Peter and Paul are the two “pillars” on which the Church of Rome is founded. Their deaths are not recorded in the Scriptures, but legend says that they both died near Rome within a few years of each other. The Basilica of St. Peter is built on the traditional site where Peter was crucified upside-down on the Vatican Hill, and the Basilica of St. Paul-outside-the-Walls marks the traditional spot where Paul, as a Roman citizen, was beheaded. As with the Nativity of John the Baptist, the importance of this solemnity is marked by an additional set of texts for a vigil Mass.

VIGIL Mass, Lectionary #590

Acts 3:1–10. All power in the apostles’ ministry comes from Jesus.

Psalm of the Vigil: Ps (18) 19
The first part of this psalm, praising the God of creation, is applied in Christian imagery to the apostles who preached the message to the whole world.

Lord, You Have the Words (Haas) GC 27/GC2 20/G3 31/LMGM 525/WOR4 32

Lord, You Have the Words (Haugen) WC 419

Lord, You Have the Words (Joncas) GP 172/GP3 121/JS 20

Lord, You Have the Words (Proulx) WOR4 33

Lord, You Have the Words (Roberts) LMGM 526

Lord You Have the Words of Everlasting Life (Harbor) SPS 55

Señor, Tú Tienes Palabras (García) FYC 178/FYC3 155

Señor, Tú Tienes Palabras (Sosa) FYC 176

Señor, Tú Tienes Palabras/Lord, You Have the Words (Reza) FYC 177/FYC3 156

Their Message Goes Out (Chepponis) WOR 1036/WOR4 1217

Their Message Goes Out (Waddell) RS 39 (ant. III)

Tus Palabras, Señor (Rangel) GP 174

Words of Everlasting Life/Palabras de Vida Eterna (Alonso) GC2 21/G3 32

You, Lord, Have the Message (Inwood) GP 173

Your Words, Lord, Are Spirit and Life (Hurd) SPS 56/GP3 120


Galatians 1:11–20. Like the prophets before him, Paul was chosen by God from his mother's womb. His message, like his mission, comes from God.


John 21:15–19. Early tradition associated the threefold affirmation of love in this reading with Peter's threefold denial of Jesus before his death.


Songs for the Vigil

See the suggestions before for Songs for the Day.


Mass during the Day, Lectionary #591


Acts 12:1–11. Though Peter might have died in Jerusalem , when Herod killed James, God had other plans for him, so he was set free by divine intervention to continue his mission.


Psalm of the Day: Ps (33) 34

The psalmist sings in thanksgiving and invites the just to join in the song.


I Will Always Thank the Lord (Soper) GP 202/Una Voz 171

I Will Bless the Lord (Alstott) JS 40 (ant. I)

I Will Bless the Lord (Gouin) GC 46

I Will Bless the Lord (Tate) WC 432 (ant. 3)

I Will Give Thanks to You (Englert) WC 434

The Angel of the Lord (Hughes) RS 73 (ant. II)/WOR 1037/WOR4 1218

The Cry of the Poor (Foley) GC 48/GC2 33/G3 47/GP 203/RS 69/SPS 340/WOR4 46

The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor (Guimont) RS 71 (ant. II)


2 Timothy 4:6–8, 17–18. At the end of his life, Paul reflects on his ministry, blessed by the Lord’s presence, and on his future: “The crown of righteousness awaits me.”


Matthew 16:13–19. Simon recognizes Jesus as “the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Jesus sees in this affirmation the work of the Father, so he appoints Simon as the foundation on which the Church will be built. (“Petros”—the Greek word for “rock”—became Simon's nickname: Simon Peter. It's like calling someone “Rocky.”)


Songs for the Liturgy


As a Fire Is Meant for Burning GC 663/GC2 643/G3 744/RS 779

Be Not Afraid (1,G) BB-MI 43/GC 608/GC2 596/G3 683/GP 602/GP3 600 /JS 579 /JS3 673 LMGM2 583/OFUV 647/PMB 446/RS 734/SS 849/SPS/WC 877/WS 715/WOR4 680

Bring Forth the Kingdom  GC 658/GC2 640/G3 734/RS 772

By All Your Saints Still Striving (V2, D2) BB-MI 191/JS3 748/OIF 774/ PMB 524/RS 887

SS 964/WC 990 /WOR 706/WOR4 890

Faith of Our Fathers BB-MI 486/CBW /GC 600/GC2 579/G3 677//GP 592/GP3 593/JS 698 /JS3 667/LMGM2 552/OFUV 679/OIF 733//PMB /RS 728/SS  843/WC 844/WS 679/WOR 571/WOR4 676

For the Healing of the Nations BB-MI 426/CBW 503/GC 719/GC2 712/G3 803/GP3 517/G3 803/JS 866/JS3 844/OIF 877/RS 823/WC 960/WOR 643/WOR4 798

For the Life of the World GC 801/GC2 792/G3 901

Give Me Jesus BB-MI 673/GP 484/GP3 435/LMGM 280 /LMGM2 350/WC 752

Glorious in Majesty GC 671/RS 791/WOR 619

Go Forth SPS 129

Go Make A Difference BB-MI 499/GC2 664/G3 775/GP3 554/JS3 730/SPS 213

Go Make of All Disciples BB-MI 182/GC 687/GC2 666/G3 769/JS 828/JS3 430/RS 798/WC 927/WS 745/WOR 628/WOR4 792

God, We Praise You BB-MI 202/GP3 719/JS 594/JS3 567/OIF 838/SS 817/WS 762/WOR 535/WOR4 599

Great Is Thy Faithfulness LMGM 242/LMGM2 492

Here I Am, Lord BB-MI  376/CBW 520/GC 686/GC2 671/G3 777/GP 542/GP3 539/ LMGM 283/ LMGM2 643/JS 832/JS3 818/OFUV 737/OIF 698/PMB 406/RS 802/SS 891/ WC 829/WS 661

How Firm a Foundation  BB-MI 715/ GC 606/GC2 587/LMGM 102/ /WC 833/JS 716/RS 731/PMB 438/SS/WOR 585/WOR4 687/

I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light  BB-MI 596/GC 507/GC2 513/G3 593/JS3 632/LMGM2 420/RS 651/PMB 404/SS 807/WC 820/WOR 510/WOR4 585/WS 648

Lead Me, Guide Me (1,G) BB-MI 391/GC 574/GC2 555/G3 656/JS3 654/LMGM 168/LMGM2 538/OIF 704/PMB 397/RS 712/WC 816/SS 334/WOR4 657/WS 650

Moved by the Gospel, Let Us Move GC 685/RS 801

Only This I Want  BB-MI 498/ CBW 516/ GC 695/GC2 701/G3 782/GP 575

GP3 562/JS 766 /JS3 732/ OFUV 701

Rise Up, O Saints of God WC 833

Sing We Now the Glorious Martyrs JS 783/JS3 750

The Bearers of the Living Word JS 679

The God Who Sends Us Forth GC 675

The Love of the Lord GC 702/G3 792/RS 814

The Summons BB-MI 381/RS 811/GC 700/GC2 687/G3 790/GP3 529/LMGM2 622/SPS 230/SS 908/WC 830/WOR4 773/WS 671

Those Who Love and Those Who Labor JS 758/RS 805/WOR 632

Two Noble Saints JS 517/JS3 495/RS 880/WOR 699/WOR4 879

We Are Called BB-MI 616/GC 718/GC2 710/G3 807/GP3 524/RS 820/SS 868/WC 817/WOR4 799/WS 664

We Shall Not Be Silent GP 559

You Are Called to Tell the Story GC 680/GC2 675/G3 774/RS 800