Lectionary #63B
Since it is the final feast of the Great Fifty Days, how does Pentecost complete Easter?

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Acts 2:1-11. The Spirit fills the disciples and sends them out to preach to the whole world. God's Spirit, like God's love, is missionary; it impels us beyond ourselves and our own concerns.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (103) 104
A hymn of praise to the Creator who also sustains the whole of creation especially through the gift of water (verses 10-18 and 27-35). See the commentary on the water imagery used at the Easter Vigil.

Envía Tu Espíritu (Taulé) FYC 249
Envía Tu Espíritu, Señor (García) FYC 251
Envía Tu Espíritu, Señor (Rubalcava) FYC 250/GP 255
Envía Tu Espíritu, Señor/O Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Peña) JS 87
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Blunt) PMB 164/WC 435/WS
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Canedo) MI-BB 808/SPS 88
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (della Picca)  PRM B66/LPGA B55/PMB 636/WS
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Guimont)    GC2 976/G3 1084/LPMG 63
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Haas)  LMGM 524
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Harbor)  LMGM 523
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Hunnicutt)  PRM A56/PMB 635
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Hunstiger)   SS
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Kreutz)  PSC 24/JS 85
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Lisicky) GC 101/GC2 60/G3 76/RS 146/WOR4 82
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Olawski)  JS 708
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Peloquin)  RS 144
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Proulx/Gelineau)   RS 145/G3 77/WOR4 1099/LPGG 861
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Schalk)   PRM B139
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Schiavone)   LP 85/JS 941
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Willcock) PFS 34
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Zsigray)  GP 253
Send Out Your Spirit   PSL B-96/SS
Send Forth Your Spirit (Walker)  MI-BB 807/JS 86/SP1 69/GP 254
Send Forth Your Spirit (Walker/Murray)  CBW 107
Send Forth You Spirit (Warner) PMB 165/WC 436/WS/SS
Send Out Your Spirit (Schoenbachler)  JS 465/GP 409

Galatians 5:16-25. Paul’s version of the morality of two ways—the way of life and the way of death—contrasts the “deeds of the flesh” with the “deeds of the Spirit.” He reminds the Galatians that they are in the Spirit, so they should put into practice what they affirm about themselves. (The second reading for Year A may be used in place of this text.)

The "Veni, Sancte Spiritus" should be sung before the Alleluia. Though it is designed to stand on its own, with no accompanying action, it may serve as the accompaniment to a procession with the Gospel Book (and incense) that moves through the congregation to the place where the Word will be proclaimed, if the space permits such movement.

By the Waking of Our Hearts   MI-BB 451/JS 454
Come, Holy Spirit, Come   PRM B67/JS 464
Come, Holy Spirit, on Us Shine  WC 622/WS/PMB 279
Come, O Holy Spirit, Come   JS 459/BB 37,190, 194
Eastertide Carol: Pentecost Sequence (Ridge)  GP 404
Holy Spirit, Lord Divine  WOR3 857/WOR4 541, 1100/GC 464/GC2 470/G3 1084/CBW 692/RS 981/WC 623/LPGG 862
Pentecost Sequence (Kendzia) SPS 192
Secuencia de Pentecostés (Ferrer) FYC 424
Veni Sancte Spiritus (Taizé)  WOR3 473/WOR4 538/GC 463/GC2 478/G3 550/LMGM 197/RS 615/SS
Veni Sancte Spiritus (Walker)  BB 192/CBW 419/GP 403/JS 453
Veni Sancte Spiritus – Latin/English (Chant)   JS 455/SS

John 15:26-27; 16:12-15. The Spirit will testify to Jesus, and so will the Church. In fact, the Spirit will testify through the Church.

Other Songs for the Liturgy

A New Heaven and Earth (1) SS
At the Table of the World (1)  WC 684/WS/PMB 301
Blessed Quietness  LMGM 72
Called and Gathered by the Spirit (2)   SS
Chosen and Sent by the Father (G)   HG 114    
Christians, Lift Up Your Hearts, v 5 (1)  RS 674/WOR3 538/CBW 585
Come Down, O Love Divine (G)  JS 461/WOR3 472/WOR4 534/CBW 407/WC 628/GC 465/GC2 471/G3 556/RS 617
Come, Holy Ghost (2)  WOR3 482/WOR4 544/CBW 416/MI-BB 452/GP 402/LMGM 69/WC 769/JS 458/GC 469/GC2 472/G3 559/RS 611/WS/PMB 372/SS/SPS 193
Come, Holy Spirit (1)   JS 464/SPS 191
Come, Holy Spirit/Ven, Oh Espíritu (1)   WC 774/WS
Come, Holy Spirit, Wind and Fire (1)  WC 766/WS/PMB 375
Come, O Spirit (1)   SS
Come, O Spirit, Come (1)   WS
*Come, O Spirit of the Lord (Ps)  GP 411
Come, Spirit, Come (1) SS
Creator Spirit, by Whose Aid (1)  BB 191/JS 449
Creator Spirit, Lord of Grace (1)  CBW 409/WC 626/WS/PMB 280
Come, Spirit Blest/Ven, Creador (1)   WOR4 537
Diverse in Culture, Nation, Race (1) GC 739/GC2 729/G3 833/RS 837/WOR4 842
*Envía Tu Espíritu (Ps)  MI-BB 455/GP 407/JS 463/GC 459
Everyone Moved by the Spirit  GP 412
Filled with the Spirit's Power (1,2)  CBW 413
Fire of God, Titanic Spirit (1,Ps,2)  WOR3 478
Fire of God, Undying Flame (2)  WOR3 474/WOR4 533/RS 614
*Gather Your People (2)  JS 798/MI-BB 314/GP 529/G3 837
Gift of God (1)  WC 637/WS/PMB 289/G3 422/SS
God Sends Us His Spirit (Ps)  WOR3 724/GC 467/LMGM 125           
Hail Thee, Festival Day   WOR3 444/WOR4 524/GC 450/CBW 388/JS 450/WC 605/RS 588
Holy Spirit   BB 195/MI-BB 456
Holy Spirit, Come Now SPS 124
Holy Spirit, Come to Us (1)   GC2 479/G3 547/WOR4 540/SS
Laus Tibi, Sancte Spiritus (1)   WOR4 539
Let It Breathe on Me  LMGM 71
Living Spirit, Holy First (1)   WOR4 545        
Mold Me, Lord  LMGM 128
O Breathe on Me, O Breath of God (Ps)  RS 907/GC 800/GC2 800/G3 902/WOR4 914/MI-BB 659/WOR3 725/WC 770/WS 610/PMB 373/JS 551/SS 857
O Holy Spirit, by Whose Breath (2)  WOR3 475/WOR4 546/WC 772/GC 461/GC2 475/G3 551/CBW 412/RS 616/WS/PMB 371/SS
O Holy Spirit, Come to Bless (1)  CBW 410
O Holy Spirit, Enter in  WC 775
*O Love of God/Amor de Dios (2)  GP 541/MI-BB 301
O Spirit All-Embracing (1) WOR4 536
O Spirit of the Living Lord   JS 456
*One Bread, One Body (2)  GP 499/GC 830/GC2 813/G3 932/WOR4 931/LMGM 139/MI-BB 348/WC 687/JS 820/RS 915/WS
One Lord – Soper (2)  MI-BB 658/GP 453
One Spirit, One Church (1,2)  JS 778/MI-BB 421/GP 570
Over the Chaos of the Empty Waters (Ps)  WOR3 483
*Peace (G)  MI-BB 535/WC 904/JS 741/GP 649/WS/PMB 462
Praise the Spirit in Creation (1)  RS 609/WOR4 542
Send Down the Fire (1,G) GC 466/GC2 477/G3 557
*Send Us Your Spirit (Ps) GC 470/GC2 476/G3 552/MI-BB 453, 457/JS 462/CBW 414/RS 612/GP 410/SS
Song of the Holy Spirit (1,Ps,G)  JS 460
Song over the Waters (1) GC 585/GC2 559/G3 661/RS 855/SS
Spirit Blowing through Creation (Ps) GC 462/GC2 481/G3 555/CBW 415/SS
Spirit, Come (Ps)  MI-BB 454/GP 410
Spirit Divine, Accept Our Prayers (1)   WOR3 476/WOR4 535/CBW 521/WC 771/PMB 374
Spirit of God within Me (G)  WOR3 480/WOR4 547/RS 610/GC 468
Sweet, Sweet Spirit (G)  WC 768/WS
*The Day of Pentecost Arrived (1)  WC 624/WS/PMB 278
*The Love of God (E)   PSL B-95/SS
*The One Same Spirit (2)   PMB 389
The Spirit of God  -- Alstott   GP 232
The Spirit of God -- Deiss (1,G)  WC 832/WS/PMB 399/GC 458
*The Spirit of Our God and King (E)   IH 31
There Is One Lord (2)  WOR3 657/WOR4 921/GP 453/WC 638/JS 699/MI-BB 499/GC 809/GC2 796//G3 905/CBW 530/RS 835/WS/PMB 287
There’s a Spirit in the Air    WC 627/WOR3 531/RS 689
This Is the Day When Light Was First Created (1)  WOR3 663/RS 842/GC 746
Veni Creator Spiritus -- Latin/English (1,2)   WOR3 479/WOR4 543/CBW 418/LMGM 70/BB 193/WC 625, 767/JS 457/GC 460/GC2 474/G3 558/WS/SS     
Veni Lumen Cordium (1)   SS/WC 509
Veni Sancte Spiritus (1)  WOR3 473/WOR4 538/LMGM 197/JS 453/BB 192/GC 463/GC2 478/G3 550/CBW 419/RS 615/WC 623/SS
We Are Many Parts (2) GC 733/GC2 727/G3 834/WOR4 822/MI-BB 591/WC 803/RS 840/WS/SS
We Are One (2)   GC2 482/G3 548     
When God the Spirit Came (1)  WOR3 481/RS 613
You Have Anointed Me (1,G) GC 676/GC2 662/G3 773/RS 795/GP 555


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #
Introit for a Feast Day (SATB, Organ, 8 Handbells, Cymbal, Gong) King, Larry GIA (G-5339) E
And They Were All Filled with the Holy Spirit/ Repleti sunt omne (SATB/SATB, Organ, English/Latin) Handl, Jacob/Simkins, C. F. Concordia (98-2394) C, 1
Anthems for Pentecost: Prayer for Pentecostal Fire (SATB) Proulx, Richard GIA (G-2371) 1
Bless the Lord, O My Soul (SATB) Mathias, William H. Oxford (A284) PS
Canticle of the Spirit Daley Alliance Music Publication, Inc. G
Christ Sends the Spirit (SAB, Organ, Flute) Proulx, Richard Augsburg (0800652703) also in “The Augsburg Choirbook” G
Come Down, O Love Divine (SSATB, Organ) Mathias, William H./arr. Livingston, Donald D. Augsburg (AFP 0800675355) E
Come Holy Ghost Gibbons CPDL G
Come, Holy Ghost, Creator Blest (SATB, Organ) Carter, Andrew Oxford (A427) G
Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord (SATB, opt. Organ) Bach, J. S./ed. Lee, John GIA (G-2036) S
Come, Holy Ghost, Our Hearts Inspire (2-part, Handbells) Burkhardt, Michael Morningstar (50-5551) S
Come, Holy Spirit (Unison, Organ/Keyboard) Vieker Concordia (98-3061) PS
Come, Holy Spirit/Veni Creator Spiritus (Latin Chant, English motet SATB) Tye, Christopher/Tortolano GIA (G-5272) G

Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove

White Selah  
Come, Holy, Quickening Spirit (SAB, Keyboard) Bach, J.S./ed. Scott, K. Lee Concordia 998-2838) G
Come, Spirit, Come (SATB, Keyboard) Hunnicut, Judith GIA (G-4108) G
Come, Thou Lord, Creator Spirit (SATB, Chimes or Handbells) Rickard, Jeffery Sacred Music Press (S-272) G
Confirma Hoc Deus (SATB, Organ, English/Latin) Rheinberger, J./Proulx, R. GIA (G-5618) G
Creator Spirit, Heavenly Dove (SATB) Distler, Hugo Augsburg (0800657772) G
Dum Complerentur (SSATB, Latin only)
Dum Complerentur (SSATB, Latin only)
Victoria, Tomas Luis de
Victoria, Tomas Luis de
E. C. Schirmer (ECS 2993)
Dum Cpmplerentur Dies Pentecostes (SSATTB, Latin only) Palestrina, G. P. Arista (AE 145) 1
Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee, The (SATB) Berger, Jean Augsburg (0800645596) also in “The Augsburg Choirbook” 1
Factus est repente (SATB, Latin only) Aichinger, Gregor Arista (AE 348) 1
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost Archer St. James Press  
Gracious Spirit, Dwell with Me (SATB) Scott, K. Lee Augsburg (11-1198) G
Hail, Glorious Spirits, Heirs of Light (SATB) Tye, Christopher/Knight, G. RSCM (221) 1
Hodie Complenti Sunt (SATB) Marenzio CPDL G
Hymn to the Holy Spirit (SATB) Doherty Trinitas/OCP G
I'm Gonna Sing 'til the Spirit Moves in My Heart Hogan Hal Leonard 08740284 G
I Will Pour Out My Spirit (SATB, Organ) Leaf, Robert Augsburg (11-1674) 1
I Will Sing Unto the Lord (SATB, Tenor) Amner, John Oxford (A0294) PS
Let Thy Holy Spirit (SATB) Tschesnokoff/Lyall Lawson Gould (660) G
Listen, Sweet Dove(SATB) Ives, Charles/Grayston GIA (G-4209) G
Mighty Works of the Lord, The (SATB, Organ/Keyboard) Jennings, C. Augsburg (11-2042) G
Now Do We Pray God, the Holy Ghost (SATB, opt. Organ) Bach, J. S./Lee, John GIA (G-2036) G
O Come Now, Holy Spirit (SAB) Amner, John/Proulx, Richard GIA (G-4012) G
O Day Full of Grace (SSAATTBB, S. Solo) Christiansen, F. Melius Augsburg (080064512X) 1
O Holy Spirit (SAT) Binchois, Gilles/Proulx, Richard GIA (G-4059) G
O Holy Spirit, Lord of Grace Tye CPDL G
O Holy Spirit, Lord of Grace (SATB) How GIA G
O Lord, Give Thy Holy Spirit to our Hearts Tallis CPDL G
O Lord, How Manifold are Thy Works (Unison, Keyboard) Shaw, Martin Novello (1310) PS
O Spirit of God, Eternal Source (SATB) Vulpius, Melchior Augsburg (0800664272) E
One Faith, One Hope, One Lord (SATB, Organ/Keyboard, opt. solo Trumpet or Brass Quintet) Courtney, Craig Sacred Music Press (S 462) 2
Peace Be unto You (SATB) Nystedt, Knut Augsburg (11-1455) G
Peace Be with You (SATB, Organ) Wetzler, Robert AMSI (178) G
Peace Be with You, Op. 32, #22 (2-part, Organ) Bender, Jan Concordia (98-2086) G
Pentecost Processional from “Three Processionals for Four Bells and Voices” (2-mixed or equal voices, 4 Handbells) Proulx, Richard GIA (G-3668) E
Pentecost Sequence (2-mixed voices, 11 Handbells, Percussion) arr. by Proulx, Richard GIA (G-4578) S
Pentecost Sequence/Veni, Sancte Spiritus (Unison or 2-part mixed, Latin/English, 9 Handbells) arr. by Palmer, Nicholas GIA (G-4062) S
Praise the Living God Who Sings (SATB, Organ) Helgen, John Augsburg (0800674618) C
Receive the Holy Spirit (SATB, Organ) Hillert, Richard Concordia (98-1675) G
Spirit Dwells Among Us, The (choral introit w/bells) Hopson MSM G
Spirit of God (Intergenerational Choirs, Organ, opt. Oboe or other C-instrument, and opt. handbells—3, 4, or 5 octaves) Bedford, Michael Choristers Guild (CGA 977) G
Spirit of the Lord, The (SATB, Flute, Organ) Callahan, Charles Concordia (98-3256) PS
Spirit of the Lord Come Down Harper St. James Press  
Stetit Jesu (SATB) Handl, Jacob GIA (G-2460) G
To Thee, O Comforter Divine White Selah  
Veni Creator Spiritus Palestrina CPDL G
Veni Creator Spiritus Victoria CPDL G
Veni, Sancte Spiritus (SATB, Keyboard, opt. Flute, Solo, Latin/English) Birkley, Michael GIA (G-4779) S
Veni, Sancte Spiritus (SATB, Organ/Keyboard, Latin)
Veni, Sancte Spiritus (SATB, Organ/Keyboard, Latin)
Mozart, W. A.
Mozart, W. A.
Kalmus (K-06326)
We Have Seen the Lord (SATB) Wetzler, Robert Augsburg (11-1705) G
When Fully Came the Day of Pentecost (SSATBB) Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da Concordia (98-3339) 1
When the Day of Pentecost Was Fully Come (SATB) Coke-Jephcott, Norman Galaxy (1371) 1