The Bible describes visions and trances in which God communicates with people. We may not be so trusting of dreams and visions as people in other ages have been, but do we know how to read the signs of the times for God's presence, as they did?

Genesis 15:5-12, 17-18. The covenant with Abram includes both the promise of a multitude of descendants and a place for them to live. God's presence is represented by smoke and fire—traditional symbols of a “theophany,” a divine appearance.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (26) 27. Psalm 27 begins as a psalm of trust, as shown in the first verse used today, but the bulk of today's excerpts are taken from its second half of the psalm, an individual lament, which leads into the final section, an expression of trust despite current problems.

El Señor Es Mi Luz (Montgomery) FYC 190
El Señor Es Mi Luz (Rubalcava) Cantos 58
El Señor Es Mi Luz (Taulé) FYC 191/GP 187
The Lord Is My Light    PSL C-33/SS
The Lord Is My Light (Alstott)   JS 132
Thte Lord is My Light (Bouknight) G3 690
The Lord Is My Light (Burns)   PRM C141
The Lord is My Light (Crandal) SPS 63
The Lord Is My Light (DeBruyn)  GP 188/SP4 8/MI-BB 754/JS 29
The Lord Is My Light (Guimont)   GC2 905/LPMG 27
The Lord Is My Light (Gustafson)  GP 189
The Lord Is My Light (Haas)  GC 39/GC2 29/LMGM 529/WC 427/RS 57/WS 360/SS/BB 756/G3 41
The Lord Is My Light (Hruby)   PMB 585/PRM C19/WS
The Lord Is My Light (Jackson)  LMGM 528
The Lord Is My Light (Kreutz)  PSC 42
The Lord Is My Light (Proulx/Gelineau)  WOR 792/RS 55/LPGG 796
The Lord Is My Light/El Señor Es Mi Luz (Reza)   WS 363
The Lord Is My Light (Roberts)  LMGM 527
The Lord Is My Light (Schiavone)   JS 908/LP 39
The Lord Is My Light (Waddell)   WC 426/WS 361
The Lord Is My Light (Walker)  BB 682
The Lord Is My Light (Willcock)  PFS 40/SS
The Lord Is My Light (Willcock/Murray)  CBW 49

Suggested Common Psalm:  Ps (94) 95
If Today You Hear His Voice, Harden Not Your Hearts

Philippians 3:17—4:1. Paul preaches the traditional morality of the “two ways”—one way that leads to death and another that leads to life. In this instance, the way of life is fidelity to Christ.

Luke 9:28b-36. The story of the Transfiguration is traditional (at least in Roman Catholic churches) on the Second Sunday of Lent. Awakening from sleep, three of Jesus' closest followers experience a vision of him as the fulfillment of the Torah (Moses) and the prophets (Elijah). Further, they experience a theophany (the cloud) and a voice that ups the stakes: Jesus is God's chosen son, a divine messenger. (Note that “son of God” did not carry the notion of personal divinity at the time that the Gospels were written, though its use certainly placed Jesus in close union with the God of Israel.)

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Songs for the Liturgy

Adoramus Te Domine (G)  WOR 548
Be Light for Our Eyes (G)  GC 509/GC2 511/CBW 305
Beautiful Savior (Ps,2,G)   JS 859/PMB 542/WC 1019/WS 843 /BB 200
Beyond the Days (G)    JS 384/BB 134
Change Our Hearts (2)  GP 349/GC 394/GC2 414/MI‑BB 665/G3 493
Christ, Be Our Light (Ps,G)   JS 661/GP 656/GC2 512/WC 962/WS 803/MI-BB 601/SPS 207/G3 590
Christ Is the World's Light (G)  CBW 543
Christ, the Word before Creation (G)  SS
*Christ upon the Mountain Peak (G)  WOR 701
Christ, You Are the Fullness (G)  CBW 431
Covenant Hymn (1)   GC 797/GC2 798/RS 904
*From Ashes to the Living Font (G)  WC 558/RS 561/PMB 236/GC2 402/WS 492/SS
Glorious Is the Name of Jesus (G)  LMGM 194
Glory and Praise to You (G)   PMB 360/WC 764/WS 631
God's Holy Mountain We Ascend (G) PMB 467/WC 910/WS 759
*Here Is My Servant (C)   PSL C-26/SS
I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light (2)   WOR 510/GC 507/GC2 513/RS 651/PMB 404/WC 820/WS 675/MI-BB 605/G3 593
I Will Choose Christ (G)   JS 775/GP 459/GC2 683/MI-BB 515/SPS 220/G3 802
I Will Lift Up My Eyes (G) JS 646/GP 709/GC 500
I Will Not Die (G)  JS 658/GC 657/RS 771/GP 716
I'd Rather Have Jesus (G)  LMGM 272
*If God Is for Us (2)   JS 647/GP 712,714/MI-BB 610
Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise (G)  WOR 512/WC 738/MI‑BB 565/GC 506/CBW 472/JS 621/PMB 347/SS
Jesus Christ, Inner Light (G) JS 666/GP 661/MI-BB 606
Jesus Has Conquered Death (G)   LMGM 62
Jesus, Take Us to the Mountain (G)   HG 131
Journeysong (G)   GP 581/JS 759
Lead Me, Guide Me (Ps)   LMGM 168/GC 574/GC2 555/RS 712/PMB 397/GP 348/JS 391/WC 816/WS 677/MI-BB 392/G3 656
Let the Heav'n Light Shine on Me (G)  LMGM 189
Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days (G)   WOR 417/CBW 367/BB 138/LMGM 40/GC 392/GC2 416/JS 391/RS 553/GP 348/G3 479
Most Splendid and Resplendent Light (G)   JS 662
*My Heart Declared to You, Lord (E)   IH 16
Now We Remain (2)   GC 694/GC2 696/RS 813/WC 678/WS 582/MI-BB 506/G3 785
O Christ, Bright Sun of Justice (G)   JS 389
O Come and Sing to God, the Lord (G)  GP 154
O Healing Light of Christ (Ps,G)   JS 576
*O Light of Light, Love Given Birth (G) CBW 434
O Lord, Throughout These Forty Days (G)   CBW 367
*O Raise Your Eyes on High (G)  CBW 366
O Splendor of God’s Glory – Morning Hymn (Ps,G)   JS 870
Only Begotten, Word of God Eternal (G)  WOR 666/RS 852
Only This I Want (2)   GC 695/GC2 701/GP 575/CBW 516/JS 766/MI-BB 510/G3 782
Open My Eyes (G)  JS 695/GC2 569/MI-BB 391/SPS 337?G3 651
Praise to You, O Christ, Our Savior (G)  JS 674/MI‑BB 598/GC 515/GC2 517/CBW 442/RS 652/GP 662/G3 596
Precious Lord, Take My Hand (Ps)   LMGM 162/RS 754/GC 874/GC2 847/GP 478/PMB 448/WC 888/WS 747/MI-BB 692/G3 955
Priestly People (G)  WC 786/PMB 383/WS 659
*Ps 25: Remember Your Mercy (E)
Purify My Heart SPS 160
*Remember Your Love (Ps)   GC 881/GC2 851/RS 550/GP 474/JS 561/MI-BB 668/G3 961
*Save Your People (Ps) GP 341/BB 132
*Seek the Lord! Long for the Lord! (E)   PSL C-32/SS
Speak, Lord (G)  MI‑BB 599
Stand Firm (2)   GC2 673/G3 763
Thanks Be to You (1)   RS 708/GC 569
*The Glory of These Forty Days (G)  WOR 422/BB 123/LMGM 32/GC 388/GC2 397/WC 567/JS 379/RS 545/GP 343/PMB 237/WS 495/G3 481
*The Lord Is My Light (Ps)   LMGM 132/GC 605/GC2 592/RS 649/GP 486, 659/MI-BB 682/G3 741,690
The Lord is My Light and My Salvation  SPS 360
*The Lord Is Near – Joncas (Ps)   GC 619/GC2 599/JS 719/GP 614/G3 692
These Forty Days of Lent (G)   PMB 240/WC 571/WS 496
*This Alone (Ps)   JS 689/GP 621/MI-BB 399
*'Tis Good, Lord, to Be Here (G)  WOR 700/GC 778/GC2 771/WC 561/RS 882/JS 518/PMB 229/WS 490/BB 124
To Abraham and Sarah (1) CBW 519
To God with Gladness Sing (G)  RS 666/GC 535
Transfiguration (G) GP 443/BB 133
*Transfigure Us, O Lord (G)   BB 502/ SPS 164
*Transform Us (G)  RS 881/GC2 770/HG 149/G3 878
*Tree of Life – Haugen (G)  RS 541/GC 397/GC2 401/CBW 373/G3 475
We Are Marching in the Light of God/Siyahamba (Ps)   JS 665/PMB 398/RS 648/GC 512/GC2 516/WC 828/WS 679/Ge 594
We Remember (G)  GC 593/GC2 578/WC 691/MI‑BB 497/RS 724/WS 561/G3 681
What Wondrous Love Is This (2)   WOR 600/RS 749/GC 627/GC2 614/GP 642/JS 755/PMB 253/WC 757/MI-BB 479/SS/WS 704/G3 642
What Wondrous Love is This (Blakesley) SPS 364
Word of God, Come Down on Earth (G)  WOR 513/CBW 429/JS 449/RS 653/PMB 367/WC 751
You Are the Voice (G)  RS 659/GC 549/GC2 538/G3 609
You Are the Way (G)  CBW 441/WC 748/PMB 365/WS 634


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  
Abraham and Isaac (SATB)
Capello, Giovanni Abingdon (APM 143) 1
Call to Remembrance (SATB) Farrant, Richard/ Klammer , Ed GIA (G-3051) PS
Call to Remembrance (SATB) Farrant, Richard/ Greyson, Norman Bourne (ES 17) PS
Call to Remembrance (SATB) Farrant, Richard/ Shaw, Martin H.W. Gray (CMR 1751) PS
Call to Remembrance (TTBB) Farrant,Richard/Wolff, S. Drummond Concordia (98-2246) PS
Call to Remembrance (SATB) Farrant, Richard Oxford (TCM60B) PS
Call to Remembrance (SATB) Farrant, Richard / Collins, Walter Hinshaw (HMC-492) PS
Call to Remembrance (SATB, opt. Organ) Battishill, Johathan Leeds (#4) PS
Call to Remembrance (SSAATTBB) Hilton, John Oxford (TCM 97) PS
Christ Upon the Mountain Peak (2-part) Bertalot, John Augsburg (11-10499) G
Christ Upon the Mountain Peak (SATB) Bouman, Paul Concordia (98-2856) G
Christus Paradox (SATB, organ, brass quartet) Sensmeier, Randall GIA (G-4543) G
Credidi (SSA) Porpora, Niccola Novello (19923) PS
Fairest Lord Jesus DeLong E. C. Schirmer 4526 G

Fairest Lord Jesus

White Selah G
Go Up to the Mountain of God (SATB, Piano, opt. Flute) Helman, Michael Augsburg (0800656952) G
I Love the Lord (SATB) Schmutz, Albert Abingdon (APM-439) PS
If God Be for Us (SATB, Organ) Butler, Eugene Carl Fischer (CM 8131) 2
If God Be for Us (SATB) Franck, Melchior Marks Music (12781) 2
If God Be for Us (SATB) Schütz, Heinrich G. Schirmer (10876) 2
If God Is for Us (SATB, desc., Guitar, Keyboard, 19 Handbells, opt. instruments) Chepponis, James GIA (G-5948) 2
Jesus, Take Us to the Mountain (SATB, Organ/Keyboard) Schalk, Carl MorningStar (MSM 50-2601) G
Jesus! The Very Thought of Thee Near Aureole G
Love Everlasting (SATB, Piano) Pote, Allen Choristers Guild (CGA 1006) 2
Mirror of Eternity (SATB) Chepponis, James GIA (G-4225) G
My Faith Is Sure (TTBB) Gerike, Henry Concordia (98-3274U31) PS
Oh, Wondrous Type! Oh, Vision Fair! (SATB, Organ, Trumpet) Wolf, Drummond Concordia (98-2690) G

O Nata Lux
O Nata Lux

Tallis, Thomas
Tallis, Thomas

Oxford Tudor Anthems, p. 248


O Savior of the World (SATB) Goss, John N/A G
This Is My Beloved Son (SAB)
Nystedt, Carl
Concordia (98-1805) C, G
This is My Son, My Beloved (SATB) Powell, Kathy GIA (G-3527) C, G
Three Short Anthems Shepherd RSCM/ GIA G
Transfiguration (Unison, descant, Organ)
Transform Us (SAB, keyboard)
Martinson, Joel
Gerike, Henry/Vyhanek, James
Paraclete Press (PPM09511)
GIA (G-4104)
Upward Call, The White Selah 410-523 2
We Will Sing Our Song to God (SATB, Guitar, Keyboard) O'Brien, Francis Patrick GIA (G-3777) 2