Among the traditional titles for Mary (used, for example, in the Litany of Loretto) are "house of gold," "ark of the Covenant," and "gate of heaven"—titles drawn from the praises heaped on the Temple in Jerusalem. This is the connection between today's first reading and the Gospel.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

2 Samuel 7:1-5, 8b-12, 14a, 16. These scattered verses are brought together to describe how God "built a house" for David by making him king and preparing for a line of kings to follow him. Christians borrow the promise of an "heir after you," to whom God will be a father, and apply it to Jesus.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (88) 89
The full text is a royal lament that recalls God's promises to the house of David and, thus, to the nation. As excerpted here, the psalm reminds God of the promise of an everlasting covenant.

Cantaré Eternamente (Martínez)  FYC 228/Una Voz 202
Cantaré Eternamente/For Ever I Will Sing, vv. 4, 1, 3 (Reza)  FYC 229/JS2 64
For Ever I Will Sing (Alstott)   JS2 63/BB
For Ever I Will Sing (Carroll/Gelineau)  WOR 776/RS 119/LPGG 776/SS
For Ever I Will Sing (Foley) PCY7 29
For Ever I Will Sing (Guimont)  RS 117/GC2 953/G3 1001/LPMG 11
For Ever I Will Sing (Haugen)   RS 118/GC2 49/G3 64/CBW 448/SS
For Ever I Will Sing (Hughes)  CCS 2027           
For Ever I Will Sing (Kreutz)    PMB 157, 564/PRM B4/WC 423/WS
For Ever I Will Sing/Cantaré Eternamente (Krisman)  WOR4/SS
For Ever I Will Sing (Ridge)   GP 226
For Ever I Will Sing (Schiavone)   JS2 888/LP 18
For Ever I Will Sing (Schoenbachler)   GP 227/MI-BB6
For Ever I Will Sing (Somerville)  CBW 27
For Ever I Will Sing (Twynham)  CCS 2022
Forever Will I Sing (Bolduc)   WC 424
I Will Sing For Ever   PSL B-11/SS

Romans 16:25-27. The very end of Paul's letter to the Christian community at Rome is a summary of his faith that God has a plan for the universe, that this plan is revealed in Christ, and that the plan is coming to completion.

Luke 1:26-38. The same Gospel text used on December 8 presents Mary as an example of faithful discipleship, trusting God despite her doubts and doing what must be done to make God's will a present reality.

Songs for the Liturgy
*A Message Came to a Maiden Young (G)  RS 478
*Advent Antiphon (C)   CBW 301
*Advent Gathering Rite (E)   WC 480/WS
Advent Gathering Song (1,G)   GC2 338/G3 405/SS
Advent Litany (G)   BB
All Who Claim the Faith of Jesus (G)  RS 897
*Ave Maria (G)  WOR 713/WOR4 902/LMGM 95/WC 972/RS 896, 898/GC2 772, 774/G3 887/891/JS2 493, 504/MI-BB/GP 429 /PMB 532/SS
Behold a Virgin Bearing Him (G)   PMB 203/WC 485/WS
Christ, Circle Round Us (C)   BB
Come, Emmanuel (G)    PMB 192/WC 478/WS
Come to Us SPS 135
Creator Alme Siderum/Creator of the Stars of Night (G)  WOR 368/WOR4 405/CBW 307/BB/RS 483/GC2 334/G3 420/JS2 325/GP 305/SS
*Emmanuel (C)   PMB 193/SPS 140/WC 464/WS
*Hail Mary (G)  LMGM 98/PMB 528/GC2 772/G3 891/WC 972, 978/WS/MI-BB
*Hail Mary: Gentle Woman (G)  GP 426/GC2 779/G3 889/JS2 489/MI-BB/SPS 305/WC 974/WS
Highly Favored One (G)  CBW 459
*Holy Mary, Full of Grace (G)  CBW 461
*I Am for You, v 2 (G)  GC2 676/G3 794
I Say "Yes," Lord/Digo "Sí," Señor (G)  RS 722/GC2 581/G3 676
I Sing a Maid (G)  RS 899/GC2 777/G3 458/CBW 462
*Joy to You (G)   PMB 526
Lead Us to Your Light (1,G)   GC2 326
*Let the Clouds Rain Down (E)   BFW 10/SS
Let the King of Glory Come (1) GP 299/JS2 320/BB
Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming (G)  WOR 374/WOR4 438/GP 742/LMGM 24/BB/GC2 373/G3 451/WC 497/JS2 338/PMB 210/WS/SS
Maranatha, Come (1,C)   GC2 335/G3 410/SS
Maranatha, Lord Messiah (1,C)   GC2 324/G3 397/WOR4 412/SS
My Soul in Stillness Waits/En el Silencio (1)  RS 495/GC2 336/G3 415/WOR4 404/SS
*No Wind at the Window (G)  RS 876/GC2 768/G3 876
*O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (1,C)  WOR 357/WOR4 386/GP 293/LMGM 3/CBW 312/BB/RS 493/GC2 323/G3 395/SPS 141/WC 466/JS2 311/PMB 184/WS/SS
*O Heavens, Let the Just One Come (E)   IH 4
O Lord of Light (G)   PMB 187/WC 476/WS
*Open, You Skies (E)   PSL B-10/SS
Praise We the Lord This Day (G)  GC2 769/G3 875/RS 877/WOR 696/WOR4 876
Savior of the Nations, Come (G)  WOR 372/WOR4 388/RS 480/GC2 348/G3 421/WC 473/JS2 321/SS
See How the Virgin Waits (1,G)   JS2 331/BB
Servant of the Word (G)  CBW 467
She Will Show Us the Promised One   PMB 539/WC 985
Sing of Mary (G)  WOR 404/WOR4 444/GP 432/LMGM 100/WC 983/MI-BB/RS 528/GC2 778/G3 457/JS2 490/PMB 538/WS/SS
*The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came (G)  WOR 695/WOR4 875/CBW 316/GP 441/JS2 513/BB


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #
A Tender Shoot Goldschmidt, O. CPDL G
Advent Supplication (SATB) Hopson Morning Star Music G
Angel Gabriel, The BASQUE CAROL (SATB, Flute & Oboe, opt. 2 Violins, Bassoon) setting by Schroeder, Hermann Concordia (98-2381) * G

Ave Maria (SATB)
Ave Maria (SSATTB)
Ave Maria (SATB)
Ave Maria (SATB)
Ave Maria (unison)
Ave Maria (SATB)
Ave Maria (SSAATTBB)
Ave Maria (SATB)
Ave Maria (SATB)
Ave Maria (SATB)

Arcadelt, Jacob
Biebl, Franz

Arista AD527
OCP/Trinitas 4547
Morning Star Music
E.C. Schurmer
H. W. Gray
GIA (G-1528)
Hinshaw (HMC-1255)
EC Schurmer/MSM 4729


Ave Maris Stella Victoria GIA G
Blessed Is the People (SATB) Wiscomb, Jeff Boston Music (13935) PS
Creator Alme Siderum (SATB) Praetorius GIA 2903 G
Creator of the Stars of Night (Unison)
Creator of the Stars of Night (Unison)
Creator of the Stars of Night (SATB)
Creator of the Stars of Night (SB)
Creator of the Stars of Night (SATB)
H. W Gray
Morning Start
E. C. Schirmer
Morning Star 50-0430
Diffusa Est Gratia Nanini CPDL G
Dixit Maria (SATB)
Dixit Maria (SATB)
Dixit Maria (SATB)
Dixit Maria ad Angelum (SATB, Latin/English)
Hassler, Hans Leo
Hassler, Hans Leo
Hassler/Thompson, J. Michael
Arista (AE 288)
Belwin Mills
World Library (WLP 5791)
Dove Flew Down from Heaven, A (SATB) Brahms, J Oxford (from “Second Motet Book, p. 16) G
Drop Down Ye Heavens from Above (SATB) Cassler, G. Winston Augsburg (ACL 1342) * E
Drop Down, Ye Heavens from “Oxford Easy Anthem Book,” (2-part, organ) Statham, Heathcote Oxford E
Drop, Drop, Slow Tears Stopford MS 50-3079 E
Ecce Concipes Handl CPDL – I.C. G
Festival Magnificat (SATB, Organ, Brass) Proulx, Richard Selah (410-866) G
Gabriel's Message Grogan MSM EC 5659 G
God Sent Forth His Son (SATB) Gibbs, Allen Abingdon (APM-966) G
Hodie! Emmanuel! Gloria! (SATB) Price, Milburn Hinshaw (HMC-157) G
Hymn to the Queen of Heaven Healey E.C. Schirmer G
Let All Mortal Flesh (SATB)
Let All Mortal Flesh (SATB)
Let All Mortal Flesh (SATB)
Davis, Katherine K. (arr.)
Belwin Mills (64176)
Let All Mortal Flesh (SATB, opt. Organ) Somary, Johannes (arr.) GIA (G-1614) G
Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming (SATB) Distler, Hugo Augsburg in “Chantry Choirbook” (0800657772) 1
Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming (SATB, SAB)
Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming (SATB)
Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming (SATB)
Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming (SATB)
Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming (SATB)
Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming (SATB)
Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming (SATB)
Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming (SATB)
Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming (Six A cappella Christmas Carols) (SATB)
von Herzogenberger
Distler, Hugo
Praetorius, M/arr. Overby
Concordia 98-2216
St. James Press
St. James Press
Arista (AE109)
Augsburg (11-1036)
Magnificat (SATB/SATB) Pachelbel, Charles Theodore C. F. Peters (6087) G
Magnificat (SSAA, Soprano Solo, Oboe, Maracas) Ellingboe, Bradley Kjos (KJO 6274) G
Magnificat (SSA) R. Thompson arr. Seitz E. C. Schirmer G
Mary Went Up to Hill Country (SATB, Organ) Schalk, Carl Concordia (98-3172) * G
Mary's Magnificat (SATB) Carter, Andrew Oxford (X299) G
Mary's Salutation (SSATB) Eccard, Johannes Oxford (A-254) G
My Soul Exalts Your Name, O Lord (SATB, Keyboard) Schütz, Heinrich/Farlee, Robert B. Augsburg (080067524X) * G
My Soul Gives Glory to the Lord (SATB, Keyboard, Children, opt. Flute or Handbells) Schalk, Carl MorningStar (MSM 50-1058) G
Ne Timas Maria Victoria CPDL G
O Emmanuel Stainer, J. CPDL  
O Sanctissima Beethoven/Thatcher MSM G
Over the Hills Young Mary Hastes (SSATB, English/German) Eccard, Johannes/Cherwin, Susan P. MorningStar (MSM-50-1704) G
Prepare! (SB) Pote, Allen Choristers Guild (CGA-705) G
Rorando Coeli (SATB/SATB) Blahnik Alliance Publications E
Rorate Coeli (SATB)
Rorate Caeli (SSAATTBB)
Rorate Coeli (SATB)
Rorate Coeli (SATB/divisi)
Rorate Coeli (SATB/divisi)
E.C. Schirmer
Green Bushes Publishing
Seven Joys of Mary, The (SATRB) King, Stephen Oxford (X-305) G
Song of Mary (Annunciation) Brahms, J. Choral Arts Publishers (FXCX 194) G
Virgin Born, We Bow Before You (SATB) Chepponis, James GIA (G-3296) G
White Dove, The (SATB) Brahms CPDL G
Your Love, O Lord, Forever Will I Sing (SATB, Organ) Hallock, Peter GIA (G-2078) PS

* Out of Print