The readings remind us: Get your priorities in order and keep them that way. For Christians, this means: Put God first; treat your neighbor as yourself. How do we live those great commandments in the “public square”?

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Deuteronomy 6:2-6. In the movie The Man Who Captured Eichmann, the Mossad operative Peter hears Adolf Eichmann, who oversaw the transport of Jews to the Nazi death camps, say that he does not hate Jews. In fact, Eichmann says, he once studied Hebrew with a rabbi in Berlin. He then goes on to quote the most sacred statement of Jewish belief, the Sh’ma (Deut. 6:4). Later, Eichmann screams at Peter: “Unser Gott. Aldof Hitler ist unser Gott!” (“Our God is Adolf Hitler!”). By our way of life, how do we reveal who is our God?

Psalm of the Day: Ps (17) 18
A royal psalm of thanksgiving, originally sung by the ruler after victory in battle.

I Love You, Lord (Armstrong/Somerville) CBW 199
I Love You, Lord (della Picca) WC A363/PMB 494/PC4 44
I Love You, Lord (Guimont) RS 38/GC 26
I Love You, Lord (Proulx/Gelineau) WOR 952
I Love You, Lord (Rachelski) WC A361/SMM3 138
I Love You, Lord (Testa) CCS G‑2930

Hebrews 7:23-28. Jesus has become high priest by his deeds and his faith, not by his descent from Aaron. Unlike the high priests who served the Temple, he will not be replaced in this role, because he is confirmed as high priest by the resurrection.

Mark 12:28b-34. Every rabbi was expected to provide his own interpretation of the Torah (within the limits of what was considered orthodox teaching). Part of that interpretation involved naming the chief commandments. This is what Jesus does here. In fact, this particular teaching was probably not very different from that of other rabbis at the time.

Songs for the Liturgy

Father, Lord of All Creation WOR 655/CH 466
For the Healing of the Nations GC 719/GC2 712/WOR 643/WC 935/RS 823/JS 472
Gather Us In WOR 665/G 311/GC 744/GC2 743/WC 883/CH 624/GP 78/MI‑BB/RS 850
Grant to Us PMB 147/WC 683/CH 465/RS 558
Help Us Accept Each Other WOR 656/RS 838
In Christ There Is No East or West GC 738/GC2 726/WOR 659/WC 782/CH 650/GP 565/CBW 556/MI‑BB/LMGM 301/RS 836
In Times Like These LMGM 274
Let Justice Roll Like a River (G) GC 716/GC2 709
Lord of All Nations, Grant Me Grace GC 634/GC2 602/WOR 602/WC 780/CH 612/RS 751
O Day of Peace WOR 654
Thanks to God Whose Word Was Spoken (1, G) WOR 514
The Church of Christ in Every Age CH 613/GC2 665/RS 803/WOR 626/JS 774
The Cry of the Poor JS 635/GC 48/GC2 33/RS 69/GP 203
The Harvest of Justice GC 711/GC2 716
We Are Called (1, G) GC 718/GC2 710/RS 820
We Are Your People (1, G) WOR 623/RS 789
We Shall Not Be Silent (1) GP 559
What Does the Lord Require (G) WOR 624/RS 785


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #
Forsake Me Not, O Lord (SATB, Keyboard or Organ)  Mechen, Kirke  E. C. Schirmer (2733)  E
My God, Look Upon Me (SSATB, Tenor, Organ)  Greene, Maurice  Broude Brothers (MGC 29) E
Beati quorum via (SSATBB)  Stanford, Charles  Boosey & Hawkes (OCT5318) C
Lord, Speak to Me Richard SMP G
Lord, Thee I Love with All My Heart  (SATB or 2 part mixed, Organ, Oboe, Trumpet or Clarinet)  Busarow, Donald  Concordia (98-3429)  P, 1, G
Lord, Thee I Love with All My Heart (SATB, Keyboard)  Bach, Johann Sebastian  Augsburg in “Bach for AllSeasons” (080065854X)  P, 1, G
May I Love You, Lord (SATB, Keyboard)  Hopp, Roy  Augsburg (080067541X)  G
O Bread of Life from Heaven (2 part mixed, Organ)  White, David Ashley  Augsburg (0800650913) C
Teach Me Now, O Lord (2 part, Keyboard)  Marcello, Benedetto/arr. Grothenhuis, Dale  MorningStar (50-9418)  C
Teach Me, O Lord (SAB, Keyboard)  Moger, Peter  GIA (G-4201)  C
Teach Me, O Lord (SATB, Keyboard) 
Teach Me, O Lord
Attwood, Thomas/arr. Klammer, Edward 
Attwood, Thomas
GIA (G-3045) 
You Are My Rock (SATB, Keyboard. opt. Guitar)  Pierce, Michael T.  World Library (6229)  P