FIFTEENTH SUNDAY B Lectionary #104
Continued reflections on prophecy and ministry: The call comes whether we want it or not. The message is confirmed not by our fancy clothes or impressive credentials but by our words and actions.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Amos 7:12-15. Amos defends his prophetic ministry as coming from God. He was never one of the “cult prophets”—professionals associated with a holy site or with a royal household whose job was to offer official interpretations of events in the light of God’s word. Amos was living as a shepherd when God called him.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (84) 85
Psalm 85, which is also a seasonal psalm for Advent, is a communal call for forgiveness and divine aid. It begins with an evocation of God’s mighty deeds in the past as the foundation for a petition for current help.

Let Us See Your Kindness (McAleer) GP 225/MI-BB 790
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Balhoff et al) RS 114/GC 80/GP 224
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Bogdan) WC 451/WS 58
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Carroll/Gelineau) W3 908/WOR4 1152/RS 113/LPGG 913
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (French) PMB 156,684/WS 117/PRM B85/LPGA B74
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Guimont) GC2 951/G3 1135/LPMG 104
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Haugen) LMGM 502/RS 112/GC 79/GC2 48/G3 62
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Hunstiger) SS 563
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Peloquin) SI2 5
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Roff/Isele) CBW 155
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Schiavone) JS 991/LP 135
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Soper) MI-BB 789
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Testa) CCS 2932
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Willcock) PFS 4
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Young) JS 783
Lord, Show Us Your Mercy (Marchionda) SO 64
Lord, Show Us Your Mercy (Modlin) SPS 76
Lord, Show Us Your Mercy and Love (Whitaker) SPS 77
Muéstranos, Señor (Sosa) FYC 226
Muéstranos, Señor, Tu Misericordia (Taulé) FYC 227
Muéstranos, SeZor Tu Misericordia/Show Us, O Lord (Cortez) FYC 225/JS 61
O Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Harbor) LMGM 501
Show Us, Lord, Your Kindness PSL B-5/SS 409

Ephesians 1:3-14. Paul begins this letter with a prayer of blessing, giving thanks for God’s action in blessing us in Christ “with every spiritual blessing.” The rest of the prayer spells out those blessings: election “before the foundation of the world,” adoption, redemption, revelation of the mystery of faith, sealing with the promised Holy Spirit “which is the first installment of our inheritance.”

Mark 6:7-13. Jesus sends out the Twelve, provided only with the basics, to extend his mission of revealing the kingdom’s presence by driving out “unclean spirits” and curing the sick.

Songs for the Liturgy

All That Is Hidden (1,G) MI-BB 521/JS 762/GP 585/G3 746
Alleluia! Go and Teach All People (1,G) CBW 515
Arise, Your Light Is Come! (1,G) CBW 302/WOR4 583
Baptized in Living Waters (2) OIF 662/PMB 386/WC 787/WS 662
Baptized in Water, v 3 (2) W3 720/WOR4 919/RS 903/GC 798/GC2 797/G3 903/CBW 614/JS 542/OIF 516/PMB 286/WC 635/WS/MI-BB 657/SS 1057
Before the Sun Burned Bright (1,G) GP 577/CBW 504
Blessed Be God, Who Chose You in Christ (2) WOR4 917
Bring Forth the Kingdom (G) RS 772/GC 658/GC2 640/G3 734
*Chosen in Christ (2) PSL B-139/SS 235
Christ Has No Body Now But Yours (G) G3 760/OIF 691
Christ in Me Arise (G) SPS 278
Church of God (2) GP 45/RS 783/GC 664/CBW 581/JS 686/GP 571/PMB 381
Come and See the Many Wonders (1,G) WOR4 788
Come unto Me (2) MI-BB 522/JS 770/GP 518
Dwelling Place (2) GP 591/GC 594/GC2 582/G3 678/MI-BB 498
Forth in the Peace of Christ (G) W3 627/CBW 514
Give Thanks and Remember (2) OIF 538/PMB 315/WC 682/WS 590
Give Thanks to God on High (2) RS 888/GC 792
Go (G) LMGM 66/RS 604/GC 454/OIF 819/PMB 478/WC 919/WS 770
Go, Be Justice (G) OIF 822/PMB 476/WC 928/WS 766/SS 1014
Go Forth (1,G) JS 833/SPS 129
Go in Peace, Go in Love (1,G) G3 771
Go Make a Difference (1,G) GC2 664/G3 775/MI-BB 508/SPS 213
Go Out, Go Out MI-BB 389/SPS 212
Go Out to the World/Vayan al Mundo (G) G3 762
Go to the World (1,G) RS 608/GC2 469/G3 546/WOR4 532/CBW 508/WC 917/WS 768/SS 851
God, Bless Your Church with Strength! (G) WOR4 791
God Has Chosen Me (1,G) MI-BB 379/GC 6802/GC2 669/G3 761/WOR4 781/JS 831/GP 546
God Has Spoken by His Prophets (1) W3 516/WOR4 592/RS 654/OIF 681/PMB 419/WC 800/JS 678
God Is Working His Purpose Out (2) W3 507/WOR4 862/RS 646
God Sends Us Forth (1,G) G3 759/WOR4 786
God, Whose Almighty Word (1,G) W3 486/RS 619
God's Blessing Sends Us Forth (G) OIF 815/PMB 473/WC 921/WS 773
Great Is the Lord -- Toolan (1,G) GC 684
*Happy Are They (C) RS 111/GC 77
Here I Am, Lord -- Schutte (1,G) GP 542/MI-BB 375/LMGM 283/WC 829/RS 802/GC 686/GC2 671/G3 777/WOR4 783/CBW 520/JS 832/PMB 406/WS 686/SS 971
How Shall They Hear the Word of God (1,G) W3 629
*I Am the Bread of Life – Toolan, v 3 (C) W3 738/WOR4 950/MI-BB 343/LMGM 133/RS 931/GC 828/GC2 822/G3 945/WC 659/WS 564/SS 1065
I Cannot Tell It All (G) GP 390
*I Pleaded to the Lord My God (E) IH 51
I Send You Out (1,G) G3 758/OIF 813/SPS 214
Jesus Christ, by Faith Revealed (G) OIF 624/PMB 369/WC 759/WS 640
Journeysong (G) JS 759/GP 581
Lord, We Hear Your Word with Gladness (1,G) CBW 444
Lord, You Give the Great Commission (G) W3 470/WOR4 790/WC 788/MI-BB 375/RS 607/GC 456/GC2 466/G3 544/CBW 691/JS 452/GP 401/OIF 668/PMB 382/WS 663/SS 852
Make Me a Blessing (G) LMGM 278
Make Us True Servants, v 2 (G) OIF 872/PMB 501/WC 961/WS 806/SS 992
*Not Alone, But Two by Two (G) WOR4 769
Now Let Us from This Table Rise (G) CBW 521/OIF 873/W3 625/WC 963/JS 411
O Christ, Who Called the Twelve (G) WOR4 768/HG 55
Out of Darkness -- Walker (2) MI-BB 516/GC 689/JS 765/GP 574
Praise the Spirit in Creation (G) W3 477/WOR4 616/RS 609
Ps 84: How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place (C)
Send Me, Jesus (1,G) RS 796/GC 677/GC2 674/G3 776
Send Us as Your Blessing, Lord (1) GP 554
Sent Forth by God’s Blessing (1,G) OIF 817, 825/PMB 474,475/WC 925, 926/MI-BB 385/CBW 533/JS 768/GP 588/WS 767, 774
Sing Praise to Our Creator (2) RS 620/OIF 660/PMB 376/WC 776/WS 654
Speak, Lord (1,G) MI-BB 603
Take Christ to the World (1,G) JS 836/GP 549
Take the Word of God with You (1,G) JS 838/MI-BB 383/GP 543
The Church of Christ in Every Age (G) W3 626/WOR4 785/RS 803/GC2 665/G3 765/OIF 875/WC 965/JS 843/SS 979
The God Who Sends Us Forth (1,G) GC 675
The Spirit of God (1,G) WC 807/GC 458/OIF 714/PMB 399/WS 687
The Spirit Sends Us Forth (1,G) JS 835/WOR4 787/MI-BB 377
The Word Is in Your Heart, vss 2-3 (2) GC 518
This Little Light of Mine (1,G) LMGM 190/GC 513/GC2 514/G3 591/OIF 874/PMB 502/WC 972/WS804
To Be Your Presence (G) WOR4 794
*To Gaze on Your Glory (E) PSL B-137/SS 447
*We Are God's Work of Art/Somos la Creación de Dios, v 5 (2) RS 901/GC 808
We Are Your People (2) W3 623/RS 789/OIF 673/PMB 387/WC 790/WS/SS 963
We Bring God's Holy Love (G) OIF 824/PMB 469/WC 923/WS 764
When Jesus Came Preaching the Kingdom of God (G) W3 614/WOR4 723/RS 773
Who Calls You by Name (2) RS 231/GC2 794/G3 900/CBW 618/WC 645/SS 1059
You Are God's Work of Art (2) GC 810/SS 1060
You Have Anointed Me (1,G) RS 795/GC 676/GC2 662/G3 773/GP 555

*Your Mercy Like Rain (Ps) GC 330

Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #
Blest Are They Bouman Selah G
Blessed Jesus At Thy Word Hopson Selah  
Christ Be Our Seed (SATB, Organ, Oboe)  Schalk, Carl  Concordia (98-3602)  2
Come Pure Hearts (SATB) White Selah 402-382 1, G
Go to the World! (SAB, Keyboard, opt. Trumpet)  Johengen, Carl  GIA (G-4395)  G
Go to the World, SINE NOMINE (SAB, Organ, Brass Quartet, Percussion)  arr. by Chepponis, James  GIA (G-5133) G
God Chose Us in Christ (SATB, Solo, Piano, Organ, Synthesizer)  Hutmacher, OFM, Robert M.  GIA (G-3101)  2
How Lovely are they Messengers (SATB)  Mendelssohn, Felix  E. C. Schirmer (1925/52) in“Concord Anthems”, Book 1 G
How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling (SATB)  Schütz, Heinrich  Concordia (97-6303)  C
How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place (SATB, Organ)  Stearns, Peter Pindar  Paraclete Press (PPM 00409) C
How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place (SATB)  Reagan, Donald J.  World Library (8508)  C
How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place (SATB, Keyboard)  Joncas, Michael  Coronet Press (CP 304)  C
How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place (SATB, Keyboard, opt. Horn) 
How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place (2 pt)
How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place (SATB)
How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place (SATB)
Scott, K. Lee 
Concordia (98-3492) 
Morning Star 50-6302
Various Publishers
GIA G1615
I Am the Living Bread (SATB, Solo, Organ, opt. Oboe)  Johengen, Carl  GIA (G-4353)  C
I Will Go As You Have Sent Me (SATB, Piano)  Alberty, James  GIA (G-4910)  G
Listen to What the Lord is Saying (Unison, Keyboard)  Behnke  Concordia (98-3578) P
Lord, Speak to Me Richard SMP G
Lord, You Give the Great Commission, ABBOT’S LEIGH  (SATB, Organ, opt. Brass Quartet, Timpani, 20 Handbells)  arr. by Haugen, Marty  GIA (G-3200)  G
My Jesus Is My Lasting Joy (Unison, Organ)  Buxtehude, Dietrich  H.W. Gray (CGMR 02727) 2
Nations, Listen to God’s Calling (Unison/2-part, Keyboard)  Bach, Johann Sebastian  Concordia (97-6055) in “BachArias for the Church Year”  1
Praise God in Heaven (2-part, Keyboard)  Schütz, Heinrich  Concordia (98-3587)  2
Ps 84 How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place (SATB) Proulx GIA G5721 C
Saint Teresa's Book Mark (SATB) White E C Schirmer/MSM 3140 1, PS, G
Thanksgiving Hymn from Ephesus (SATB, Keyboard)  Hansen, James  GIA (G-4636)  2
Will You Come and Follow Me, KELVINGROVE  (SATB, solo, Organ, opt. Trumpet)  Bell, John L.  GIA (G-4384)  G