The Lectionary includes a special set of readings for the memorial of St. Cecilia or a choice from the Common of Martyrs or the Common of Virgins. Those wishing to honor pastoral musicians at Mass on this day should use the readings and prayers for the memorial.


Hosea 2:16bc, 17cd, 21–22. The prophet evokes the desert wandering of the Exodus as a particularly important time in Israel’s history, when Israel was closest to God. Speaking in God’s name, the prophet calls Israel to a new desert experience which will renew the covenant—in fact, a marriage covenant between Israel and God.


Psalm of the Day: Ps (44) 45

This text was originally sung to welcome a new queen to the royal court in Jerusalem. While settings of Psalm 45 are available, there are not many with either of the antiphons provided for this memorial.


De Pie a Tu Derecha (Sosa)                FYC 207/FYC3 182

Hearken, O Daughter (Warner/Scheidler) Cantos 63

The Queen Stands (Hughes)               WOR 1046

The Queen Stands (Keil)                    JS 44

The Queen Stands (Kodner)               GC 52


Common Responsorial Psalm: Ps (33) 34

This text served the early church as its main communion song. It highlights sung praise as a normal occupation for a believer, and it evokes care for the poor as a special focus of God’s mercy.


Gusten y Vean (Cortes)                      FYC 201/GP 201

Gusten y Vean (Montgomery)            FYC 200/FYC3 177

Gusten y Vean (Rubalcava)                Cantos 61

Gusten y Vean/Taste and See (Reza) FYC 202/FYC3 176/JS 39/JS3 39

I Will Always Thank the Lord (Soper) GP 202/OFUV 171

I Will Bless the Lord (Alstott)            BB-MI 757/JS 40

I Will Bless the Lord (Gouin)             GC 46

I Will Bless the Lord at All Times (Harbor) LMGM 540

I Will Bless the Lord at All Times, alt. refrain 3 (Tate) WC 398

I Will Give Thanks to You (Englert) WC 399

O Taste and See (Isele)                       LMGM 541

Taste and See (Dean)                          GP 200/JS 37/JS3 42/RS 72

Taste and See (Chepponis)                 SS 562

Taste and See (Guimont)                    RS 71

Taste and See (Haugen)                      GC 47/GC2 34/RS 70/SS 563

Taste and See (Hommerding)             WC 226,443

Taste and See (Hurd)                          JS3 796

Taste and See (Hunstiger)                   SS 506

Taste and See (Hurd)                          GP 199

Taste and See (Kendenzia)                 JS3 789

Taste and See (Moore)                        SS 992/WOR4 985/WC 690/WS 559

Taste and See (Proulx/Gelineau)         RS 73/WOR 36

Taste and See (Willcock)                    JS 38/JS3 40


Matthew 25:1–13. The parable of the wise and foolish virgins invites us to be prepared to welcome the Lord and acknowledge the divine presence in our lives.


Songs for the Liturgy


Cantad a Dios FYC 373

De Colores FYC 427

For the Beauty of the Earth  BB-MI 585/ GC 572/GC2 548/G3 633/GP 704/GP3 705/CBW 531/JS 642/JS3 609/LMGM2 480/RS 697/OFUV 602/OIF 892/PMB 517/SS 829/WC 986/WS 794/WOR 557/WOR4 632

How Brightly Beams the Morning Star (G) OIF 407/WC 547/WOR 389

How Can I Keep from Singing BB-MI 440/GC 603/GC2 598/G3 685/GP 616/GP3 607/JS 721/JS3 686/OIF 760/OFUV 638/PMB 439/RS 733/WC 866/WOR4 684/WS 703

I’ll Be Singing Up There LMGM 148/LMGM2 717

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You (2) BB-MI 542/CBW 511/GC 528/GC2 520/G3 614/GP 693/GP3 726/JS 617/JS3 575/LMGM2 435/OFUV 561/OIF 844/PMB 497/RS 669/SPS /SS 821/WC 945/WS 761/WOR 525/WOR4 611

Let All the World in Every Corner Sing WOR 536

O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing United Methodist Hymnal 57

Play before the Lord GP 697

Psalm 150: Let Everything That Lives (Currie/Gelineau) WOR 81

Psalm 150: Praise God in This Holy Dwelling (Westendorf/Vermulst) GC 142/GC2 78/G3 94/RS 200/WC 482

Salmo 150: Aleluya, Alabad al Señor FYC 578/FYC3 625

Sing, O Sing GP 689/GP3 744

Sing of the Lord's Goodness (1) BB-MI 560/GC 547/GC2 532/G3 610/GP 690/GP3 740/JS 605/JS3 582/OFUV 566

Sing, People of God WC 950

Sing to the Lord a Joyful Song WOR 532

Wake, O Wake, and Sleep No Longer (G) GC 335/JS 332/JS3 298/RS 489/WC 492/WOR 371

When in Our Music God Is Glorified (G) CBW 509/GC 560/GC2 539/G3 612/JS 624/JS3 601/LMGM2 460/OIF 857/PMB 491/RS 665,680/SS 810/WC 953/WOR 549/WOR4 608