssler (H.E. 1.008)  E
Spirit of the Lord Is Upon Me, The (SATB, Organ or Piano)  Elgar, Edward  Novello (29.0216.08)  G
Spirit of the Lord, The Stopford MSM G
Spirit of the Lord, The (TTBB)  Titcomb, Everett  Abingdon (AMP-207)  G
Spirit of the Lord, The from “Two Pieces for Children’s Choir” (Unison, keyboard, 14 handbells)  Weinhorst, Richard  GIA (G-3364)  G
We Are God’s People (SATB, Piano)  Helgen, Joh  Kjos (8935)  2
With the Help of the Spirit of the Lord (Unison, 2-part, keyboard)  Cool, Jane Southwick  Choristers Guild (CGA-508) G