The Lectionary suggests a choice of texts from the readings to be used "In Thanksgiving" (#943-947) in the Masses for Various Needs and Occasions. See the Book of Blessings for a special Thanksgiving Day Blessing of Food (#1755-1780).


Suggested texts:


Sirach 50:22–24. The conclusion of the lengthy “praise of ancestors” offers a doxology praising God “who has done wondrous things on earth.”


Psalm of the Day: Psalm (144) 145

This acrostic hymn teaches the reasons for giving thanks to God who is both awesome and gracious.


Alabaré Tu Nombre/I Will Praise Your Name (Cortés) FYC 274/FYC3 241

Bendeciemos por Siempre (Rubalcava)          Cantos 84

Bendeciré Tu Nombre Por Siempre/I Will Praise Your Name (Schiavone) JS 111/FYC 273

I Will Bless Your Name for Ever (Jordan)     LMGM 538

I Will Praise Your Name (Booth)                   JS3 114/SPS 100

I Will Praise Your Name (Carroll)                  RS 194

I Will Praise Your Name (Haas)                     GC 137/GC2 76/RS 193/WC 479

I Will Praise Your Name (Roberts)                 LMGM 539/LMGM2 43/RS 192/WC 480

I Will Praise Your Name (Smith)                    GP 110/GP3 200/JS3 113

I Will Praise Your Name (Soper)                    GP3 199

I Will Praise Your Name (Sullivan)                WC 478

I Will Praise Your Name (Willcock)               JS 112/JS3 112

I Will Praise Your Name Forever (Harbor)    SPS 99


Ephesians 1:3–14. Paul lists the reasons that Christians should give special thanks to God: for election, redemption, and the Holy Spirit.


Matthew 11:25–30. Jesus offers thanks to the Father.


Songs for the Liturgy

Because of the nature of this celebration, congregations at a Mass on Thanksgiving Day may be more inclined to sing some of the old standards associated with this festival.


All My Days (Murray/Schutte) GP 701/GP3 707/JS 637/JS3 604

All Praise and Glad Thanksgiving (2) BB-MI 705/GP 415/GP3 355/JS 466/JS3 445/OFUV 504

All Things Bright and Beautiful (G) RS 635/PMB 348/JS 632/WC 693/ WOR 505/WOR4 574/WS 604

All Who Hunger, Gather Gladly GC 820/GC2 817/G3 852/RS 845

Cantad, Naciones, al Señor (Old Hundredth) Cantos 170

Cantaré Alabanzas al Señor FYC 372

*Come, Ye Thankful People, Come (G) BB-MI 203/GC 564/GC2 552/G3 634/GP 705/GP3 702/LMGM 205/JS 639/JS3 606/OIF 890/PMB 518/RS 706/SS 832/WC 987/WS 793/WOR 759/WOR4 858

Father, We Thank Thee (G) /GC 568/GC2 547/G3 632/OIF 539/PMB 316/ RS 705/SS 835/WC 656/ WOR 558/WS 539

For All the Blessings of the Year OIF 891/WC 983

For the Beauty of the Earth (2) BB-MI 585/ GC 572/GC2 548/G3 633/GP 704/GP3 705/CBW 531/JS 642/JS3 609/LMGM2 480/RS 697/OFUV 602/OIF 892/PMB 517/SS 829/WC 986/WS 794/WOR 557/WOR4 632

For the Fruits of This Creation (G) BB-MI 419/GP3 697/ JS 629/JS3 615/OIF 893/PMB 519/RS 704/SS 837/WC 988/WOR 562/WOR4 857/WS 791

From All That Dwell below the Skies  BB-MI 535/JS 603/JS3 569/GP 682/GP3 718/OFUV 586/OIF 829/PMB 483/SS 826/WC 946/WS 754/WOR 521

Give Thanks to the Lord (Schutte) GP 699/GP3 700/JS 643/JS3 610

God of Adam, God of Joseph (Kaan) GC 893/GC2 870/G3 982/JS 361/RS 960

God of Eve and God of Mary (Kaan) GC 892/GC2 871/G3 983/JS 360/RS 959

God of Our Fathers  JS 867/JS3 847/LMGM 322/LMGM2 787/OIF 950/RS 966/SS 1054/WC 1029/WOR 764/WOR4 995

God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending (G) PMB 396/RS 794/WOR 631/WOR4 805

Gracias Cantos 180

Gracias, Señor (Carchenilla) FYC 364

Gracias, Senior (Cortez) FYC3 517

Gracias, Señor (Gabaráin) FYC 381/FYC3 614

Grateful    SPS 242

Great Is Thy Faithfulness LMGM 242/LMGM2 492/OIF 611

In the Lord I’ll Be Ever Thankful (Berthier) GC 566/GC2 546/G3 639/RS 703/WC 832

Let All Things Now Living BB-MI 586/GC 567/GC2 551/G3 635/GP3 706/JS 641/JS3 608/OIF 895/PMB 516/RS 707/SS 838/WC 984/ WOR 559/WOR4 636/WS 792

Malo! Malo! Thanks Be to God   SPS 223

Meadows and Mountains (Schutte) GP 703/GP3 701

Now Thank We All Our God (1) BB-MI 193/CBW 535/GC 565/GC2545/G3 636/GP 700/GP3 704/JS 636 /JS3 603/LMGM 208/LMGM2 488 /OFUV 611/OIF 896/PMB 520/RS 700/SS 830/WC 985 /WS 795/WOR 560/WOR4 637

Sing to the Lord a Joyful Song WOR 532

Sing to the Lord of Harvest  JS 640/JS3 607/OIF 894/WC 982

Te Damos Gracias (Espinosa) FYC 437/FYC3 613

Thank You, Lord LMGM 206/LMGM2 477,489

We Gather Together (Westendorf),  BB-MI 197/OFUV 787/OIF 806/PMB 468/WC 916/WS 732