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Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Procession with Palms
Gospel at the Procession: Mark 11:1-10. Jesus is in charge of his own destiny. He enters Jerusalem the way a king would, riding instead of walking.

Opening Antiphon and Procession

All Glory, Laud and Honor WOR 428/WOR4 483, 1048/LMGM 30/CBW 62/GP 356/BB 143/WC 54/JS 399/GC2 421/G3 498/RS 563/WS/PMB 244/SS/LPGG 810
Benedictus Qui Venit WOR 429
Blessings on the King GP 357
He Is Exalted SPS 196
He Is King of Kings LMGM 86/WOR 498
Hosanna GC2 423,425/G3 499, 1032/WOR4 1042/CBW 59, 60, 61/BB 21,141/RS 969/GP 358/JS 396, 397/WS/PMB 595/PRM B26/LPGG 808/BFW 101/PSL B-50/SS/SPS 165
Hosanna in Excelsis WOR 430
Hosanna, Son of God WC 545/PMB 243
Palm Sunday Procession BB 22
Palm Sunday Processional G3 96/WOR4 481
Ride On, Jesus, Ride GC2 424/G3 497/LMGM 264/RS 562
Ride On, King Jesus GP 359/JS 398
Ride On! Ride On in Majesty PMB 245/WC 552/WS
Sing Hosanna SPS 166
Sing Hosanna to Our King WS
The Children of Jerusalem BB 140/PMB 596,597/PRM B27, B28
The Children of the Hebrews BFW 104/SS

At the Mass
Note this rubric from the Lectionary for Mass: “The Mass for Palm Sunday is provided with three readings. It is strongly recommended [emphasis added] that all three be used, unless pastoral reasons suggest otherwise.

“Given, however, the importance of the account of the Lord’s Passion, the priest, having in mind the character of each individual congregation, is authorized to choose only one of the two readings prescribed before the Gospel, or if necessary, he may read only the account of the Passion, even in the shorter form.”

Isaiah 50:4-7. The third Song of the Servant is the song of a disciple who listens and learns and lives by what God says.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (21) 22
The opening line of this individual lament is quoted by Jesus on the cross (see Mark 15:34 in today’s passion narrative). After listing his trials, the psalmist affirms faith in God and promises to praise God “in the midst of the assembly.”

Dios Mío, Dios Mío (Alturas)  FYC 180
Dios Mío, Dios Mío (Grajeda)  GP 176
Dios Mío, Dios Mío/My God, My God (Hurd) FYC 181/JS 21
Dios Mío, Dios Mío/My God, My God (Schiavone) FYC 182
My God, My God PSL B-51/SS
My God, My God (Alstott) JS 22
My God, My God (Crandal) SPS 57
My God, My God (Guimont) GC2 892/G3 1035/LPMG 38
My God, My God (Harbor) LMGM 513
My God, My God (Haugen) GC2 22/G3 33/RS 43/WOR4 35
My God, My God (Hunstiger) SS
My God, My God (Isele) LMGM 514
My God, My God (Manion) MI-BB 751/GP 175
My God, My God (Peloquin) SI 44
My God, My God (Proulx) WC 390/WS/PMB 140, 598/PRM B29/LPGA B29
My God, My God (Schiavone) JS 918/SP3 10/GP 177/MI-BB 750/LP 49
My God, My God (Schoen/Gelineau) WOR 806/WOR4 1049/RS 42/LPGG 811
My God, My God (Smith) SPS 58
My God, My God (Vervoort/Murray) CBW 63
My God, My God (Willcock) PFS 20/SS

Philippians 2:6-11. This is the “kenosis” hymn—a Christian hymn that Paul borrowed and inserted into his letter to the Christians at Philippi, adding the phrase “death on a cross” to make his point that Jesus was actually a human being and not a divine being who merely seemed human—a human being who died and was exalted.

Mark 14:1-15:47. Note the rubric in the Lectionary for Mass: “The Passion begins directly, without the greeting or the acclamation of the people, but concludes in the usual manner.” The rubric in the Roman Missal is more explicit: “The narrative of the Lord’s Passion is read without candles and without incense, with no greeting or signing of the Book.”

Mark’s account of Jesus’ suffering and death interweaves a series of betrayals with a series of surprising acts of fidelity. Through it all, Jesus is presented as knowing what is coming and choosing his fate. The betrayers include Judas Iscariot, Peter (several times), James and John (in the garden), the leaders of the Sanhedrin, and Pilate. Jesus even has doubts about God (15:34). Those who are faithful include Simon of Bethany, the woman with the perfumed oil, the man with the water jar, Simon the Cyrenian, the centurion, the women—Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Joses, Salome, and other women—and Joseph of Arimathea. God, of course, as we learn on Easter, is the most faithful of all.

LITURGICAL NOTE: If you intend to read the Passion Narrative in parts, the traditional division is threefold: narrator, Christ, and crowd (that is, all other voices). It is probably not a good idea to give the congregation the “people’s part” of this narrative, because that puts them in an adversarial relationship to Jesus. Instead, they should experience themselves as sharing not only in the sin that led to Jesus’ death but also in his act of self-sacrifice, to which they have been joined in sacramental initiation and to which they will join themselves again in the Eucharist.

Other Songs for the Liturgy

Adoramus Te Christe (2) GC2 400/G3 476/RS 542/SS
All You Who Pass This Way (G) WOR 440/WOR4 492/RS 567
At the Name (2) SPS 268
*At the Name of Jesus (2) CBW 427/WOR 499/WOR4 561, 563/G3 596/MI-BB 739,740/GP 424/JS 400,483/WS
Behold, before Our Wond’ring Eyes (G) JS 381
Behold the Cross (1) BB 149/SPS 169
Behold the Lamb of God (1) JS 809/GP 360/BB 156/GC2 824/SPS 275
Behold the Wood (G) GP 369/CBW 379/GC2 437/G3 514/JS 411/BB 28
Calvary (G) LMGM 38/RS 568
Crux Fidelis (2,G) PMB 247/WC 769/WS
*Do This in Remembrance of Me (G) WC 641
Down at the Cross (G) LMGM 46
Glory in the Cross (G) G3 501/WOR4 486/JS 523/MI-BB 724/SPS 170
He Will Remember Me LMGM 36
*If I Must Drink This Cup (C) PSL B-52/SS
In Manus Tuas, Pater (G) G3 513/WOR4 493
*In the Cross of Christ (2) GC2 436/G3 515/RS 221/SS
Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross (G) LMGM 45/WS
*Jesus the Lord (2) GP 370/JS 484/GC2 403/G3 491/MI-BB 736/CBW 432/RS 574
Keep in Mind (G) PMB 36/WC 816/MI-BB 682/GC2 658/G3 646/RS 940/WOR4 651/GP 492/JS 589/WS/SS
Lift High the Cross (G) WOR 704/WOR4 885/CBW 435/GP 444/MI-BB 725/PMB 393/WC 767/JS 522/GC2 785/G3 881/RS 884/WS/SS
Lord, We Adore You (1,G) JS 413
My Song Is Love Unknown (G) WOR 439/WOR4 490/JS 415/RS 572
No Greater Love GC2 607/G3 701/BB 148/CBW 599/RS 753/WOR4 698/GP 362/SS
Now We Remain (2) GC2 696/G3 785/MI-BB 514/WC 652/RS 813/WOR4 764/WS/SS
*O Christ, What Can It Mean for Us (2) WOR4 567
O Cross of Christ CBW 368/PMB 248/WC 770/SS
O Crucified Messiah (G) BB 158
O Love of God Incarnate (G) JS 410
*O Lowly Lamb of God Most High (2) SS
O Sacred Head, Surrounded (1,G) WOR 434/WOR4 489/LMGM 52/CBW 378/GP 367/BB 151, 153/PMB 255/WC 556/JS 409/GC2 435/G3 512/RS 569/WS/SS/SPS 172
Only This I Want (2) GC2 701/G3 782/GP 575/JS 766/CBW 516/MI-BB 507
*Philippians Canticle (2) WOR 92/WOR4 129/G3 105
*Psalm of Hope (Ps) RS 730/G3 684
Sing, My Tongue, the Glorious Battle (G) WOR4 491
Sing, My Tongue, the Savior's Glory (G) JS 414/BB 152/SPS 118
Sing, My Tongue, the Song of Triumph (G) RS 573/WOR 437/CBW 69
*Take and Eat (G) GC2 812/G3 950/WC 660/CBW 611/RS 910/WOR4 940/WS/SS
Take Up Our Cross (2) MI-BB 726/SPS 354
Take Up Your Cross (2) WOR 634//WOR4 761/CBW 485/MI-BB 723/LMGM 50/GC2 688,690/G3 801/JS 524/PMB 238/WC 768/RS 808/GP 586/WS/SS
The Cross of Jesus (1) GC2 396/G3 482/WOR4 465
*Though in the Form of God (2) CBW 687
Tree of Life – Haugen GC2 401/G3 475/CBW 373/RS 541/SS
Unless a Grain of Wheat JS 760,802/MI-BB 352, 517/GC2 699/G3 783/RS 804/WOR4 759/GP 579
Up to Jerusalem (G) PMB 246/WC 546/WS
We Acclaim the Cross of Jesus (G) PMB 252/WC 772/WS
We Glory in the Cross (G) WOR4 884
We Have No Glory JS 671
We Remember GC2 578/G3 681/MI-BB 502/WC 665/RS 724/WOR4 938/WS/SS
We Should Glory in the Cross (G) JS 686
We Who Once Were Dead CBW 402
Were You There (G) LMGM 43/WOR 436/WOR4 488/GC2 438/G3 511/JS 412/PMB 250/WC 553/BB 157/GP 368/RS 570/WS/SS/SPS 173
What Wondrous Love Is This (2,G) WOR 600/WOR4 641/GP 642/MI-BB 483/PMB 253/WC 732/JS 755/GC2 614/G3 642/RS 749/WS/SS/SPS 364
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (G) WOR 433/WOR4 494/CBW 382/BB 155/PMB 249/WC 771/WS/JS
When Jesus Wept (G) JS 418/BB 144
*Wood of the Cross (Ps) JS 407/BB 154


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  
Adoramus Te Christe Clemens Non Papa GIA G
Adoramus Te Christe Dubois GIA G
Adoramus Te Christe
Adoramus Te Christe
Adoramus Te Christe (Three Communion Anthems) Near Aureole Ed. G
Adoramus Te Christe Pitoni CPDL G
Adoramus Te Christe Viadana CPDL G
Ah, Holy Jesus (SATB) Shaw Augsburg 978-4514-5153-5 G
All Glory, Laud and Honor (SATB, opt. keyboard or 10 handbells, perc.) Proulx, Richard GIA (G-2915) E
All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name DIADEM (2-part Mixed Voices, Organ, opt. Trumpet) Johnson, Dennis R. GIA (G-5887) 2
An Hosanna Fanfare Nestor, Leo E. C. Schirmer (Two Miniatures for Holy Week)  
Antiphonal Hosanna (2-part, organ) Smith, G. Alan Hope Publishing (F973) P
Antiphonal Hosanna (2-part) Leavitt Hal Leonard  

A Sacred Song for Palm Sunday

DeLong E.C. Schirmer E
At the Name of Jesus (SATB, organ)
At the Name of Jesus (SA, organ)
Langlais, Jean
Willan, Healy
Hinshaw (HMC 423)
Concordia (97-7160)
Ave Verum Corpus (SATB) Saint-Saens MSM 50-3005 G
Ave Verum Verum F. Peeters Schwann  
Behold the Lamb of God (SA) Bouman Concordia  
Blessed Is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord (SATB, Unison children's, keyboard)
Carter, John
Augsburg (11-74510)
Christ Became Obedient (SATB, keyboard/organ, Latin/English)
Christ Became Obedient (SATB, keyboard/organ, Latin only)
Christ Hath Humbled Himself in “We Praise Thee,” Vol. I (2-part, organ)
Anerio, Felice
Anerio, Felice
Willan, Healy
GIA (G-1967)
Alexander Broude (ABC 32) Concordia
Christ Jesus Lord, Thy Name Adored in “Three German Motets” (SATB, English/German) Praetorius, Michael/Guentner, S.J., Francis J. Augsburg (11-10089) 2
Christus Factus Est (SATB, Latin only)
Christus Factus Est (SATB, keyboard/organ, Latin only)
Christus Factus Est (SATB, keyboard/organ, Latin/English)
Christus Factus Est (SATB, keyboard/organ, Latin/English)
Christus Factus Est
Christus Factus Est
Christus Factus Est
Christus Factus Est
Christus Factus Est (SAB)
Christus Factus Est
Christus Factus Est in “Geistliche Gesang Für Männerchor (TTBB)
Christus Factus Est (SATB)
Bruckner, Anton
Bruckner, Anton/Barlow, Stephen
Bruckner, Anton/Klein, Maynard
Bruckner, Anton
Bruckner, Anton
Durante, Francesco
Palestrina, G. P.
Zingarelli, Miccolo/Kaplan, A.
Arista (AE-157)
Walton (2161)
G. Schirmer
Summy Birchard (5249)
Aureole Editions / MS
Tetra Music Corp. & CPDL
Alliance Music Publications
Arista (AE 275)
Lawson-Gould (51428)
Crucifixus from “Mass in B Minor” (SATB)
Bach, J. S.
Bach, J. S./Churchill
E. C. Schirmer (1174)
Bourne Co. (750)
Crucifixus Lotti CPDL G
Crux Fidelis
Crux Fidelis
Ducasse, Roger
King John the IV of Portugal
Ehre Sei Dir Christe (SATB) Schütz, Heinrich G. Schirmer (10123) G
Entrance into Jerusalem and Hymn Proulx, Richard Oxford  
Fanfare for Palm Sunday (SATB, organ) Proulx, Richard GIA (G-2829) P
Fanfare Hosanna W.B.Roberts Paraclete Press  
For Our Sake (SATB, Keyboard) Hughes, S.M., Howard L. World Library (8525) 2
Gethesemane Prayer (SATB, opt. Flute or Bells)
Honoré, Jeffrey
Augsburg (11-10327) C
God So Loved the World B. Chilcott OUP  
God So Loved the World Stainer    
He is Coming (Unison, keyboard) Delmonte, Pauline Choristers Guild (CGA 142) E
Hosanna (Unison)
Hosanna (SATB, keyboard)
Hosanna (SATB, organ)
Gregor, Christian
Pote, Allen
Rudolph, Glenn
Choristers Guild (CGA 301)
Concordia *
Choristers Guild (CGA 596)
GIA (G-3980)
Hosanna! Blessed is He Who Comes (choral introit w/bells) Hopson MSM P
Hosanna Filio David (SATB) Victoria, Tomas Luis de GIA (G-4574) P
Hosanna Filio David N. Farrell Green Bushes Publishing P
Hosanna in the Highest “Sanna, Sannanina” combined Unison & SATB Choirs with piano and opt. perc.
Hosanna in the Highest (SATB, opt children's choir, perc., keyboard)
Hopson, Hal H.
Music, David W.
Choristers Guild (CGA 936)
Concordia (98-2797)
Hosanna to the Son (Unison, keyboard, opt 3-4 oct. handbells)
Hosanna to the Son of David in “Oxford Tudor Anthems, p. 99 (SATB)
Lindh, Jody
Gibbons, Orlando
Choristers Guild (CGA 606)
Oxford H. W. Gray (GCMR 2367)
Hosanna to the Son of David (SATB)
Hosanna to the Son of David (SSATB)
Ossewarde, J. H.
Praetorius, Michael
Boosey & Hawkes (5528) P
Hosanna to the Son of David (SATB)
Hosanna to the Son of David (SATB)
Hosanna to the Son of David (SATB)
Victoria, Tomas Luis de
Victoria, Tomas Luis de
Willan, Healy
Concordia (98-1993)
Concordia (98-1016)
Hosanna to the Son of David A. Hutchings Novello P
Hosanna to the Son of David C. Schalk Concordia (Scenes from the New Testament)  
Hosanna to the Son of David (SSA, SATB) Sr. M. Cherubim School Sisters of St. Francis, Milwaukee  
Improperium(Unison or 2-part) Robinson Presser  
In Manus Tua (SATB, Latin only) Novello, Vincent H. W. Gray (CMR 3147) G
In Manus Tua (SATB, Latin only)
In Manus Tua (SATBB, keyboard/organ)
Shephed, John
Tallis, Thomas/Ehret, Walter
J & W Chester (JWC 55103)
Walton (6028)
In Monte Oliveti
In Monte Oliveti
In Nomine Jesu, (SATB)
In Nomine Jesu (TTBB)
In Nomine Jesu (SATB, Latin/English)
Gallus, Jacobus
Gallus, Jacobus/Collins, W.
Handl/Jacob/Herter, J.
Concordia (98-1051)
Lawson-Gould (51203)
GIA (G-1860)
I See His Blood Bedford GIA G
Lenten Love Song, A (Unison, Piano) Kemp, Helen Choristers Guild (CGA 486) C
Let This Mind Be in You (SATB, organ) Butler, Eugene Carl Fischer (CM 8258) 2
Lift Up the Gates (SAT(B), keyboard) Patterson, Mark Choristers Guild (CGA 984) E
Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates Amner, J. CPDL 2, G
Lift Up Your Heads (SSATB, organ) Amner, John/Greening, Anthony Oxford (A-291) E
Lift Up Your Heads (SATB/SATB, 3 tpts, organ) Berger, Jean Carl Fischer (CM-7866) E
Lift Up Your Heads (SATB, organ)   Summy Birchard (SUMCO 5484) E
Lift Up Your Heads (SATB, Strings, organ) Blow, John/Shaw, Watkins Novello (NECM 17) E
Lift Up Your Heads (Unison, keyboard, opt. handbells) Marshall, Jean Hinshaw (HMC 972) E
Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates (SSAATB, opt organ) Gibbons, Orlando Oxford (TCM 41) E
Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates (SATB, organ) Mathias, William Oxford (42.380) E
Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates (SSA, keyboard) Willan, Healy Concordia (97-7160) E
Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates W. Mathias OUP  
Lift Up Your Heads, O You Gates (2-part mixed, continuo) Scheidt, Samuel Concordia (98-3763) E
Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Gates (SSATBB, Continuo) Hammerschmidt, A./Rotermund, Donald Concordia (98-2279) E
Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates (SATB, organ) Willan, Healy Concordia (98-2003) E
Lord Jesus Christ Humbled Himself (SATB) Messaus, Guilleimus/Proulx, Richard GIa (G-3791) 2
Lord, Whose Passion Didst Reveal Franck/Sateren AMSI *  
My God, My God, Look Upon Me (SATB, organ/keyboard) Blow, John/Hickok, R. Broude Brothers (BB 903) PS
My God, My God, Look Upon Me (SSATB, Tenor Solo, organ) Green, Maurice/Young, P. Broude Brothers (MGC 29) PS
My God, My God, Why Has Thou Forsaken Me? (SATB, organ) Near, Gerald H. W. Gray (CMR 3208) PS
My God, My God (SATB, cantor, organ) Peloquin, C. Alexander GIA (G-1658) PS
My God, My God, O Lord, My God (SATB) Schütz, Heinrich Concordia (97-6303U31) PS
My God, My God, Why Dost Thou Now Forsake Me? (SATB) Callahan, Charles Concordia (98-2975) PS
My God, My God, Why Has Thou Forsaken Me? (SATB, organ) Wetzler, Robert Abingdon (APM 347) PS
My God, Why Do You Now Forsake Me? (SATB, Organ/Keyboard) Callahan, Charles Concordia (98-2975U31) PS
My Song is Love Unknown E. Childs MS  
Nolo Mortem Peccatoris Morley CPDL G
O Bone Jesu Ingereri CPDL G
O Bone Jesu (Three Communion Anthems) Near Aureole Ed.  
O Crux Ave Palestrina CPDL G
O Crux Nystedt Hinshaw  
O Domine Jesu Christe: adoro te in cruce vulneratum in “Chester Motets (SATB) di Vittoria, Orlando/Petti, E. T. W. Chester G
O Savior of the World Goss CPDL G
O Vos Omnes (SATB) Jommelli, Niccolo Belwin Mills (OCT 2474) G
O Vos Omnes (SATB) Casals, Pablo Broude (AB 128) G
O Vos Omnes (SATB) Croce CPDL G
O Vos Onmes (SATB) Victoria, Thomas Luis de E. C. Schirmer (1173) G
O Vos Onmes in “Seven More Motets for Occasional Use” (SATB)
O Vos Onmes in “Seven More Motets for Occasional Use” (SATB)

Victoria, Thomas Luis de/Klein,M. Victoria, Thomas Luis de

GIA (G-1495)
Palm Sunday Processional (4 voices in canon, 2 flutes, 3 trumpets, timpani, 10 handbells, keyboard) Smith, G. Alan GIA (G-2461) P
Ride On, King Jesus (SATB) Fleming, L. L. (arr.) Augsburg (11-0541) P
Ride On! Ride On in Majesty (SATB, organ)
Ride On! Ride On in Majesty (SATB, organ)
Benson, Robert A.
Darst, W. Glen
Augsburg (11-74634)
H. W. Gray (CMR 2120)
Saw Ye My Savior Johnson Augsburg  
Saw Ye My Savior Nestor, Leo E. C. Schirmer  

Saw Ye My Savior

White E.C. Schirmer G
See Now the Lamb of God Homilius Concordia  
Sing Hosanna, (SAB, organ) Leavitt, John Concordia (98-3657) P
Solus Ad Victimam K. Leighton OUP  
Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs Garun Concordia  
Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs Garun CPDL G
Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs Copley Augsburg/Fortress  
Tenebrae Factae Sunt (SATB, Latin only) Croce, Giovanni Arista (AE 181) G
Tenebrae Factae Sunt (SATB, Latin/English) Haydn, Michael/Ramsey, William Boonin (B 148) G
Tenebrae Factae Sunt (SSA) Haydn, Michael/Pauley, R. G. G. Schirmer G
Tenebrae Factae Sunt (SATB) Ingegneri, Marc Antonio National Music Pub. (NMP 140) G
Tenebrae Factae Sunt in “Motetten Alter Meister” (SATB) Palestrina, G. P. Merseberger G
Tenebrae Factae Sunt (SAATTB) Poulenc, Francis Salabert (Sal. 18) G
Tenebrae Factae Sunt (SATB or TTBB) Victoria, Thomsa Louis de/Turner, B. J & W. Chester (8813C) G
They Crucified My Lord (SATB) Carter, John Hope (JC 316) G
Vere Languores Lotti CPDL G
Verse for Good Friday Vieregge Concordia  
Vexllia Regis Bruckner CPDL G
Vinea mea electa Poulenc Salabert  
Way to Jerusalem, The Friedell H. W. Gray  
We Adore You, O Christ (SATB) Proulx, Richard Paraclete Press (PPM09836) 2
What Wondrous Love (SATB, flute, opt. keyboard/organ) Melby, James (arr.) Concordia (98-2635) G
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross Stiver Shelah  
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross Archer Mayhew  
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (SATB, organ)
When Jesus Wept (SATB, organ)
Martin, Gilbert
Martin, Gilbert
Presser (312-40785)
Sacred Music Press (S-498)
Wondrous Love Christiansen Augsburg  

* out of print