Michael, protector of the weak, is the model for all public service. We need to put our belief into practice.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Daniel 12:1-3. Even under persecution, the people should continue to hope for deliverance from God. The Archangel Michael was considered the special protector of Israel.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (15) 16
A song of trust in God alone.

Center of My Life (Inwood) MI-BB 495/GC 598/GC2 580/G3 679/GP 593/JS2 697
For You Are My God (Foley) GP 612/CBW 635/GC 616/JS2 710/MI-BB 435
Harbor of My Heart (Warner) WC 418/WS 351/OIF 227
Keep Me Safe, O God (Dameans) GP 170
Keep Me Safe, O God (Foley) GC 23/GC2 18/G3 29/RS 35
Keep Me Safe, O God (Inwood) JS3 17/MI-BB 746
Keep Me Safe, O God (Proulx/Steel) CBW 209
My Portion and My Cup PSL B-60/SS 368
Protégeme, Dios Mío/Keep Me Safe (Hurd) FYC 175/OIF 226
You Are My Inheritance, O Lord LMGM2 840
You Are My Inheritance, O Lord (Alstott) JS2 18
You Are My Inheritance, O Lord (Batastini/Gelineau) LPGG 825
You Are My Inheritance, O Lord (Bridge) JS3 16/MI-BB 744
You Are My Inheritance, O Lord (Guimont) GC2 885/G3 1189/LPMG 158
You Are My Inheritance, O Lord (Haugen/Kodner) RS 36/GC 24/GC2 19/G3 30/WOR4 30
You Are My Inheritance, O Lord (Hunstiger) SS 499
You Are My Inheritance//Protégeme, Dios Mío (Hurd) JS2 17
You Are My Inheritance, O Lord (Joncas/Gelineau) W3 903
You Are My Inheritance, O Lord (Lisicky) PRM B103/PMB 739
You Are My Inheritance, O Lord (Scavone) LPGA B92
You Are My Inheritance, O Lord (Schiavone) JS2 1045/LP 190
You Are My Inheritance, O Lord (Schiavone/Gelineau) WOR4 1206
You Are My Treasure (Warner) PST 15

Suggested Common Psalms

Psalm (24) 25: To You, O Lord, I Lift Up My Soul
Psalm (121) 122: I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say

Hebrews 10:11-14, 18. Christ has made the perfect “sin offering.” Where there is complete forgiveness, there is no need for any additional offering.

Mark 13:24-32. Many people in Jesus’ time expected an imminent ending of time, or at least a dramatic ending of the “age” in which they were living. Jesus accepts that expectation but he calls on his disciples to remain faithful to his teaching, which “shall not pass away.”

Songs for the Liturgy

Amén. El Cuerpo de Cristo (G) JS3 783/WOR4 934/G3 912/MI-BB 340
*Are You Ready? (G) LMGM2 243
As Servants Working an Estate (G) WOR4 411
Bread of Life from Heaven/Pan de Vida Eterna (G) GC2 803/G3 943/WOR4 948/SS 1063
Christ Is Coming: Prepare the Way (G) LMGM2 241
Christ Is Surely Coming (G) WOR4 860
City of God, Jerusalem (1) W3 362/WOR4 391/RS 486
Come, Lord, and Tarry Not (G) W3 366/WOR4 401/LMGM2 242
Eye Has Not Seen (1,G) GC 638/GC2 616/G3 728/WOR4 713/MI-BB 463/WC 881/RS 758/CBW 482/WS 736/SS 940
For All the Saints (1) W3 705/WOR4 891/LMGM2 728/CBW 449/MI-BB 728/JS2 526/JS3 504/WC 989/GP 445/GC 793/GC2 791/G3 884/OIF 899/RS 889/WS 819/PMB 521/SS 1044
Free at Last (1) LMGM2 654/GC 717/GP 562
Freedom Is Coming (1) LMGM2 657/GC 793/GC2 707/G3 814/RS 821
From the Father’s Throne on High (G) WOR4 865/HG 108
*God Proclaims for All to Hear (E) IH 72
God Will Wipe theTears (G) G3 715
*Heaven and Earth Will Fade Away (C) PSL B-194/SS 288
Hills of the North, Rejoice (G) W3 365
Hold Me in Life (G) JS2 702/GC 599/GP 596
I Am Sure I Shall See (1) G3 682
I Am the Bread of Life/Yo Soy el Pan de Vida -- Toolan (1) W3 738/WOR4 950/LMGM2 755/GC 828/GC2 822/G3 945/MI-BB 343/RS 931/WC 659/WS 564/SS 1065
I Come with Joy, v 1 (2) W3 726/WOR4 926/WC 913/CBW 424/RS 854/GC 806/GC2 799/G3 919/OIF 724/WS 597/PMB 320/SS 1056
I Know That My Redeemer Lives and on the Last Day (1) W3 176/WOR4 994/CBW 683/JS2 131, 586/JS3 556/MI-BB 694/OIF 599, 628/RS 936/GC 854, 857/GC2 863, 866/G3 972, 973/GP 482/WC 731/WS 29/PMB 40, 363/SS 843
I Will Not Die (1) JS2 658/RS 771/GC 657/GP 716
*Jesus Christ Is the Way, vs 2 (G) LMGM2 700
Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning (G) LMGM2 699
Let the Heavens Be Glad (G) MI-BB 582/JS2 684/GP 326
Lift Up Your Heads, O Gates (G) PMB 354/JS3 286/OIF 885
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (1,G) W3 588/WOR4 642/LMGM2 494/MI-BB 478/GP 640/JS2 746/JS3 709/OIF 743/RS 743/GC 622/GC2 613/G3 641/CBW 625/WC 857/WS 721/PMB 431/SS 934
Many and Great, O God (1,G) WC 740/RS 637/W3 503/GC 498/G3 911/OIF 616/WOR4 575/PMB 345/JS2 630
My Lord, What a Morning (G) LMGM2 693/OIF 886
*My Plans for You (E) PSL B-192/SS 367
Neither Death Nor Life (1) G3 647
O Day of God (1,G) CBW 586
On the Wings of Change (1,G) WC 978/WS 809/PMB 512/OIF 887
Rise Up with Him (1) MI-BB 580
Shall Tribulation or Distress (1) WOR4 652/G3 649
Shelter Me, O God (Ps) JS2 724/JS3 689/GC 636/GC2 634/G3 717/MI-BB 474/RS 765/GP 626/CBW 372
*Sign Me Up, v. 2 (G) LMGM2 696/GC 805
Sing a New Song -- Schutte (1) GP 670/JS2 607/JS3 598/GC 537/GC2 544/G3 607/WOR4 600/CBW 563/OIF 843/MI-BB 565/RS 686/WC 931/WS 784
Sing with All the Saints in Glory (1) W3 467/WOR4 526/LMGM2 317/GC 442/GC2 442/G3 539/CBW 406/RS 595/GP 724/WC 975/WS 812/OIF 881/PMB 510/JS2 789/JS3 759/MI-BB 622/SS 1052
Soon and Very Soon (G) GC 770/GC2 758/G3 865/WOR4 861/LMGM2 691/JS2 683/JS3 755/MI-BB 585/RS 870/GP 723/WC 974/WS 813/OIF 882/PMB 513/SS 1050
Splendor and Honor (2) CBW 685
The King of Glory, v 4 (2) W3 501/WOR4 565/LMGM2 341/JS2 487/JS3 470/WC 763/GP 423/MI-BB 738/RS 628/OIF 640/GC 486/GC2 494/G3 572/WS 636
The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns (1,G) W3 373/WOR4 503/LMGM2 236/GP 307/JS2 319/JS3 282/BB 50/RS 497/GC 320/GC2 347/G3 414/CBW 318/WC 491, 502/WS 437, 444/OIF 341, 364/PMB 186/SS 719
The Living Bread of God (1) GC 826/GC2 841/G3 921
The Trumpet in the Morning (1,G) GC2 755/G3 864
Though the Mountains May Fall (G) GP 605/MI-BB 429/GC 602/GC2 595/G3 689/JS2 715/JS3 682
Wait for the Lord (G) GC 332/GC2 340/G3 406/RS 484/WOR4 410/CBW 319/SS 722
We Shall Behold Him (G) LMGM2 698
We Shall Rise Again (1) GC 772/GC2 762/G3 871/RS 872/LMGM2 719
We Will Rise Again (1) JS2 714/JS3 681/MI-BB 446/GP 603
When He Comes (G) PMB 196
When the Lord in Glory Comes (1,2,G) GC 765/RS 868/WOR4 863
Where Shall I Be? (G) LMGM2 697
Worthy Is the Lamb (1) JS2 682/JS3 754/MI-BB 583

Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #
I Keep the Lord Before Me Proulx Aureole PS
I Know the Thoughts I Think (SATB)  Wienhorst, Richard  Associated (AMP 343) E
He That Shall Endure from “Elijah” (SATB, Organ)  Mendelssohn, Felix  G. Schirmer (10713), CPDL G
I Am the Vine (SATB, Chorus)  Haan, Raymond  Belwin Mills (GCMR 3473) C
Lo, in the Appointed Time (SATB)   Willan, Healey  Oxford (94.310) also in   “Oxford Anthems #4” p. 174 G
O Jesus Christ, My life, My Light (SATB, Keyboard, English/German)  Bach, Johann Sebastian  Augsburg in “Bach for AllSeasons” (080065854X)  2
Paper Reeds by the Brooks, The (SATB) Thompson E C Schirmer 1751 G
Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above (Unison, Piano, opt. Orff  instruments, 3 octave Handbells, Tambourine, Bass)  Lindh, Jody  Choristers Guild (CGA 583) P
Psalm 16 in “Psalms Together” (Unison antiphonal, Keyboard)  Marshall, Jane  Choristers Guild (CGA 18)  P
Remember (SATB, Keyboard, 2 treble instrument)  Keesecker, Thomas  Augsburg (0800656016)  2
Soon and Very Soon (SATB, Piano)  Crouch, Andraé/Schrader, Jack  Hope (CG952)  G
They Shall Shine as the Stars (SATB, Organ, opt. Handbells)  Haan, Raymond H.  Augsburg (0800674014) 1