ALL SAINTS Lectionary #667

This solemnity reminds us that “church” is a reality much bigger than our own community or even our own time. We are able to share the faith because of those “who have gone before us with the sign of faith.” We share the faith with people around the world, who worship in ways that would appear strange to us, in languages with which we are unfamiliar, using music that we would find difficult to sing.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Gathering/Entrance Procession
One of the following litanies would be appropriate today, espe­cially if the entrance procession includes children and other members of the community in addition to the ministers.

Letanía de los Santos (Chant) FYC 398
Litany of the Saints (Becker) GC 796/GC2 788/GP 377/MI‑BB/JS 525
Litany of the Saints (Chant) WOR 827/GC 795/GC2 787/CBW 12a, 86/JS 419/WC 964/RS 977/BB/GP 376/WS/PMB 615
Saints of God in Glory (Farrell) BB
Santos del Señor (Cortez) FYC 397

Revelation 7:2-4, 9-14. The visions of the Book of Revelation were intended, in their time, to offer hope of God’s protection to people being persecuted for their faith. Those “sealed” with the mark of the living God constitute a huge crowd of Jewish Christian believers (144,000 represented an immense number). Beyond these believers is another immense throng of Gentile believers “from every nation, race, people, and tongue” who join in sung worship of God and of the Lamb. Note the hymn quotations, which may be excerpts from hymns used in the Johannine communities.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (23) 24
This hymn praises God, the creator and victorious redeemer. It is a double “entrance liturgy,” celebrating the entry of God’s people into the Temple (vv. 3-6) as well as God’s own return to the Temple (vv. 7-10). Today we sing about our entry (vv. 1-6).

Ésta Es la Raza (Montgomery) FYC 186
Lord, This Is the People PSL 236/SS
Lord, This Is the People (Alstott) BB
Lord, This Is the People (Armstrong/Somerville) CBW 225
Lord, This Is the People (Cooney) GP 182
Lord, This Is the People (Englert) PRM B116/PMB 756/WS
Lord, This Is the People (Gelineau/Carroll) WOR 1053/LPGG 1058
Lord, This Is the People (Guimont) GC2 899/LPMG 667
Lord, This Is the People (Hunstiger) SS
Lord, This Is the People (Schiavone) LP 207/JS 1062
Lord, This Is the People (Smith) MI-BB
O God, This Is the People (Keil) GC 34/GC2 25/RS 47

1 John 3:1-3. Those who are transformed by baptism into “God’s children” should be ready for even further transformation when we will “become like” God.

Matthew 5:1-12a. The Beatitudes describe the ideal believer.

Songs for the Liturgy

A Living Faith (1) RS 726/GC2 579
A Multitude Comes from the East and the West (1) WOR 688
*Alabaré (1) GC 542/RS 662/GP 680
Around the Throne, a Glorious Band (1) WOR 719/CBW 450
At the Lamb's High Feast (1) WOR 459, 460/WC 564/GC 433/GC2 463/JS 424/CBW 375/RS 578/GP 394/BB/WS/PMB 271/SS                  
*Be Not Afraid, v 3 (1,G) GP 602/GC 608/GC2 596/CBW 481/MI‑BB/LMGM 123/WC 852/JS 706/RS 734/WS/PMB 446/SS
*Beatitudes (G) GP 717/MI‑BB/JS 657
Blessed Assurance (2) LMGM 199/WC 849/WS/PMB 441/JS 609
*Blest Are the Pure in Heart (G) CBW 471
*Blest Are They (G) GC 659/GC2 636/GP 35/MI‑BB/CBW 522/RS 774/WC 946/WS/SS
By All Your Saints Still Striving (1) WOR 706/WC 962/CBW 455/RS 887/PMB 524/JS 784/SS
Come Away to the Skies (1) GC 440
Come, We That Love the Lord (1) WOR 552/LMGM 316
For All the Saints (1) WOR 705/CBW 449/MI‑BB/JS 526/WC 968/GP 445/LMGM 105/GC 793/GC2 791/RS 889/WS/PMB 521/SS
For All the Saints Who’ve Shown Your Love (G) GC2 786/WC 968/WS
For the Faithful Who Have Answered (1) GC2 789
Gather Us In (1) WOR 665/GC 744/GC2 743/MI‑BB/WC 883/CBW 587/RS 850/WS/SS
Give Thanks to God on High GC 792/RS 888
*God Is Love – Haas, v 3 (2) GC 629/GC2 608/RS 744
God of Abraham Litany (1) GP 450/GC 391
God of Love -- Schutte (2) GP 647
God, We Praise You (1) WOR 535/WC 907/RS 676/BB/PMB 495/JS 594/WS/SS
Hail, Redeemer, King Most Blest (1) SS
Here from All Nations (1) HG 46
Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty (1) WOR 485/JS 469/WC 911/GP 414/LMGM 78/BB/GC 474/GC2 483/RS 624/WS/PMB 485/SS
I Have Loved You (Ps,2) GP 710/GC 504/GC2 504/MI‑BB/JS 615/RS 641
In Christ There Is a Table Set for All (1,G) GC 749/RS 916
*In Honor of All Saints (E) IH 85
Jerusalem, My Happy Home WOR 690/JS 788/WC 858/MI‑BB/GC 771/GC2 764/RS 8871/WS/PMB 454/SS
Jesus, the Very Thought of You (G) WC 1002/JS 474/MI-BB
*Lead Me, Lord (G) JS 659/MI‑BB/GP 715
Let Saints on Earth in Concert Sing WOR 741
Mixed Like Weeds in Wheatfields (G) HG 75
*O Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit (G) WOR 620
O Lord of Darkness and of Light (2) JS 529
On the Wings of Change (2) WC 951/WS/PMB 512
Priestly People (1) WC 761/WS/PMB 383
*Rejoice in the Lord (E) PSL B-228/SS
Rejoice with All the Saints (2,G) JS 527
Rise Up, O Saints of God (1,G) WC 808/PMB 405
Rise Up with Him (1,2) MI-BB
Shall We Gather at the River (1) LMGM 103/GC 774/GC2 761/JS 786/WC 820/WS/PMB 422/MI-BB
Sign Me Up (1) LMGM 111/GC 805
Sing with All the Saints in Glory (1) WOR 467/GC 442/GC2 442/CBW 406/RS 595/GP 724/WC 948/WS/PMB 510/JS 789/MI-BB/SS
Song of the Chosen GP 203/GC 813
Splendor and Honor (1) CBW 685
The Church's One Foundation (1) CBW 526/MI‑BB/JS 779/WC 764/GC 661/GP 573/WS/PMB 385/SS
The Clouds’ Veil (1) GC2 619
The God of Abraham Praise (1) WOR 537/JS 602/GC 544/RS 685
*The People of God (G) GC 653
*The Song of Beatitudes (G) CBW 523
This Is the Feast of Victory (1) WOR 458/MI‑BB/RS 583/GC 429/GC2 458/CBW 396/JS 428/PMB 489/WC 908/WS/SS
Those Who Seek Your Face (Ps) GP 447/JS 128
Wake the Song of Jubilee (1) WC 952/PMB 514
*We Are the Light of the World (G) GC 508/GC2 515/JS 660/WC 934/MI‑BB/GP 657/WS/PMB 506
We Praise You, O God JS 622
We Shall Rise Again (1) GC 772/GC2 762/RS 872
We Sing of the Saints (1) WC 963/PMB 525
Worthy Is the Lamb (2) JS 682/MI-BB
Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones WOR 707/JS 528/LMGM 104/MI‑BB/GC 794/GC2 790/WC 966/RS 886/GP 446/WS/PMB 522/SS

Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #
Beatitudes, The (SATB, Bass Solo, Organ)  Liszt, Franz  Arista (AE-176)  G
Beatitudes, The (SATB, Organ)  Callahan, Charles  Concordia (98-3760)  G
Beatitudes, The (SATB, Organ)  Fetler, Paul  Augsburg (1454)  G
Beatitudes, The (SATB, Organ)  Pfautsch, Lloyd  Flammer (84903)  G
Beatitudes, The (SATB, Organ/Piano)  Malotte, Albert Hay  G. Schirmer (8400)  G
Beatitudes, The (SATB, Sop. or Ten. Solo, Organ)  Joubert, John  Novello (MT 1461)  G
Beatitudes, The (SATTBB, Tenor Solo, Organ)  Tschesnokoff, P.  J. Fischer (4588)  G
Beatitudes, The (SSAATTBB)  York, David Stanley  Mercury (MC 389)  G
Beatitudes, The (SSAATTBB, Organ/Keyboard)  Glarum, L. Stanley  Hall & McCreary (1638)  G
Beatitudes, The (Unison, Organ)  Lovelace, Austin  Augsburg (11-9544)  G
Beatitudes, The, Op. 35 (2 part Treble, Oboe, Viola, Cello, Keyboard)  Bender, Jan  Concordia (97-4742)  G
Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit (SATB, Sop. or Ten. Solo, Organ)  Arnatt, Ronald  H.W. Gray (2162)  G
Blessed Are They (SATB div, opt instruments/handbells)  Fleming, Larry L.  MorningStar (MSM 50-8106) G
Called and Gathered by the Spirit (SATB, opt. Brass, Timpani)  Hillert, Richard  GIA (G-5350)  2
Festival Canticle: Worthy Is Christ (SATB, Organ, Brass)  Hillert, Richard  Concordia (98-2305)  1
From the Vision of John (SATB, Trumpet, Narrator)  Pelz, Walter L.  Concordia (98-3074)  1
Happy Are the Lowly Poor (2 part mixed, Keyboard)  Jones, Hilton Kean  Concordia (98-3154)  G
I Sing a Song of the Saints of God (2-part, Keyboard, Flute)  Hassell, Michael  Augsburg (0800658515)  E
I Sing a Song of the Saints of God (Unison, 2 or 3 part  Children’s Choir, Keyboard, opt. Snare Drum)  Hopkins, John Henry/arr. Taylor, Jim  Oxford (0-19-386367-7)  (Cat. No. 98.234) E
Justorum Animae
Justorum Animae
Lamb Will Be A Shepherd Now, The  (SATB, Keyboard, opt. Oboe or Flute)  Sebesta, Donald  Augsburg (0800677064)  1
Promises, The (SATB, Organ/Keyboard)  Panchenko, Simon W./ed. Wilhousky P.  Carl Fischer (CM 515) G
Quis Ascendit Montem Domine Witt, F. CPDL P
Saints of God (Unison, Keyboard)  Exner, Max  Augsburg (0800646282)  E
These are they Which Follow the Lamb Goss CPDL  
We Are Children of Our God (Unison, 2 part, Keyboard,  opt. Flute/Violin, opt. 3 octave Handbells.)  Bedford, Michael  Choristers Guild (CGA 731) 2
Worthy Is Christ (SATB, Keyboard/Organ)  Leavitt, John  Concordia (98-3609)  1
Worthy Is the Lamb (SATB)  Gallus, Jacobus/ed. & arr. Lundquist/Matthew  Willis Music (5798)  1
Worthy Is the Lamb from “Messiah” (SATB, Keyboard)  Handel, Georg Frederic  Various Editions & Voicings 1