In 2015, Independence Day falls on Saturday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time (Lectionary #382). For the optional proper Mass for Independence Day, choose among the readings given at #594A. Note that the U.S. edition of the Roman Missal includes special texts for the celebration of Independence Day.

In choosing music for today's celebration, pastoral musicians should check to see which readings and prayers will be used. If no special texts will be chosen, then they should keep their focus on the readings of the day and make choices that allow the word to be heard and celebrated. Perhaps the liturgy could conclude with a hymn that gives thanks and seeks guidance for the nation. Appropriate choices include such famil­iar hymns as “America the Beautiful” and “God of Our Fathers,” which are found in most hymnals and service books. Less known but very appropriate is “This Is My Song,” sung to the tune Finlandia.

Suggested Psalm: Ps (121) 122
One of the “songs of ascent,” this psalm praises Jerusalem as the place where God’s name is honored and God’s Torah is put into practice. The proper antiphon from Masses “for the Country” is based on Sirach 36:15: “Give peace, O Lord, to those who wait for you.” But other settings of this psalm with a more familiar antiphon—and with settings that might be more familiar to a congregation gathered on July 4—might also be used.

Con Qué Alegría/Let Us Go Rejoicing (Cortés) FYC 263/JS 102
I Rejoiced Because They Said to Me (Reagan) CH 160
I Rejoiced When I Heard (Batastini/Gelineau) RS 165
I Rejoiced When I Heard (Dean) GP 268
I Rejoiced When I Heard (Jordan) LMGM 503
I Rejoiced When I Heard (Murray/Gelineau) WOR 67
I Rejoiced When I Heard (O’Carroll) CH 159
I Rejoiced When I Heard (Walker) GP 269
I Rejoiced When I Heard (Warner) GP 416/OIF 288/WC 470
I Was Glad (Haas) GC 121/RS 166
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Angrisano) SPS 92
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Harbor) MI-BB 817
Lt Us Go Rejoicing (Hurd) JS 101/MI-BB 818
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Joncas) GC 120/GC2 68/G3 84/RS 167
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Roberts) G3 85
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Stephan) SPS 93
Qué Alegría Cuando Me Dijeron (Grajeda) FYC 262
Qué Alegría Cuando Me Dijeron (Manzano) GP 270
Qué Alegría/I Rejoiced (Cortez) FYC 261