“Faith” is much more than a matter of affirming doctrines or acting properly; it is whole-hearted dedication to God.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Deuteronomy 11:18, 26-28. The first verse of this reading, and others like it in the Bible, has led to the Jewish practice of wearing tefillin (phylacteries), boxes containing four Scripture quotes, worn on the arm and forehead of Jewish men. The rest of the passage is another example of the “morality of the two ways.”

Psalm of the Day: Ps. 31
In this individual lament, the psalmist places trust in God as rock, refuge, and fortress and calls on those who hear and sing the text to do the same.

Be a Rock of Refuge (Jordan)   CBW 136
Lord, Be My Rock of Safety (Alstott)   BB
Lord, Be My Rock of Safety (Bolduc)   PMB 665/WS/PRM A70
Lord, Be My Rock of Safety (Gelineau/Kremer)   WOR 889/RS 63/LPGG 894
Lord, Be My Rock of Safety (Guimont)   GC2 911/LPMG 85
Lord, Be My Rock of Safety (Hunstiger)   SS
Lord, Be My Rock of Safety (Schiavone)   JS 972/LP 116
My Refuge (Vessels)   GC 610
Save Me, O Lord   PSL A-117/SS

Romans 3:21-25; 28. Writing to a community that he did not help to establish, Paul defends the basis for his outreach to non-Jews: God’s justice (that is, divine mercy) cannot be contained by the Law but overflows to all. The response to such love has to be faith, that’s why a person is “justified by faith apart from observance of the Law.”

Matthew 7:21-27. In this conclusion to the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus reminds his disciples that the foundation for sharing in salvation is total faith in God, that is, doing the will of the Father. He uses an analogy to make this point: Faith—wholehearted dedication to God—is the rock on which one’s life should be built.

Songs for the Liturgy
A Living Faith, v 4 (2,G)   RS 726/GC2 579/CBW 447
Amazing Grace (2)   WOR 583/CBW 480/GP 615/WC 662/MI‑BB/LMGM 173/RS 737/GC 612/GC2 586/JS 713/RS 737/PMB 323/WS/SS
Blest Are They (G)   RS 774/GC 659/GC2 636/CBW 522/WC 938/WS/MI-BB/SS
Center of My Life (1,Ps)   JS 697/GP 593/GC 598/GC2 580/MI-BB
Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation (G)   WOR 617/WC 746/CBW 542/GC 662/GC2 642/CBW 430/JS 780/PMB 384/SS
*Deliver Us, O Lord of Truth (G)   GC2 660
Dwelling Place (2,G)   GP 591/GC 594/GC2 582
Faith of Our Fathers, v 4 (2,G)   WOR 571/RS 726/GC 600/GC2 579/CBW 446, 447/PMB 421/GP 592/JS 698/WC 805/WS/MI-BB/SS
God Has Spoken by His Prophets (1,G)   WOR 516/RS 654/PMB 419/JS 678/WC 756
How Firm a Foundation (G)   WOR 585/MI‑BB/LMGM 102/GC 606/GC2 587/WC 833/JS 716/RS 731/PMB 438/SS
Increase Our Faith (G)   GC2 565
Jesus Christ, by Faith Revealed, v 4 (G)   PMB 369/WC 715/WS
Keep in Mind (G)   PMB 36/RS 940/GC2 658/GP 492/JS 689/WC 802/WS/MI-BB/SS
*Keep These Words (C)   PSL A-118/SS
Lead Me, Guide Me (1,Ps)   LMGM 168/RS 712/GC 574/GC2 555/PMB 397/WC 777/WS/MI-BB/SS
*Lord, Turn Your Face (E)   IH 44
*Look on My Toil (E)   PSL A-116/SS
Praise to You, O Christ, Our Savior (1,G)   JS 674/MI‑BB/RS 652/GC 515/GC2 517/CBW 442/GP 662
Ps 19: Lord, You Have the Words (1,G)
Pues Si Vivimos/When We Are Living (G)   RS 727/GC 666/GC2 650/PMB 408/WC 796/WS/SS
Take the Word of God with You (G)  JS 838/GP 543/MI-BB
The Word Is in Your Heart (2)   GC 518
We Walk by Faith (2)   WOR 572/RS 723/GC 590/GC2 583/CBW 495/PMB 416/JS 700/WC 807/WS/MI-BB/SS
We Will Serve the Lord (1)   GC 665,869/GC2 652
What Does the Lord Require (G)   WOR 624/RS 785
Your Words Are Spirit and Life (1,G)   JS 680/MI-BB


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  
Amazing Grace SATB, Oboe White Selah 2

Best of Rooms, The (SATB)

Near, Gerald

Aureole (AE-7)


Blest are They SAB Bouman Selah G
Day By Day SATB
Day By Day SATB
Day By Day SATB
R Dean
The New Oxford Easy Anthem Book - Oxford
From the End of the Earth SATB Hovhaness Peters  

In Thee, Lord (SATB)

Glarum, L. Stanley

Bourne (SG-1)


In Thee, O Lord, Do I Put My Trust (Unison)

Bender, Jan

Augsburg (PS 611)


In Thee, O Lord, Do I Put My Trust (SATB)

Roff, Joseph

Pallma (742)


In Thee, O Lord, Have I Trusted (SAB)

Händel, G.F./Hilton, Arthur

Presser (352-00439)


In Thee, O Lord, Have I Put My Trust (SATB)

Stevens, Halsey

C.F. Peters (6250)


Keep Me Faithfully SAB Handel/Proulx GIA G-2355 1, G
Lord Make Me to Know Thy Ways SATB Byrd/Lovelace Concordia 1, G
Prayer of St Richard of Chicester SSATB
Prayer of St Richard of Chicester SATB
The Oxford Book of Flexible Anthems - Oxford

Psalm 31 (SATB)

Waters, Jams

G. Schirmer (12006)


Similabo eum viro sapienti SATB Marenzio CPDL G
Teach Me, O Lord SAB Moger RSCM/GIA G4201 1, G
This Our Holy Tribute SATB White Selah 410-627 2