MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., DAY (Lectionary #882)

his is a national day to remember fallen heroes and to recommit to the promise of justice and peace rooted in the Gospel, which goes far beyond anything that our nation can promise. This national observance falls on a weekday in Ordinary Time, so it would normally be possible to use some special Mass texts where parishes and communities want to focus on the meaning of the day. If there is a community observance, you might draw on the following suggestions for prayers, readings, and songs.


Suggested prayer texts:

Roman Missal, Masses for Various Needs and Occasions #29, For the Progress of Peoples or
#30, For the Preservation of Peace and Justice. Preface Independence Day I (July 4).


Suggested readings:

Lectionary #882-886: For the Country or a City or for Those in Public Office or . . . for the Progress of Peoples


Esther C:1-4, 8-10 (#882-6): The “Prayer of Mordecai” affirms faith in God and in God's protection of the holy people but still asks for God to work to correct injustice.


Psalm (84) 85 (#884-3)
In the center of this national lament and prayer for reconciliation come the verses used in Lectionary #884.3, a prophetic promise that God will bring reconciliation and peace. The assigned refrain is: “The Lord speaks of peace to his people,” but these settings also contain the verses assigned in the Lectionary.


Come, O Lord/Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Balhoff et al.) GC 80/GP 224/RS 114
Let Us See Your Kindness (MacAller) GP 225
Lord Let Us See Your Kindness  G3 62

Let Us See Your Kindness  OFUV 200

Lord, Let Me See Your Kindness (Young) JS 783
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (French) PMB 156, 558, 684, 696/WS 361
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Guimont) GC2 951
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Haugen) GC 79/GC2 48/G3 62/LMGM 502/RS 112

Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness  (Schiavone) JS3 63

Lord Let Us See Your Kindness (Soper) JS3 64

Lord, Show Us Your Mercy (Roff) PMB 765
Lord, Show Us Your Mercy/Let Us See (Bogdan) WC 451
Muéstranos, Señor (Sosa) FYC 226
Muéstranos, Señor (Rubalcava) Cantos (WLP) 68
Muéstranos, Señor/Show Us, O Lord (Cortez) FYC 225/FYC3 198/JS 61
Muéstranos, Señor, Tu Misericordia (Taulé) FYC 228
Show Us Your Kindness (Hurd) JS 62

The Lord Speaks of Peace (Kasbohm) PMB 763
The Lord Speaks of Peace (Proulx) RS 113, antiphon II


Colossians 3:9b-17 (#883-7): Christ overcomes all divisions, but we must put on Christ's way of life in order to make that victory incarnate in our time.


John 15:9-12 (#886-12): This is my commandment: Love one another.


Hymns of Justice

Abundant Life (Duck) GC 710/GC2 703/G3 811/RS 636
Bring Forth the Kingdom (Haugen) GC 658/GC2 640/G3 734/RS 772
Christ, Be Our Light (Farrell) BB-MI 594/GC2 512/G3 590/GP 656/GP3 683/JS 661/JS3 824/OIF 867/OFUV 625/WC 962/WOR4 584/WS 781
For the Healing of the Nations (Kaan) BB-MI 426/GC 719/GC2 712/G3 803/GP3 517/JS 866/JS3 844/OIF 877/PMB 505/RS 823/WC 960/WOR 643/WOR4 798/WS 777
Free at Last  LMGM2 654

Freedom Is Coming  GC2 707/G3 814/LMGM2 657/RS 821
God of Day and God of Darkness (Haugen) BB-MI 637/GC 761/GC2 750/G3 859/RS 826/WC 632/WOR4 854/WS 522
God of the Hungry  BB-MI 621/GP 560/GP3 518/JS 459
How Can I Keep from Singing BB-MI 440/GC 603/GC2 598/G3 685/GP 616/GP3 607/JS 721/JS3 686/OIF 760/OFUV 638/PMB 439/RS 733/WC 866/WOR4 684/WS 703

How Can We Be Silent (Maher) G3 772
How Long, O Lord (Schutte) GP 353/GP3 269
How Long, O Lord, How Long (Stuempfle) RS 829
I Will Not Die (Conry) GC 657/GP 716/GP3 758/JS 658/RS 771
If You Believe and I Believe GC 722/GC2 708/G3 818/JS 839/LMGM2 653/RS 825
Justice Shall Flourish (Marchionda) PMB 504
Keep the Dream Alive (Manuel) LMGM 295/LMGM2 656
Let Justice Roll Like a River (Haugen) GC 716/GC2 709/G3 810
Lift Every Voice and Sing GP 561/LMGM 291/LMGM2 649/OIF 847/PMB 487/WC 947/WOR 641/WS 766
Lord of All Nations, Grant Me Grace  CH 612/GC 634/GC2 602/G3 703/OIF 687/RS 751/WC 805/WOR 602/WOR4 697
Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service (Bayly/Beach Spring) BB-MI  614/GP 557/OIF 871/JS 840/PMB 508/RS 793/ 892/WC 968/WS 780
Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service (Bayly/In Babilone) CH 606/GC2 668/G3 764/JS3 825/WOR4 780
Make Us True Servants (Wente) OIF 872/PMB 501/WC 961/WS 784
O Holy City Seen of John  CH 620/GC2 757/G3 863
Oh, Freedom  LMGM 298/LMGM2 657
On Holy Ground (Peña) GC 712/GC2 715/G3 809
Psalm 34: The Cry of the Poor (Foley) BB-MI 615/GC 48/GC2 33/G3 47/GP 203/GP3 526/JS 635/JS3 829/RS 69/WOR4 46
Psalm 72: Justice Will Flourish (Dohms) PMB 154/WC 418
Said Judas to Mary (Carter) WOR 644
Send Down the Fire (Haugen) GC 466/GC2 477/G3 557
The Church of Christ in Every Age (Green) CH 613/GC2 665/G3 765/JS 843/JS3 823/OIF 875/RS 803/SS 899/WC 940/WOR 626/WOR4 785
The Harvest of Justice (Haas) GC 711/GC2 716/G3 806

This is Holy Ground   LMGM2 429
We Are Called (Haas) BB-MI 616/GC 718/GC2 710/G3 807/GP3 524/RS 820/SS 868/WC 817/WOR4 799
We Shall Not Be Silent (Conry) GP 559
We Shall Overcome GC2 711/G3 817/GP 556/GP3 527/JS 842/JS3 822/LMGM 297/LMGM2 652
We’ve Come a Long Way, Lord LMGM 294/LMGM2 655
What Does the Lord Require (Bayly/Routley) RS 785/WOR 624/WOR4 748
Whatsoever You Do (Jabusch) BB-MI 620/CH 609/GC2 656/GP 558/GP3 519/JS 846/JS3 828/OIF 385/OFUV 833/WC 969/WS 778
You Are The Light SPS 369

You Are the Light of the World (Tate) WC 964/WS 783