What's important to us? What do we value most highly? What does God think is important?


Ecclesiastes 1:2; 2:21–23. Three centuries before Jesus, an author writing in the Wisdom tradition offered this rather downbeat view of human existence.


Psalm of the Day: Ps (89) 90

Subtitled “A prayer of Moses, the man of God,” this psalm is a kind of all-purpose communal lament. It begins in confident trust and ends with a plea for God’s intervention, but the cause of the community’s anguish is never specified. It is linked today with a refrain taken from Psalm 95.


If Today You Hear His Voice (Guimont) GC2 960/LPMG 114

If Today You Hear His Voice (Johnson) PMB 695/PRM C88/WS

If Today You Hear His Voice/Ojalá Escuchen Hoy la Voz del Señor (Krisman) SS 571

If Today You Hear His Voice (Proulx/Gelineau) LPGG 923

If Today You Hear His Voice (Schiavone) JS 1001/LP 146

If Today You Hear His Voice WOR4 1033,1119,1162,1175,1189

Señor, Tú Has Sido Nuestro Refugio (Palazón) FYC 230


Colossians 3:1–5, 9–11. Paul offers a reason for the community members to change their ways: They are living in Christ, so they should live as Christ.


Luke 12:13–21. Like Qoheleth in the first reading, Jesus has a rather downbeat view of the quest for wealth.


Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Other Songs for the Liturgy

All My Hope on God Is Founded (1,G) CBW 479

All Who Love and Serve Your City (G) WOR 621

Beatitudes (G) JS 657/GP 717/MI‑BB 637

Blessed Are the Poor (G) GP 715

Blest Are They (G) RS 774/GC 659/GC2 636/G3 G3 735/CBW 522/WC 973/WS 810/MI-BB 635/WOR4 721/GP3 759/SS 950

Canticle of the Turning (G) GC 556/GC2 527/G3 622/RS 678

*Christ, You Are the Fullness (2) CBW 431

Christ’s Peace (G) JS 844

*Do Not Store Up Earthly Treasures (G) PSL C-149

Give Me a Clean Heart (1,G) LMGM 279

Give the Lord Your Heart (G) GC2 691

*God, Come to My Aid (E) PSL C-147

God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending (G) WOR 631/WOR4 805/RS 794/HG 19/WC 824/WS 691

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (1,G) LMGM 187

I Will Not Die (G) GP 716/GP3 758/RS 771/GC 657/JS 658

I'd Rather Have Jesus (1,G) LMGM 272

In Christ There Is No East or West (2) WOR 659/MI‑BB 583/GP 565/GP3 548/WC 807/CBW 529/LMGM 301/RS 836/GC 738/GC2 726/G3 832/JS 850/PMB 391/WS 672/WOR4 824/SS 998

*In Every Age (Ps) JS 727/MI-BB 463/GP3 653

Keep in Mind (2) MI‑BB 679/WC 219,841/RS 940/GC 674/GC2 658/G3 646/JS 589/GP 492/GP3 434/PMB 36/WS 28,711/WOR4 651

Let Justice Roll Like a River (1,G) GC 716/GC2 709/G3 810

Lord, Whose Then Shall They Be (G) HG 11

O Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit (G) WOR 620/WOR4 738

O for a Heart to Praise My God (1,G) WOR 591

*O God, Come to My Aid (E) IH 55

*O God, Our Help in Ages Past (Ps) WOR 579/WOR4 689/MI‑BB 442/GP 613/GP3 612/WC 867/CBW 644/LMGM 230/JS 705/GC 614/GC2 588/G3 688/RS 735/PMB 435/WS 733/SS 926

O the Beautiful Treasures (1,G) WOR 689

Pescador de Hombres/Lord, You Have Come (1,G) LMGM 116/MI‑BB 505/RS 817/GC 696/GC2 678/G3 781/JS 763/GP 580/GP3 555/WC 815/WS 685/WOR4 760/SS 989

Prayer of Saint Francis (1,G) MI‑BB 527/GP 650/GP3 679/WC 900/RS 830/GC 726/GC2 721/G3 828/JS 738/PMB 459/WS 753

Rejoice, the Lord Is King (Ps) WOR 493/WOR4 564/MI‑BB 728/LMGM 93/RS 627/GC 487/GC2 493/G3 568/JS 478/WC 762/PMB 355/WS 635/SS 877

*Remember Your Love, v 5 (Ps) GC 881/GC2 851/G3 961/GP 474/GP3 417/MI‑BB 668/RS 550/JS 561

*Restless Is the Heart (Ps) MI-BB 687/GP 483

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God (2,G) WOR 580/WOR4 663/MI‑BB 431/WC 862/RS 728/GC 615/GC2 600/G3 658/JS 720/GP 608/GP3 613/PMB 433/WS 724

Table of Plenty (G) JS 793/GP 530/GP3 463/MI-BB 310

The Harvest of Justice (G) GC 711/GC2 716/G3 806

The Song of Beatitudes (G,C) CBW 523

We Are Called (G) RS 820/GC 718/GC2 710/G3 807/WC 817/WS/MI-BB 625/WOR4 799/GP3 524/SS 948

We Are the Light SPS 236

We Are the Light of the World (G) WC 970/GC 508/JS 660/GP 657/MI‑BB 603/PMB 506/WS 799/SPS 237/GP3 687

What Does the Lord Require (G) WOR 624/WOR4 748/RS 785



Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  
Anima Christe (SATB) Thacher Trinitas/OCP G
Be Thou My Vision (SATB, Keyboard)  Parker, Alice  Hinshaw (HMC 135)  G
Be Thou My Vision (SATB, Organ)  Ferguson, John  Augsburg (0800657934)  G
Be Thou My Vision, SLANE  (SATB, Organ)  arr. by Young, Gordon  MacAfee (M1132)  G
Bread of God, The (SATB, Organ)  Van, Jeffrey  Mark Foster (MF 2144)  C
By Your Hand, You Feed Your People (SATB or SAB, Keyboard, Guitar)  Haugen, Marty  GIA (G-5759)  C
Cantate Domino (SATB, Opt Keyboard, English/Latin)  Croce, Giovanni/ed. Klein, Maynard  G. Schirmer (11419)  P
Come Let Us Sing to the Lord (Unison, Organ)  Gehrig, Philip  Augsburg (1999)  P
Deus in Adjutorium (SSATB, Organ, Latin/English)  Pachelbel, Johann/ed. Woodword, Henry  Marks (15331)  E
God Be in My Head (SATB, Keyboard)  Rutter, John  Oxford (94.326)  G
He Is Risen (2-part Treble, Organ) Williams, David McKnight  H. W. Gray (1297)  2
How Short and Hasty Our Life Shaw arr. by Parker, Alice  GIA (G-5088)  G
Hurry, God, to My Aid (SSATB, Vibraphone, Harpsichord, Bass)  Zimmermann, Heinz W.  Barenreiter (#n/a)  E
I Am the Living Bread (SATB, Organ, opt. Congregation)  Johengen, Carl  GIA (G-4353)  C
If Ye Be Risen Again (TTBB) Anonymous  Oxford in “Anthems for Men’s Voices)  2
If Ye Be Risen Again with Christ (SATB, Organ)  Jennings, Kenneth   Concordia (98-1798)  2
If Ye Be Risen Again with Christ (SATB, S-S-A Soloists, Organ) Gibbons, Orlando/ed. Ouselay, F.  Oxford in “Anthems for Men’s Voices” 2
If Ye Then Be Risen (SATB, Organ or Brass Quartet)  Moe, Daniel  Augsburg (11-10236)  2
If Ye Then Be Risen (SSATB)  Powell, Robert J.  Abingdon (APM-275)  2
Make Haste, Op. 86 (SATB)  Hovaness, Alan  C. F. Peters (6288)  E
O Come and Sing Unto the Lord (SATB, Keyboard, opt. Trumpet)  Englert, Eugene  (GIA (G-2342)  P
O Come, Let Us Sing (2-part Treble, Organ)  Mawby, Colin  GIA (G-1098)  P
O Come, Let Us Sing (SATB, Piano)  Carter, John  Broadman (4545-94)  P
O Come, Let Us Sing (SSATBB, Brass, Percussion)  Kirk, Theron  Summy Birchard (5295)  P
O Come, Let Us Sing Unto the Lord (SATB)  Gibbons, Orlando/ed. Simkins, Cyril  Cpmcprdoa (98-2233)  P
O Come, Let Us Sing Unto the Lord (SATB, Keyboard) O Come, Let Us Worship (SATB, opt. Keyboard)  Young, Gordon Palestrina, G. P.  H. W. Gray (CMR 2913) E. C. Schirmer (#145)  P
O Come, Let Us Sing Unto the Lord (SATB, Organ)  Piccolo, Anthony  Oxford (A329)  P
O Come, Let Us Sing Unto the Lord (SATB, Organ/Keyboard)  Berger, Jean  Broude Brothers (BB 1027)  P
O Come, Let Us Sing Unto the Lord (SATB, Organ/Piano)  Track, Gerhard  GIA (G-1715)  P
O Come, Let Us Sing Unto the Lord (TTBB, Keyboard) Diemer, Emma Lou C. Fischer (CM 8014)  P
O Sacrum Convivium (SAATB)
O Sacrum Convivium (SATB)
O Sacrum Convivium (SATB)
O Sacrum Convivium (SATB)
O Sacrum Convivium (SATB)
O Sacrum Convivium
O Sacrum Convivium
O Sacrum Convivium
Tallis, Thomas
Biery, James
Messiaen, Olivier Victoria, Tomasso di/ed.
Tovey, Donald F.
Oxford (TCM 74)
MorningStar (MSM-50-8311)
Durand, S.A. (12.742)
Stainer & Bell/Augener (Laudate Pueri, p. 36)
Prayer for Humility, A (SATB, Keyboard)  Patterson, Mark   Choristers Guild (CGA 990)  1
Prayer for Humility, A (Unison, Piano) Patterson, Mark  Choristers Guild (CGA 989) 1
Prayer of St. Benedict (SATB, Organ, opt. Handbells)  Benson, Robert A.  Augsburg (0800675541)  1
Psalm 70 (TTBB, Organ)  Sowerby, Leo  H. W. Gray (2995)  E
Psalm 95 (SA, Handbells) Psalm 95 (SATB, Keyboard, opt Guitar and/or Percussion)  Hunnicutt, Judi Pote, Alan  Augsburg(11-0674) Choristers Guild (CGA-198)  P
Rejoice, Be Glad in the Lord (2-part, Organ) Sing Unto the Lord (SATB, Organ, opt. Junior Choir, opt. Handbells)  Leaf, Robert Fetler, David  Augsburg (11-9285) C. Fischer (CM 7951)  P
Seventieth Psalm, The (SATB, Organ)  Rorem, Ned  H. W. Gray (CCS-20) E
Treasures in Heaven (SATB, Organ)  Clokey, J.  Summy Birchard (2010)  G
Venite, Exultemus Domino (SSATB, Organ/Keyboard) Venite, Exultemus Domino (SSATB, opt. Organ/Keyboard)  Sweelinck, J. P./ed. Colton Donald Sweelinck, J. P./ed. Kudlawiec, D.  Concordia (98-1938) Summy Birchard (5517)  P
Where Your Treasure Is (SATB, Organ/Keyboard, opt. Guitar, C-instrument)  Haugen, Marty  GIA (G-5443)  G