A bright, shining cloud is one of the signs of God’s presence in the Bible. Another sign of the divine presence is God’s word spoken through the Torah and the prophets. When both signs surround Jesus, he appears, at the very least, as a messenger from God and, possibly, a special sign of God’s presence among us. If you are committed to preaching on the Order of Mass, as suggested earlier for the surrounding Sundays, you might want to talk about the various signs that reveal Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist: the gathered assembly, the Word, the presider, and especially the consecrated elements of the Body and Blood.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14. Daniel's vision of the heavenly court, centered on the Ancient One whose whole being is light, includes the presence of a mysterious figure whose name is translated as “a Son of man.” This figure is given everlasting dominion over the earth and all peoples.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (96) 97
An enthronement psalm, sung to praise the Lord as king and to give thanks that the divine kingdom is full of joy.

El Señor Reina (Cortés) FYC 239
The Lord Is King PSL 227/SS 576
The Lord Is King (Cooney) GP 240/SP4 46/MI-BB 800
The Lord Is King (Guimont) GC 94/GC2 965/G3 1204/LPMG 614
The Lord Is King (Proulx/Gelineau) WOR 1043/RS 133/LPGG 1048
The Lord Is King (Schiavone) JS 1058/LP 203
The Lord Is King (Smith) PRM B112/OIF 1144/PMB 752/WS 219
The Lord Is King (Somerville) CBW 222

2 Peter 1:16-19. The remarkable experience of the Transfiguration is evoked to give Christians under persecution a reason to hope.

Mark 9:2-10. Jesus is revealed as the completion of the Torah (Moses) and the prophets (Elijah). Peter, as usual, gets the message wrong and wants to make a permanent encampment out of the experience. The voice of God from the cloud (a sign of the divine presence) reveals Jesus’ identity as God’s “beloved Son.” Mark’s account includes a reference to the “messianic secret”—though there are signs that reveal Jesus’ identity during his ministry, he orders people to keep quiet about them until after the resurrection.

Songs for the Liturgy

Adoramus Te Domine (G) WOR 548
All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name (1) WOR 494, 495/GC 484/GC2 490/G3 570/JS 482/OIF 619/WC 744/GP 421/MI‑BB 737/LMGM 88, 89/RS 632/PMB 368/WS 629/SS 875
Alleluia! Sing to Jesus (1,Ps) WOR 737/GC 853/GC2 826/G3 949/JS 477/OIF 630/WC 746/GP 419/CBW 426/MI‑BB 742/LMGM 67/RS 914/PMB 352/WS 632/SS 1066
Be Light for Our Eyes (2,G) GC 509/GC2 511/CBW 305
Beautiful Savior (2,G) JS 859/OIF 931/WC 1019/GP 669/PMB 542/WS 843/BB 202
Better Is One Day SPS 279
Christ in Me Arise MI-BB 518/SPS 278
Christ Is the World’s Light (G) CBW 543
*Christ upon the Mountain Peak (G) WOR 701
Christ, You Are the Fullness (G) CBW 431
Crown Him with Many Crowns (1,Ps) WOR 496/GC 485/GC2 489/G3 574/JS 480/OIF 626/WC 749/GP 420/CBW 437/MI‑BB 743/LMGM 68/RS 626/PMB 359/WS 641/SS 876
Glorious Is the Name of Jesus (G) LMGM 194
Glory and Praise to You (G) OIF 627/PMB 360/WC 764/WS 631
God's Holy Mountain We Ascend (2,G) OIF 807/PMB 467/WC 910
He Is Exalted SPS 196
He Is King of Kings (1,Ps) LMGM 86/WOR 498
*Here Is My Servant (E) PSL 26/SS 291
I Will Choose Christ (G) JS 775/GP 459/GC2 683/G3 802/MI-BB 520
I Will Lift Up My Eyes (G) GC 500/JS 646/GP 709
I’d Rather Have Jesus (G) LMGM 272
Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise (1) WOR 512/GC 506/JS 621/OIF 615/WC 738/MI‑BB 570/CBW 472/PMB 347/SS 885
Jesus Christ, Inner Light (G) JS 666/GP 661/MI-BB 611
Jesus Christ, Yesterday, Today and Forever (2) GC 745/GC2 730/G3 847/RS 679/SS 1005
Jesus Has Conquered Death (G) LMGM 62
*Jesus, Take Us to the Mountain (G) HG 131
Let the Heav’n Light Shine on Me (G) LMGM 189
Lord of Glory (G) GP 707/JS 645/MI-BB 618
*My Heart Declared to You (E) IH 81
O Christ, Bright Sun of Justice (G) JS 389
O Come and Sing to God, the Lord (2,G) GP 154
O Light of Light, Love Given Birth (G) CBW 434
O Raise Your Eyes on High (G) CBW 366
Only-Begotten, Word of God Eternal (G) WOR 666/RS 852
Open My Eyes (G) MI‑BB 395/JS 695/GC2 569
Out of Darkness -- Walker (G) MI‑BB 516/GC 689/JS 765/GP 574
Praise to You, O Christ, Our Savior (2,G) MI‑BB 605/GC 515/GC2 517/G3 596/JS 674/RS 652/CBW 442/GP 662
Priestly People, v 5 (G) OIF 669/PMB 383/WC 786/WS 659
Rejoice, the Lord Is King (Ps) WOR 493/GC 487/GC2 493/G3 568/JS 478/OIF 635/WC 762/MI‑BB 733/LMGM 93/RS 627/PMB 355/WS 635/SS 877
Song of Good News (2,G) OIF 682/WC 801/WS 670
Speak, Lord (2,G) MI-BB 603
Take and Eat (2) GC 831/GC2 812/G3 950/MI-BB 366/WC 686/RS 910/CBW 611/WS 584/SS 1087
The Head That Once Was Crowned with Thorns (1) WOR 464
The King of Kings, Christ Jesus Reigns (Ps,G) JS 486/MI‑BB 741
The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns (1,Ps,G) WOR 373/GC 320/GC2 347/G3 414/WC 491, 502/JS 319/BB 50/LMGM 1/RS 497/CBW 318/GP 307/OIF 364/PMB 186/WS 444/SS 719
This Is the Feast of Victory (1) WOR 458/GC 429/GC2 458/G3 520/JS 428/OIF 834/WC 935/RS 583/CBW 396/PMB 489/SS 829
*'Tis Good, Lord, to Be Here (G) WOR 700/WC 561/GC 778/GC2 771/RS 882/JS 518/OIF 430/PMB 229/WS 490/BB 123/SS 1062
To God with Gladness Sing (2,G) RS 666/GC 535
Transfiguration (G) GP 443/BB 134
*Transfigure Us, O Lord (G) MI-BB 509
*Transform Us (G) RS 881/GC2 770/G3 878/HG 149/SS 1061
Wake the Song of Jubilee (1,Ps) OIF 888/PMB 514/WC 979
We Remember (G) GC 593/GC2 578/G3 681/WC 691/MI‑BB 502/RS 724/WS 561/SS
*We Shall Be like You (C) PSL 228/SS 922
Word of God, Come Down on Earth (2,G) WOR 513/CBW 429/JS 449/RS 653/OIF 641/PMB 367/WC 751
You Are the Voice (2,G) GC 549/GC2 538/G3 609/RS 659
You Are the Way (G) WC 748/CBW 441/OIF 639/PMB 365/WS


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation


Publisher & edition  #

Christ the Glory (2-part mixed, Organ) Lallouette, Jean François/arr. Proulx, Richard GIA (G-2288)
This Is My Beloved Son (SAB, Organ) Nystedt, Kurt Concordia (98-1805)
This Is My Son, My Beloved (SATB, Keyboard) Powell, Kathy GIA (G-3527)
Grant Us Thy Light (SATB) Willan, Healey Concordia (98-1524)
Jesu dulcis memoria (SATB) Lee, R. A. Paraclete (PPM 9611)
Jesu dulcis memoria (SATB) Giles, R. Paraclete (PPM 0213)
This Is My Beloved Son (SAB, Organ) Nystedt, Carl Concordia (98-1805)
This Is My Son, My Beloved (SATB, Keyboard) Powell, Kathy GIA (G-3527)
Beautiful Savior (SATB div., Alto Solo) Christiansen, F. Melius Augsburg (98-0800652584)
Christ Upon the Mountain Peak (2-part, Keyboard) Bertalot, John Augsburg (11-10499)
Christ Upon the Mountain Peak (SATB) Bouman, Paul Concordia (98-2856)
Christus Paradox (SATB, Organ, opt. Brass Quartet) Sensmeier, Randall GIA (G-4543)
Christus Paradox, PICARDY (SATB Choral Variations, Organ) Fedak, Alfred GIA (G-5463)
Fairest Lord Jesus (Unison, Keyboard)
Fairest Lord Jesus (SATB)
Hampton, Calvin
GIA (G-2766)
Go Up to the Mountain of God (SATB, Piano, opt. Flute) Helman, Michael Augsburg (0800656952)
Grant Us Thy Light (SATB) Willan, Healey Concordia (98-1524)
Jesus, Take Us to the Mountain (SATB/Keyboard) Schalk, Carl MorningStar (MSM 50-2601)
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (SATB, Handbells) arr. by Ferguson, John GIA
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence, Picardy (SATB) arr. by Sommary GIA
Mirror of Eternity (SATB, Organ/Keyboard) Chepponis, James GIA (G-4225)

O Nata Lux
O Nata Lux

Tallis, Thomas
Tallis, Thomas

Oxford Tudor Anthems, p. 248


O Wondrous Type, O Vision Fair! DEO GRATIAS (SATB, Organ, 21 Handbells) arr. Crosier, Carl GIA (G-2836)
O Wondrous Type, O Vision Fair! (SATB, Keyboard) Schalk, Carl Concordia (98-1524)
O Wondrous Type, O Vision Fair! (SATB, Organ, Trumpet) Wolf, S. Drummond Concordia (98-2690)
O Savior of the World (SATB) Goss, John N/A
O Splendor of God's Glory Bright (Unison, 2 Octaves Handbells, Keyboard) Bridges, David Concordia (98-2956)
This Is My Beloved Son (SAB, Organ) Nystedt, Carl Concordia (98-1805)
Transfiguration (Unison, descant, Organ) Martinson, Joel Paraclete (PPM 9511)
Transfiguration of Christ, The (2-part mixed, Organ) Garber, Aaron Concordia (98-3769)
Transform Us (SAB, Keyboard/Organ) Gehrike, Henry/arr. Vyhanek, James GIA (G-4104)
Lord Is Ruler Over All, The (SATB) Schütz, Heinrich Concordia (97-6303)

* out of print