“Repent.” It’s one of those words that we take for granted. What does it really mean to repent, as expressed in today’s texts?

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Jonah 3:1–5. The voice of the prophet is powerful, if people are willing to listen. Even though the people of Nineveh were not Jews and did not know this foreigner, Jonah’s preaching convinced them to repent.

Psalm of the Day:  Ps (24) 25
The psalmist places trust and hope completely in God.

Teach Me Your Path   PSL B-30/SS
Teach Me Your Ways/Señor, Enseñame Tus Caminos (Alonso)   SS
Teach Me Your Ways (Alstott)   BB
Teach Me Your Ways (Artmann)  SO 6
Teach Me Your Ways (Berrell)   WS
Teach Me Your Ways (Guimont)   GC2 902/LPMG 68
Teach Me Your Ways (Haas)  PCY3 66/RS 54/GC2 27
Teach Me Your Ways (Hunstiger)   SS
Teach Me Your Ways (Kreutz)   PMB 649/PRM B73/WS
Teach Me Your Ways (Miro/Steel)  CBW 119
Teach Me Your Ways (Proulx/Gelineau)  WOR 872/WOR4 1116/LPGG 877         
Teach Me Your Ways (Schiavone)   JS 955/LP 99

1 Corinthians 7:29–31. Paul encourages the Corinthians to focus on what really matters—life with God in Christ. Even in this passing world, that is more important than everything else.

Mark 1:14–20. As with Jonah in Nineveh, so with Jesus by the Sea of Galilee: The prophet’s voice is powerful and is heard by those who are ready to hear, in this case, his first disciples.

Songs for the Liturgy
*A Follower of Christ (G)  LMGM 117
Amazing Grace (1)  WOR 583/WOR4 650/CBW 480/GP 615/LMGM 173/WC 685/MI-BB/RS 737/GC2 586/G3 645/JS 713/PMB 323/WS/SS/SPS 265
As a Fire Is Meant for Burning (G)  GC2 643/G3 744/RS 779/WOR4 734
As We Gather at Your Table (G)  RS 848/GC2 738/G3 839/CBW 583/JS 792/SS/WOR4 831
Be Not Afraid (1)  JS 706/GP 602/CBW 481/LMGM 123/MI-BB/RS 734/GC2 596/G3 683/PMB 446/WC 852/WS/SS/WOR4 680/SPS 271
Before the Sun Burned Bright (G)  GP 577/CBW 504
Bring Forth the Kingdom (G)  RS 772/GC2 640/G3 734/SS
By Name I Have Called You (G)  GP 582
Christ Is the King (G)  WOR 500/WOR4 568/CBW 387/RS 630/GC2 491/G3 571/JS 848/SS
Christ Is the World’s Light (C)   WOR 543/WOR4 602
Christ, the Word before Creation (G)  SS
Christ, You Formed the Church, Your Body (G)   SS/WOR4 730
Disciple's Song (G)  CBW 505
For the Life of the World (G)  GC2 792/G3 901
Give Me a Clean Heart (1,Ps)  LMGM 279
Glory and Praise for Ever SPS 105
Glory and Praise to Our God, v 3 (1,Ps)  JS 596/GP 671/MI-BB/RS 696/GC2 537/G3 606/WC 909/WS/WOR4 597
Go Make a Difference SPS 213
God Has Chosen Me (2,G)  JS 831/MI-BB/GC2 669/G3 761/GP 546/WOR4 781
God Has Spoken by His Prophets (1,G)  WOR 516/WOR4 592/RS 654/JS 678/PMB 419/WC 775
God It Was (G)  RS 818
Grant to Us, O Lord (1,G)  WC 683/RS 558/CBW 621/PMB 329/WS/WOR4 957
Halleluya! We Sing Your Praises (G)  GC2 529/G3 626/RS 692/PMB 482
Hold Me in Life (1,Ps)  JS 702/MI-BB/GP 596
*I Am the Light of the World (C)   GP 658/JS 664/MI-BB
I Danced in the Morning (G)  WOR 636/WOR4 777/MI-BB/RS 809/GC2 689/GC 796/WC 725/JS 764/GP 395/PMB 366/WS
I Have Been Anointed (G)   PMB 395/WC 794/WS
I Say, "Yes," Lord/Digo, "Sí," Señor (G)  RS 722/GC2 581/G3 676/WS
I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light (G)  WOR 510/WOR4 585/RS 651/GC2 513/G3 593/PMB 404/WC 795/WS/SS/MI-BB
I Will Be with You (1,G)  RS 603
Journeysong (G)  GP 581/JS 759
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You, v 3  (G)  WOR 525/WOR4 611/GP 693/LMGM 197/WC 918/MI-BB/RS 669/GC2 520/G3 614/CBW 511/JS 617/PMB 497/WS/SS
Lord Jesus, We Must Know You (G)  CBW 517
*Lord, When You Came/Pescador de Hombres (G)  JS 763/MI-BB/LMGM 116/RS 817/GC2 678/G3 781/WC 790/GP 580/WS/SS/WOR4 760/SPS 256
Lord, You Give the Great Commission (G)  WOR 470/WOR4 790/RS 607/GC2 466/G3 544/CBW 691/WC 763/JS 452/MI-BB/GP 401/PMB 382/WS/SS
*New Songs of Celebration Render (E)   WOR 533/WOR4 606
Now Let Us from This Table Rise (G)  WOR 625/CBW 521/WC 938/PMB 472
O God of Love, O King of Peace (Ps)  WOR 652/WOR4 813/WC 872/RS 833/CBW 681/PMB 457
Open Wide the Doors to Christ (G)   PMB 356/WC 740/WS
Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven (1,Ps)  WOR 530/WOR4 610/CBW 565/LMGM 198/WC 930/MI-BB/RS 684/GC2 531/G3 613/JS 612/GP 685/PMB 492/WS/SS
Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness (G)  CBW 582
Seek the Lord (1,G)  GP 351/RS 540/GC2 395/MI-BB
Send Us as Your Blessing, Lord (G)  JS 671/GP 554
Servant Song -- McGargill (Ps,G)  MI-BB/JS 837/GP 550
*Sing a New Song – Brown (E)   GP 692/MI-BB
*Sing a New Song -- Schuttte (E)   CBW 563/MI-BB/RS 686/GP 670/GC2 544/G3 607/JS 607/WC 904/WS/WOR4 600
*Sing a New Song to the Lord -- Dudley-Smith/Wilson (E)  WOR 550/WOR4 629/CBW 566/GC2 541/G3 627/RS 677/PMB 493/WC 931/SS
*Sing Hey (Yes) for the Carpenter (G)  GC2 697
*Sing to God (E)   GC2 533
Song of Good News (1,G)  WC 776/WS
Take, O Take Me as I Am (G)   GC2 692/G3 795/SS/WOR4 767
Take the Word of God with You (G)  JS 838/MI-BB/GP 543
Tell It! Tell It Out with Gladness (G)   GC2 518
The Kingdom of God (1,G)  WOR 615/WOR4 720/RS 775/GC2 639/G3 736/PMB 511/WC 949
*The Lord Observed Two Fishermen (E)   IH 37
The Reign of God (G)   SS/WOR4 722
The Spirit of God (G)  WC 807/PMB 399/WS
The Summons (G)  RS 811/GC2 687/G3 790/WC 805/WS/MI-BB/SS/WOR4 773/SPS 230
The Voice of God (G)  WOR 358/CBW 433
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy (1)  WOR 595,596/WOR4 645/MI-BB/RS 742/GC2 603/G3 644/CBW 443/WC 682/JS 748/GP 639/PMB 322/WS/SS
*This Is the Time (G)  RS 556/SS/WOR4 472
Thy Kingdom Come (G)  GP 719/RS 776
To Be Your Presence (G)   SS/WOR4 794
*Two Fishermen (E,G)  WOR 633/WOR4 774/RS 812/GC2 693/G3 798
*Walk in My Ways (G)   PSL B-103/SS
We Are Many Parts, v 1 (1,G)  MI-BB/RS 840/GC2 727/G3 834/WC 778/WS/SS/WOR4 822
When Jesus Came Preaching (G)  WOR 614/WOR4 723/RS 773
When John Baptized by Jordan's River (G)  WOR 412/WOR4 458/RS 538/GC2 390/G3 467/CBW 325/JS 373/WC 524/SS
Where He Leads Me (G)  LMGM 120
Word of God, Come Down on Earth (1,G)  RS 653/WOR 513/WOR4 590/CBW 429/JS 449/PMB 367/WC 726
*You Call to Us, Lord Jesus (G)   SS/WOR4 775
You Have Anointed Me (1,G)  RS 795/GC2 662/G3 773/GP 555
*You Walk Along Our Shoreline (G)   RS 807/GC2 679/G3 797/HG 35/PMB 394/WC 789/WS/SS/WOR4 766
Your Word Went Forth (1,G)  RS 655     


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation


Publisher & edition  #

Call to Remembrance (SATB) Farrant, Richard Oxford (TCM 60B) PS
Call: Two Fishermen, The (SATB, Keyboard) Toolan, Suzanne GIA (G-5326) G
Cantate Domino (SATB, Latin/English)
Cantate Domino Omnis Terra (SATB, Latin)
Cantate Domino
Viadana, Lodovico/Cramer, John
Croce, Giovanni

Marks (4291)
Arista (AE 199)

Cantate Domino (SATB, Organ or keyboard)
Cantate Domino
Berger, Jean
Concordia (98-1557)
Cantate Domino (SSATB, Latin/English)
Cantate Domino (SSATB)
Cantate Domino (SSATB)
Cantate Domino (SATB, optional Organ, Latin only)
Sweelinck, J. P./Colton, Donald
Sweelinck, J. P./Ehret, Walter
Sweelinck, J. P./Klein, Maynard
Vecchi, Orazio/Wilhelm, Roger
Concordia (98-1937)
Walton (6029)
G. Schirmer (12102)
Lawson Gould (51633)
Cantate Domino (SSATTB, English/Latin)
Cantate Domino (SATB, English/German)
Cantate Domino (SATB)
Cantate Domino (SATB)
Cantate Domino (SATB)
Cantate Domino (SSA)
Cantate Domino (TTBB)
Cantate Domino
Cantate Domino

Gabrieli, Giovani/Schnee, Karl-Heinz Hassler, Hans Leo



Walton (6048)
Hanssler (H.E. 1.125)
E. C. Schirmer (2979)
J. & W. Chester (JWC 55107)
GIA (G2878)
E. C. Schirmer (821)
E. C. Schirmer (68)
Cantate Domino (SAB) Cruger CPDL PS
Cantate! Sing to the Lord (SATB)
Declare His Honor (SAB)
Goemanne, Noel
Handel, G. F.
Mark Foster (MF 147)
Concordia (98-1957)
Come, Follow Me Forever (2-part, Keyboard) Haydn, Joseph/Liebergen, Patrick GIA (G-3028) G
Come, Follow Me, MACH MIT MIR GOTT (SATB, Oboe, Organ/Keyboard) Gesius/Leavitt, John GIA (G-3028) G
Jesu nostra Redemptio (TTBB) Byrd, William Oxford Anthems for Men, #2, p. 31 G
Jesu Dulcis Memoria Byrd CPDL G
Jesu Dulcis Memoria (SATB) Giles, R. Paraclete Press (PPM 0213)
Jesu, Dulcis Memoria (SATB) Lee. R. A. Paraclete Press (PPM 9611)
Jesu Dulci Memoria Nestor E. C. Schirmer G
Jesu Dulci Memoria Victoria CPDL G
Jesu, the Very Thought Bairstow, E. CPDL G
Jesu, the Very Thought Near Aureole/MSM G
Jesu, the Very Thought (SATB) Proulx GIA G-2056 G
Jesu, the Very Thought Wetzler AMSI G
Jesu, the Very Thought Wood, C. CPDL G
Jonah (Unison, 2-, 3-, or 4-part, Keyboard/Organ) Wood, Dale C. Fischer 1
Laetentur Caeli (SATB, Latin only)
Laetentur Caeli (SSA, Organ, Latin only)
Hassler, Hans Leo
Pinkham, Daniel
J. & W. Chester (JWC 55017)
C.F. Peters (66709)
Lead Me in Ways of Truth (SATB, Organ) Willaert, Adrian Ricordi (NY-1888) PS
Let the Whole World Stand in Awe (SAB)
Lift Up Your Voice (SATB, opt. keyboard)
Handel, G. F.
Sweelinck, J. P./Rowan, William
Concordia (98-2473)
GIA (G-5707)
Lord, for Thy Tender Mercies Sake (SATB, opt. Organ)
Lord, for Thy Tender Mercies Sake (SATB, opt. Organ)
Lord, for Thy Tender Mercies Sake (SATB, opt. Organ)
Farrant, Richard
Farrant, Richard
Farrant, Richard

Oxford (OCCO31)
E. C. Schirmer (No. 734)

Lord, Make Me Know Your Ways (SATB) 
Lord, Make Me Know Thy Ways
Byrd, William/arr. Lovelace, Austin 
Byrd, William
Concordia (98-2935) 
2, G
Show Me Your Ways, O Lord (SATB, Organ/Keyboard) Schalk, Carl Concordia (98-3207) PS
O Sing Unto the Lord (Unison, keyboard)
O Sing Unto the Lord (SAB)
Bedford, Michael
Handel, G.F./Coggin
Choristers Guild (CGA-295)
Choristers Guild (CGA-513)
O Sing Unto the Lord a New Song (SAB, optional Organ)
O Sing Unto the Lord a New Song (SATB, Organ, strings)
Morley, Thomas/Greensing, Anthony Purcell, Henry RSCM (from “Six Easy 3-art Anthems) Novello (29.0146.03) E
O Sing Unto the Lord, Op. 29 (SATB, Organ)
O Sing Unto the Lord a New Song (SATB, Organ, keyboard)
Mathias, William
Bender, Jan
Oxford (A-228)
Concordia (98-1876)
Praise Ye the Lord (SATB) Psalm 96 (SATB, Organ) Schiru L'adonai (SATB, Organ, percussion, Hebrew only) St.-Saëns, Camille Adler, Samuel Gottlieb, Jack Boosey & Hawkes (1951) G. Schirmer (11491) Presser (312-40774) E
Show Me Your Ways (SATB, Organ, Oboe, Guitar) Pelz, Walter Augsburg (11-0642) PS
Show Me Your Ways, O Lord (SATB) Schalk, Carl Concordia (98-3207)
Sing a New Song (SATB) Kreutz, Robert Summy Birchard (5256) E
Sing a New Song (SATB) Schütz, Heinrich/Jennings Belwin (SCHCH07601) E
Sing to God the Lord (Cantate Domino) (SATB) Hassler, Hans Leo Concordia (98-3147) E
Sing to the Lord a New Song (SATB)
Singet dem Herr nein neues Lied (SATB/SATB, German only)
Sweelinck, J. P./Hines
Pachelbel, Johann
Concordia (98-3211)
Hanssler (H.E. 1.008)
Sing to the Lord a New Song (SATB, Children's Choir) Scott, K. Lee Concordia (98-3124) E
Take My Life (SATB) Rubis-Bauer, Marie Hinshaw (1673) G
Teach Me, O Lord (SATB, Keyboard) 
Teach Me, O Lord
Teach Me, O Lord (SAB)
Attwood, Thomas/arr. Klammer, Edward 
Attwood, Thomas
GIA (G-3045) 
Teach Me Your Ways, Lord (SATB or 2 pt)
Teach Me Your Ways, Lord (Unison or SA)
Rohlig, Harald
Hinshaw HMC 2330
Concordia (98-2358)
They Cast Their Nets in Galilee (2-part) McCabe, Michael Carl Fischer G
Three Short Anthems #1 Jesu Dulcis Memoria Shepherd RSCM/ GIA G
Unto Thee, O Lord (SAB, Organ)
Unto Thee, O Lord (SATB)
Ford, Virgil
Ford, Virgil
G. Schirmer (11506)
G. Schirmer (11506)