The First Sunday in Ordinary Time is usually the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. (In some years, when Epiphany falls after January 7, the Baptism is celebrated on a weekday, and we go directly to the Second Sunday.) Readings for the Second Sunday echo themes from the Baptism of the Lord.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

1 Samuel 3:3b–10, 19. In the Gospel reading last Sunday, Jesus is presented as hearing the Divine Voice. This was the mark that someone had been chosen by God as a prophet, as the story of Samuel’s call indicates.

Psalm of the Day:  Ps (39) 40
Today's verses come from the first half of this psalm, an individual's thanksgiving for salvation from difficult circumstances. (The second half is a lament.) Verses 7-10 are quoted in the Letter to the Hebrews to summarize Jesus’ mission.

Here Am I, Lord (Alstott)   BB
Here Am I, Lord (Angrisano) SPS 66
Here Am I, Lord (Guimont)   RS 920/GC2 920/LPMG 65
Here Am I, Lord (Hunstiger)   SS
Here Am I, Lord (Kasbohm)   PMB 646/PRM B72/WS
Here Am I, Lord (Kreutz)  PSC 46     
Here Am I Lord/Aqui Estoy, Señor (Krisman)   SS        
Here Am I, Lord (Proulx/Gelineau)  WOR 869/WOR4 1112/RS 75/LPGG 873
Here Am I, Lord (Schiavone)   JS 952/LP 96
Here Am I, O God (Haugen)  PCY2 18
Here I Am   PSL B-99/SS
Here I Am (Alonso)  G3 48
Here I Am, Lord (Cooney)  GP 204/RS 74/GC2 35/G3 49/JS 41/MI-BB
Here I Am, Lord (Dean/Murray)  CBW 116
Here I Am, O God (Warner)   PMB 149/WC 405/WS

1 Corinthians 6:13c–15a, 17–20. Paul uses ordinary events to try to explain the Christian message to the Corinthians. Here, he uses sexual union to explain the union between God and the believer. This union in the Holy Spirit should guide and determine everything we do.

John 1:35–42. In Year B, most of the gospel readings are taken from Mark, but the Second Sunday in each cycle reads from John—either John the Baptist’s witness to Jesus or, in Year C, the account of the wedding at Cana. In today’s text, John gives witness to Jesus as the “Lamb of God.” The disciples who come to know Jesus then spread the word about him, and that attracts Simon, whom Jesus nicknames “Peter” (either “the Rock” or “Rocky”).

Songs for the Liturgy
Amen Siakudumisa (E)   RS 698
Anthem (1,G)  GP 578/MI-BB/JS 761GC2 681/G3 778
Be Not Afraid (G)  GP 602/CBW 481/LMGM 123/MI-BB/RS 734/GC2 596/G3 683/PMB 446/WC 852/JS 706/WS/SS/SPS 271/WOR4 680
Because the Lord Is My Shepherd (G)  JS 725/MI-BB/GP 627   
Behold the Lamb (G)  JS 809/MI-BB/GC2 824/G3 939/GP 524
*Behold the Lamb of God (G)   PSL B-100/SS/SPS 275
By Name I Have Called You (1,G)  GP 582
Called by Christ (G)   G3 767
Christ Is the King (G)  WOR 500/WOR4 568/CBW 387/RS 630/JS 848/SS
Christ, You Are the Fullness, v 3 (2)  CBW 431
Come and Follow Me (G)   GC2 677/G3 800
Come and Journey with a Savior (G)   GC2 686/G3 788
Disciple's Song (G)  CBW 505
Forth in the Peace of Christ (G)  WOR 627/CBW 514
Go Make a Difference (G) SPS 213
God It Was (1,Ps,G)  RS 818
God of Abraham (1)   GP 450
*Here I Am, God -- Howard (1,Ps,G) WC 797/WS
*Here I Am, Lord -- Schutte (1,Ps,G)  JS 832/GP 542/LMGM 283/WC 804/MI-BB/RS 802/GC2 671/G3 777/CBW 520/PMB 406/WS 618/SS/WOR4 783
*Here I Am, Lord – Ward (1,Ps,G)   PMB 403/WC 785/WS
How Shall They Hear the Word of God (1,Ps)  WOR 629
Hush, Hush, Somebody's Callin' Mah Name (1,G)  LMGM 262
I Have Loved You (1,G)  GC2 504/G3 588/RS 641/GP 710/JS 649/MI-BB
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (1,G)  WOR 607/WOR4 707/LMGM 41, 160/MI-BB/RS 768/GC2 622/G3 724/WC 866/JS 729/GP 633/PMB 452/WS/SS
I Say, "Yes," Lord/Digo, "Sí," Señor (Ps)  RS 722/GC2 581/G3 676/WS
I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light (G)  WOR 510/WOR4 585/RS 651/GC2 513/G3 593/PMB 404/WC 795/WS/MI-BB/SS
I Will Choose Christ (1,G)  GP 459/JS 775/GC2 683/G3 802/MI-BB/SPS 220
Journeysong (G)  GP 581/JS 759
Just Like You (1) SPS 322
*Let All the Earth (E)   IH 36/PSL B-98/SS
Look to Christ (G)   G3 779
Lord Jesus, We Must Know You (G)  CBW 517
Lord, to Whom Shall We Go (Ps,G)    GP 663
Lord, When You Came/Pescador de Hombres (G)  MI-BB/LMGM 116/RS 817/GC2 678/G3 781/WC 790/JS 763/GP 580/WS/SS/SPS 256/WOR4 760
Now Let Us from This Table Rise (1,Ps)  WOR 625/CBW 521/WC 938/PMB 472
One Bread, One Body (2)  GP 499/LMGM 139/MI-BB/RS 915/GC2 813/G3 932/WC 661/JS 820/WS/SPS 249/WOR4 931
One Bread, One Cup (2) SPS 255   
Open Wide the Doors to Christ (G)   PMB 356/WC 740/WS
*Ps 66: Let All the Earth (E)
Servant Song -- McGargill (G)  MI-BB/JS 837/GP 550
*Sing Hey (Yes) for the Carpenter (G)  GC2 697
Song of the Body of Christ (2)   GC2 807/G3 924/RS 924/WC 643/WS/MI-BB
Songs of Thankfulness and Praise (G)  WOR 410/WOR4 451/CBW 348/BB/RS 529/GC2 383/G3 459/WC 519/JS 368/PMB 224/WS/SS
*Speak, Lord (1)  MI-BB
Speak Now, O Lord (1)   WS
Take, O Take Me as I Am (1,G)   GC2 692/G3 795/SS/WOR4 767
The Church's One Foundation (2)  CBW 526/GP 573/MI-BB/WC 764/JS 779/PMB 385/G3 742/WS/SS/WOR4 736
The Lord Jesus Christ (G)  CBW 387
The Summons (G)  RS 811/GC2 687/G3 790/WC 805/WS/MI-BB/SS/SPS 230/WOR4 773
This Alone (G)  GP 621/MI-BB/JS 689
Those Who Love and Those Who Labor (G)  WOR 632/RS 805/JS 758
We, the Body of Christ, v 1 (G)  GP 517
Were I the Perfect Child of God (G)   G3 791
Who Calls You by Name (1,G)   RS  231/GC2 794/G3 900/SS
You Call to Us, Lord Jesus (G)   SS/WOR4 775
You Have Called Us (1,2,G)   JS 540/MI-BB


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation


Publisher & edition  #

Agnus Dei (SATB) Morely, Thomas Kjos (KJO 21) G
Amazing Grace (SATB)
Amazing Grace (SATB)
GIA 6384
Selah 420-733
1. PS, G
Be Thou My Vision, SLANE (SATB, Organ/Keyboard) Young, Gordon McAfee Music (M1132) 2
Behold the Lamb of God (SA, Organ/Keyboard) Bouman, Paul Concordia (98-1088 G
Behold the Lamb of God (SATB, Organ/Keyboard) Willan, Healey Concordia (98-1509) G
Behold the Lamb of God from “Messiah” (SATB, Organ/Keyboard) Handel, Georg Frederic Various G
Behold, the Temple of God (SATB, Organ/Keyboard) Harris, William GIA (G-1480) 2
Blest Are They Bouman Selah G
God in Your Goodness (SATB) Hopson Selah 420-267 1, PS, G
He Comes to Us as One Unknown (SATB, Organ) Ferguson, John Augsburg (AFP 0800656008) 1
Here I Am, Lord (SATB or Unison) Routley, Erik Carl Fischer 1
Here I Am, Lord (SATB, Piano) Schutte, Dan/Young, Ovid Augsburg (AFP 0800656059) 1
I Believe This Is Jesus (SATB) Moore, Undine Smith/Jennings, Kenneth Augsburg (AFP 0800645286) G
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (SATB/flute)
Concordia 982619
I Waited for the Lord, Lobegesang (SATB) Mendelssohn, Felix Kjos (KJO 5990) PS
I Waited Patiently for the Lord (2-part Treble)   Mercury (352.00344) PS
Lamb of God (SATB) Christiansen, F. Melius Augsburg (AFP 0800652592) also in “The Augsburg Choirbook” (AFP 0800656784) G
Lamb of God, I Look to Thee (Unison, Keyboard) Bengson, W. H. W. Gray G
Let All the Earth Worship You (SATB, Organ) Kreutz, Robert GIA (G-2165) E
Lord Is My Shepherd, The Pote Choristers Guild CGA 551 P
Lord, Make Me Know Your Ways (SATB) Byrd, Wm./Lovelace, Austin Concordia (98-2935) 1
Lord, Speak to Me Richard SMP G
Make a Joyful Noise (SATB, Organ, keyboard) Fetler, Paul Augsburg (1476) E
Make a Joyful Noise Unto God (SATB, Tenor solo, keyboard) Beethoven, Ludwig/Pattinson, John Carl Fischer (CM 146) E
None Other Lamb Stover E. C. Schirmer G
O Be Joyful (2-part mixed, keyboard, Latin/English) Rogers, Benjamin/White, J. Perry Augsburg (11-0667) E
O Be Joyful in God (SATB, Organ) Sing Forth (SATB, Organ, keyboard) Milner, Arthur Meuller, Carl F. Novello (1426) Carl Fischer (6876) E
O Christ, Who Called the Twelve (SATB) Carlson, J. B. Concordia (98-3591) G
One Faith, One Hope, One Lord (SATB, Organ/Keyboard) Courtney, Craig Sacred Music Press (S-462) G
Prayer of the Venerable Bede (SATB/solo) Proulx GIA G-2539 G
Psalm 40 (SATB, Organ/Keyboard) Adler, Samuel Oxford (94.209) PS
Reflections on Amazing Grace (SSATBB/solo) Ames GIA G-5926 G
Temples of God (2-part, Organ) Nelson, Ronald Augsburg (AFP 2
These Are They Which Follow the Lamb (SATB, Organ/keyboard) Goss, John Oxford (353214X) “Anthems for Choirs I” G

Walk in Love

Sitton Trinitas G
Your Voice, O God, Calls Me By Name (SATB) Routley, Erik GIA (G-2275) 1