Falling near the summer solstice, this solemnity has been observed as one of the great feasts in many cultures, especially those related to Mediterranean nations. Its importance in the cycle of Christian feasts is indicated by the separate texts for a vigil Mass. The readings for both Masses focus on God's call to John as prophet from before his birth. God has a plan for all of us, though that plan may not involve such dramatic events as those surrounding the birth and ministry of the Baptist.


Vigil Mass, Lectionary #586

Jeremiah 1:4–10. Jeremiah's call to be a prophet means that he will speak God's words on a world stage, and that word will have power “to root up and to tear down, to destroy and to demolish, to build and to plant.”


Psalm for the Vigil Mass: Ps (70) 71

This individual lament begins with an affirmation of trust in God and a promise to continue speaking God's word in spite of affliction.


Since My Mother’s Womb (Currie/Gelineau) WOR 1033/WOR4 1215/

Since My Mother’s Womb (Guimont) RS 100/GC2 942/

Since My Mother’s Womb (Kasbohm) PMB 748

Since My Mother’s Womb (Schiavone) JS 1054


1 Peter 1:8–12. Writing to those who had never met Jesus, the author of this letter assures them that their faith will gain them salvation. The prophets were speaking to them, even though the prophets didn't know this at the time.


Luke 1:5–17. Just as Gabriel went to Mary to announce the birth of Jesus (Luke 1:26 –38), so an angel appears to Zechariah to announce the birth of John.


Songs for the Liturgy

See the suggestions for Mass during the day.


Mass during the Day Lectionary #587


Isaiah 49:1–6. The prophet known as Deutero-Isaiah tells about his call from God. His message will go not only to Israel but to the nations.


Psalm for the Mass during the Day: Ps (138) 139

The psalmist reflects on God's intimate knowledge of every human being. God is aware of the psalmist's every move, a knowledge which extends back to the very beginning, for God created the psalmist in the womb.


I Praise You (Armstrong/Somerville) CBW 220

I Praise You (Bogdan) /PMB 749

I Praise You (Currie/Gelineau) WOR 1034

I Praise You (Guimont) RS 187/GC2 1006/WOR4 1216

I Praise You (Schiavone) JS 1055

I Praise Your Name (Lisicky) GC 135

Te Doy Gracias (Martínez) FYC 271/FYC3 249

Te Doy Gracias (Montgomery) FYC 272/FYC3 247

Te Doy Gracias  (Rosas) FYC3 238


Acts 13:22–26. Paul proclaims an early summary of Jesus’ life and mission, which includes the preaching and baptismal work of John as heralding Jesus' coming.


Luke 1:57–66, 80. Luke’s account of John's birth and naming includes a miracle and, as at the birth of Jesus, speculation about what all of this might mean for the future.


Songs for the Liturgy


A Voice Cries Out (V1,D1,VG) BB-MI 44/GC2 343/G3 416/GP 294/GP3 213/JS 313/JS3 276/OFUV 353/RS 485

 Arise, Your Light Is Come (V1) CBW 302

*Before the Sun Burned Bright (V1,D1) CBW 504/GP 577/GP3 565

Blessed Be the Lord (DG) GP 442/GP3 206

Blessed Are You, Lord SPS 276

Blest Be the God of Israel (DG) CBW 13E,660/GP 156/GP3 105/JS 137, 413/JS3 122,123/OFUV 839/OIF 300/WC 483/WS 36,398

By All Your Saints Still Striving (V2, D2) BB-MI 191/JS3 748/OIF 774/ PMB 524/RS 887

SS 964/WC 990 /WOR 706/WOR4 890

By Name I Have Called You (V1,Vps,VG,DG) GP 582

Christ Is Coming: Prepare the Way (V1,D1,VG) LMGM 10/LMGM2 241

Every Valley (V1,D1,VG) BB 68/CBW 308/JS 326/GP 297/GP3 221/OFUV 370

God Has Chosen Me (V1,D1,Vps,Dps) BB-MI 377/GC 682/GC2 669/G3 761/GP 546/GP3 542/JS 831/JS3 815/OFUV 736

God, Whose Purpose Is to Kindle (V1,D1,VG) GC 714/GC2 704/G3 813/RS 828/WOR4 797

*Guide Me, Lord (Dps) RS 186

How Shall They Hear the Word of God (V1,D1) WOR 629

Let the Valleys Be Raised (V1,VG,DG) BB 65/GP 310/GP3 227/OFUV 373

Listen, My People (V1) CBW 309

*Lord, You Search Me and You Know Me (Dps) CBW 474

My Soul in Stillness Waits (VG,DG) GC 328/GC2 336/G3 415/RS 495/SS 646

Now Bless the God of Israel (DG) GC 5, 775/GC2 5/G3 103/RS 7/SS 942/WOR4 125

*O God, You Search Me (Dps) BB-MI 436/JS 711/GP 601/GP3 620/GC2 509/G3 581/

WOR4 580

Prepare the Way of the Lord (V1,D1,VG) CBW 317/GC 336/GC2 330/G3 400/ RS 491/SS 663/WOR 369/WOR4 389

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord (V1,D1,VG) LMGM 2 235,237/WS 405

Ready the Way (V1,D1,VG) BB 62,67/GP3 216,230/JS 323/JS3 288,294

*Secrets of My Heart: Psalm 139 (Dps) WC 476/WS 414

The Day Is Near (VG,VD) GC 768

The Great Forerunner of the Morn (VG,DG) JS 515/RS 879/WOR 698/WOR4 878/

We Will Drink the Cup (V1,D1) GC 709

When Jesus Came to Jordan (V2,D2) RS 878/WOR 697/WOR4 456

When John Baptized by Jordan’s River (V2,D2) CBW 325/GC2 390/G3 467/JS 373/JS3 338/OIF 413/RS 538/SS 706/WOR 412/WOR4 458

*Without Seeing You (V2) GC 844/GC2 842/G3 922

*You Are Near (Dps) BB-MI 433/GC 604/GC2 590/G3 695/GP 619/GP3 610/LMGM 184/JS 722/JS3 687/OFUV 631/OIF 790WC 894/WS 710

You Have Anointed Me (V1,D1) GC 676/GC2 660/G3 773/GP 555/GP3 534/RS 795