We are called to bring life—not only the physical life brought by Elijah and Jesus but also the life of the spirit found in the preaching of the prophet, the apostle, and the Teacher.

1 Kings 17:17–24. The prophet Elijah calls on God the give life to the son of the non-Jewish woman who sheltered and fed him during a drought. God hears the prophet’s prayer, and the woman finds faith in the God of Elijah.

Psalm of the Day: Ps 30
The psalmist sings praise to God for rescue from a situation described as illness, death, and poverty. All the faithful (verse 4) are invited to join the psalmist’s hymn.

I Will Praise You, Lord (Alstott) CBW 80
I Will Praise You, Lord (Carroll) WOR 899/LPGG 66
I Will Praise You, Lord (Duncan) LMGM2 842/LPLM 65
I Will Praise You, Lord (Guimont) GC2 1009/RS 59/LPMG 113
I Will Praise You, Lord (Hillert) PMB 670
I Will Praise You, Lord (Inwood) JS2 32/GP 192/GC 41/GC2 30/G3 42/RS 60/MI-BB 758/GP3 136
I Will Praise You, Lord (Psallite) PSL C-62/SS 520
I Will Praise You, Lord (Ridge) GP 193
I Will Praise You, Lord (Scavone) WS/LPGA C69
I Will Praise You, Lord (Schiavone) JS2 977
Te Ensalzaré/I Will Praise You (Reza) FYC 193

Galatians 1:11-19. Paul describes his own past in order the show how his preaching has come through revelation and how it was affirmed by Cephas (Peter).

Luke 7:11-17. In contrast to the miracle performed by Elijah (first reading), Jesus does not pray to God but speaks on his own authority to bring the young man back to life.

Songs for the Liturgy
Abundant Life (1,G) GC 710/GC2 703/G3 811/RS 636
Awake, O Sleeper, Rise from Death (1,G) WOR 586/WOR4 915/RS 729/WC 827/WS 693
Christ Has Promised to Be Present, v 3 (G) GC2 732/G3 851
*God Is Love (C) GC 629/GC2 608/G3 699/RS 744/LMGM 241/GP 647/CBW 473/JS2 749/MI-BB 485/GP3 665
Goodness Is Stronger Than Evil (1,G) GC2 451/G3 528
I Am the Bread of Life (1,G) WOR 738/WOR4 950/GC 828/GC2 822/G3 945/RS 931/LMGM 133/PMB 321/WC 659, 696/WS 564/MI-BB 349/GP3 493
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (G) WOR 607/WOR4 707/RS 768/GC 646/GC2 622/G3 724/LMGM 41, 160/PMB 452/GP 633/JS2 729/WC 878/WS 737/MI-BB 460/GP3 646
Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service (G) WOR 630/WOR4 780/GC 681/GC2 668/G3 764//G3 647/RS 793/PMB 508/JS2 840/GP 557/CBW 507/WC 968/WS 802/MI-BB 623/GP3 523
*Lord, You Are My Light (E) IH 45
Neither Death Nor Life (1,G) GC2 605/G3 647
*Our Shelter and Our Help (C) PSL C-124/SS
Precious Lord, Take My Hand (G) GC 874/GC2 847/G3 955/RS 754/LMGM 162//PMB 448/WC 888/WS/MI-BB 692/WS 747/GP3 424
*Ps 27: The Lord Is My Light (E)
*The Lord Is My Light (E) GC 605/GC2 592/G3 41/RS 649, 732/LMGM 132/JS2 587/GP 486, 659/MI-BB 682/PSL C-122/WC 426, 427/WS 360, 361, 362, 363/SPS 63, 87, 360/WOR4 41, 43
This Is a Day of New Beginnings (1,G) GC2 453/G3 522/GP3 144, 443
We Shall Rise Again (1,G) GC 772/GC2 762/G3 871/RS 872
Yes, I Shall Arise – Alstott (E,1,G) JS2 590
You Are All We Have (G) GC 505/GC2 508/RS 643/SS
You Are Mine (G) GC 649/GC2 627/G3 721/RS 762/WC 867/WS 743/MI-BB 454/SPS 238/WOR4 704/GP3 651
*You Are the Light I Seek (E) WC 895/WS 742/SPS 369
Your Hands, O Lord, in Days of Old (G) WOR 750/WOR4 972/RS 949/PMB 332/JS2 579/WC 712/WS 615