ELEVENTH SUNDAY B Lectionary #92

The kingdom of God is growing, even though we may not see it at work. But our challenge is to look for and, when we find it, cooperate in that growth.

Ezekiel 17:22-24. This allegory completes the one begun on Ezekiel 17:3-8, about the reigns of Kings Jehoiachin and Zedekiah. It says that God is at work in the history of Judah to restore the reign of the Davidic kings and expand that reign like a mighty tree to which all will come.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (91) 92
The verses from this psalm were selected to reflect the image of sheltering trees in the first reading and apply it to individual believers.

At the Work of Your Hands (Warner)  PSY 25
It Is Good to Give Thanks to You (Jordan/Murray)  CBW 143
It Is Good to Give You Thanks   PSL B-126/SS
Lord, It Is Good to Give Thanks (Alstott)   BB
Lord, It Is Good to Give Thanks (Guimont)  RS 124/GC 86/GC2 1011
Lord, It Is Good to Give Thanks (Hunstiger)   SS
Lord, It Is Good to Give Thanks (Joncas)   PMB 672/WS/LPGA B70
Lord, It Is Good to Give Thanks (Proulx/Gelineau)  WOR 896/RS 125/LPGG 92
Lord, It Is Good to Give Thanks (Schiavone)   JS 979

Suggested Common Psalm:  Ps (103) 104

The Lord Is Kind and Merciful

2 Corinthians 5:6-10. We believe that our final home is with the Lord. In the meantime, we live by faith as we try to live lives that will reflect that goal and bring us there in time.

Songs for the Liturgy

A Living Faith (2)   RS 726//GC2 579
All that Is Hidden (1,G)  MI‑BB/JS 762
Anthem (1,G)  GP 19/MI‑BB/GC 690/GC2 681/JS 761
Bread of the World, in Mercy Broken (2,G)  JS 484
Bring Forth the Kingdom (G)  RS 772/GC 658/GC2 640
Come, Ye Thankful People, Come (G)  WOR 759/LMGM 205/BB/RS 706/GC 564/GC2 552/PMB 518/WC 958/WS/JS 639/SS
Father, We Thank Thee (2,G)  WOR 558/CBW 528/RS 705/GC 568/GC2 547/PMB 316/WC 630/WS/SS
For the Fruits of This Creation (1,G)  WOR 562/MI‑BB/CBW 532/PMB 519/WC 959/WS/RS 704/JS 629/SS
Great Is Thy Faithfulness (G)  LMGM 242
*Keep Us in Your Name (C) PSL B-127/SS
*My Voice Has Called (E)   IH 47
Life‑Giving Bread, Saving Cup (2,G)   RS 920/GC 822/GC2 821/SS
One Thing I Seek (E) PSL B-125/SS
Receive in Your Heart (G)  WC 653
*Seed, Scattered and Sown, v 2 (G)  CBW 604/GC 834/GC2 830/RS 918/JS 811/MI‑BB
Seek Ye First (G)  WOR 580/MI‑BB/PMB 433/WC 837/WS/RS 728/GC 615/GC2 600/JS 720
Sent Forth by God's Blessing (1) PMB 474, 475/WC 898, 899/WS/MI‑BB/CBW 533/JS 768
Sing with All the Saints in Glory, v 4 (2)  WOR 467/RS 595/GC 442/GC2 442/JS 789/CBW 406/PMB 510/WC 948/WS/MI-BB/SS
Singing Songs of Expectation (2)  RS 780
Sow the Word (1,G)  GC 516
The King of Glory (G)  WOR 501/MI‑BB/GP 128/WC 738/WS/RS 628/GC 486/GC2 494/JS 487
*The Kingdom of God (G)  WOR 615/RS 775/GC 655/GC2 639/PMB 511/WC 949
*The Reign of God (G) GC2 641
We Are Called (2,G)  RS 820/GC 718/GC2 710/WC 792/WS/MI-BB/SS
We Remember (2)  MI‑BB/GP 255/WC 665/WS/RS 724/GC 593/GC2 578/SS
*We Walk by Faith (2)  WOR 572/GP 258/MI‑BB/PMB 416/WC 822/WS/RS 723/GC 590/GC2 583/CBW 495/SS
We've Come This Far by Faith (2)  LMGM 225
*What Shall We Say God’s Realm Is Like (G) HG 91