Since the readings for this Sunday deal with marriage, the following reflections may prove useful.

Parish Celebrations of Marriage
Today's first reading, psalm, and Gospel are all included in the Lectionary for Mass as options for the celebration of mar­riage, and they are among the most frequently chosen texts. The proclamation of these Scripture passages today presents pastoral musicians with a wonderful opportunity to choose music from the ordinary parish repertoire that is also suitable for weddings. For the Communion procession, consider using James Chepponis’s “Love One Another” or one of the many versions of either “Ubi Caritas” or “God Is Love.” Several very familiar hymns are also appropriate both today and at marriage celebrations, such as “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You” and “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling.” Brian Wren's text “When Love Is Found” is refreshingly honest about both the joys and challenges of marriage. Sung to the somewhat familiar tune O Waly Waly, it would be a welcome addition to the parish repertoire.

Today's liturgy also presents pastoral musicians with an opportunity to take a critical look at the way in which music is used at weddings. Is the musical participation of the assembly normally presumed and made a priority in planning weddings? Is a psalmist normally present to proclaim the psalm and, as needed, to lead the rest of the assembly in song? Is priority given to the selection of familiar acclamations as well as hymns and songs for the assembly?

Interestingly enough, a similar opportunity to look at music for funerals will present itself on November 2, especially in those years when All Souls replaces the regular Sunday celebration in the Roman calen­dar.

Genesis 2:18-24. As in the first creation narrative (Gen 1:27), there is a similarity between human beings and God. Stated explicitly in the first narrative (humans are created “in the divine image”), this connection is suggested in the second narrative by the power of “the man” (Adam) to name God’s creation. God appears a little slow to catch on in this reading, forming various animals as a “suitable partner” for the man but not getting it right until the appropriate partner is created and accepted as “bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.”

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Psalm of the Day: Ps (127) 128
The psalm sings the praises of orderly family life as a divine blessing.

Blest Are Those Who Love You (Haugen)  RS 173/GC 125/GC2 70/G3 86/WOR4 101/CBW 628/WC 471
Dichoso el que Teme al Señor—Respuesta I (Taulé) FYC 266
Happy Are Those Who Fear the Lord (Kreutz)  PSC 68
How Happy Are You   PSL B-175/SS 294                           
Like Olive Branches, ref. 2 (Deiss)   PMB 333
May the Lord Bless and Protect Us (Gelineau/Murray)   W3 944/WOR4 1188/RS 172/LPGG 949
May the Lord Bless and Protect Us (Guimont)   GC2 997/G3 1171/LPMG 140
May the Lord Bless and Protect Us (Stahl)   PMB 171
May the Lord Bless Us (Alstott)   BB p. 218
May the Lord Bless Us (Cooney)   PRM B97/PMB 721
May the Lord Bless Us (Haugen/Kodner)  RS 173/GC 125/GC2 70/G3 86/WOR4 101
May the Lord Bless Us (Hunstiger)   SS 606
May the Lord Bless Us (Schiavone)   LP 172/JS 1027
May the Lord Bless Us (Somerville)  CBW 191
May the Lord Bless Us (Stafford)   LPGA B86
O Blessed Are Those (Inwood)  MI-BB 820/JS 104/GP 273
Que Dios Nos Bendiga (Grajeda) GP 274
Que Dios Nos Bendiga (Grajeda) GP 274

Suggested Common Psalms

Ps (18) 19: Lord, You Have the Words
Ps (26) 27: The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation

Hebrews 2:9-11. Christ is presented as the exemplar who models the divine plan for us. Through Christ, we all achieve our identity as having “one origin.”

Mark 10:2-16. Jesus’ interpretation of the Torah as it applies to married life is stricter than that of his contemporaries, who accept the possibility of a relatively easy divorce (easy at least for the husband). Jesus calls his followers to a higher ideal, to understand marriage as an expression of the divine plan for humanity. Even the blessing of children suggests this higher standard, a wholehearted embrace of God’s plan.

Songs for the Liturgy

A Spendthrift Lover Is the Lord (1,G) W3 597
Bwana Awabariki/May the Lord Bless You (1,G) LMGM 155/GC 587/RS 720
Come Away to the Skies (1) GC 440
Come, My Children (G) PSL B-176/SS 244
Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life (1,Ps,G) OIF 742/W3 569/WOR4 662/RS 717/GC 577/WC 855/JS 693
Covenant Hymn (1,G) RS 904/GC 797/GC2 798/G3 904
For the Beauty of the Earth (1,G) JS 642/W3 557/WOR4 632/WC 986/CBW 531/GP 704/MI-BB 595/RS 697/GC 572/GC2 548/G3 633/OIF 892/PMB 517/WS 816/SS 909
God, beyond All Names (1,G) JS 634/GC 491/MI-BB 428/GP 667
God, in the Planning (1,G) GC 868/GC2 858/RS 944/WOR4 984/SS 1097
God Is Love (1,G) GC 629/GC2 608/G3 699/JS 749/CBW 473/MI-BB 484, 489/RS 744/GP 647/SS 886
God, Whose Love Is Reigning O'er Us (1,G) JS 613
Holy Spirit, Lord of Love (1,G) CBW 417
*How Happy You Who Fear the Lord (1,Ps,G) PMB 336/WC 721
I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light (G) W3 510/WOR4 585/GC 507/GC2 513/G3 593/RS 651/OIF 711/PMB 404/WC 820/WS 675//MI-BB 610/SS 887
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You, v 4 (1,G) W3 525/WOR4 611/WC 945/GP 693/LMGM 197/MI-BB 555/RS 669/GC 528/GC2 520/G3 614/CBW 511/JS 617/OIF 844/PMB 497/WS 780/SS 901
*Let the Children Come to Me (G) OOIF 725/PMB 411/WC 837/WS 688
Like a Child Rests (G) JS 734/MI-BB 459/GP 635
Like a Seal on Your Heart (1,G) GP 466
*Lord, All Things Are Guided Still (E) IH 65
Lord of Our Growing Years (G) W3 556
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (1,G) W3 588/WOR4 642/MI-BB 478/GP 640/JS 746/RS 743/GC 622/GC2 613/G3 641/CBW 625/OIF 743/PMB 431/WC 857/WS 721/SS 934
Love Is the Sunlight (1) RS 946/GC 866/GC2 855/G3 967
Love One Another (G) GC 630/RS 745/WOR4 693/OIF 741/GP 645/JS 752/WC 859/WS 715/MI-BB 487
Love Which Never Ends (1,G) JS 573/GP 465
Lover of Us All (1) GC 633/GP 643
Make Us One (1,G) OIF 686/PMB 392/WC 806/WS 673
May God Bless You (1,Ps,G) JS 566/RS 941/GC2 859/G3 971/MI-BB 677/GP 467
May Love Be Ours (Ps,G) GC 623/GC2 612/W3 589/RS 748/JS 564/GP 637
May We Praise You (1,G) GP 678/GC 519
Not for Tongues of Heaven’s Angels (Ps,G) GC 623/GC2 612/G3 709/W3 589/WOR4 701/RS 748/JS 564/GP 637/WC 717
O Perfect Love (1,G) OIF 590/WC 722
One Bread, One Body (1,G,C) GP 499/GC 830/GC2 813/G3 932/WOR4 931/MI-BB 348/LMGM 139/JS 820/OIF 555/RS 915/WC 687/WS 556
Our Father, by Whose Name (G) W3 570/RS 961
Praise to Our God, Creation’s Lord (G) SS 914
Precious Lord, Take My Hand (2) LMGM 162/GC 874/MI-BB 698/RS 754/GC2 847/G3 955/WOR4 980/WC 888/GP 478/OIF 788/PMB 448/WS 747
Priestly People, v 2 (2) OIF 669/PMB 383/WC 786/WS 659
Seed, Scattered and Sown (C) RS 918/GC 834/GC2 830/JS 811/GP 516/MI-BB 363
Set Me as a Seal SPS 133
*Sing a Happy Alleluia, v 3 (G) WOR4 638
Sing a New Church, vss 2-3 (1,G) MI-BB 416/GP 572/GC2 644/G3 743/WOR4 727
Stewards of Earth (1) OIF 876/PMB 509/WC 966/WS 801/CBW 634/SS 947
The Head That Once Was Crowned with Thorns (2) W3 464/RS 591
This Is My Will (G) W3 590
We Praise You, vss 6,7 (Ps) GP 677/GC 541/GC2 540/MI-BB 558/RS 694/JS 626
We Will Serve the Lord -- Haas (1,G) GC 869/GC2 652/G3 753
What Wondrous Love Is This (2) W3 600/WOR4 641/WC 757/GP 642/JS 755/MI-BB 483/RS 749/GC 627/GC2 614/G3 642/OIF 738/PMB 253/WS 704/SS 932
When Love Is Found (G) W3 745/WOR4 982/GC 865/GC2 856/G3 966/WC 719/RS 942/CBW 629/JS 568/OIF 596/PMB 337/WS 617/MI-BB 679/SS 1098
Wondrous Is Your Name (1,Ps) CBW 632
*You Have Given Everything Its Place (E) PSL B-174/SS 484


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation


Publisher & edition  #

As a Little Child incorporating “Jesus Loves Me” (SATB, Keyboard)  Martin, Joseph M.  Malcolm Music/Shawnee (A-6851) G
As Would a Child Behold the Dawn (SATB, Organ)  Leaf, Robert  GIA (G-2436)  G
Blessed are All They That Fear the Lord (SATB, organ)  Sowerby, Leo  H.W. Gray (CMR 1573)  P
Blessed to Be a Blessing (Unison, 2 part, Piano)  Cox, Joe  MorningStar (MSM 50-9409)  G
Blest Are All Who Fearfully Love the Lord (SATB, Organ) English/Latin Blest Are All Who Fearfully Love the Lord (SATB, Organ) English/Latin  Purcell, Henry  Dartmouth Oxford (A 245)  P
Blessed Are They Who Fear the Lord Bishop P
Communion Hymn (SATB, Organ)  Huff, D.  Paraclete (PPM 9224)  C
Cup of Blessing that We Bless, The (SATB, Organ)  Gehring  Concordia (98-3585)  C
Ecce sic benedicetur (SATB)  Morales, Christoph  JW Chester in  “Chester Motets, #14  P

For the Beauty of the Earth (SATB, Keyboard)
For the Beauty of the Earth (SA, Keyboard) 

Rutter, John  Hinshaw (HMC-550)
Hinshaw (HMC-469)
For the Beauty of the Earth (Unison, Keyboard)  Hampton, Calvin  GIA (G-2765)  E
Gentle Psalm, A (SATB)  Clark, Keith  Presser (312-40932)  P
Happy Are You (SATB, Baritone)  Marshall, Jane  Augsburg (11-0686)  P
Head That Once Was Crowned with Thorns, The, ST. MAGNUS  (SATB, Organ, Brass Quartet)  arr. Ferguson, John  GIA (G-3750) 2
How Blest Are They (Unison, Flute, Keyboard)  Proulx, Richard  Augsburg (11-0654)  P
How Great Is Your Name (SATB/Unision, Brass Quartet, Timpani)  Hillert, Richard  GIA (G-3187)  E
How Happy You, Who Fear the Lord  (from Two Hymns in the Dorian Mode) (SATB)  Jenkins, Joseph Wilcox  World Library (CA-1681-8) P
I Will Praise Forever (Unison/2 part, Keyboard, Flute)  Handel, Georg Frederic/arr. Andrews, Stephen  Lorenz (10/1443K)  C
Let the Children Come to Me (SATB)  Beck, John Ness  Concordia (98-2767)  G
Lord of Life and King of Glory (2 mixed voices, Organ)  Grancini, Michel Angelo/ed. Proulx, R. GIA (G-2357)  E
Our Father, by Whose Name (SAB, Organ, Flute)  Busarow, Donald  Concordia (98-2484) 1
Our Father, by Whose Name (SAB, Organ, Flute)  Busarow, Donald  Concordia (98-2484)  G
Our Father, by Whose Name (SATB, Keyboard, Flute)  Cherwien, David  Concordia (98-2980) 1
Our Father, by Whose Name (SATB, Keyboard, Flute)  Cherwien, David  Concordia (98-2980)  G
Psalm 128 (SATB, Piano or Organ)  Wetzler, Robert  Augsburg (11-0646)  P
Psalm 128 (Soprano, SATB, Keyboard)  Berger, Jean  Broude Brothers (BB-3054) P
Suffer the Little Children (SATB, Keyboard, C instrument)  Armstrong, Matthew  Concordia (98-3302)  G
Wedding Anthem (SATB)  Oliver  Novello (#29-0478-00)  P