THE EASTER VIGIL (A, B, C) Lectionary # 41A

As Ash Wednesday gave a penitential tone to all of Lent, so the Vigil gives an initiatory tone to the Easter celebration. Its readings and rituals are best understood in communities that are initiating new adult members. For music suggestions, see Easter Day and other suggestions for the Easter Season. For music for the initiation rites, see the suggestions for the sprinkling rite on Easter Day and the suggestions for the Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord, Lectionary #21.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

The readings of the Vigil tell the story of salvation especially as it relates to water. Thus the first reading (Genesis 1:1–2:2) tells of creation as it emerges from “the waters,” and the psalm (Ps 104) sings of God's care for creation through water. The third reading (Exodus 14:15–15:1, a required reading) tells of salvation from slavery through the waters of the sea, and it is followed by the “Song of Moses and Miriam” (Exodus 15:1-18) which praises God as the victor who hurled Pharaoh’s chariots and army “into the sea.” Rejoice in Isaiah's invitation to “come to the water” in the fifth reading (Isaiah 55:1-11) and in its psalm (Isaiah 12), inviting us to “draw water at the fountain of salvation.” Think about Israel's use of water in purification rituals as described in the seventh reading (Ezekiel 36:16-28) and the “deer longing for running streams” in its psalm (Ps 42). All of these readings, of course, come to bear on the Christian understanding of baptism (Romans 6:3-11).

Other Vigil readings speak about relationships that help us understand God's relationship to us: a father and son (Genesis 22:1-18), a husband and wife (Isaiah 54:5-14), the connection that wise people feel to Wisdom and Israel feels to the Torah as the incarnation of divine wisdom (Baruch 3:9-15, 32–4:4) and, in the Gospel, the relationship between the risen Christ and the women who are first witnesses of the resurrection (Matthew 28:1-10).

Psalm (117) 118
See the suggestions for Easter Day below.

EASTER DAY (A, B, C) Lectionary #42

A lot of parishes go all out for the Triduum, reaching a dramatic peak at the Vigil. Consequently, a lot of places have little energy left for the Masses on Easter Day. Yet for most parishioners, Mass during the day—not the Vigil—is “Easter,” and Holy Week consists of Passion Sunday, possibly Good Friday, and Easter Day Mass. We need to plan a rich celebration of all the Masses of Easter, so that all believers may share in the joy of the resurrection.

Acts 10:34, 37-43. Peter's sermon is a summary of the early preaching of the Gospel and a reminder that our faith depends solely on the witness of those “who ate and drank with [Jesus] after he rose from the dead.”

Psalm of the Day: Ps (117) 118
This individual song of thanksgiving becomes for us Jesus’ own celebration of the resurrection and our assurance that the “rejected stone” of the crucified Christ has become the “cornerstone” of our faith.
Alleluia (Balhoff, Ducote, Daigle)  PCY6 36
Alleluia (Guimont)   GC 986
Alleluia, Alleluia  (Haas)   GC 113/PCY3 20   
Aleluya/Alleluia (Reza)   FYC 258/JS 94
Dad Gracias al Señor-Respuesta II (Taulé) FYC 259
Èste Es el Día (Luna)  FYC 257
Èste Es el Día (Manzano)  FYC 256/GP 262
Surrexit Christus (Berthier)   GC 436/GC2 455/RS 577
This Is the Day   PSL A-66/SS
This Is the Day (Alstott)   BB
This Is the Day (Chepponis)   SS
This Is the Day (Fisher)   JS 444/MI‑BB
This Is the Day (Foley) PCY7 48
This Is the Day (Guimont)  CBW 90/GC2 987/LPMG 42
This Is the Day (Haugen)  GC 114/GC2 65/PCY1 45/RS 158
This Is the Day (Hommerding)  WC 433/SO 28/WS/PMB 169, 617/PRM A47
This Is the Day (Isele)  LMGM 520
This Is the Day (Joncas)  MI‑BB/JS 97/CBW 89/RS 576/SP1 80/GP 261/GC 64
This Is the Day (Kreutz)  PCS 15,20
This Is the Day (Peloquin)  SI 63             
This Is the Day (Proulx/Gelineau)  WOR 836/GC 115/RS 160/LPGG 841
This Is the Day (Reagan)  GIA G‑2711
This Is the Day (Roberts)  LMGM 521          
This Is the Day (Schiavone)   JS 922/LP 65
This Is the Day (Soper)  MI‑BB 812/SP2 56/GP 263
This Is the Day (Stewart)  PCY5 34
This Is the Day (Willcock)  PFS 26/SS

Colossians 3:1-4. Paul's understanding of baptism is that it grants us a share in Christ's death as a promise that we will one day share in the resurrection.
1 Corinthians 5:6-8. Christ our Passover has been sacrificed! Let us keep the feast. This alternative second reading reminds us that the Eucharist is an Easter sacrament.

The "Victimae Paschali," a required part of the Easter Day celebration, should be sung before the Alleluia. Though it is intended to be a hymn that stands on its own, it might also accompany the procession with the Gospel Book. So during the singing, if your liturgical space permits it, you might want to process the Gospel Book through the congregation and use incense (if you can get away with it). The sequence is long enough that you could have a wonderful procession, culminating in the Easter Alleluia.

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (victimae paschali)   WOR 452, 461/RS 594/PMB 268/GP 387/JS 422/LMGM 57/CBW 385/WC 558/WS/BB/SS
Christian People Sing Your Praises (Paraphrase)  WC 566
Christians, Praise the Paschal Victim (Chant)  WOR 837/WC 561/CBW 690/RS 980/GC2 444
Christians, to the Paschal Victim   JS 421/BB/PRM A48/LPGG 842/SS
Eastertide Carol  GP 380
Let Christians All Their Voices Raise  WC 559/WS/PMB 270
Secuencia Pascual FYC 401

John 20:1-9. In the Eastern Churches, Mary Magdalene is honored as the “witness to the resurrection and co-equal of the Apostles.” To her witness the fourth Gospel adds the testimony of Peter and the beloved disciple.

Sprinkling Rite/Renewal of Baptismal Promises
I Saw Water Flowing  WC 339/JS 543/BB/WS/PMB 112
If We Have Died to Ourselves  GC 154/GC2 135/RS 315
Lord Jesus, from Your Wounded Side  WOR 271/GC 244/RS 380
May This Water Keep Us Aware  CBW 236
Send Us Flowing Water, Lord   WC 343/WS
Springs of Water   CBW 88/GC 242, 243/GC2 155, 189/BB/RS 377/WC 342/WS/SS
Streams of Living Water   JS 254/MI-BB
Sweet Refreshment   GC2 802/SS
There Is One Lord  WOR 657/WC 598/MI‑BB/GC 809/GC2 796/GP 453/CBW 530/RS 835/PMB 287/JS 699/WS
Vidi Aquam    SS
Water of Life B Dean  JS 255/BB/MI-BB
Water of Life/Agua de Vida B Cortez   JS 252/MI-BB
Waters of Life  WC 341/WS
We Shall Draw Water  JS 117/MI-BB
With Joy You Shall Draw Water   GC 148/CBW 237/GP 288
You Will Draw Water Joyfully  WC 344/PMB 113/SS

Other Songs for the Liturgy
All Shall Be Well  GP 396
All Things New  GC 427/GC2 450
All You Nations   PMB 266/WC 409/WS
All You on Earth    PMB 266/WC 571/WS
Alleluia! Alleluia!  (2,C)   PMB 264/WC 567/JS 437/BB/WS
Alleluia, Alleluia! Let the Holy Anthem Rise (G)   PMB 273/WC 573/JS 434/BB/GC 425/GP 399/WS/SS
*Alleluia! Christ Is Risen (E)   IH 22
Alleluia No. 1  WOR 441/CBW 383/MI‑BB/PMB 353/WC 700/GC 443/GC2 462/JS 439/RS 581/GP 389/WS
At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing (2,C)  WOR 459, 460/CBW 375/BB/PMB 271/WC 569/JS 424/GC 433/GC2 463/RS 578/GP 394/WS/SS
Baptized in Living Waters (1)   PMB 386/WC 741/WS
Behold the Glory of God   GP 385
Bread of Life from Heaven/Pan de Vida Eterna (2,G)   GC2 803/SS
Christ Has Arisen  LMGM 61
Christ Has Risen (G)  GC 451/GC2 465/LMGM 65
Christ Is Alive!  WOR 466/CBW 384/PMB 258/JS 441/WC 550/RS 601/SS
Christ Is Risen  WC 555
Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna!   GC2 449/PMB 263/WC 570/WS/SS
*Christ Our Pasch Is Sacrificed (C)   PSL A-67/SS
Christ the Lord Is Risen!  GC 439/RS 600
*Christ the Lord Is Risen Again (E)   PSL A-65/SS
Christ the Lord Is Risen Again  BB/WC 577/JS 442
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (E,1,2,G)  WOR 452, 461, 462, 463/CBW 385/BB/LMGM 57/PMB 268/WC 552, 558/JS 427/GC 437/GC2 439/RS 594, 602/GP 381, 387/WS/SS
*Christus Resurrexit (Ps)  WOR 465           
Come, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain  WOR 456/BB/JS 426/GC 441/GC2 448/RS 575/WC 576/SS
Darkness Is Gone  GC 448/RS 596
Do Not Be Afraid (G)   JS 731/GP 630
Earth, Earth, Awake!   GC2 441/SS
Good Christians All, Rejoice and Sing!  CBW 386/RS 586/PMB 262/WC 564/SS
Goodness Is Stronger than Evil   GC2 451
Hail Thee, Festival Day (Ps)  WOR 444/CBW 388/BB/WC 565/GC 450/RS 588/JS 450
He Arose  LMGM 59
He Is Lord  LMGM 56
Holy, Holy, Holy Cry (2)   BB
Jesus Christ Is Risen Today  WOR 442/LMGM 58/CBW 389/GP 378/BB/PMB 259/WC 551/JS 425/GC 422/GC2 457/RS 593/WS/SS
Jesus Has Conquered Death  LMGM 62
Jesus Is Risen  JS 447/BB
Join in the Dance   JS 438/GP 393/MI‑BB
Keep in Mind   PMB 36/MI‑BB/WC 802/JS 589/GC 674/GC2 658/RS 940/GP 492/WS/SS
Lift Up Your Hearts  GP 676/GC 558/GC2 543/MI‑BB/JS 711/RS 691
May We Be One (1,2)  RS 477/GC 316/GC2 322
Now the Green Blade Rises  WOR 453/GC 444/GC2 456/CBW 403/GC2 260/WC 562/JS 443/BB/GP 382
Now We Remain  GC 694/GC2 696/MI‑BB/WC 640/RS 813/WS/SS
*O Sons and Daughters, vss 1‑4 (G)  WOR 447/PMB 274/WC 568/JS 420/BB/CBW 404/LMGM 60/GC 423/GC2 446/RS 579/GP 379/WS/SS
Praise the Lord, My Soul  GC 554/RS 688
Praise the Risen Lord    PMB 256/WC 553/WS
Rejoice!  LMGM 55
Resucitó  GC 432/GC2 443/JS 309/RS 580/BB/GP 391
*Sing to the Mountains (Ps)  GP 673/GC 435/GC2 452/MI‑BB/JS 601/RS 590
Singers, Sing   PMB 261/WC 563/SS
*Take and Eat, v 4 (Ps)  GC 831/GC2 812/WC 648/CBW 611/RS 910/WS/SS
*That Easter Day with Joy Was Bright (G)  WOR 457/GC 445/CBW 392/RS 599/SS
The Day of Resurrection (2)   PMB 272/WC 572/BB/SS
The Strife Is O'er  WOR 451/LMGM 64/CBW 395/MI‑BB/PMB 257/WC 549/JS 431/GC 446/GC2 459/RS 587/GP 384/WS/SS
The Sun Arose in Clouds of Fire (G)   JS 433
The Sun Was Bright That Easter Dawn   HG 14
The Tomb Is Empty (G)   GC2 464/SS
Thine Be the Glory (G)  WC 556
*This Is the Day  (Ref based on today's psalm refrain, but verses are not from Ps 118)  JS 311, 588/GC 449/CBW 592/GP 397/PMB 269/WC 574/SS
This Is the Feast of Victory  WOR 458/PMB 489/WC 897/MI‑BB/JS 428/GC 429/GC2 458/CBW 396/RS 583/WS/SS
This Joyful Eastertide  JS 305/WC 575/GC 434/CBW 397/RS 598
Three Days   JS 423/BB
Through the Mystery of Death (2)  GP 451
Up from the Earth  GC 452/RS 589/GP 386
We Know That Christ Is Raised (.2)  WOR 721/CBW 398/WC 554/RS 906/SS


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation


Publisher & edition  #

#3 Chorale - from The Green Blade Riseth Wright H.W. Gray G.B.597 G
#3 Carol, Now is the Hour of Darkness Past (SATB) Pinkham E. C. Schirmer / MSM 7329 G
A Joyful Song (SA) Leaf Augsburg 11-1577* G
A Repeating Alleluia Hampton Alfred DMC08167 G

Alleluia  (SATB a capella, opt. Organ Continuo)

Bach, Johann Sebastian/Buszin, Walter E.

C. F. Peters  (6106a)


Alleluia, Alleluia  (SATB, Organ/Keyboard)

Boyce, William/Ehret, Walter

Heritage Music Press (H4)


Alleuia (SATB, a cappella)

Carter, John

Carl Fischer  (CM 8272)


Alleluia  (SATB, a cappella)
Alleluia  (SSA, SSAA, a cappella)
Alleluia  (TTBB, a cappella)

Thompson, Randall

E. C. Schirmer  (ECS 1786)
E. C. Schirmer  (#n.a.)
E. C. Schirmer  (#n.a.)


Alleluia, Alleuia!  (SAB, Keyboard, opt. Flute)

Telemann, Georg, Philipp/Libergen, Patrick M.

Carl Fischer  (CM 8451)

Alleluia! Christ is Truly Risen Waddell WLP  

Alleluia! Christ Our Passover  (SSAB, Organ/Keyboard)

Bender, Jan

Concordia  (98-2207) *

Alleluia Christus Surrexit Anerio, F. CPDL G
Alleluia! Come Good People (SATB) Davis Galaxy, ECS/MSM 1.1132 G
Alleluia! for Christ the Lord is risen (unison or 2 pt) Leavitt Concordia 98-3710 G
Alleluia (The Strife is O'er) (SSATB) Nieland WLSM (WLP) * G
Alleluia in Your Resurrection (SATB/or Brass) Gallus/Klammer GIA G-2812 G
Alleluia Round (3 pt) Boyce/Proulx GIA G-6325 G
An Angel of the Lord (SATB) Waddell WLP 003701 G
An Easter Alleluia (SATB) Near Aurole/Morning Star 50-4053 G
An Easter Antiphon (Unison & Brass) Near Aurole/Morning Star AE73 G
An Easter Carol (SATB, Brass) Near Aurole/Morning Star AE41 G
An Easter Greeting (2 pt mixed) How Presser 312-41257 G
An Easter Song of Praise (unison or 2 pt) Taranto Choristers Guild CGA1115 G
Angelus Autem Domini (SATB) Anerio, F. CPDL, Broude Brothers MGC 12, E. C. Schirmer 2975 G
Antiphonal Acclimation for Easter (2 eq.) Bedford St. James Press G
Are You Not Aware (SATB) Van Houten Trinitas/OCP 4558 Epistle
Arisen is Our Holy Lord (SATB) Vulpius Concordia 98-3852 G
Away With Gloom Away With Doubt (SATB) Ferguson RSCM/GIA G-4509 G
Baptized in Water (unison) Wold Augsburg 11-10202 * Sp. Rite
Be Glad in the Lord and Rejoice (SATB) Zimmermann Carl Fischer CM8050 G

Canticle for Communion  (SATB, Organ/Keyboard)

Marshall, Jane M.

Carl Fischer  (CM 7434)

Christ Being Raised from the Dead (SATB) Waddell WLP 003706 Vigil, Epistle

Christ Is Here  (SAB, Desc., Organ, Guitar,2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones, Timpani)

Walker, Christopher

OCP Publications  (9790)


Christ Is Risen! Alleluia!(2-part, Keyboard, opt. 2 octaves Handbells)

Lau, Robert

Choristers Guild  (CGA 674)


Christ Is Risen  (SATB, Organ)

Goemanne, Noel

GIA  (G-527)


Christ, Our Paschal Lamb  (SATB, Keyboard)
Christ, Our Paschal Lamb  (2-part, Keyboard)

Roff, Joseph

GIA  (G-1594)
GIA  (G-1595)

2, C

Christ, Our Passover  (2-part Mixed, Organ, Handbells)

Powell, Robert J.

Hinshaw  (HMC 380)

2, C

Christ, Our Passover  (SATB, Keyboard/Organ)

Titcomb, Everett

Carl Fischer  (CM 439)

2, C

Christ, Our Passover  (SATB, Organ, Brass Quartet)

Wyton, Alec 

Alexander Broude (GP 411)

2, C

Christ, Our Passover Is Sacrificed for Us  (SATB, Soprano, Keyboard/Organ)

Goss, John/Page, N. Clifford

Carl Fischer  (CM 282)

2, C

Christ, Our Passover  (SATB, a cappella)

Asola, Giovanni/Diemente, Edward

Lawson Gould  (51523)


Christ, Our Passover  (SATB, Organ)
Christ Our Passover - A First Motet Book (SATB)
Christ Our Passover (SATB)
Christ Our Passover (SATB, brass)

MacFarlane, Will C.

Presser  (322.35139)
Concordia 97-4845
E. C. Schirmer 5133
H. W. Gray CMR 2874


Christ the Lord is Risen Again  (SATB, Organ, Brass Quartet, Timpani)
Christ the Lord is Risen Again - Ash Wed. to Easter for Choirs (SATB)

Proulx, Richard 

GIA  (G-1709)

Christ the Lord is Risen Today (SATB, Brass)
Christ the Lord is Risen Today (SATB)
Christ the Lord is Risen Today (SATB)


Oxford ISBN 978-0-19-380475-3
Pine Hill Press
Oxford (also included in The New Oxford Easy Anthem Book)

Christ the Lord is Risen! Alleluia! (SATB) Roman Concordia 98-2326 G
Christ Who Died, The (SATB) Fedak St. James Press G
Christians, Shout for Joy and Gladness - Oxford Book of Flexible Anthems(SAB) Bach/Bullard Oxford G
Come, Let Us with Our Lord Arise (SATB) Saylor E. C. Schirmer 4227 G
Congratulamini Mihi Omnes Willaert CPDL G

Easter Anthem, The  (Christ, Our Passover)
(SATB, Organ or orchestra)

Shaw, Martin

Oxford  (A 68), G. Schirmer 4227

2, C

Easter Canticle  (SATB, Organ, Brass Quartet)

Wyton, Alec

H. W. Gray  (CMR  2786)

Easter Day - Two Sacred Poems (SATB) Young Alliance Music Publications AMP0074 G
Easter Eggs - The Shaw-Parker Easter Carol Collection (SATB) Parker/Shaw Schirmer/Hal Leonard HI 50481433 G
Easter Fanfare Christ the Lord is Risen (SATB) Felter Augsburg (downloadable) G

Easter Introit, An  (SATB, Keyboard, Brass Quartet)

Slater, Richard

GIA  (G-3058)

Easter Morning - Peace Be Unto You (SATB) Christiansen Augsburg 11-1057/Fortress G
Easter Prayer (SATB) Owens GIA G-2579 G
Easter Rejoicing (SATB, Brass) Willcocks The Sacred Music Press 10/1110 G

Easter Sequence  (C,C,S, Keyboard)

Arr. by Proulx, Richard

GIA  (G-3088)


Easter Sequence  (SATB, Solo, Trumpet, Keyboard/Organ)

Arr. by Proulx, Richard

GIA  (G-4917)


Easter Sequence, The  (SATB, Organ/Keyboard, opt. 2 Trumpets, or 2 horns in F)

Green, J. William

GIA (G-4780)


Easter Sequence: Victimae paschali laudes 
(SATB/SATB,  or opt. Brass Quartet, Organ/Keyboard)

Leisring, Volckmar/Proulx, Richard

GIA  (G-3669)

Easter Song of Praise, The - Ash Wed. to Easter for Choirs (SATB) Shephard RSCM/GIA A0201 G

Easter Triumph  (SATB, Organ)

Arnatt, Ronald

H. W. Gray  (2451)

Eastertide Carol -Two Seventeenth Century Carols for Easter & Pentecost (SATB) Proulx GIA G-3668 G

Eheu, sustulerunt Dominum (SATB, Keyboard/Organ, Latin/English)
Eheu, sustulerunt Dominum (SATB, Keyboard/Organ, Latin only)
Eheu, sustulerunt Dominum (SATB, Keyboard/Organ, Latin/English)
Eheu, sustulerunt Dominum (SATB, Keyboard/Organ, Latin/English)
Eheu, sustulerunt Dominum (SATB, Keyboard/Organ, Latin/English)

Morley, Thomas
Morley, Thomas/David, Hans T.
Morley, Thomas/Marshall, Charles
Morley, Thomas/Dart, Thurston
Morley, Thomas

Arista  (AE 194)
Mercury  (MC 53)
Franck  (F-552)
Stainer & Bell  (604)

Exultet Thompson WLP  
Genesis 1 Ferris WLP  
God's Paschal Lamb is Sacrificed for Us (SATB, Brass) Farlee Augsburg 978-1-4514-2070-8 G
Good Christian Men, Rejoice and Sing! (SATB) B. Ferguson Novello MT1571 G
Hallelujah! Now Be Joyful! (2 pt) Sleeth Hinshaw Music HMC899 G

He is Risen! (SATB)
He Is Risen  (SAB, Organ/Keyboard)

Powell, Robert J.

E. C. Schirmer
Abingdon  (AOM 535)


He is Risen, Alleluia!  (2-part mixed, Organ)

Englert, Eugene

GIA  (G-5581)

Hillariter (SATB, brass) Dirksen H.W. Gray 2634 G

If Ye Be Risen Again  (TTBB)


Oxford  (Anthems for Men's Voices, Vol. II)


If Ye Be Risen Again with Christ  (SATB, 2 Sopranos, Alto, Organ)

Gibbons, Orlando/Ouselay, Frederick

Novello  (1333)


If Ye Then Be Risen  (SSATB, Keyboard/Organ)

Powell, Robert J.

Abingdon  (APM-275)


If Ye Then Be Risen with Christ  (2-part Treble, Organ)

Wadley, F. W.

Novello  (#n.a.)

If You Would Be Risen with Christ Powell Paraclete (PPM01103) 2

Introit for Easter  (SATB, Trumpet, Organ)

Nelson, Ronald

Abingdon  (APM 599)

Light's Glittering Morn Dedecks the Sky Parker, H. T. CPDL  
Love is Come Again (SATB)
Love is Come Again - The Shaw-Parker Easter Carol Coll. (SATB)
AMSI 206
Schirmer/Hal Leonard H1 50481433
Love's Redeeming Work is Done (SATB) Thiman H.W.Gary 3042 G
Magdalen, Cease From Sobs and Sighs (SATB) Hurford Oxford X159 G
Magdlena/Early on that Easter Morn (SATB) Brahms/Scholz GIA G-6666 G
Maria Magdalene (SATB) Gabrieli CPDL, GIA G-2850 G
Miriam Dances at the Red Sea Schulz / Widmar Augsburg  
Most Glorious Lord of Life (2 pt mixed) harris Oxford 42.125 G
My Hope is Arisen (SATB, Brass) Latona Morning Star MSM50-6040 G
My Master from a Garden Rose (SATB) Daley Alliance Music Publications AMP0399 G
My Spirit Rejoices (Unison) Bach/Hruby Augsburg 11-0335 G
Now Glad of Heart (SATB, Brass, Timpani) Owens Paraclete PPM08612 G
Now is Christ Risen (SATB, trumpet or flute or chimes) Nystedt Augsburg 11-1453* G
Now the Green Blade Riseth - Ash Wed. to Easter for Choirs (SATB) Lindley Oxford G
O Night More Light Than Day Sedio Selah  
O Queen of Heaven/Regina Caeli (SATB) Holland E. C. Schirmer 3121 G
O Sing Unto the Lord a New Song (SATB, Brass) Willan C.F.Peters 6016 G
O Sons and Daughters - Ash Wed. to Easter for Choirs (SATB)
O Sons and Daughters (SAB, Trumpet)
O Sons and Daughters of the King (SATB)
E.C. Schirmer 4885
Hinshaw HMC 553
On Earth Has Dawned this Day of Days (2 pt)
On Earth Has Dawned this Day of Days (SATB)
Chorusters Guild CGA709
Augsburg Fortress .8006-7628
On Easter Morn - The Shaw-Parker Easter Carol Coll. (SATB) Parker/Shaw Schirmer/Hal Leonard H1 50481433 G

Purge Out the Old Leaven Therefore  (SATB, 2 Violins, Organ)

Schütz, Heinrich/Stevens, Denis

C. F. Peters  (6593)

Regina Caeli (SATB) Aichinger/Rowan CPDL, GIA G-5536 G
Regina Caeli (2 pt. eq)Regina Caeli (SATB) Gounod/Walczak

WLP 009603

Regina Caeli Mozart CPDL  
Regina Caeli
Regina Caeli (SATB)
Selah 405-5720
Regina Caeli Willaert CPDL  
Regina Caeli
Regina Caeli, Jubila (SSA)
WLP 008790
Rejoice, O My Spirit (Unison) Bach G. Schirmer HL50305790 G
Rejoice, O Queen of Heaven (2 eq. or mixed) Andrews GIA G-1537 G

Ring Ye Bells of Easter Morning  (SATB, a cappella)

Besig, Don

Flammer  (A-6042)

Rise Up, My Love, My Fair One Willan Oxford 94-306 G

Share the Easter Joy (Unison/2-part, Keyboard,
opt. 3 oct. Handbells or Handchimes

Patterson, Mark

Choristers Guild  (CGA 851)

Sicut Cervus Palestrina CPDL PS
Since By Man Came Death / Messiah (SATB) Handel CPDL, G. Schirmer G
Sing Praise to Christ (SATB) Bach/Strube Concordia 98-1377 G
Sing, Joyous Christians (SATB) Lotti/Buzin Concordia 98-1456* G
Sing Ye to the Lord Bairstow CPDL G
Strife is O'er, The (SATB) Ley Oxford G

Surrexit Christus (SAB, opt Keyboard, 2 Trumpets, Basso Continuo)
Surrexit Christus Hodie (SATB/SATB)

Pergolesi/Giovanni B./Proulx, Richard

GIA  (G-4300)
Collegium Music Publications CCS205


That Easter Morn  (SATB, Organ)

Noble, T. Tertius

J. Fischer  (8086)

This Gift is Free (SATB) Gramann E.C. Schirmer 7501 Vigil, Reading 6

This is the Day  (SATB, Keyboard)

Beebe, Hank

Hinshaw  (HPC 7001)


This is the Day  (SATB/SATB)

Gallus, Jakobus

Concordia  (98-1702)


This is the Day  (Unison, Keyboard, Flute)

Lau, Robert

Choristers Guild  (CGA 552)


This is the Day 16th Century English Motet (SATB, a cappella)

Ed. by Rowan, William P.

GIA  (G-4404)


This is the Day  (SSATB, Organ)
This is the Day (Unison)

Schroth, Godfrey

GIA  (G-6204)
Hinshaw HMC229

This Is the Day that the Lord has Made (choral introit w/bells) Hopson MSM PS

This Is the Day the Lord Has Made  (Unison, Keyboard)
This is the Day the Lord Has Made (SATB)
This is the Day the Lord Has Made (SATB)


Concordia  (9802754) *
GIA G-4039
Augsburg 1260

This is the Day the Lord Hath Made (SSA) Proulx GIA (downloadable) PS, 2

This Joyful Eastertide  (SATB, Organ )
This Joyful Eastertide (SATB)
This Joyful Eastertide - Ash Wed. to Easter for Choirs (SATB)
This Joyful Eastertide (SATB, brass)
This Joyful Eastertide - The Shaw-Parker Easter Carol Coll. (SATB)

Arr. by Routley, Erik

GIA  (G-2301)
Novello NOV 29 0151
H.W.Gray 2970
Schirmer/Hal Leonard H1 50481433

Today in Triumph Christ Arose (SATB) Buxtehude concordia 98-2578 * G

Triumph Day  (SATB, Organ, opt. Brass)

Wetzler, Robert

AMSI  (392)


Unto Him That Loved Us  (Unison, Keyboard)

Vaughn-Williams, Ralph

Concordia  (Morning Star Choir Book, Vol.  I)

Victimae Pascali Laudes Byrd CPDL


Victimae Pascali Laudes di Lasso CPDL S

Victimae Pascali Laudes  (SATB, 4 Brass Instruments,
opt. Organ/Keyboard/Latin/English)

Vittoria, Thomas Luis de



Vidi Aquam (SATB)
Vidi Aquam (unison or 2 pt w/handbells)

GIA G-7379
GIA G-2512
Sp. Rite

Who Rolls Away the Stone  (SSATB, 2 Violins, Continue)

Hammerschmidt, A./Mueller, Harold

Concordia  (97-5166) *

Whole Bright World Rejoices Now, The - (Unison opt. fl. & handbells) Schalk Choristers Guild/Lorenz CGA 560 G
With a Voice of Singing (SATB)
With a Voice of Singing (SATB)
Augsburg (downloadable)
Shaw 8103
Worthy Art Thou, O Lord (SATB) Willan Concordia 98-1015 G
Worthy is the Lamb that was Slain - Messiah (SATB) Handel CPDL, G. Schirmer G
Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem Stanford, C. V. CPDL  

* out of print