BAPTISM OF THE LORD (A, B, C) Lectionary #21

With echoes of the message of Epiphany, this feast interprets the baptism of Jesus as an anointing for ministry as the “suffering servant.” Note that the first two readings and the responsorial psalm for Year A may be used in any year, though a full set of texts is provided for each year.

Isaiah 42:1-4, 6-7. The “servant” described by Isaiah is an enigmatic figure that may stand for the prophet himself, the “poor ones” of Israel, or the whole nation. Because of the way Jesus died, Christians saw in the sufferings of the servant an image of the One who brought life from death. In this passage the servant is anointed with the divine spirit and acts with mercy and gentleness.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (28) 29
The psalmist sees in a thunderstorm the sign of God's majestic rule over all creation. The image of God “enthroned above the flood” was used by early Christians as an image of God's blessing on the waters of baptism.

El Señor Bendice a Su Pueblo (Manzano) FYC 192
Lord, Bless Your People (Warner) PMB 143
The Lord Will Bless His People PSL A-27/SS
The Lord Will Bless His People (Alstott) BB
The Lord Will Bless His People (Batastini) RS 58
The Lord Will Bless His People (Booth) GP 191
The Lord Will Bless His People (Canter) MI-BB
The Lord Will Bless His People (Cheri/Robertson) WC 398/WS
The Lord Will Bless His People (Forrester/Somerville) CBW 38
The Lord Will Bless His People (Guimont) GC 40/GC2 908/LPMG 21
The Lord Will Bless His People (Hunstiger) SS
The Lord Will Bless His People (Kreutz) PMB 576/PRM A14
The Lord Will Bless His People (Proulx/Gelineau) WOR 785/LPGG 787                                
The Lord Will Bless His People (Schiavone) JS 899/LP 30
The Lord Will Bless Us with Peace (Whitaker) JS 31


Common Psalm: Ps (71) 72
See suggestions for Epiphany.

Acts 10:34-38. At the end of a dramatic passage in which Peter accepts the call to baptize non-Jews, he summarizes the Gospel message: Jesus was anointed by the spirit of God to heal “all those oppressed by the devil,” and that “healing” applies to all who are called by God.

Matthew 3:13-17. In Matthew's version of the baptism story, John acknowledges Jesus’ superiority, but it is only Jesus who sees the Spirit of God descending “like a dove.” Presumably it is also only Jesus who hears the voice naming him God’s “beloved Son,” since there is no reaction from John or the crowd.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Songs for the Liturgy
A Living Hope (2,G) CBW 613/PMB 284                
*All Justice You Have Loved and Taught (E) IH 13
All the Ends of the Earth – Dufford (G) GP 683/MI‑BB/GC 520/GC2 526/JS 595
All You Who Are Thirsty (G) RS 644/GC 501/GC2 501
Arise, Your Light Is Come! (1) CBW 302
Baptized in Water (G) WOR 720/RS 903/JS 542/GC 798/GC2 797/CBW 614/WC 617/PMB 286/WS/MI-BB/SS
Before the Sun Burned Bright (G) GP 577/CBW 504
Blessed Quietness (G) LMGM 72
Christ, You are the Fullness (2,G) CBW 431
Come, Taste and See (G) JS 818/GP 526
*Down Galilee’s Slow Roadways (G) HG 16
Everyone Moved by the Spirit (G) GP 412
God Sends Us His Spirit (G) WOR 724
Hail to the Lord's Anointed (1,G) WC 517/PMB 225/SS
Healing River (G) RS 715/GC 584/GC2 564
Here Am I (1) RS 822/GC2 713
*Here Is My Servant (1) PSL A-34/SS
I Have Been Anointed (1,2,G) PMB 395/WC 794/WS
I've Just Come from the Fountain (G) LMGM 110
*Jesus at the Jordan Baptized (G) SS
Joy to the World (1) WOR 399/CBW 328/GP 318/LMGM 19/BB/RS 524/GC 343/GC2 353/WC 493/JS 336/PMB 207/WS/SS
Now in This Banquet, vss 3‑4 (1) GC 833/GC2 825/RS 933/CBW 608
O Christ, the Great Foundation (1,G) WOR 618/RS 781, 782/CBW 527/GC2 646/SS
O God of Love, O King of Peace (Ps) WOR 652/WC 872/RS 833/CBW 681/RS 833/PMB 457
Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness (1,G) CBW 582
Praise to You, O Christ Our Savior (G) JS 674/MI‑BB/RS 652/GC 515/GC2 517/CBW 442/GP 662
Priestly People, v 1 (E,1,G) PMB 383/WC 761/WS
Send Down the Fire (G) GC 466/GC2 477
Song of the Holy Spirit (G) JS 460/CBW 526
Song over the Waters (G) RS 855/GC 585/GC2 559/SS
Songs of Thankfulness and Praise (G) WOR 410/CBW 348/BB/RS 529/GC 376/GC2 383/WC 519/JS 368/PMB 224/WS/SS
Sweet Refreshment (G) GC2 802/SS
The Church of Christ in Every Age (1) WOR 626/RS 803/WC 940/JS 843/GC2 665/SS
The Church's One Foundation (G) CBW 604/GP 573/MI‑BB/WC 764/JS 779/PMB 385/WS/SS
The Spirit of God (G) WC 807/PMB 399/WS
The Voice of God Goes Out (1,G) WOR 358/CBW 433
There Is One Lord (G) GP 453/WOR 657/MI‑BB/WC 610/RS 835/GC 661/JS 699/PMB 287/WS
*To Jordan Jesus Humbly Came (G) WC 525/WS
Ustedes Sacarán Agua/You Will Draw Water FYC 2, 282/JS 116
Wade in the Water (G) LMGM 107/GC 812/GC2 793/MI‑BB/GP 456/JS 544
Water and Spirit (G) WC 760
Waters of Love (Ps,G) WC 608
We Shall Draw Water (1) JS 117/MI‑BB/GP 288
*When Jesus Came to Jordan (G) WOR 697/RS 878/HG 151
*When Jesus Comes to Be Baptized (G) CBW 350/JS 372/BB
*When John Baptized by Jordan's River (G) WOR 412/RS 538/CBW 325/WC 524/JS 373/GC2 390/SS
Wonderful and Great (Ps) WC 929/PMB 499
You Are the Voice (G) GC 549/GC2 538/RS 659/CBW 576
You Have Anointed Me (1) RS 795/GC 676/GC2 662/GP 555


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation


Publisher & edition  #

All Glory Be to God on High  (SATB) Cruger, Johannes/Proulx, Richard GIA  (G-4149) PS
Arise, Shine, For Your Light is Come (SAB) Powell Selah 405-331 G
Ascribe to the Lord  (SATB) Wetzler, Robert Concordia  (98-3109) * PS
Ascribe to the Lord the Glory  (SATB) Hillert, Richard Concordia  (98-2825) * PS
Asperges Casciolini, C. CPDL G
Baptism Carol, The  (SATB) Busarow, D. Concordia  (98-3223) * G
Baptism of Christ, The (SATB) Hallock, Peter GIA  (G-2331) G
Baptism of Jesus, The  (SATB, Organ)
Baptism of Jesus, The  (2 pt)
Hallstrom, Henry
Abington  (APM-581)
GIA G-3382
E, G
Baptism of Jesus, The  (SATB, keyboard) Lovelace, Austin C. GIA  (G-5313) G
Baptism of the Lord  (2-part mixed) Callahan, Charles Morningstar (MSM 50-2003) G
Carol of Baptism  (SAB or 2-part mixed, Organ) Brandon, George Concordia  (98-2138) * E, G
Christ, When for Us You Were Baptized (SAB, keyboard) Helman, Michael Augsburg  (800674057) G
Exaltabo te, Domine  (SSATB, Latin/English) Palestrina, G.P./Button, H. Elliott Novello  (1135) PS
Festival Anthem  (SATB, Trumpet, & Organ) Leaf, Robert Augsburg  (11-1795) * PS
Give to Jehovah from “2nd Morning Star Choir Book,” (Unison, keyboard) Schütz, Heinrich Concordia  (97-4702) PS
Give Unto the Lord, O Ye Mighty (Unison & Organ, German/English) Schütz, Heinrich/Agey, C. Buell Abingdon  (APM-135) PS
Hail to the Lord's Anointed Lovelace E. C. Schirmer G
I'm Gonna Sing ‘Til the Spirit Moves in My Heart (SATB) Hogan, Moses Hal Leonard  (08740284) G
In Dulci Jubilo (SATB/SATB) Praetorius/Tortolano GIA G-2243 G
It Is A Good Thing to Give Thanks (SATB) Busarow, D. Concordia  (98-3126) * PS
Let Thy Holy Presence  (SATB) Tchesnokoff, T. Pro Art  (1514) G
Lone Wild Bird, The  (SATB) Haugen, Marty GIA  (G-3538) G
Of the Fathers Love Begotten (SAB)
Of the Fathers Love Begotten (SATB)
EC Schirmer / Morning Star Music 7071
Colla Voce 55-54122
On Jordan's Bank (SATB, Sop. desc., Organ, Flute) Ferris, William World Library (WLP005701) G
Psalm 29  (SATB, Unison) Cartford, Gerhard M. Augsburg  (11-0672) PS
Psalm 29  (SATB) Schütz, Heinrich/Lynn, George Presser  (312.40072) PS
Psalm 29  (SSATB, keyboard) Sweelinck, J.P. Edition Musico (G-539) PS
Psalm 29  (Solo, 2-part choir, organ, opt. Brass, Hebrew/English) Weisgall, Hugo Presser  (312.40958) PS
Spirit of God, Descendeth Upon My Heart (SATB, solo) Jennings, Kenneth Augsburg  (6000098332) G
Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart (SAB, keyboard) Thoburn, Crawford R. Mark Foster/Shawnee (MF2138) G
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day  (SATB) Gardner Oxford  (40.107) G
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day  (SATB) Shaw/Parker G. Schirmer  (731) G
This Child of  Ours  (SATB, Piano, Flute) Jeffrey Concordia  (98-3730) * G
Tribus miraculis from “Ten Palestrina Motets” (SATB) Palestrina, L. Oxford G
Tribus Miraculis Marenzio CPDL G
Voice of God Goes Out, The (SATB) McCabe Paraclete G
Voice of the Lord Sounds  (SATB, Organ or Piano) Schütz, Heinrich Mercury  (MC-407) PS
When Jesus Came to Jordan (SATB, Keyboard, C-Instrument) Trapp, Lynn M. GIA  (G-5266) G

* out of print