THE MOST HOLY TRINITY A  Lectionary #164

Singing the Name

This solemnity sings the divine Name as Christians understand it: as the Trinity of Father, Son, and Spirit. The texts of the day focus on titles applied to God—merciful, God of the ancestors, God of love and peace, savior.

Exodus 34:4b–6, 8–9. In an act of immense trust, God reveals the divine personal name to Moses (YHWH, translated as “Lord”). To reveal one’s name, it was believed, was to give another power over your person. Such an act of trust changes God, in Moses’ mind, from the awesome lawgiver to someone who might share the people’s journey.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Psalm of the Day:  Daniel 3
This canticle is taken from a story intended to show that the God of Israel cares for the covenant people even when they are far from home, so long as they remain faithful. The canticle (3:52–90a) is preserved only in Greek and in ancient translations made from the Greek text. This first doxological part of the Canticle of the Three Young Men, like the whole canticle, is in verse-and-response form.

Cántico de los Tres Jóvenes (Cortés)  FYC 284/GP 290
For Ever, For Ever, We Praise You   PSL A-200/SS
Glory and Praise For Ever (Alstott)   BB
Glory and Praise For Ever (Ash)  JS 118/GP 289/SP5 68
Glory and Praise For Ever (Camaldolese Monks)   MI-BB
Glory and Praise For Ever (Schiavone)   JS 942/LP 86
Glory and Praise For Evermore (Guimont)   GC2 1018/LPMG 164
Glory and Praise For Ever (Smith)   WS/PRM A59
God Is Praised and Exalted (Tate)   GC2 82
To You Glory and Praise (Gelineau)  WOR 84/CBW 108/GC 151/RS 206/LPGG 864
To You Glory and Praise (Guimont)  GC 150

Suggested Common Psalm:  Ps 145

I Will Praise Your Name for Ever, My King and My God

2 Corinthians 13:11–13. The conclusion of this letter evokes, for one of the few times in the New Testament, what seems to be a trinitarian God. Look closely at the text: Paul is actually invoking grace, love, and communion on the Corinthians. As Paul uses the names with which we are familiar, then, he is thinking of them functionally—as aspects of the one God, rather than as we understand them, as persons within the Godhead.

John 3:16–18. This text suggests the traditional understanding of “missions” as applied to the persons of the Trinity. Thus, God the Father is identified as creator, the Son as redeemer, and the Spirit as sanctifier. In fact, though, God’s creative, redeeming, and sanctifying activities are all divine acts of the one God. As the creed called “Quicunque Vult” or the “Creed of St. Athansius” says: “The Catholic faith is this: We worship one God in trinity and trinity in unity, neither confounding the Persons nor dividing the substance.”

Songs for the Liturgy

A Living Hope (2,G)  CBW 613/PMB 284
A Spendthrift Lover Is the Lord (G)  WOR 597
All Hail, Adored Trinity (2)   MI‑BB/GP 416/WC 735/JS 467/PMB 377/WS/SS
All Praise and Glad Thanksgiving (2)  JS 466/MI‑BB/GP 415
*All You Works of God (Ps)  GC 492/GC2 498
Alleluia, Sing!  GC 473/RS 625
Baptized in Water  WOR 720/GC 798/GC2 797/CBW 614/RS 903/JS 542/PMB 286/WC 603/WS/MI-BB/SS
*Blessed Be the Holy Trinity (E)   BFW 193/SS
*Blessed Be the Triune Godhead (E)   IH 32
Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation (G)  WOR 617/WC 746/CBW 542/GC 662/GC2 642/CBW 430/JS 780/PMB 384/SS
Come Now, Almighty King (2)  WOR 487/MI‑BB/LMGM 76/GC 475/GC2 486/JS 471/GP 417/PMB 378/WC 737/WS/SS
Creator God, Creating Still  CBW 420
Father, Lord of All Creation (2)  WOR 655/RS 839/JS 853
Firmly I Believe and Truly (E)   CBW 533
God beyond All Names (1)  MI‑BB/JS 634/GP 667
God Is Love (2)  LMGM 241
God Is Love! The Heavens Are Telling (1,2,G)  CBW 560
God Is One, Unique and Holy (2,G)  GC 476/RS 623
God Our Author and Creator (G)   HG 79
*God So Loved the World (G)   PMB 418/WC 803/WS
God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit  LMGM 77           
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name (1)  WC 900/WOR 524/CBW 555/GP 681/BB/LMGM 193/GC 524/GC2 519/JS 593/RS 657/PMB 494/WS/SS
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty  WOR 485/GP 414/LMGM 78/BB/WC 911/GC 474/GC2 483/JS 469/RS 624/PMB 485/WS/SS
Holy Is God (1)  RS 156
*How Can I Be a Friend? (G)  WC 767
How Great Thou Art, v 3 (G)  WC 904/LMGM 181/CBW 554/GP 665/MI‑BB/GC 494/GC2 496/JS 628/RS 663/PMB 496/WS/SS
How Wonderful the Three‑in‑One (2)  GC 472/GC2 488/RS 618/JS 470/PMB 380/WC 736/MI-BB/SS
Hymn to the Trinity (2,G)  PMB 379/WC 738
I Sing the Mighty Power of God (1)  WOR 502/GP 608/MI‑BB/JS 635/RS 633/CBW 541/PMB 351/WC 921/SS
*Jesus, Lord, v 1 (G)  MI‑BB/CBW 365/JS 701/GP 594
Let Us Be One (2) PMB 388/WC 760
*Love One Another ‑‑ Chepponis, v 1 (2,G)  RS 745/GC 630
Lover of Us All (1,2,G)  GP 643/GC 633
*Meadows and Mountains (Ps)  GP 703
Now Thank We All Our God (G)  RS 700/GP 700/WC 946/JS 636/WOR 560/LMGM 208/CBW 535/GC 565/GC2 545/PMB 520/BB/WS/SS
O God, Almighty Father  WOR 484/CBW 421/LMGM 79/GC 479/GC2 485/MI-BB/SS
O Love of God/Amor de Dios (2)  GP 541/MI-BB
On This Day, the First of Days (G)  WOR 662/CBW 590/MI‑BB/WC 875/GP 413/JS 468/RS 843/PMB 466/WS/SS
Sing Joyfully unto the Lord (Ps)  WC 867
Sing Out, Earth and Skies! (Ps)  RS 640/GC 499/GC2 497/WC 910/CBW 545/MI‑BB/WS/SS
Sing Praise to Our Creator   PMB 376/WC 734/RS 620/WS
Sing We Praises to the Father  CBW 422
Sing Your Praises to the Father   WC 739
Stand Up, Friends! (G)  GC 478/GC2 487/RS 622
That All Be One (2)  CBW 602
The God of Abraham Praise (2)  WOR 537/GC 544/JS 602/RS 685
The Lord Jesus Christ (2)  CBW 436
The Play of the Godhead   GC2 484
This Day God Gives Me  WOR 673/GC 757/GC2 749/CBW 650/JS 2/WC 201/MI‑BB/RS 4,856/GP 727/PMB 2/WS/SS
Today I Awake  RS 857/GC 755
We Believe  GP 449
*You Have Shown You Love Us (E)   PSL A-199/SS


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #
All Glory to Our Lord and God (choral introit w/bells) Hopson MSM G

Also hat Gott die Welt geliebet (SAB)

Telemann, G.P.

Concordia (97-5232) *


Apostolic Band, The (SATB)

Willan, Healey

C.F.Peters (6099)


Benedictus es, Domine (SATB)

Coke & Jephcott



For God So Loved the World (SSAATTBB)


N. Boosey & Hawkes (1815)


God So Loved the World (SS)

Bender, Jan

Concordia (98-1641) *


God So Loved the World (SATB)

Davis, Katherine K.

Galaxy (GMC 2214)


God So Loved the World Chilcott OUP  

God So Loved the World (SAB)

Goemanne, Noel

GIA (G-2699)


God So Loved the World (SATB)

Goss, John

Novello (29.0374.01)


God So Loved the World (Unison/2-part)

Horman, John

Choristers Guild (CGA-447)


God So Loved the World (SA)

Martinson, Joel

Concordia (98-3098) *


God So Loved the World (SSATBB)

Praetorius, H./Lynn, G.

Golden Music (W-4)


God So Loved the World (Crucifixion) (SATB)

Stainer, John

G.Schirmer (3798)


God So Loved the World (Crucifixion) (SAB)

Stainer, John/Wilson & Ehret

Boosey & Hawkes (5110)


God So Loved the World (Crucifixion) (SSAA)

Stainer, John/Trevor, C. H.

Novello (Ch. Ser. 124)


God So Loved the World (SATB)

Vulpius, Melchior/Thomas, P.

Concordia (97-5610) *


Ich aber bin Eland (SATB/SATB)

Brahms, Johannes/Klein, M.

G. Schirmer (11950)


Lord, God, Merciful and Gracious (SATB)

Gregor, Christian/Nolte E.V.

Abingodn (APM-525)


Put on, Therefore, as God's Elect (SATB)

Barnes, Edward S.

H.W. Gray (1337)


So God Loved the World (SAATB)

Gibbons, Orlando/Vining, P.

Novello (NECM 15)


Triune God, Mysterious Being (SATB) Fedak Selah 425-601  

* out of print