The first readings in Year C focus on the great moments that formed Israel's covenant with God: the call of Abram/Abraham, the call of Moses, the passage through the sea, and entry into the Promised Land (but not in that order). The Gospel readings focus on similar events in the ministry of Jesus, as he assumes and expresses his understanding of his role in the divine covenant: temptation, transfiguration, announcement of repentance and mercy, parable of God's overwhelming mercy, personal assumption of the right to forgive sin (in that order). This Sunday's readings summarize the story of the liberation from Egypt in a ritual context and describe Jesus' acceptance of God against all temptation. The second reading applies those lessons to the life of the church.

Deuteronomy 26:4-10. A description of ritual covenant renewal set in the Temple but put on the lips of Moses.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (90) 91. A psalm of trust evoking the protection of God.

Acompáñame, Señor/Be with Me, O Lord (Hurd) FYC 231
Acompáñame, Señor/Be with Me, O Lord (Schiavone) FYC 232
Be With Me  G3 65
Be with Me, Lord (Chepponis)   PRM C133
Be with Me, Lord (Ferris)  PRM C18/PMB 582
Be with Me, Lord (Guimont)   GC2 957/LPMG 33
Be with Me, Lord (Haugen)  GC 85/GC2 50/PCY1 24/LMGM 510/WC 456/RS 123/CBW 46, 357/WS 388/BB 789
Be with Me, Lord (Joncas)  MI‑BB 793/JS 642/GP 229
Be with Me, Lord (Peloquin)   SI2 10
Be with Me, Lord (Peloquin/Gelineau)  WOR 789
Be with Me, Lord, (Purtill)  JS 757/GP 230
Be with Me, Lord (Roberts)  LMGM 509
Be with Me, Lord (Schiavone)   JS 905/LP 36
Be with Me, Lord (Sullivan)   WC 455
Be with Me, Lord (Willcock)  PFS 16
I Am with You   PSL C-30/SS
Lord, Be with Me (Haas) PCY9 46
Mi Amparo, Mi Refugio/My Refuge, My Stronghold (Hurd)  GP 231
My Refuge, My Fortress (Guimont)  CBW 496
My Refuge, My Stronghold/Call upon the Lord (Gelineau)  WOR 49/CBW 421

Romans 10:8-13. One of Paul's major points in this letter is that justification comes from faith in Jesus Christ. He makes that point by evoking a quote from the Scriptures to illustrate how believers must be wholeheartedly committed to Jesus and express that faith in their lives. This faith breaks down all barriers: “The same Lord is Lord of all.”

Luke 4:1-13. The story of Jesus' temptation in the desert is always the Gospel for the First Sunday of Lent. Its point is twofold: He was tempted as we are, but he remained faithful to God despite temptation.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Songs for the Liturgy

Again We Keep This Solemn Fast (G)  WOR 420/WC 560/CBW 352/RS 559/GC 382/GC2 407/JS 394/PMB 233/WS 487/BB 128/G3 487
All That Is Hidden (2)   JS 586/GP 585/GC2 654/ MI-BB 504/G3 746
All That We Have (1)   GP 618/GC 601/GC2 597
At the Name of Jesus (2)   WOR 499/CBW 427/JS 371/GP 424/MI-BB 734
*Be with Me, O God (Ps)   JS 667/G3 569
Before the Fruit Is Ripened by the Sun (G)  WOR 418
Beyond the Days (G)   JS 384/BB 134
Bread of Life, Hope of the World (G)  CBW 597D/JS 819 /GC 821/GP 498
Covenant Hymn (1)   GC 797/GC2 798/RS 904/G3 904
Do Not Be Afraid (Ps)   GP 630
Do Not Fear to Hope (Ps)   GC 596/GP 597
Eternal Lord of Love (G)  GC 385/JS 390/CBW 360/RS 554
*Forty Days and Forty Nights (G)  WOR 419/BB 120/LMGM 42/GC 384/GC2 411/JS 380/PMB 232/WC 555/WS 483/GP 345/SS
*From Ashes to the Living Font (G)  WC 558/RS 561/PMB 236/WS 492/G3 474
God Never Fails (Ps)   LMGM 224
God of Abraham (1,G)   GP 450/JS 555/GC 391
God Will Take Care of You (Ps,G,C)   LMGM 183
Gracious God SPS 157
Guide My Feet (Ps,G,C)   GC 707/GC2 684/G3 780
Here I Am, Lord – Ward (2,G)   PMB 403/WC 810/WS 682
Hold Us in Your Mercy   GC 398/GC2 398/GP 350/G3 494
I Need You to Listen (Ps)   GC 582/RS 716
I Say “Yes,” Lord/Digo “Sí,” Señor (2)   GC 597/GC2 581/RS 722/G3 676
I Will Choose Christ (G)    JS 775/GC2 683/GP 459/MI-BB 515/G3 802
Into the Desert SPS 159
Jesus, Lead the Way (G)  WOR 611/RS 755/GC 642/G3 732
*Jesus, Tempted in the Desert (G)   RS 548
Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley (G)  WOR 427/WC 566/RS 557/GC 393/GC2 406/JS 387/PMB 242/WS 498
Journeysong (G) GP 581/JS 759
Lead Me, Guide Me (Ps,G)  LMGM 168/GC 574/GC2 555/WC 816/RS 712/PMB 397/WS 677/MI-BB 392/G3 656
*Led by the Spirit (G)   BB 125
*Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days (G)  WOR 417/CBW 367/BB 138/LMGM 40/GC 392/GC2 416/JS 391/RS 553/GP 348/G3 479
My Refuge (Ps)   GC 610
*Not by Bread Alone (G)   GC 517
*Not on Bread Alone (G,C)   PSL C-31/SS
O Christ, Bright Sun of Justice (G)   JS 389
*O Lord, Throughout These Forty Days (G)   CBW 367
*On Eagle’s Wings (Ps,G,C)   GP 598/GC 850/GC2 593/MI-BB 432/JS 704/WC 889/RS 740/PMB 453/WS 741/SPS 333/G3 691
Only This I Want (G)  GC 695/GC2 701/GP 547/CBW 516/JS 766/MI‑BB 510/G3 782
Out of Darkness – Walker (2)   JS 390/GP 574/GC 689/MI-BB 508
Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness (G)  CBW 582/G3 625
Praise to You, O Christ, Our Savior (2,G)   JS 730/GP 662/RS 652/GC 515/GC2 517/CBW 442/MI-BB 598/G3 596
Seek the Lord (2)   GP 351/JS 558/RS 540/GC2 395/MI-BB 666
Show Us Your Mercy (1) GP 473
Somebody’s Knockin’ at Your Door (2)   LMGM 34/WOR 415/RS 547/GC 395/GC2 394/GP 354/WC 753/WS 494/BB 119/G3 470
Thanks Be to God (1)  WOR 526
Thanks Be to You (1)   RS 708/GC 569
Thanks to God Whose Word Was Spoken (2)   WOR 514
*The Glory of These Forty Days (G)  WOR 422/BB 123/LMGM 32/GC 388/GC2 397/JS 379/WC 567/RS 545/GP 343/PMB 237/WS 495/G3 481
The Lord Is My Hope (Ps)   GP 631/MI-BB 469
The Lord Is Near – Dameans (Ps)   GP 606/GC 609/GC2 599/G3 692
*The Word Is in Your Heart (2)   GC 518
*These Forty Days of Lent (G)  PMB 240/WC 571/WS 496
*This Is the Time (G)  RS 556/SS
This Season Calls Us (G)   JS 382
*Those Who Love Me (E)   PSL C-29/SS
Though the Mountains May Fall (1,Ps)  GP 605/GC 602/GC2 595/JS 715/MI‑BB 425/G3 689
Thy Way, O Lord (Ps,G)   LMGM 39
*Tree of Life (1,G)  GC 397/GC2 401/CBW 373/RS 541/SS
Turn to Me (Ps)   JS 242/GP 342/MI-BB 667
Turn to the Living God (Ps,2)   GC2 408/G3 485
We Will Serve the Lord (1,G)   GC 665/GC2 652/G3 753
*When They Call in Tribulation (E)   IH 15
*When You Call to the Lord (E)   BFW 61/SS
You Stand Knocking SPS 370


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  
Call to Remembrance (SATB) Farrant, Richard/ Klammer , Ed GIA (G-3051) PS
Call to Remembrance (SATB) Farrant, Richard/ Greyson, Norman Bourne (ES 17) PS
Call to Remembrance (SATB) Farrant, Richard/ Shaw, Martin H.W. Gray (CMR 1751) PS
Call to Remembrance (TTBB) Farrant,Richard/Wolff, S. Drummond Concordia (98-2246) PS
Call to Remembrance (SATB) Farrant, Richard Oxford (TCM60B) PS
Call to Remembrance (SATB) Farrant, Richard / Collins, Walter Hinshaw (HMC-492) PS
Call to Remembrance (SATB, opt. Organ) Battishill, Johathan Leeds (#4) PS
Call to Remembrance (SSAATTBB) Hilton, John Oxford (TCM 97) PS
Give Almes of Thy Goods Tye, C. CPDL G
Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley, LONESOME VALLEY (SATB, a cappella) arr. by Ken Berg Choristers Guild (CGA 979) G
Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley, LONESOME VALLEY arr. by John Ferguson GIA (G-3279) G
Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley, LONESOME VALLEY (SATB, Organ) arr. by John Reager GIA (G-4447) G
Lenten Prayer, A (Unison, Organ, Flute) Powell, Robert J. Choristers Guild (CGA 159) G
Lenten Prayer, A (2-part, Organ/Piano, opt. Flute) White, David Ashley Paraclete Press (PPM09208) 1, 2
Lord Jesus Christ, God's Only Son in “Bach for All Seasons (SATB, Organ/Keyboard) Bach, Johann Sebastian Augsburg (080065854X) G
Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word (2-part mixed, opt solo instrument)
Busarow, Donald Concordia (98-2602) E
Lord, Who thoughout These Forty Days Meyer St. James Press G
Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone (SATB, Soprano/Tenor, Bass soli, piano/organ)
Gardner, Don Flammer (A-5061) C
Psalm 25 (SAB, Organ/Keyboard) Haydn, Josef Frederic/Bighley Concordia (98-3019U31) PS
Rainbow Is a Promise, A (2-part/Unison Treble Voices, Piano) Beebe, Hank Hindon Publications (HPC-7086) 1
Show Me Thy Ways (SATB, Guitar, Oboe or Flute) Pelz, Walter L. Augsburg (0800645421) PS
Show Me Your Ways, O Lord (SATB) Schalk, Carl Concordia (98-3207) PS
So Teach Us to Number Our Days (SATB) Hillert, Richard Concordia (98-2998) E
Teach Me Your Ways, Lord (Unison or SA)
Rohlig, Harald
Concordia (98-2358)
Time of Fulfillment, The: A Lenten Gathering Rite (SATB, Organ/Keyboard) Chepponis, James GIA (G-3906) G
Unto Thee, O Lord (SAB, Organ) Ford, Virgil G. Schirmer (11506) PS