What matters is not simply eating the bread and drinking the cup, but participating in the life and mission of Christ, whose sacramental presence impels us into the world to transform it.

Deuteronomy 8:2–3, 14b–16a. This summary of the desert wandering, as the people moved from slavery to freedom, focuses on the gift of bread and of water from the rock.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Psalm of the Day:  Ps 147
This is a communal hymn of praise, written after the return from Exile and composed in three sections. Today’s verses come from the third section: praise of God whose word is creative and redemptive.
O Praise the Lord, Jerusalem   PSL A-203/SS
O Praise the Lord, Jerusalem (Affley/Murray)  CBW 111
O Praise the Lord, Jerusalem (Guimont)   GC2 1013/LPMG 167
Praise the Lord, Jerusalem (Alstott)   BB
Praise the Lord, Jerusalem (French)   WS/PRM A60
Praise the Lord, Jerusalem (Hunstiger)   SS
Praise the Lord, Jerusalem (Schiavone)   JS 945/LP 89
Praise the Lord, Jerusalem (Waddell/Gelineau)  RS 199/LPGG 867

Suggested Common Psalm:  Ps 34 (33)
Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord

1 Corinthians 10:16–17. Commenting on meal practice at Corinth, Paul emphasizes the unity that results when we share the cup of blessing and the broken bread with the right attitude.

About the Sequence

The sequence Lauda Sion is the longest of the four sequences currently in the Roman Missal. Although it is optional, you might want to consider using at least part of it (perhaps the final four verses) for an extended Gospel procession today, or you could incorporate all or part of it at some other point in the Mass, perhaps at the entrance or at communion.

Contemplate the Bread of Angels (short form)  By Flowing Waters 207
Laud, O Zion   JS 473/BB/PRM A61
Praise, O Zion, Voices Raising   WC 627/PMB 319

John 6:51–58. Part of the long “bread of life” sermon, this passage focuses on the need for Christians to become one with Christ by sharing in his very life.

Songs for the Liturgy

*All Who Hunger (1,G)  GC 820/GC2 817/RS 845, 926/SS
Alleluia! Sing to Jesus, v 3 (G)  WOR 737/CBW 426/GP 419/MI‑BB/WC 703/LMGM 67/GC 853/GC2 826/JS 477/RS 914/PMB 352/WS/SS
Amén. El Cuerpo de Cristo (2,G)   JS 824/MI-BB
As Grain on Scattered Hillsides (2)   SS
As Grains of Wheat (2)   JS 479/MI‑BB
As the Grains of Wheat (2)  RS 921/GC 825
At That First Eucharist (2)  WOR 733/WC 620/LMGM 134/GC 852/GC2 840/RS 922/JS 826/GP 511/PMB 292/WS/SS
At the Table of the World (1) PMB 301/WC 646/WS
*Blessed Jesus, Living Bread (G)   HG 133
Bread for the World (1)   JS 810/GP 528/MI-BB
Bread for the World Broken (2)  JS 691
Bread of Life (2)  GP 498,520/MI‑BB/GC 821, 824/CBW 597/JS 819
Bread of Life from Heaven/Pan de Vida Eterna (2)   GC2 803/SS
By Your Hand You Feed Your People (1)   SS
Can God a Lavish Table Spread? (1)   SS
Christians, Let Us Love One Another (2)  GP 646/CBW 595/JS 751/MI‑BB
Come and Eat This Living Bread (G)   GC2 820
Come to the Banquet (2)   GC2 810/SS
Draw Near and Take the Body of the Lord (2)  WOR 732/BB/WC 613/JS 472/PMB 293/GC2 829/WS
Draw Us in the Spirit's Tether (2)  WOR 731/RS 917/JS 797/MI-BB
*Eat This Bread (1,G)  WOR 734/MI‑BB/LMGM 130/GC 838/GC2 806/CBW 602/WC 617/RS 928/WS/SS
Eucharistic Litany (G)   PMB 310/WC 614/WS
Father, We Thank Thee (2)  WOR 558/GC 568/GC2 547/CBW 528/RS 705/WC 619/PMB 316/WS/SS
Gather Us In (1,G)  WOR 665/WC 869/MI‑BB/GC 744/GC2 747/CBW 587/RS 850/WC 523/WS/SS
Gather Us Together (2)  GP 534/MI‑BB/JS 801
Gather Your People (2)  GP 529/MI‑BB/JS 798/GC2 742
*Gift of Finest Wheat, v 3 (2)  WOR 736/CBW 603/MI‑BB/LMGM 136/GP 525/WC 629/GC 815/GC2 816/JS 803/RS 912/PMB 300/WS/SS
God's Blessing Sends Us Forth, v 3 (2)    PMB 473/WC 881/WS
Halleluya! We Sing Your Praises (G)  RS 692/GC 562/GC2 529/PMB 482
He Answers All Our Needs (1,Ps,G) WC 927/WS
I Am the Bread of Life ‑‑ Englert (G)  PMB 321/WC 638/JS 736
*I Am the Bread of Life ‑‑ Toolan, v 3 (G)  WOR 738/WC 622/MI‑BB/WC 379/LMGM 133/GC 828/GC2 822/RS 931/WS/SS
*I Am the Living Bread (G)  MI‑BB/CBW 605/JS 822/GP 519
I Come with Joy to Meet My Lord (2)  WOR 726/CBW 424/GC 806/GC2 799/RS 854/PMB 320/WC 877/WS/SS
*Jesus, Bread of Life (G) PMB 295/WC 627/WS
*Jesus, the Bread of Life (G)  GP 527/LMGM 141/JS 817/MI‑BB
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence, v 2 (2)  WOR 523/WC 647/CBW 596/BB/GC 540/GC2 542/JS 611/RS 658/GP 694/PMB 306/SS
Let the Hungry Come to Me (1,G)  WC 628
Let Us Be One (2) PMB 388/WC 760
Let Us Break Bread Together (2)  WOR 727/GP 505/LMGM 135/WC 616/GC 832/GC2 832/JS 806/MI‑BB/RS 911/PMB 313/WS
Life‑Giving Bread, Saving Cup (2)  GC 822/GC2 821/RS 920/SS
*Look Beyond (G)   GP 521/MI-BB 337/GC 843/GC2 837
Lord Christ, the Father's Mighty Son (2)  WOR 658
Lord, Who at Thy First Eucharist (2)  MI‑BB/JS 826
Make of Our Hands a Throne (1,2,G)   PMB 302/WC 656/WS
May We Be One (1,2)  RS 477/GC 316
*O Blessed Savior, v 1 (1) PMB 308/WC 635
O Food of Exiles Lowly (G)  WOR 729/GC 886
O Jesus, Joy of Loving Hearts (G)  WOR 605/CBW 654
O Living Bread from Heaven (G)  PMB 546/WC 984, 986
O Lord with Wondrous Mystery (2) PMB 309/WC 636
O Taste and See (1,G)  GC 835/RS 923/PMB 146
One Bread, One Body (2)  GP 499/MI‑BB 356/LMGM 139/GC 830/GC2 813/WC 649/JS 820/RS 915/WS
*One Bread We Bless and Share (2)   SS
*Our Blessing Cup ‑‑ Joncas (2)  GP 513/MI‑BB/JS 91
Our Daily Bread (G)  CBW 600
Pan de Vida (2,G)  GP 500/RS 909/GC 848/GC2 811/JS 813/WC 637/MI‑BB/WS
Panis Angelicus Latin/English (G) PMB 543/WC 992/WS 697/JS 854/MI‑BB/SS
Present among Us (2)   GC2 838
Priestly People, v 14 (1,G) PMB 383/WC 740/WS
*Seed, Scattered and Sown (2)  GC 834/GC2 830/MI‑BB/CBW 604/JS 811/RS 918/GP 516
*Shepherd of Our Hearts (1)  GC 829
*Shepherd of Souls, Refresh and Bless (1)  WC 626/WOR 728/MI‑BB/GC 840/GC2 818/JS 825/GP 501/PMB 296/WS/SS
Song of Gathering (2)  GC 740
Song of the Lord's Supper (2)  GC 412/GC2 434
Table of Plenty (1)  GP 530/JS 793/MI‑BB
*Take and Eat, v 1 (G)  GC 831/GC2 812/CBW 611/WC 648/RS 910/WS/SS
Take and Eat This Bread (2,G)   GC2 839/WC 632/WS/SS
Taste and See (1,G)  LMGM 129/WOR 36/MI‑BB/GP 199, 200, 201/WC 397, 398, 652/GC 46, 47, 814, 837/GC2 34, 827/CBW 610/JS 37, 38, 39, 40, 821/RS 70, 71, 72, 73, 919/PMB 148/WS/SS
The Hand of the Lord Feeds Us Janco (1,G) WC 654/WS
The Living Bread of God (1,G)  GC 826/GC2 841
*The Lord Provided Israel (E)   IH 34
The Supper of the Lord (G)  GP 518/MI‑BB
*This Bread That We Share (2)  MI‑BB
Though We Are Many (2)   SS
We Know and Believe (2)  GC 836
*With Finest Wheat and Finest Wine (E)   PSL A-202/SS
You Are Our Living Bread (G)  GP 523/GC 819

Songs for Eucharistic Procession and Exposition

Many communities have an outdoor procession and/or a period of Eucharistic exposition as part of their observance of today's feast. Many of the songs listed above could appropriately be sung for such a service.

The following songs, which focus on adoration of Christ in the Eucharistic elements, are not suitable during the celebration of Mass but are very appropriate for a Eucharistic procession. These songs may also be used at the beginning or end of a period of exposition. 

Adoro Te Devote (Latin/English) WOR 489/WC 990/PMB 540/JS 858/MI-BB/SS
Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All  WOR 488/GC 480/WC 981/PMB 547/SS
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence  WOR 523/JS 611/CBW 596/WC 647/RS 658/GC 540/GP 694/PMB 306/BB/SS
O Lord with Wondrous Mystery  WC 636/PMB 309
O Sacrament Most Holy  WC 989/PMB 544/WS/JS 856/MI-BB/SS
O Salutaris Hostia (Latin/English)  WOR 757/JS 140/CBW 689/LMGM 81/WC 227/RS 962/GC 887/GP 497/PMB 44/MI‑BB/WS/SS
Pange Lingua  (Latin/English)  WOR 813/WC 541/CBW 68/JS 404, 405, 406/BB/RS 972/GC 407/GP 366/PMB 600/WS/SS
Tantum Ergo  (Latin/English)  WOR 758/CBW 68, 688/LMGM 82/JS 141/WC 229/RS 963/GC 888/GP 366/PMB 45/MI-BB/WS/SS
The Divine Praises   JS 142


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #
Anima Christe (SATB) Thacher Trinitas/OCP G
Ave Verum
Ave Verum
Ave Verum
Ave Verum
Ave Verum
Ave Verum
Ave Verum
Ave Verum (SSA)
Ave Verum (SA)
Ave Verum
F. Peeters
Alliance Music Publications
Cantus Quercus Press
E.C.Schirmer & CPDL
Morning Star & CPDL

Ego Sum Panis Vivus (SATB)

Byrd, William

Alexander Broude (ABC 30)


Ego Sum Panis Vivus (SB)

Martini, Padre

GIA (G-2356)


Ego Sum Panis Vivus Palestrina CPDL G

I Am the Bread of Life (2-part)

Schiavone, John

GIA (G-1855)


Lauda Jerusalem (SSAA)

Porpora, Niccola/Hunter, R.

Flammer (A 5007)


O Esca Viatorum
O Esca Viatorum
O Sacrum Convivium (SAATB)
O Sacrum Convivium (SATB)
O Sacrum Convivium (SATB)
O Sacrum Convivium (SATB)
O Sacrum Convivium (SATB)
O Sacrum Convivium
O Sacrum Convivium
O Sacrum Convivium
Tallis, Thomas
Biery, James
Messiaen, Olivier Victoria, Tomasso di/ed.
Tovey, Donald F.
Oxford (TCM 74)
MorningStar (MSM-50-8311)
Durand, S.A. (12.742)
Stainer & Bell/Augener (Laudate Pueri, p. 36)
Pange Lingua Victoria CPDL G
Panis Angelicus
Panis Angelicus (Unison, SA, TB, SATB, Organ/Keyboard)
Panis Angelicus (T-solo, SATB, String(s), opt. Harp)
Panis Angelicus
Panis Angelicus (SATB, a cappella)
Panis Angelicus (SATB, Organ)
Franck, César
Franck, César/arr. Proulx, Richard
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi/Lee, John
Saint-Saëns, Camille
Various publishers & editions
GIA (G-5572)
GIA (G-2003)
Oxford (Oxford New Anthems, p. 359) & CPDL
S, G

Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem (SATB)

Maunder, J. H.

Novello (29.0119.06)


Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem (Unison)

Williamson, Malcolm

Boosey & Hawkes (5959)


Praise Ye the Lord (SATB)

Sessions, Roger

Presser (342-40119)


Verily, Verily I Say Unto You (SATB)
Verily, Verily

Tallis, Thomas
Tallis, Thomas

Oxford (247)