How do you measure God’s care? God doesn’t measure it: It is poured out abundantly, though at times we may not recognize that fact. Someone devastated by war or terrible loss finds it hard to believe that God not only loves but is love itself. That is the challenge for Christians: to believe in and, more important, to manifest divine love even in awful circumstances

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Isaiah 49:14-15. God’s love surpasses even that of a mother for her child, though the people of Israel, defeated by their enemies, clearly found that hard to believe.

Psalm of the Day:Ps. (61) 62
This psalm contains some of the most powerful language about trust in God found in the Psalter.

For God Alone (Soper) JS 49/GP 212
In God Alone (Collegeville) PSL A-114
In God Alone (Haas) RS 88/GC 59
Rest in God Alone (Batastini/Gelineau) WOR 891/RS 87/LPGG 891
Rest in God Alone (Guimont) GC2 932/LPMG 82
Rest in God Alone (Hunstiger) SS 514
Rest in God Alone (Phillips) PMB 662/WS/PRM A69/LPGA A62
Rest in God Alone (Schiavone) JS 969/LP 113

Suggested Common Psalm: Ps (62) 63

My Soul Is Thirsting for You
Mi Alma Está Sedienta de Ti, Señor

1 Corinthians 4:1-5. Paul was accused of many things by people who disagreed with his teaching. While acknowledging his faults and possible mistakes, Paul holds to one truth: He has remained trustworthy, holding to the task that God has given him.

Matthew 6:24-34. If you believe in God’s love, and if you believe that the God who clothes creation in beauty cares for you, then how can you disobey God? This passage is also the foundation for Christian vows of poverty, through which individuals and communities proclaim their absolute trust in God’s providence.

Songs for the Liturgy

*Age to Age, v 2 (G) MI-BB 492/GP3 598/JS 703/JS3 670
 All Things Bright and Beautiful (G) RS 635/PMB 348/JS 632/WC 693/ WOR 505/WOR4 574/WS 604
*Alleluia! Sing to Jesus, v 2 (C) BB-MI 727/ GC 853/GC2 826/G3 949/GP 419/GP3 361/JS 477/JS3 458/LMGM 67/LMGM2 752/OFUV 518/OIF 630/PMB 352/RS 914/SS 989/WC 746/WOR 737/WOR4 953/WS 610
Christian, Do You Hear the Lord (1) WOR 594
Enséñame/Teach Us, Lord (G) GC2 503
Father, Lord of All Creation (G) JS 853
Father, We Thank Thee (G) /GC 568/GC2 547/G3 632/OIF 539/PMB 316/ RS 705/SS 835/WC 656/ WOR 558/WS 539
For the Fruits of This Creation (G) BB-MI 419/GP3 697/ JS 629/JS3 615/OIF 893/PMB 519/RS 704/SS 837/WC 988/WOR 562/WOR4 857/WS 791
God Feeds Us, God Saves Us (G) PSL A-115/SS 271
God Has Smiled on Me (G) LMGM 185/LMGM2 499
God Is So Good (G) LMGM 188/LMGM2 432
God, Who Stretched the Spangled Heavens (G) RS 819/WOR 648
God, Whose Love Is Reigning O’er Us (G) JS 613
God Will Take Care of You (G) LMGM 183/LMGM2 409
Halleluyah! We Sing Your Praises (C) RS 692/GC 562/GC2 529/G3 626/LMGM2 452/PMB 482
*His Eye Is on the Sparrow (G) LMGM 186
How Beautiful the Morning and the Day (G) WOR 672
*I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (G) LMGM 187
I Have Loved You (1,G) BB-MI 608/RS 641/GC 504/GC2 504/G3 588/GP 710/GP3 772/JS 649/JS3 623/OFUV 612
I Sing the Mighty Power of God (G) BB-MI 421/GP 668/GP3 699/JS 635/JS3 618/RS 633/OFUV 598/ PMB 351/SS 800/WOR 502/WOR4 572
*Isaiah 49 (1) MI-BB 607/GP 711/GP3 767/JS 653/JS3 628/OFUV 615
Like a Child Rests (1) BB-MI 453/GP 635/GP3 640/JS 734/JS3 691
Lord of All Hopefulness (G) BB-MI 400/RS 713/GC 578/GC2 560/G3 663/GP 622/GP3 623/JS 690/JS3 647/OFUV 654/OIF 726/PMB 415/ /SS 839/WC 836/WOR 568/WOR4 686/WS 676
*Lord, You Give the Great Commission, v 5 (C) BB-MI 380/ /RS 607/GC 456/GC2 466/G3 544/GP 401/GP3 339/JS 452/JS3 431/OFUV 738/OIF 668/PMB 382/SS 772/WC 788/WOR 470/WS 641
Morning Has Broken (G) BB-MI 634/RS 859/GC 756/GC2 748/G3 855/GP 728/GP3 778/JS 871/JS3 851/OFUV 840/OIF 497/PMB 281/SS 944/WC 630/WOR 674/WS 521
Neither Death Nor Life (G) GC2 605/G3 647
O God, You Search Me (G) BB-MI 436/GC2 509/G3 581/GP 601/GP3 620/JS 711/JS3 678/OFUV 646
*Only in God (Ps) BB-MI 432/GC 621/GC2 591/GP 600,610/GP3 611,618/JS 712/JS3 679/OFUV 636
Our God Provides (G) JS 652
Praise the Lord of Heaven (G)  OIF 863/WC 951
Praise the Lord! You Heavens, Adore Him (G) BB-MI 531/LMGM 202/OFUV 578/SS 825/WOR 529/WOR4 604
*Seek First God’s Kingdom (G) BFW 246/SS 620
*Seek for the Kingdom of God with All of Your Powers! (G) HG 36
*Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God (G) BB-MI 434/GC 615/GC2 600/G3 658/GP 608/GP3 613/JS 720/JS3 685/OFUV 648/OIF 764/PMB 433/RS 728/WC 862/WOR 580/WOR4 663/WS 697
So the Day Dawn for Me (G) GC 651
The Hand of God (G) GC2 828/G3 981
*The Lord Has Become My Protector (E) IH 43
The Stars Declare His Glory (G)  GC 489/RS 639/WOR 506
*The Strong Lord Sets Me Free (E) PSL A-184/SS 435
This World, My God, Is Held within Your Hand (G) WOR 582
*Though the Mountains May Fall, v 1 (1) BB-MI 427/GC 602/GC2 595/G3 689/GP 605/GP3 619/JS 715/JS3 682/OFUV 644
Today I Awake (G)  GC 755/RS 857
With a Shepherd’s Care (1,G)  GC 654/GC2 628/G3 725/RS 738
You Are All We Have (Ps,G) GC 505/GC2 508/G3 586/RS 643
You Are Mine (1,G) BB-MI 455/GC 649/GC2 627/G3 721/GP3 651/RS 836/SPS 238/SS 863/WC 893/WOR4 704/WS 723
You Are Near (G) BB-MI 433/GC 604/GC2 590/G3 695/GP 619/GP3 610/LMGM 184/JS 722/JS3 687/OFUV 631/OIF 790WC 894/WS 710
*You Have Rescued Me (E) GP 475
Your Love, O God, Has All the World Created (G) GC 713/JS 841/ WOR 638


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  

All Things Bright and Beautiful (2-part)

Rutter, John

Hinshaw (HMC-663)


Consider the Lilies (SATB)

Willaert, Adrianus/Zanon-Vene

Ricordi (NY 1898)


Consider the Lilies (SATB)

Winslow, R.

Elkan-Vogel (1217)


Consider the Lilies (SATB)

Young, Gordon

Theodore Presser (312-41025)


Consider the Lilies of the Field (SATB)

McCormick, Clifford

Shawnee (A-399)


Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee, The Berger Augsburg G

For God alone My Soul Awaits (SATB, Brass or Wind Quintet)

Nelson, Ron

Augsburg (11-0560)


He Watching Over Israel Mendelssohn G. S. Schirmer G

If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee
If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee


Oxford (Morning Star Choir Book, V.2)
Concordia 98-2081


If you But Trust in God 2 pt mixed Arr. Woodward GIA G-7201 G

In God is My Salvation (TB)

Pfohl, Henry

Harold Flammer (C-5022)


Let Nothing Ever Grieve Thee Brahms C. F. Peters G
Lord of All Hopefulness SATB Willan Peters G

My Soul, Waith Thou Only Upon God (SATB)

Roff, Joseph

Abingdon (APM-432)


O Bread of Life From Heaven White Augsburg G
O How Sweet, O Lord Willan W. Gray G
On God, and Not on Humans Trust SATB Pachelbel Concordia* G
Praise the Lord Gumpelzaimer GIA  

Quaerite Primum Regnum Dei, K. 86 (SATB)

Mozart, W.A

Concordia (97-5230)


Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Our God (SATB)

Bruckner, Anton /Klein, M.

GIA (7 More Motets) (G-1495)


Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Our God (2-part mixed)

Kirk, Theron

Carl Fischer (CM 8043)


Sing for Joy, O Heavens (SATB)

Roff, Joseph

Associated (A 417)


Sing, O Heavens (SATB)

Diemer, Mary Lou

Carl Fischer (CM 7923)


Truly, My Soul Waiteth Upon God (SATB)

Sacco, P. Peter

Foster & Hall (FH 110)


Truly, My Soul Waiteth Upon God (SA)

Willan, Healey

Concordia (We Praise Thee) (97-7564)


Zion's Lament (SSATB)

Hammerschmidt, A./Hoelty-Nickel, T

Concordia (98-1478)


Zion Said (SSATB)

Hammerschmidt, A./Ehret, Walter

Abingdon (APM 538)


Zion Speaks, I Am by God Forsaken

Schein, Johann H./Scholten, J

Concordia (98-1894)


* Out of Print