LABOR DAY Lectionary #907-911
The American Labor Day was founded in the wake of a strike against the Pullman Company by its employees and the harsh ending of the strike by President Grover Cleveland. 1894 was an election year. President Cleveland seized the chance at conciliation offered by Congressional legislation establishing a day to honor labor, especially labor unions, and Labor Day was born. Cleveland was not re-elected. The Lectionary and the Roman Missal provide texts for a Mass “for the Blessing of [or: For the Sanctification of] Human Labor.” We suggest, when the use of such texts is not impeded by other celebrations, that parishes use these texts on Labor Day.

Suggested Psalm of the Day: Ps (89) 90

In Every Age (Englert/Gelineau) WOR 48
In Every Age (Guimont) G 77/GC 83
In Every Age, ant. III “Lord, Give Success” (Proulx/Murray, Gelineau) RS 120
SeƱor, Tu Has Sido Nuestro Refugio FYC 230

Songs for the Liturgy

All Who Love and Serve Your City CH 467/WOR 621
Earth and All Stars WOR 517
For the Fruits of This Creation JS 418/RS 704/WC 959/WOR 562
God, Who Stretched the Spangled Heavens CH 604/RS 819/WC 717/WOR 648
God, Whose Farm Is All Creation CH 629/WOR 683
I Will Not Die G 467/GC 657/GP 716/JS 552
In the Midst of Work or Pain CH 522
Jesus, Our Divine Companion WC 942
Lord of All Hopefulness CH 524/GC 578/GC2 560/GP 622/JS 415/RS 713/WC 811/WOR 568
Moved by the Gospel, Let Us Move G 491/GC 685/RS 801
Not Alone Where Silent Woodlands RS 784
Precious Lord, Take My Hand G 637/GC 874/GC2 847/GP 478/JS 572/LMGM 162/RS 754/WC 854
Psalm 128: Blest Are Those Who Love, ant. II “May the Lord Bless Us” (Haugen) G 111/GC 125/GC2 70/RS 173/WC 441
Psalm 128: May the Lord Bless and Protect (Murray/Gelineau) RS 172
Psalm 128: O Blessed Are Those (Inwood) GP 273
Psalm 128: Que Dios Nos Bendiga (Grajeda) GP 274
Those Who Love and Those Who Labor CH 481/RS 805/WOR 632
Where We’ll Never Grow Old LMGM 145