Or, if there are catechumens, see the suggestions for Year A.

In the vision of the burning bush, God promises to liberate Moses' people from slavery. In reflecting on recent experiences in light of the Torah, Jesus promises divine mercy to those who repent. God is patient, the story of the fig tree tells us, but even God won't wait forever. We have to accept divine mercy and produce fruit.

Exodus 3:1-8a, 13-15. In one of the key moments of salvation history, God appears to Moses from a bush which, “though on fire, was not consumed.” Fire is usually a sign of the divine presence in such theophanies. This powerful appearance is not for judgment but for liberation: “I know well what my people are suffering. Therefore I have come down to rescue them . . . and lead them out . . . .” A sign of divine intimacy with Moses and the people comes when Moses receives God's personal name, the untranslatable YHWH, usually interpreted as involving or expressing the divine existence: “I AM.”

Psalm of the Day: Ps (102) 103. An individual thanksgiving for liberation from some affliction, perhaps from a serious illness. The song expands into a proclamation of God's mercy for the children of Israel and recognition of mercy as an aspect of God's being.

El Señor Es Compasivo (Castillo) FYC 248
El Señor Es Compasivo (Cortés) FYC 247
El Señor Es Compasivo (Martínez) FYC 246
El Señor Es Compasivo (Sandale) GP 249
El Señor Es Compasivo/The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Cortez) JS 82, vss. 1, 2, 3
El Señor Es Compasivo/The Lord Is Rich in Kindness (Kolar) Cantos 70/ WC 463/WS 398/PMB 163
The Lord is Merciful and Tender    PSL C36/SS
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Cotter)  GC 99/GC2 58/RS 140/G3 72
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Dufford)  GP 250/SP4 52/MI-BB 800/JS 84
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Galipeau)   PMB 588/PRM C20/WC 464/WS 397
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Goemanne)  IL 90
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Goemanne/Somerville)  CBW 52
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Guimont)   GC2 903/LPMG 30
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Haas/Gelineau)  WOR 795/RS 141/LPGG 799
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Haugen)  GC 100/GC2 59/PCY1 76/LMGM 535/RS 143/G3 75
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Hughes) BB 806
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Manalo)   MI-BB 799
The Lord is Kind and Merciful (Modlin) BB 467/SPS 87
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Reagan)  PRM C146
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Roberts)  LMGM 534
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Schiavone)   JS 911/LP 42
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Stewart)  PCY5 28
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Willcock)  PFS 56/JS 83
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Ziegenhals)  SO 76
The Lord Is Tender and Caring (Hughes)  CBW 638

1 Corinthians 10:1-6, 10-12. Paul reinterprets the story of the Exodus from Egypt and applies it to Christians, whose rock is Christ. Like the freed Hebrew slaves, we are required to be faithful.

Luke 13:1-9. Apart from this text, there is no evidence for Pilate's actions against Galileans or about a collapsed tower in Siloam. The point made here is the sudden ways that life might end and the need to repent of evil before that end, whether it comes slowly or suddenly. Jesus is not making a judgment about the state of the souls of those who died; he is making the point that they had no chance to repent, if they had need of such a change of heart. Still, despite such examples of sudden and final judgment, Jesus offers the parable of the orchard owner who lets even unproductive fig trees stand for one more year.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Songs for the Liturgy

40 Days SPS 155
Again We Keep This Solemn Fast (G)  WOR 420/WC 560/RS 559/GC 382/GC2 407/CBW 352/WS 487/PMB 233/JS 394/BB 128/G3 487
All That Is Hidden (G)  JS 586/MI‑BB 504/GP 585/GC2 654/G3 746
As We Remember (Ps,G)  GP 504/GC 818
Attende Domine (2,G,Lat‑Eng)  WOR 414/WC 557/RS 552/GC 387/BB 121/WS 491/PMB 239/JS 378/SS
*Bless His Holy Name (Ps,G)  LMGM 200
*Bless the Lord (Ps)  CBW 627/JS 631/GC2 576/G3 620
Change Our Hearts (2,G)  GP 349/GC 394/GC2 414/MI‑BB 665/G3 493
Come, Ye Disconsolate (G)  LMGM 255
Covenant Hymn (1)  GC 797/GC2 798/RS 904/G3 904
Deep Within (E,Ps,G)   GC 399/GC2 419/RS 546/G3 486
Eternal Lord of Love (1)  GC 385/JS 390/RS 554/CBW 360
Forth in the Peace of Christ (1)  WOR 627/CBW 514
*Go Down, Moses (1)  GC 715/JS 845
*Grant to Us (E,2,G)  WC 710/JS 530/RS 558/CBW 621/PMB 329
Have Mercy, Lord, on Us (2,G)  WOR 753/CBW 358/PMB 328/WC 706/WS 613
Hold Us in Your Mercy (G)  GC 398/GC2 398/GP 350/G3 494
Hosea (G)  MI‑BB 675/WC 704/GC 386/GC2 405/JS 559/GP 471/WS 610/PMB 327/G3 484
I Will Be Your God (2,G)   JS 383
I Will Sweep Away Your Transgressions (Ps,G)  CBW 622
Jerusalem, My Destiny (2,G)  GC 390/GC2 399/G3 492
Jesus, Heal Us (Ps)  GC 875/GC2 846/G3 952
Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley (1)  WOR 427/WC 566/RS 557/GC 393/GC2 406/WS 498/PMB 242/JS 387
Lord Jesus, as We Turn from Sin (G)   SS
Lord Jesus Christ (G)   GC2 409/G3 477
*Loving and Forgiving (Ps)  GP 251/MI‑BB 671/JS 560
Mercy, O God (Ps,G)   GC2 417/G3 480
*My Eyes Are Fixed on God (E)   IH 17
Now in This Banquet ‑‑ Lenten ref (1,G)  GC 833/GC2 825/RS 933/CBW 608/G3 937
Now Is the Time (2,G)   JS 767/MI-BB 516
*O Bless the Lord, My Soul (Ps)  JS 599/MI‑BB 538
O Christ, Bright Sun of Justice (G)   JS 389
O My People, Turn to Me (G)  CBW 623
Out of Darkness -- Walker (2)  MI‑BB 508/GC 689/JS 765/GP 574
Parce Domine (G)  WOR 416/WC 562/BB 125/JS 376/GC 383/GC2 412/RS 549/GP 350/WS484/PMB 228/G3 473
Praise to You, O Christ, Our Savior (2) MI‑BB 598/GC 515/GC2 517/JS 674/RS 652/GP 662/CBW 442/G3 596
Ps 51: Create in Me (Ps,G)
Ps 130: With the Lord There Is Mercy (Ps,G)
Purify My Heart SPS 160
Remember Your Love (G) GC 881/GC2 851/GP 474/MI‑BB 668/RS 550/JS 561/G3 961
Return to God (G)  GC 389/GC2 410/RS 555/WC 538/WS 497/G3 478
Return to Me (Ps,G)  GP 347
Return to the Lord Your God (Ps,G)  GP 472
Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us (Ps)  LMGM 47
Seek the Lord (G)  GP 351/RS 540/GC2 395/MI‑BB 666/JS 558
Show Us Your Mercy (Ps)  GP 473/JS 563
Somebody's Knockin' at Your Door (G)  LMGM 34/WOR 415/RS 547/GC 395/GC2 394/GP 354/WC 753/WS 494/JS 388/BB 119/G3 470
Sovereign Maker of All Things (G)   HG 136
Tell Jesus All (G)  LMGM 176
Thanks Be to God (1)  WOR 526
Thanks Be to You (1)  RS 708/GC 569
The God of Abraham Praise (1)  WOR 537/JS 602/RS 685/GC 544
The Lord Is My Hope (Ps)  GP 631/MI‑BB 469/JS 730
There Is a Balm in Gilead (Ps,G)   PMB 331/MI-BB 471/LMGM 157/WOR 608/WC 715/RS 764/GC 648/GC2 617/WS 614/JS 723/GP 634/G3 640
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy (Ps,G)  WOR 595, 596/MI‑BB 488/JS 748/WC 709/RS 742/GC 626/GC2 603/GP 639/CBW 443/WS 607/PMB 322/G3 644
This Is Our Accepted Time (G)  WC 565/PMB 231
Those Who Seek Your Face, Scrutiny verses (Ps)  GP 447/JS 128
*Turn Our Hearts (E)   PSL C35/SS/BB 137                                    
Turn to Me (G)  JS 377/MI-BB 667/GP 342
Turn to the Living God (Ps,G)   GC2 408/G3 485
We Who Once Were Dead (G)  CBW 402
What Wondrous Love Is This (1)  WOR 600/WC 757/MI‑BB 479/GP 642/JS 755/RS 749/GC 627/GC2 614/WS 704/PMB 253/G3 642
What Wondrous Love is This (Blakesley) SPS 364
Without Seeing You (G)  GC 844/GC2 842/G3 922
You Have Rescued Me (Ps)  GP 475
You Stand Knocking SPS 370


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  
And Make Me New (SATB, Organ)  Giles, R.  Paraclete (PPM 9644) E
Bless God’s Holy Name (2-part, Keyboard, opt. 6 handbells)  Kosche, Kenneth, T.  Choristers Guild (CGA 766)  P
Bless the Lord (SATB & Organ, ad lib.)  Ippolitoff-Ivanoff M./Clough-Leighter H.  Oliver Ditson (332.13770)  P
Bless the Lord (SATB, Organ/Keyboard)  Brandon, George  GIA (G-1931)  P
Bless the Lord, O Bless His Holy Name (SAB, Organ/Piano)  Corelli, Arcangelo/Stone, Benjamin J.  Boston Music (13133)  P
Bless the Lord, O My Soul (SA)  Bach, J.S./Hopson  Flammer (E-5201)  P
Bless the Lord, O My Soul (SAB, Organ)  Handel, George F./arr. Mataranglo, Mark  GIA (G-3796)  P
Bless the Lord, O My Soul (SAB, Organ/Piano)  Lotti, Antonia/Ehret, Walter  Ludwig Music (L 9138)  P
Bless the Lord, O My Soul (SATB)  Ippolitov-Ivanov, M./arr. Becker, Arthur C.  GIA (G-6125)  P
Bless the Lord, O My Soul (SATB, Organ/Keyboard)  Lovelace, Austin  Canyon (6011)  P
Bless the Lord, O My Soul (SS, Piano, English/German)  Geisler, Johann, ed. Nolte, E.  Boosey & Hawkes (5693)  P
Bless the Lord, O My Soul (TTBB, Organ/Keyboard)  Stein, Carl/ed. Wismar, Walter  Schmitt, Hall & McCreary  (3513) P
Bless the Lord, O My Soul (Unison, Organ)  Marshall, Jane  Broadman (4560-92)  P
Bless Thou the Lord (SAB, Organ)  Pasquet, Jean  Augsburg (11-0602)  P
Bless Ye the Lord (SATB & Organ, ad lib.)   Ippolitoff-Ivanoff, M.  H. W. Gray (200)  P
Bless Ye the Lord (SATB, opt. Organ/Keyboard)  Ippolitoff-Ivanoff, M./Wilhousky, Peter J.  Carl Fischer (CM636)  P
Bless Ye the Lord (SATB, opt. Organ/Keyboard)   Ippolitoff-Ivanoff, M./Mueller, Carl F.  G. Schirmer (Five Centuries ofMusic)  P
Bless, O My Soul, COLESHILL  (SATB, opt. solo)  arr. Bell, John L.  GIA (G-4673)  P
Canticle of Praise (SATB, Piano/Organ)  Beck, John Ness  Presser (312-40588)  P
God of Abraham Praise, The (2-part mixed, Organ)  Krapf, Gerhard  Augsburg (11-1824) 1
He That is Down Need Fear No Fall (SATB)  Dowland, John  Oxford in “Oxford Book of Easy Anthems” (3533219)  G
He That is Down Need Fear No Fall (SATB, Organ)  Moore, Philip  Egan, Randall M.  G
How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place, Op. 206 (SATB, Organ)  Stearns, Peter Pindar  Paraclete (PPM 0409)  C
How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place (SATB)  Reagan, Donald J.  World Library (8508)  C
Like As a Father  (2-part Canon for Children & Adult Choir, Organ/Keyboard)  Cherubini, Luigi/arr. Lovelace, Auctin C.  Choristers Guild (CGA-156)  P
Lobet den Herren (SATB/SATB, Continuo, German)  Schütz, Heinrich  Hanssler (HE 1.040)  P
Lobet den Herren (SATB/SATB, Organ, German/English)  Schütz, Heinrich/Ehret, Walter  Presser (312-41056)  P
Loving and Forgiving (SATB, Keyboard, Guitar, Flute, Oboe) Soper, Schott  OCP (9893)  P
O Bless the Lord, My Soul (2 or 3 part voices, Organ)  Bizet, Georges/arr. Hopson, Hal H.  Hinshaw (HMC 1339)  P
O Bread of Life from Heaven (SATB, Keyboard)  Bach, Johann Sebastian  Augsburg in “Bach for All Seasons (0800656784) 2
O Bread of Life from Heaven (SATB, opt. Keyboard)  Isaac, Heinrich/ed. Hopson H.  Carl Fischer (CM 8205)  2
O Bread of Life from Heaven (mixed) White Augsburg 2
O My Soul, Bless God the Father (SB)  Handel, G.F./Kirby  Flammer (EA-5015)  P
Oh, How Beautiful (SATB, Keyboard, opt. Flute & Handbells)  Horman, John D.  Choristers Guild (CGA 773) C
Praise the Lord, O My Soul (SATB, Organ)  Tomkins, Thomas  Oxford (TCM 49)  P
Praise the Lord, O My Soul (Unison, Organ)  Greene, Maurice  RSCM in “12 Easy Anthems” P
Psalm 103 (SATB, Organ/Piano)  Cain, Noble  Flammer (A-5033)  P
Psalm 84 (SATB)  Sixteenth Century English/arr. Proulx, R.  GIA (G-5721)  C
Qui biberit aquam (SATB)  Busch, R.  Paraclete (PPM 9314)  C
Turn Thee To Me (SSATB, organ)  Boyce, William  Oxford (CMS 14)  E
You Make All Things New (SATB, Solo, Keyboard, Guitar, Trumpet, Handbells)  Haas, David  GIA (G-5181)  E