CHRIST THE KING Lectionary #161
Jesus Christ is the “faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead, and ruler of the kings of the earth.”

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Daniel 7:13-14. The mysterious image of “one like a Son of man”—probably representing the faithful people of Israel in its original context—was evoked by Jesus to describe his ministry.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (92) 93
This enthronement psalm praises God as king of creation.

El Señor Reina, Vestido ed Majestad (Cols) FYC 233
Lord, You Reign in Glory (Haas) PCY9 12
The Lord Is King PSL B-196/SS
The Lord Is King (Alstott) BB
The Lord Is King (Gelineau/Batastini) WOR 965/LPGG 970
The Lord Is King (Guimont) GC 87/GC2 959/LPMG 161
The Lord Is King (Hunstiger) SS
The Lord Is King (Murray) CBW 212
The Lord Is King (Murray/Gelineau) WOR 50/RS 126/GC 88
The Lord Is King (Phillips) PRM B104/PMB 742/WS
The Lord Is King (Schiavone) JS 1048/LP 193

Suggested Common Psalm

Psalm (121) 122: I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say

Revelation 1:5-8. The author expects Jesus, the faithful witness, to return in victorious triumph, revealing the meaning of the resurrection to all.

John 18:33b-37. In the confrontation between Jesus and Pilate, Pilate learns a new meaning of kingly rule: giving testimony to the truth.

Songs for the Liturgy

All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name (1) WC 719/JS 482/WOR 494, 495/RS 632/GP 421/GC 484/GC2 490/MI-BB/WS/PMB 368/SS             
All the Ends of the Earth -- Dufford (Ps) GP 683/GC 520/GC2 526/JS 595/MI‑BB
At the Name of Jesus (1,G) WOR 499/MI‑BB/CBW 427/JS 400, 483/GP 424/WS
Christ Is Alive! (G) WOR 466/CBW 384/RS 601/WC 561/PMB 258/JS 441/SS
Christ Is the King (2) WOR 500/JS 848/CBW 387/RS 630/GC 481/GC2 491/SS
Christ, You Are the Fullness (2) CBW 431
Crown Him with Many Crowns (E,1,Ps,G) WOR 496/GP 420/MI‑BB/CBW 437/LMGM 68/JS 480/WC 724/RS 626/GC 485/GC2 489/WS/PMB 359/SS
Draw Near and Take the Body of Your Lord (2) WOR 732/JS 472/GC2 829/BB/WC 624/WS/PMB 293
Each Winter as the Year Grows Older (1) GC 339/GC2 350/RS 481
Festival Canticle: This Is the Feast of Victory (2) WOR 458/JS 428/MI‑BB/RS 583/GC 429/GC2 458/WC 908/WS/PMB 489/SS
Forth in the Peace of Christ (2) WOR 627/CBW 514
Glorious in Majesty WOR 619/GC 671/RS 791
*Glorious Things of You Are Spoken, v 4 (2) WC 708
God, Whose Glory Reigns Eternal (G) JS 655
Hail, Redeemer, King Divine (G) JS 481/WC 733/MI‑BB/WS/PMB 358
He Is King of Kings (2,G) WOR 498/LMGM 86
He Walks among the Golden Lamps (2) WOR 684
Jesus Is Our King (2,G) LMGM 91
Jesus Shall Reign (1,Ps) RS 631/WOR 492/GC 482/WC 720/WS/PMB 362/JS 479/SS
Lift High the Cross (G) WOR 704/GP 444/MI‑BB/CBW 435/JS 522/WC 767/GC 791/GC2 785/WS/PMB 393/SS
Lift Up Your Heads, O Gates (1,G) PMB 354
*Listen, Listen to the Voice of Jesus (2) PSL B-197/SS
Now the Feast and Celebration (1,2) RS 853/GC 742
O Holy City, Seen of John (2) WOR 685/GC 767/GC2 757
On the Wings of Change (1,2) WC 951/WS/PMB 512
Our God Reigns (2,G) WC 915/WS
Out of Darkness -- Walker (2) JS 765/MI‑BB/GC 689/GP 574
Priestly People, vss 6‑8, 15‑17 (1,2,G) WC 761/WS/PMB 383
Rejoice, the Lord Is King (1,Ps,2) WOR 493/MI‑BB/LMGM 93/JS 478/RS 627/GC 487/GC2 493/WC 737/PMB 355/WS/SS
Ride On, Jesus, Ride (2) LMGM 264/GC 405/GC2 424/RS 562
Rise Up, O Saints of God (2,G) WC 808/PMB 405
Rise Up with Him (2) MI-BB
Soon and Very Soon (1,Ps,2) LMGM 4/GC 770/GC2 758/JS 683/MI‑BB/RS 870/GP 723/WC 947/WS/PMB 513/SS
Splendor and Honor (1,2) CBW 685
The Day Is Near (1,G) GC 768
The Head That Once Was Crowned with Thorns (2,G) WOR 464/RS 591
The King of Kings, Christ Jesus Reigns (1,2) MI-BB/JS 486
To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King (Ps,G) WOR 497/GP 422/MI‑BB/CBW 438/LMGM 92/JS 485/WC 718/RS 629/GC 488/GC2 492/WS/PMB 370/SS
Wake the Song of Jubilee (1,2) WC 952/PMB 514
When the Lord in Glory Comes (G) GC 765/RS 868
Wonderful and Great (1,2) WC 929/PMB 499
*Worthy Is the Lamb (E,2) JS 682/MI-BB/PSL B-195/SS
*Worthy the Lamb (E) IH 73

Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #
At the Name of Jesus (SATB, Organ, Brass Quartet)  Clausen, René  Mark Foster (MF-2052)  2
Blessed Be God Forever (SATB)  Proulx, Richard  Paraclete (PPM 9532)  2
Choral Fanfare for Christ the King (SATB, Organ)  Smith, Hamilton H.  GIA (G-5310)  1
I Am the Alpha and the Omega (SATB, Organ)  Beadell, Robert  Concordia (98-3083)  2
King of All Ages, Throned on High (SATB, Organ)  Isom, Paul  Oxford (0193533189)  1
King of All Ages, Throned on High (SATB, Organ)  Isom, Paul  Oxford (0193533189) P
King of Glory, King of Peace (SATB)
King of Glory, King of Peace (2 mixed)
K. L. Scott
Paraclete 0623
Concordia 98-2728
King of Love, The Bairstow CPDL P
Laudate Dominum (SATB)  Pitoni, Giuseppe Ottavio/ ed. Liebergen, Patrick  GIA (G-4455)  C
Listen To What the Lord Is Saying (Unison, Keyboard)  Behnke, John  Concordia (98-3578) E
Lord God Now Reigneth, The (SATB)  Pres, Josquin de/ed. van Camp  Concordia (98-3213)  P
O Lord, You Are My God and King  (SATB, Organ, Trumpet, 4 Octave Handbells)  Busarow, Donald  Augsburg (080065756X) 1, P, 2, G
O Praise Our God/Psalm 117 (SATB)  Schütz, Heinrich  Concordia (97-6303) C
O Praise the Lord (SATB, opt. Organ)  Batten, Adrian/ed. Jarvis, Michael  GIA (G-4369)  C
O Praise the Lord, All Nations (SATB)  Dressler, Gallus/ed. Bighley, Mark  Concordia (98-2764) C
O Worship the King, LYONS (SATB, Piano)  Hayden, J./Woods,Wendell Craig  GIA (G-5810)  G
Ride On King Jesus (SATB) Fleming Augsburg 11-0541 G
Thou Shalt Know Him When He Comes (SSAA) Sirett, Mark G.  Augsburg (0800675304)  G
Thou Shalt Know Him When He Comes (SATB)  Sirett, Mark G.  (0800655206)  G
When He Comes (SATB) Shepperd AMSI/Lornez G