This is Labor Day weekend in 2015. In many places around the United States, this is also the first weekend after (or the final weekend before) the beginning of the new school year. It would be a good time to focus on morality in the workplace and in other aspects of daily life. The readings for this weekend could focus on teachers as those who open the eyes and ears of their students. See the Blessing of Students and Teachers in the Book of Blessings #522-529. This is also a good time to focus on the Church’s healing ministry and its care of those who are physically and intellectually challenged. With this set of readings, this might be a good weekend for a parish health fair or communal celebration of the anointing of the sick.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Isaiah 35:4-7a. The prophet’s vision of the messianic age sees all things made beautiful, whole, and in proper order. So those suffering from any affliction are cured, and even the desert is made “whole” through the gift of water.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (145) 146
The first of the five psalms that provide a solemn doxology to the Book of Psalms, a collection known as the “Great Hallel.” The psalm is really in two parts: praise of God the creator (vv. 1-6a) and praise of God the redeemer of the oppressed and helpless (vv. 6b-10). In light of the other Scripture passages used this day, the selected verses are from the second half of this psalm.

Alaba, Alma Mia, al Señor—Respuesta I (Reza) FYC 277
I Will Praise the Lord (Chepponis)   WOR4 109
I Will Praise the Lord (Farrell) MI-BB 830
I Will Praise the Lord (Joncas)   RS 197/G3 93/SS 671
O Praise the Lord, Jerusalem   PSL B-151/SS 375
Praise the Lord, My Soul (Alstott)   BB p. 210
Praise the Lord, My Soul (Ancell)   JS 113
Praise the Lord, My Soul (Guimont)   GC2 1012/G3 1159/LPMG 128
Praise the Lord, My Soul (Hurd) MI-BB 826
Praise the Lord, My Soul (Hunstiger)   SS 620
Praise the Lord, My Soul (Lisicky)  PRM B102/LPGA B82/OIF 1102/PMB 709/WS 197
Praise the Lord, My Soul (Proulx/Gelineau)  W3 932/WOR4 1176/RS 195/LPGG 937
Praise the Lord, My Soul (Proulx/Murray)  CBW 179
Praise the Lord, My Soul (Ridge) GP 284
Praise the Lord, My Soul (Schiavone)   JS 1015/LP 160
Ven, Señor, a Salvarnos—Respuesta I (Taulé) FYC 278

James 2:1-5. The letter continues its application of Christian principles to daily practice, especially within the community. “Show no partiality” is a hard charge to practice, even today.

Mark 7:31-37. Jesus’ healing miracles are often parables-in-action. By healing a man who cannot hear and has trouble speaking, Jesus reveals his role as the one who will heal those who are spiritually blind and unable to proclaim their faith in the God of Israel. (Note, at the end of this reading, that even his followers have trouble hearing him: “The more he ordered them not to [tell anyone], the more they proclaimed it.”)

Songs for the Liturgy

A New Song (Ps)  GC 530
A Place at the Table (2)   GC2 705/G3 812/OIF 865
*A Year of God’s Favor (1,Ps,G)   WOR4 594
All Are Welcome (2)  RS 846/GC 753/GC2 741/G3 850/WOR4 833/WC 911/WS 760/MI-BB 418/SS 1000
All the Ends of the Earth (1)  GP 683/MI-BB 544, 551/RS 135/GC 95, 520/GC2 55, 526/G3 70,604/WOR4 75, 76/CBW 548/WC 460,461/JS 76,79,595/OIF 276, 277, 278/PMB 161/WS 394, 395/SPS 82, 83/SS 206, 577, 658
All Who Hunger (2)  GC 820/GC2 817/G3 852, 925/RS 845, 926/WOR4 844, 951/SS 1084
Amazing Grace (1,G)  W3 583/CBW 480/GP 615/LMGM 173/MI-BB 432/WC 707/RS 737/GC 612/GC2 586/G3 645/WOR4 650/JS 713/OIF 330, 576/PMB 323/SPS 265/WS 609/SS 927
Anthem (1,G)  GP 578/MI-BB 511/GC 690/GC2 681/G3 778/JS 761
Arise, Your Light Is Come! (1,G)  CBW 302/WOR4 583
*As the Deer Longs (C)   WC 437/WS 373/JS 42, 696/GP 207/OIF 250/PMB 150
At the Table of the World (Ps,2)   OIF 531/PMB 301/WC 684/WS 586
Be Light for Our Eyes (1,G)  GC 509/GC2 511/CBW 305
Be Strong (1)  LMGM 237
*Be Strong, Our God Comes to Save Us (2)   PSL B-164/SS 224
Bearers of Peace (2)   JS 743
Build Us a Table (2)   G3 754
Canticle of the Turning (1)  GC 556/GC2 527/G3 622/RS 678/WOR4 624
Christ Has Promised to Be Present, v 3 (G)   G3 851
Christ Is the World’s Light (C)  WOR4 602
Christ’s Peace (1,Ps,2,G)   JS 844
City of God (1)  GP 548/MI-BB 380/RS 799/GC 678/GC2 663/G3 766/CBW 345/OIF 690/WC 813/JS 830/WS 690
Come to Me (1,G)  GP 537,628, 629/GC 647/GC2 633/G3 720, 731/RS 763, 872/WOR4 716/JS 728, 735/OIF 791/PMB 444, 451/WC 880, 896/MI-BB 462/WS 746
Come to the Feast (1,2,G)  RS 642/GC 503/GC2 499, 734/G3 585, 838/JS 795/MI-BB 307
Diverse in Culture, Nation, Race (2)  RS 837/GC 739/GC2 729/G3 833/WOR4 842
Eye Has Not Seen (1,G)  MI-BB 463/WC 881/RS 758/GC 638/GC2 616/G3 728/WOR4 713/CBW 482/SS 940
*Flow River Flow (1)  MI-BB 656/JS 541/GP 455
For the Healing of the Nations (2)  W3 643/WC 960/MI-BB 440/RS 823/GC 719/GC2 712/G3 803/WOR4 798/CBW 503/JS 866/OIF 877/PMB 505/WS 798
Freedom Is Coming (1)  RS 821/GC 723/GC2 707/G3 814
From East and West (1)  GP 567
God Has Chosen Me (1,G)  MI-BB 379/GC 682/GC2 669/G3 761/WOR4 781/JS 831/GP 546
God, Whose Almighty Word (1,G)  W3 486/RS 619/CBW 513
Good News (1,G)  LMGM 282/RS 797/GC 679/GC2 672/G3 768
Hail to the Lord's Anointed (1) OIF 404/PMB 225/WC 546/WS 477/SS 736
Hands of Healing (1,G)   GC2 845/G3 954/SS 978
Healer of Our Every Ill (1,G) GC 882/GC2 854/G3 960/RS 958/WOR4 965/CBW 363/WC 713/WS 616
Healing River (1,G)   RS 715/GC 584/GC2 564/G3 643
Healing River of the Spirit (1,G)   MI-BB 697
Healing Waters SPS 294
Help Us Accept Each Other (2)  W3 656/WOR4 818/RS 838
*I Am the Light of the World (C)   JS 664/MI-BB 609/GP 658/GC 510
*I Heard the Voice of Jesus, v 3 (C)   WC 878/WS 737/MI-BB 466/JS 729/GP 633/RS 768/GC 646/GC2 622/G3 724/W3 607/WOR4 707/LMGM 41, 160/OIF 327, 777, 784/PMB 452/SS 945
I Received the Living God (C)  W3 735/WOR4 923/RS 913/GC 851/GC2 809/G3 916/JS 815/OIF 544/PMB 312/WC 676/WS 592, 595/MI-BB 349/SS 1076
In Christ There Is No East or West (2)  W3 659/CBW 529/GP 565/LMGM 301/MI-BB 588/WC 807/RS 836/GC 738/GC2 726/G3 832/WOR4 824/JS 850/OIF 683/PMB 391/WS 672/SS 998
Jesus, Heal Us (G)  GC 875/GC2 846/G3 952
Jesus, Wine of Peace, v 9 (1,G)  GC 817/GC2 804
Like a Deer SPS 67
*Like the Deer That Longs (C)   RS 77/WOR4 50/SS 344
Make Us True Servants (1,2,G) OIF 872/PMB 501/WC 961/WS 806/SS 992
Now in This Banquet (1)  GC 833/GC2 825/G3 937/RS 933/CBW 608
O Christ, You Speak the Names of God (G)   JS 668
O Christ, Your Heart Compassionate (G)   WOR4 559
*O God, for You I Long (C)   JS 688/GP 206
O Healing Light of Christ (G)   JS 576
*O Lord, My Good and Gracious God (E)   IH 60
O Love of God Incarnate (G)   JS 410
*O Son of God, in Galilee (G)  W3 748
Praise the Lord, My Soul – Parker (1)  RS 688/GC 554
*Ps 42: My Soul Is Thirsting (C)  
*Ready The Way (1)  BB 64, 69/JS 323/SPS 142
Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above (Ps,G)  W3 528/WOR4 617/RS 683/GC 539/WC 955/JS 610/OIF 859/PMB 498/SS 903
*Song of Longing (C)   GC 51
Table of Plenty SPS 233
The King of Glory (1,G)  W3 501/WOR4 565/GP 423/MI-BB 738/OIF 640/WC 763/RS 628/GC 486/GC2 494/G3 572/JS 487/WS 636
The Thirsty Cry for Water, Lord (1,2)   G3 815/WOR4 795
The Voice of God Goes Out (1)  W3 358/CBW 433
There Is a Longing (1,G)   JS 692/GP 620/G3 653/MI-BB 406/SPS 366
Walk in the Reign (1)  GC 319/GC2 325
We Are Called (2)  RS 820/GC 718/GC2 710/G3 807/WOR4 799/WC 817/WS 689/MI-BB 630/SS 948
We Cannot Measure How You Heal (G)   GC2 558/G3 657/WOR4 664
We Give God Thanks for Those Who Knew (G)   HG 128
We Remember (1,G)  MI-BB 502/WC 691/RS 724/GC 593/GC2 578/G3 681/WOR4 938/WS 561/SS 922
We Shall Not Be Silent (2)  GP 559
*When the King Shall Come Again, v 3 (1)  W3 355/WOR4 395/RS 487/GC 327/GC2 327/G3 404/JS 318/SS 733
*With All My Heart I Cry (E)   PSL B-162/SS 466
Word of God, Come Down on Earth (1,G)  W3 513/WOR4 590/CBW 429/RS 653/OIF 641/PMB 367/WC 751
You Are Mine (1,G)  RS 762/GC 649/GC2 627/G3 721/WOR4 704/MI-BB 460/WC 893/WS 743/SPS 238/SS 943
You Are the Healing (1,G)  MI-BB 399
You Are the Voice (1,G)  RS 659/GC 549/GC2 538/CBW 576
Your Hands, O Lord, in Days of Old (G)  W3 750/WOR4 972/RS 949/JS 579/OIF 229/PMB 332/WC 712/WS 615


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #
Amazing Grace (SATB)
Amazing Grace (SATB)
GIA 6384
Selah 420-733
1. PS, G

As the Pauper Waits for Plenty

Bonighton Paraclete G
Be Strong, Fear Not (SATB, Keyboard)  Keeseeker  Concordia (98-3044)  1
Behold, God Is My Salvation (Unison, opt. 2nd voice, Organ)  Lindh, Jody W.  Concordia (98-3193)  1
Blessed Jesus At Thy Word Hopson Selah G
Giver of Every Perfect Gift (SATB, Organ, opt. C instrument)  Scott, I. Lee  Concordia (98-3466)  1
Healer of Our Every, Ill (2 part, C instrument, Piano)  Haugen, Marty  GIA (G-3478) G
I Will Praise the Lord (SATB, Keyboard, opt. Guitar)  Joncas, Michael  GIA (G-3434)  P
Judica Me, Deus (SATB)  Gorczycki, Gregory  GIA (G-1973) E
Let Grief Not Overwhelm You (SATB, Organ)  Brahms, Johannes  Augsburg in “Chantry  Choirbook” (0800657772) 1
O God, Whose Healing Power, Healing Power (2 mixed voices, descant, Keyboard)  Sensmeier, Randall  GIA (G-4739) G
Praise the Lord, O My Soul/Ps. 146 (SATB div., Organ)  Rorem, Ned  Boosey & Hawkes (OCTB6105) P
Praise Ye, the Lord (SATB, 2 pianos)  Diemer, Emma Lou  Flammer (5021)  P
Reflections on Amazing Grace (SSATBB/solo) Ames GIA G-5926 G
Then Shall the Eyes of the Blind (SAB, Piano)  Mendelssohn, Felix/arr. Nelson, Ronald A.  Choristers Guild (CGA 927)  1
Those Who Trust in the Lord (SATB, from Five Hymns)  Zimmermann, Heinz, W.  Concordia (98-2178)  1
To the Poor, a Lasting Treasure  (SATB, C instrument, String Quartet, Keyboard)  O’Brien, Francis  GIA (G-4523) 2
Your Hands, O Lord, FOREST GREEN (2 Mixed voices, Keyboard)  arr. Niedmann, Peter  GIA (G-5119) G