DAY OF PRAYER FOR THE UNBORN Lectionary #887–891
The General Instruction of the Roman Missal notes that “in all the dioceses of the United States of America, January 22 (or January 23, when January 22 falls on a Sunday) shall be observed as a particular day of penance for violations to the dignity of the human person committed through acts of abortion and of prayer for the full restoration of the legal guarantee of the right to life (373). The Mass “for peace and justice” should be used.

Suggested Lectionary texts:

Isaiah 32:15–18 (887-2). The prophet's vision of a peaceful society is one built on right and justice.

Responsorial Psalm (71) 72 (889-1)
In the reign of the ideal king, the lowly and the poor will find justice.

Every Nation on Earth (Joncas), Refrain II  GC 72/GC2 46/G3 60/RS 102
Justice Shall Flourish (Cooney)  GP 220/JS 57/JS2 57
Justice Shall Flourish (Della Pica)  PMB 762
Justice Shall Flourish (Guimont)  GC2 943/RS 101
Justice Shall Flourish (Marchionda)  PMB 557
Justice Shall Flourish (Schiavone)  WOR 769
Justice Will Flourish in His Time (Armstrong)  CBW III 20
Justice Will Flourish in His Time (Dohms)  PMB 154/WC 418
Lord, Every Nation (Manibusan) SPS 75
Se Postrarán ante Ti/Every Nation upon Earth (Cortez), Respuesta II  FYC 219

Philippians 4:6–9 (888-1). Paul offers a “household code”—a simple set of rules to live by. For the Christian, this code requires fidelity to truth, justice, beauty, and excellence.

Matthew 5:38–48 (891-2). This section of the Sermon on the Mount contains some of the most challenging moral prescriptions in the New Testament: Offer no resistance to one who is evil; pray for your persecutors. On this day, these texts point us toward practices that will make our penance effective and our defense of life successful.

Songs of Penitence
As a Fire Is Meant for Burning  GC2 643/G3 744/RS 779/WOR4 734
Ashes  GC2 852/G3 962/GP 340/JS 374/JS2 374
Before Thy Throne, O God, We Kneel  CH 600
Beloved Son and Daughter Dear  CH 234
Change Our Hearts  GC2 414/G3 493/GP 349
Come, Ye Disconsolate  LMGM 255
Forgive Our Sins  CBW III 620/GC2 848/G3 965/JS 556/JS2 556/PMB 324/RS 952/WC 684/WOR 754/WOR4 967
God Made from One Blood  RS 824/WOR4 749
Grant to Us, O Lord  CBW III 621A/CH 465/PMB 329/WC 683/WOR4 957
Healer of Our Every Ill  GC2 854/G3 960/WC 686/WOR4 965
Help Us Accept Each Other  WOR 656/WOR4 818
Hold Us in Your Mercy  GC2 398/G3 494/GP 350
Holy Darkness  GP 477/JS2 578
If I Have Been the Source of Pain/Si Fui Motivo de Dolor G3 957/WOR4 959
If I Have Wounded Any Soul  LMGM 312
Lead Me, Guide Me  GC 574/GC2 555/G3 656/LMGM 168/PMB 397/RS 712/WC 791WOR4 657
Lord, I’m Coming Home  LMGM 178
Lord of All Nations, Grant Me Grace  CH 612/GC2 602/G3 703/RS 751/WC 780/WOR 602/WOR4 697
Our Father, by Whose Name  CH 621
Our Father, We Have Wandered  CH 401/GC2 849/G3 956/JS2 554/PMB 326/RS 955/WC 678/WOR 755/WOR4 963
Pardon Your People  GP 470
Perdón, Señor  FYC 359
Perdona a Tu Pueblo  FYC 345
Remember Your Love  GC2 851/G3 961/GP 474/JS2 561
Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling  GC2 850/G3 963/JS2 557
Te Pedimos Perdón  FYC 353
The Church of Christ in Every Age  CH 613/GC2 665/G3 765/WC 930/WOR4 785
The Clouds’ Veil  G3 710
The Cry of the Poor  GC 48/GC2 33/G3 47/GP 203/JS2 847/RS 69/WOR4 46
There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy  CBW III 443/CH 535/GC2 603/G3 644/GP 639/JS2 748/PMB 322/RS 742/WC 682/WOR 595, 596/WOR4 645
We Will Journey in Faith  JS2 552
What Does the Lord Require  RS 785/WOR 624/WOR4 748
Your Love, O God, Has All the World Created  JS2 841