Many people long for justice in this world, for a way of life that respects people's rights and responsibilities. For Christians, though, justice is only the beginning of our move toward a way of life built on reconciliation and mercy.

Exodus 32:7-11, 13-14. You liberate a bunch of people from slavery, and they turn on you: How would you respond? With blazing wrath or with forgiveness?

Psalm of the Day: Ps (50) 51. Legend says that David composed this lament after his adultery with Bathsheba. It has become the traditional psalm-prayer for forgiveness that concludes with an expectation that God, who is merciful, has already offered forgiveness.

I Will Arise and Go to My Father (Haas) GC 57/GC2 37/PCY3 43
I Will Leave This Place and Go to My Father (Jordan) CBW 183
I Will Rise and Go to My Father (Chepponis/Gelineau) WOR 936/RS 82/LPGG 941
I Will Rise and Go to My Father (Guimont) GC2 930/LPMG 147
I Will Rise and Go to My Father (Schiavone) JS 1019/LP 164
I Will Rise and Go to My Father (Smith) CCS 3494
I Will Rise and Go to My Father (Thatcher) PRM C94/PMB 713/WS

Suggested Common Psalm
Ps (50) 51: Be Merciful, O Lord
Ps (102) 103: The Lord Is Kind and Merciful

1 Timothy 1:12-17. “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.” This summary of the Gospel of grace should be part of our daily thanksgiving.

Luke 15:1-32. The longer version of this Gospel reading includes three parables of persistent care and divine forgiveness: the shepherd who cares for every sheep, the woman seeking a lost coin, and the prodigal son's forgiving father. The persistence described in these stories is told in another way in Francis Thompson's poem, “The Hound of Heaven.”

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Songs for the Liturgy
All Things New (1,2,G) GC 427/GC2 450/GP3 541
Amazing Grace (2,G) WOR 583/WC 217,707/CBW 480/GP 615/LMGM 173/MI‑BB 428/GC 612/GC2 586JS 713/RS 737/WS 26,609/GP3 645
As We Remember (1,2,G) GC 818/GP 504
Bless the Lord (G) CBW 627/JS 631/GP 411/GC2 576/GP3 620
*Come, Come to the Banquet (G) PSL C-43
*Come Home (G) GP 468
Come to the Feast (G) GC 503/GC2 499/RS 642/GP3 585
Come, You Sinners, Poor and Needy (Ps,2,G) WOR 756/RS 954
*Cup of Blessing (C) JS 309
Deep Down in My Soul (2,G) GC 880
*Far from Home We Run Rebellious (G) HG 86
Forgive Our Sins (G) WOR 754/CBW 620/GC 879/GC2 848/JS 556/RS 952/WC 711/PMB 324/WS 611/GP3 965
Gift of Finest Wheat, v 3 (C) WOR 736/GP 525/CBW 603/WC 666/MI‑BB 324/LMGM 136/JS 803/GC 815/GC2 816/RS 912/PMB 300/WS 581GP3 940
*Give Peace, O Lord (E) BFW 269
*Give Peace to Those Who Wait (E) PSL C-166
*Grant Peace to Those Who Wait (E) IH 61
Grant to Us (1) WC 661/RS 558/CBW 662/PMB 329/WS 606
Great God of Mercy (Ps,2,G) WOR 746/JS 375/CBW 361
*Have Mercy, Lord, on Us (Ps) WOR 753/CBW 358
Hold Me in Life (G) JS 702/GC 599/GP 596
Hold Us in Your Mercy (Ps,G) GC 398/GC2 398/GP 350
Hosea (G) WC 704/MI‑BB/GC 386/GC2 405/JS 559/GP 471/PMB 327/MI-BB 672/WS 610/GP3 484
*I Call You to My Father's House (G) WC 724/PMB 343/WS 623
I Will Sweep Away Your Transgressions (2,G) CBW 622
I'm So Glad, Jesus Lifted Me (G) LMGM 171
*Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise (2) WOR 512/WC 738/GC 506/JS 621/MI‑BB 565/CBW 472/PMB 347
Jesus Christ, Inner Light (G) JS 666/GP 661/MI‑BB 606
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You, v 3 (G) WOR 525/WC 945/GP 693/MI‑BB 548/GC 528/GC2 520/JS 617/RS 669/CBW 511/PMB 497/WS 780/GP3 614
Lord, I'm Coming Home (G) LMGM 178
Loving and Forgiving (Ps,G) JS 560/MI-BB 671
Magnificat/Canticle of Mary (1,G) WOR 15, 87, 88, 534, 553/WC 488/MI‑BB 700/RS 17, 209, 210, 211, 656, 675/GP 163, 291, 292, 427, 428, 433, 434, 436/GC 14, 145, 146, 534, 788/GC2 13, 84, 522, 773, 782/CBW 14I, 575, 674, 675, 676, 677, 678/JS 11, 119, 120, 495, 501, 503, 505/PMB 9, 180, 181, 182/PSL C-226/GP3 101,892
Mercy, O God (1,G) GC2 417
My Soul Is Longing for Your Peace (1) WC 892/PMB 445/WS 745
O Bless the Lord, My Soul (G) JS 599/MI‑BB 538
O for a Heart to Praise My God (Ps) WOR 591
O My People, Turn to Me (G) CBW 623
*Our Father, We Have Wandered (G) WOR 755/JS 554/WC 705/RS 955/GC2 849/PMB 326/WS 608/GP3 956
Our God Is Rich in Love (2,G) GC 652/GC2 620
*Parce Domine/Spare Us, O Lord (Ps) WOR 416/WC 562/BB 126/GC 383/GC2 412/JS 376/RS 549/PMB 228/WS 484/GP3 473
Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven (1,2,G) WOR 530/WC 957/CBW 565/MI‑BB 561/JS 612/RS 684/GC2 531/PMB 492/WS 777/GP3 613
Ps 23: The Lord Is My Shepherd (G)
*Ps 51: Create in Me (Ps)
Ps 103: The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (G)
*Ps 116: Our Blessing Cup (C)
Ps 130: With the Lord There Is Mercy (G)
Remember Your Love -- Dameans (1) GC 881/GC2 851/GP 474/MI-BB 668/RS 550/JS 561/GP3 961
Remember Your Mercy, Lord (Ps,G) GC 885/GP 476
Return to God (1,G) RS 555/GC 389/GC2 410/WC 564/WS 497
Return to Me (G) GP 347
Return to the Lord (G) GC2 415
Return to the Lord Your God (G) GP 472/GP3 471
Seek the Lord (G) GP 351/JS 558/RS 540/GC2 395/MI‑BB 666
Sing of the Lord's Goodness (2,G) JS 605/MI‑BB 557/GC 547/GC2 532/GP 690/GP3 610
Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling (G) GC2 850/MI-BB 664/GP3 963
*The Cup We Bless (C) GP 507
The King of Love My Shepherd Is (G) WOR 609/MI‑BB 466/GC 635/GC2 631/WC 854/JS 733/RS 766/GP 632/PMB 427/WS 720/GP3 712
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy (G) WOR 595, 596/MI‑BB 488/WC 709/GC 626/GC2 603/JS 748/RS 742/CBW 443/GP 639/PMB 322/WS 607/GP3 644
Turn to the Living God (Ps,G) GC2 408
We Cannot Measure How You Heal (2,G) GC 575/GC2 558
With the Lord (1,Ps,G) GP 344/MI‑BB 669/GC 127/GC2 71/JS 105, 106, 393/RS 174, 176/CBW 374/PMB 172/WS 410
*Yes, I Shall Arise -- Deiss (G) WC 703/PMB 325
You Have Looked upon the Lowly (G) CBW 624


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #
Amazing Grace, NEW BRITAIN (SATB, opt. solo, Piano)  arr. Kallman, Daniel  MornigStar (MSM 50-9073)  G
Amazing Grace, NEW BRITAIN (SATB, Organ)  arr. Bertalot, John  Augsburg (0800649141) also in “The Augsburg Choirbook”  G
Amazing Grace, NEW BRITAIN (SATB, Organ, Flute)  arr. Proulx, Richard  GIA (G-6389)  G
Amazing Grace, NEW BRITAIN (SB or Unison, opt Clarinet or String Trio)  arr. Young, Jeremy  GIA (G-3199)  G
Be Merciful, O God (SAB, Organ)  Ferris, William  Paraclete (PPM 9814)  P
Choral Reflections on Amazing Grace, NEW BRITAIN (SSATBB, Solos)  arr. Ames, Roger  GIA (G-5926)  G
Create in Me (SAB, Organ)  Gerike, Henry V.  Augsburg (0800656040)  P
Create in Me a Clean Heart (SATB, Organ/Keboard)  Nelson, Ronald A.  Kjos (8808)  P
Create in Me a Clean Heart (SATB, Organ/Keyboard)  Christiansen, Paul J.  Augsburg (0800645847)  P
Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God (2-part mixed, Organ/Keyboard)  Schalk, Carl  Concordia (98-2543  P
Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God Bedford St. James Press P
Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God (SA, Organ/Keyboard)  Bouman, Paul  Concordia (98-1143)  P
Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God (SATB)  Willan, Healy  Concordia (98-2238)  P
Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God (TTBB)  Willan, Healy  Concordia (98-3037)  P
Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God (Unison)  Willan, Healy  Concordia (98-2544)  P
Create in Me, O God (SATB, Organk/Keyboard)  Brahms, Johannes  G. Schirmer (50297770)  P
Create in Me, O God (SATBB)  Brahms, Johannes  G. Schirmer (50297770)  P
Create in Me, O God (Unison, Organ/Keyboard)  Marshall, Jane  Choristers Guild in “Psalms Together II” (CGC21) or Octavo # CGA 750)  P
Create in Me, O God (Unison/2-part, Keyboard)  Marshall, Jane  Choristers Guild (CGA 750)  P
Cup of Blessing that We Bless, The (SATB, Organ)  Gehring, W.  Concordia (98-3585)  C
Gentle Shepherd, Kind and True (Unison, Keyboard, 2 opt. Handbells)  Hopson, Hal H.  Choristers Guild (CGA 687)  G
Have Mercy on Me, O God (SATB, Organ/Keyboard)  Schalk, Carl  Concordia (98-7845)  P
Have Mercy on Me, O God (SATB, Organ/Keyboard)  Schalk, Carl  Augsburg (0800657845)  P
Have Mercy upon Me, O God (SAB, opt. Organ)  Tomkins, T./ed. Bevan, M  Oxford (A-179)  P
Have Mercy upon Me, O God (SAB, Organ/Keyboard)  Tomkins, Thomas/ed. Proulx, Richard  GIA (G-1899)  P
Have Mercy upon Me, O God (TBB) Tomkins, Thomas  Oxford in “Anthems for Men’s Voices”  P
Hear the Faithful Word of God (SSATTB, Continuo)  Schütz, Heinrich  Hanssler (20.388)  2
Hear the voice and Prayer of Your Servant (SATB)  Hopkins, John Larkin/ed. Leupold, Wayne  McAfee (DMC 8145)  E
I Will Arise (SATB, Organ)  Creighton, Robert/ed. Jarvis, Michael  GIA (G-4307)  G
Immortal, Invisible, ST. DENIO (SATB, Organ)  arr. Wolff, S. Drummond  Concordia (98-2825)  2
Lord, Create in Me a Clean Heart (SS, Continuo)  Schütz, Heinrich  Belwin (DMC 8091)  P
Lord, O Lord, Have Mercy (SATB, Keyboard/Organ) Lasso, Orlando di/ed. Wunderlich)  Augsburg (1422) P
Lost Sheep, The (Unison, Keyboard)  Horman, John  Choristers Guild (CGA 308)  G
Miserere Mei (SATB)  Lasso, Orlando di  GIA (G-3007)  P
Miserere Mei (SATB)  Lotti, Antonio  Boosey & Hawkes (1938)  P
Miserere Mei (SATB/SATB)  Allegri, Gregorio   (Novello (29 0291)  P
Miserere Mei, Deus (SATTB)  Prez, Josquin des  Merseburger (EM 550)  P
Miserere Mei/Mercy Grant Unto Me (SATB, Latin/English)  Byrd, William  Oxford (3520532 or TCM 26)  P

Miserere Mei (SATB)
Miserere Mei

di Lasso, Orlando
di Lasso, Orlando

GIA (G-3007)


Our Father, We Have Wandered, BUSHES AND BRIARS (SATB, Alto solo, Organ, Flute)  arr. Harris, Larry  GIA (G-5424)  G
Psalm 51: 1-13 (Unison or 2-part, Organ/Keyboard)  Rotermund, D.  Concordia 98-3037  P
Psalm for Lent (SATB, Solo, Organ, opt. C-instrument)  Verdi, C.PP.S, Ralph C.  GIA (G-2629)  P
Psalm of Confession, A (SATB, opt. solo, Keyboard)  Hopson, Hal H.  Augsburg (080065952X)  P
Rejoice with Me (Unison, Keyboard, opt. 2 octave Handbells)  Wright  Choristers Guild (CGA 1076)  G
Rejoice, I Found the Lost (Unison or 2 part, Keyboard)  Wold, Wayne L.  Augsburg (0800653548  G
Salvator Mundi Salva Nos (SATB)  Blow, John  Hinrichsen (105)  2
Schaffe in mir Gott ein reines Herz (SSATBB, Organ/Keyboard, German)  Hammerschmidt, Andreas  Hanssler (1.004)  P
Softly and Tenderly (2 voices, Piano)  arr. Porter, Tom  GIA (G6326)  G
There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy, ST. HELENA (Unison, Organ, opt. solo instrument)  arr. Hampton, Calvin  GIA (G 5638)  G
This is a Faithful Saying (SSATBB, Organ/Keyboard)  Hammerschmidt, Andreas/ ed. Granville, Andreas  Sam Fox (CM 30)  2
Turn Thy Face from My Sins (SATB)  Attwood, Thomas  Oxford in “The NewChurch Anthem Book” (0193531097)  P
Wash Me Through and Through (SATB, opt Unison, opt handbells)  Hallock, Peter  Ionian Arts (CH-1014)  P
When Some Kind Shepherd from His Fold, MOUNTAIN (SATB)  arr. Parker, Alice  GIA (G-5079)  G