“Wisdom” in the Bible is practical wisdom: the insight into things that allows us to make the right decision that is still in accord with God’s will. The readings today offer three aspects of practical wisdom.

Wisdom 9:13-18b. It's hard to be wise, even about things that directly concern us: “Scarce do we guess the things on earth.” Imagine, then, the challenge of trying to understand God’s will and put it into practice.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (89) 90. In the light of human mortality, the psalmist prays for wisdom. This same psalm was used with a different antiphon on the Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

In Every Age, O Lord PSL C-164
In Every Age, O Lord (Englert/Gelineau) WOR 933/RS 120/LPGG 938
In Every Age, O Lord (Guimont) GC 83/GC2 955/LPMG 144
In Every Age, O Lord (Janco) PRM C93/PMB 710
In Every Age, O Lord (Schiavone) JS 1016/LP 161
In Every Age, O Lord (Smith) GP 228/MI-BB 787
O Lord, You Have Been Our Refuge (O'Carroll/Hughes) CBW 165
Señor, Tu Has Sido Nuestro Refugio (Palazón) FYC 230

Suggested Common Psalm
Ps (18) 19: Lord, You Have the Words

Philemon 9-10, 12-17. This shortest of Paul's letters is also one of the most challenging—and the only letter addressed to a woman (it is addressed to “Apphia our sister” as well as Philemon and Archippus). Paul is writing to Philemon and his family on behalf of the runaway slave Onesimus, who has become a Christian and is now returning to his Christian owner. What's the wise thing to do in a situation like this?

Luke 14:25-33. By offering an extreme example, Jesus calls on potential disciples to be clear about what discipleship can require. Two practical examples of wise choice follow, and the selection concludes with another extreme challenge.

Other Songs for the Liturgy
A Follower of Christ (G) LMGM 117
A Living Faith (G) RS 726/GC2 579
All Praise to God (1,G) CBW 547
All That Is Hidden (G) GP 585/JS 762/GC2 654/MI‑BB 504/GP3 746
*As the Deer Longs (C) WC 437/WS 373/PMB 150/JS 42, 696/GP 207/MI-BB 770
Disciple's Song (G) CBW 505
Draw Us in the Spirit's Tether (2) WOR 731/RS 917/JS 797
Embrace My Way and Cross (G) GC2 698
Eye Has Not Seen (1,G) GC 638/GC2 616/WC 881/MI‑BB 457/RS 758/CBW 482/WS 736/GP3 728
For God Risk Everything (G) HG 26
Great God, We Lift Our Hearts (1,Ps) CBW 552
Holy Wisdom, Lamp of Learning (1) JS 774/MI-BB 524
*I Am the Light of the World (C) JS 664/GP 658/GC 510/MI-BB 604
I Bind My Heart (G) GC 668/RS 790
I Danced in the Morning (G) WOR 636/GC 708/GC2 689/MI‑BB 570/WC 750/JS 764/RS 809/GP 395/PMB 366/WS 637/GP3 796
*I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say, v 3 (C) WC 878/WS 737/JS 729/GP 633/RS 768/GC 646/GC2 622/ WOR 607/ LMGM 41, 160/MI-BB 460/GP3 724
I Say "Yes," Lord/Digo "Sí," Señor (G) GC 597/GC2 581/RS 722
I Sing the Mighty Power of God (1) WOR 502/GP 608/MI‑BB 423/JS 635/RS 633/CBW 541/PMB 351/WS 791
I Surrender All (G) LMGM 235
I Will Choose Christ (G) GP 459/JS 775/GC2 683/MI-BB 515/GP3 802
In the Cross of Christ (G) RS 221/GC2 436
*In Every Age – Whitaker (Ps) JS 727/MI-BB 463/GP2 816
Jesu, Joy of Our Desiring (1) JS 669/LMGM 269/MI‑BB 408/WC 754/PMB 357
Keep in Mind (G) WC 219,841/MI‑BB 679/GC 674/GC2 658/JS 589/RS 940/GP 492/PMB 36/WS 27,711/GP3 646
Lift High the Cross (G) WOR 704/CBW 435/WC 792/MI‑BB 720/GC 791/GC2 785/JS 522/RS 884/GP 444/PMB 393/WS 699/GP3 881
Lord of Creation, to You Be All Praise (1,G) CBW 498
Lord, to Whom Shall We Go (G) GP 663
*Lose Your Life and Save It (G) PSL C-130
Now We Remain (G) WC 678/GC 694/GC2 696/MI‑BB 506/RS 813/WS 582GP3 785
*O God, for You I Long (C) JS 688/GP 206
*O God, Our Help in Ages Past (Ps) WOR 579/WC 867/CBW 644/GP 613/LMGM 230/MI‑BB 442/GC 614/GC2 588/JS 705/RS 735/PMB 435/WS 733/GP3 688
*O Lord, My Good and Gracious God (E) IH 60
O the Beautiful Treasures (1,G) WOR 689
Only This I Want (G) GP 575/GC 695/GC2 701/CBW 516/JS 766/MI‑BB 510/GP3 782
Open My Eyes (1) JS 695/MI‑BB 391/GP3 651
Pescador de Hombres/Lord, When You Came (G) JS 763/LMGM 116/MI‑BB 505/WC 815/GC 696/GC2 678/RS 817/GP 580/WS 685/GP3 781
Ps 16: The Path of Life (1,Ps)
Ps 19: Lord, You Have the Words (1,G)
Ps 25: Teach Me Your Ways (1,G)
*Ps 42: As the Deer Longs (C)
*Remember Your Love -- Dameans, v 5 (Ps) GC 881/GC2 851/GP 474/MI‑BB 668/RS 550/JS 561/GP3 961
*Restless Is the Heart (1,Ps) MI‑BB 687/GP 483
Seek the Lord (1,G) GP 351/JS 558/RS 540/GC2 395/MI‑BB 666
Servant Song – McGargill (G) GP 550/JS 837/MI‑BB 376
Show Us the Path of Life (1,Ps) GC 645
*Song of Longing (C) GC 51
Speak, Lord (1,G) MI‑BB 599
*Take Up Your Cross (G) WOR 634/CBW 353/LMGM 50/MI-BB 718/GC 698/GC2 688, 690/WC 793/JS 524/RS 808/GP 586/PMB 238/WS 667/GP3 801
The Summons (G) RS 811/GC 570/GC2 687/WC 830/WS 696/MI-BB 383/GP3 790
Two Fishermen (G) WOR 633/GC 688/GC2 693/RS 812
We Have No Glory (G) JS 671
We Praise You -- Dameans (1) GP 677/GC 541/GC2 540/MI‑BB 551/RS 694/CBW 633/JS 626/GP3 617
We Will Journey in Faith (1,G) JS 552
We Will Serve the Lord (G) GC 665/GC2 652
Where He Leads Me (G) LMGM 120
Where Your Treasure Is (1,G) GC2 647
*Wherever He Leads (G) LMGM 50/RS 810
Who Can Measure Heaven and Earth (1) RS 645
Wisdom, My Road (1) WC 847/GC2 500
Wisdom’s Feast (1) PMB 298/WC 655/WS 558
You Are the Way (1,G) CBW 441/WC 748/PMB 365/WS

You Have Called Us (G) JS 540/MI-BB 652