World Mission Sunday. Ours is a missionary church; the mission—to be Christ for the world—is not something to be left to those deputed to be missionaries in foreign lands. It is a right and duty of all the baptized.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Isaiah 53:10-11. The conclusion of the great Song of the Servant which we read on Good Friday. The one who gives him/herself as an offering for sin will see the light in fullness of days.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (32) 33
This hymn praises God as creator, sovereign over all the earth, and savior, and it views humanity in that light.

God, Let Your Mercy (Foley) PCY7 16
La Misericordia del Señor/The Earth Is Full—Respuesta II (Reza) FYC 198
Let Your Love Be upon Us PSL B-181/SS
Let Your Mercy Be on Us, vss 1,2,4 (Haugen) GC 45/GC2 32/PCY2 14/RS 66/SS
Lord, Let Your Mercy Be on Us (Alstott) BB
Lord, Let Your Mercy Be on Us (Arnold) JS 36
Lord, Let Your Mercy Be on Us (Dufford) GP 196/MI-BB
Lord, Let Your Mercy Be on Us (Folk) CBW 100
Lord, Let Your Mercy Be on Us (Gelineau/Proulx) WOR 950/LPGG 794
Lord, Let Your Mercy Be on Us (Guimont) RS 68/GC2 914/LPMG 146
Lord, Let Your Mercy Be on Us (Hughes) PRM B99/PMB 727/WS
Lord, Let Your Mercy Be on Us (Hunstiger) SS
Lord, Let Your Mercy Be on Us (Schiavone) LP 178/JS 1033
Lord, Let Your Mercy Be on Us (Stewart) PCY5 16                                               
Lord, Let Your Mercy Be upon Us (Warner) PMB 145/WC 401
Lord, Let Your Mercy Be on Us (Willcock) PJ 2
Que Tu Misericordia, Señor (Rubi) FYC 199

Suggested Common Psalm

Ps (62) 63: My Soul Is Thirsting for You

Hebrews 4:14-16. Our high priest knows what our lives are like. Jesus is not above us but one of us “who has similarly been tested in every way.” This gives us confidence as we “approach the throne of grace to receive mercy.”

Mark 10:35-45. To be a disciple—to be baptized—is to accept the same mission that Jesus accepted, to give oneself wholly to God’s plan. It means becoming a servant, “for the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Songs for the Liturgy

A Follower of Christ (G) LMGM 117
All That Is Hidden (G) JS 762/MI‑BB/GP 585/GC2 654
At the Name of Jesus (1,G) WOR 499/CBW 427/JS 400, 483/MI‑BB/GP 424/WS
Bread for the World (G) JS 810/GC 827/MI‑BB/GP 528
Bread of Life (G) GP 498,520,522/JS 819/MI‑BB/CBW 597
By Gracious Powers (1,G) WOR 577
Center of My Life (1,G) JS 697/MI‑BB/GC 598/GC2 580/GP 593
Christ, Be Our Light (G) GP 656/JS 661/GC2 512/WC 937/WS/MI-BB/SS
Draw Near and Take the Body of Your Lord (2) WOR 732/JS 472/PMB 293/GC2 829/BB/WC 624/WS
Embrace My Way and Cross (G) GC2 698
For the Life of the World (G) GC 801/GC2 792
*Guard Me as the Apple of Your Eye (E) PSL B-180/SS
Gift of Finest Wheat, v 5 (G) WOR 736/CBW 603/MI‑BB/LMGM 136/GP 525/JS 803/WC 640/RS 912/GC 815/GC2 816/PMB 300/WS/SS
God Remembers (1,2) GC2 572
God, Whose Love in Jesus Found Us (G) CBW 501
*I Call upon You, Lord (E) IH 67
I Have Decided to Follow Jesus (G) LMGM 118
In the Cross of Christ (1,2,) RS 221/GC2 436/SS
Jesu, Jesu (G) WOR 431/GP 361/JS 402/LMGM 33/RS 564/GC 409/GC2 429/PMB 407/WC 784/BB/WS
Jesus, the Lord (1,2,G) GP 370/JS 484/GC 418/GC2 403/MI‑BB/RS 574/RS 574/CBW 432
Jesus, Wine of Peace (1) GC 817/GC2 804
Lead Me, Guide Me (2) LMGM 168/GC 574/GC2 555/RS 712/PMB 397/WC 791/WS/MI-BB/SS
Lift High the Cross (1,G) WOR 704/CBW 435/GP 444/JS 522/MI‑BB/WC 767/RS 884/GC 791/GC2 785/PMB 393/WS/SS
Lord, Help Us Walk Your Servant Way (G) HG 150/SS
Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service (1,G) WOR 630/JS 840/MI‑BB/RS 793/GC 681/GC2 668/CBW 507/WC 943/GP 557/PMB 508/WS/SS
Make Us True Servants (G) PMB 501/WC 936/WS/SS
Now We Remain, vss 3‑4 (1,G) GC 694/GC2 696/WC 652/MI‑BB/RS 813/WS/SS
O Living Bread from Heaven (2) PMB 546/WC 991, 995
*O Love of God Incarnate (1,G) JS 410
Our Blessing Cup (1,G) GP 513/JS 89, 91, 92/MI‑BB/RS 155/GC2 61, 63/PMB 167/WC 636/WS/SS
Pan de Vida (G) JS 813/GC 848/GC2 811/MI‑BB/RS 909/WC 649/GP 500/WS
Priestly People, v 8 (2) PMB 383/WC 761/WS
Pues Si Vivimos/If We Are Living (G) RS 727/GC 666/GC2 650/PMB 408/WC 810/WS/SS
Receive in Your Heart (G) WC 653
Service (G) GP 550
*Song of the Chosen (Ps) GC 813
Take Up Your Cross (G) WOR 634/CBW 353/LMGM 50/JS 524/MI-BB/RS 808, 810/GC 698/GC2 688, 690/WC 768/GP 586/PMB 238/WS/SS
The Church of Christ in Every Age (G) WOR 626/JS 843/RS 803/GC2 665/WC 940/SS
*The Greatest among You (G) PSL B-182/SS
The Lord Is Near (2) JS 719/GC 609, 619/GC2 599/GP 606
The Name of God (1,G) GC 110/GC2 62/RS 152
The Servant Song – Gillard (G) GC 669/GC2 661/RS 788/JS 829/PMB 413/WC 814/WS/MI-BB/SS
The Spirit Sends Us Forth (G) JS 835/MI-BB
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy (Ps) WOR 595, 596/JS 748/MI‑BB/RS 742/GC 626/GC2 603/CBW 443/WC 682/GP 639/PMB 322/WS/SS
'Tis the Gift to Be Simple (G) RS 792/GC2 657/JS 772/PMB 402/WC 798/WS
*To Serve Is to Reign (G) MI-BB
Unless a Grain of Wheat (G) JS 760, 802/MI‑BB/GC 697/GC2 699/RS 804/GP 579
We Are Called (G) GC 718/GC2 710/RS 820/WC 792/WS/MI-BB/SS
We Are Your People (G) WOR 623/RS 789/PMB 387/WC 765/WS/SS
We Have No Glory (G) JS 671
*We Will Drink the Cup (G) GC 709
What Wondrous Love Is This (2) WOR 600/GP 642/JS 755/MI‑BB 431/WC 713/RS 749/GC 627/GC2 614/PMB 253/WS 434/SS 932

Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #
Christ Goes Before (SATB, Organ, Brass, Timpani)  Schalk, Carl  (MorningStar (MSM 50-9049) 2
Cup of Blessing, The (SATB)  Gehring, Philip  Concordia (98-3585)  G
Eye of the Lord, The (SATB, Piano)  Hill, Mark  World Library (8605)  P, C
Humble Service (SATB)  Fleming, Larry  Augsburg (11-2294)  G
I Have Called Upon Thee (SATB, Organ)  Roff, Joseph  Pallma (176)  E
In te speravi, Domine (Treble Voices, Organ)  Proulx, Richrad  Paraclete (PPM 9521) P
Justorum animae (Treble Chorus/Sop. Solo, Organ)  Ferguson, M.  Paraclete (PPM 9229)  C
Keep Me as the Apple of Your Eye  (Unison/2 part voices, Keyboard)  Kosche, Kenneth T.  Choristers Guild (CGA 800) E
Lord, Speak to Me Richard SMP G
Lord Will Guide Our Ways, The (SATB, Keyboard)  Powell, Robert J.  Augsburg (0800654757)  2
Lord, Help Us Walk Your Servant Way (SATB, Keyboard)  Sensmeier, Randall  GIA (G-4368)  G
Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service (SATB, Piano)  Kallman, Daniel  Kjos (J17)  G
Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen (SATB)  Scott, K. Lee  Oxford (0193864584)  2
Our Soul Waits for the Lord (SATB)  Schalk, Carl  CPH (98-3252)  P
Psalm 17 (Unison antiphonal voices, Keyboard)  Marshall, Jane  Choristers Guild (CGA 891) E
Richard de Castre’s Prayer to Jesus (SATB)  Terry  Oxford in “Oxford Easy  Anthems,” p. 175  G
Surely He Has Born Our Griefs (SATB) 
Surely He Has Born Our Griefs
Surely He Has Born Our Griefs
Willan, Healey/Wood 
Concordia (98-2520) 
Concordia, CPDL
Surely He Has Born Our Griefs from “Messiah”   (SATB, Organ, Instruments)  Handel, Georg Frederic  Various Editions & Voicings 1, C
Vere langoures nostros (SATB)  Victoria, Tomás Luis de  Artista (AMC 359)  2
Whoever Would Be Greatest Among You (SAB, Keyboard or Guitar)  Nelson, Ronald A.  Augsburg (0800645804)
also in “The Augsburg Choirbook”