[In many dioceses of the United States, these texts are replaced by the celebration of the Ascension.]

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Acts 1:12-14. What do you do after a dramatic experience? Pray. Pray hard.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (26) 27
Normally a psalm of lament begins with the psalmist's complaint and ends with a statement of trust that God will hear the psalmist’s prayer. This psalm reverses that order; it creates a context of trust into which the lament is inserted.

I Believe I Shall See (Johengen)  GC 38/RS 56
I Believe I Shall See (Soper)  GP 190/MI‑BB
I Believe I Will See (Foley) PCY7 13
I Believe That I Shall See (Alstott)   BB
I Believe That I Shall See (Guimont)   GC2 906/LPMG 59
I Believe That I Shall See (Hughes)   WS 134/PRM A55
I Believe That I Shall See (Hunstiger)   SS
I Believe That I Shall See (Kelly/Gelineau)  RS 55/LPGG 857
I Believe That I Shall See (Schiavone)   JS 937/LP 81
I Know I Shall See   PSL A-90/SS
The Land of the Living (Haas)  CBW 636

Suggested Common Psalm: Ps (26) 27
The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation
El Señor Es Mi Luz (Montgomery) FYC 190
El Señor Es Mi Luz (Taulé) FYC 191

1 Peter 4:13-16. In every circumstance—even suffering—hold onto faith and put it in practice.

John 17:1-11a. In John’s great Final Discourse, Jesus explains what his “hour” means: It means that he will glorify the Father by his total self-giving. In turn, the Father will share his glory with the Son, which the Son will share with all those who follow him. This “glory” is a sharing in eternal life.

Songs for the Liturgy
A Praying Spirit (1)  LMGM 213
All Who Love and Serve Your City (G)  WOR 621
Alleluia! Go and Teach All People (G)  CBW 515
Alleluia! Sing to Jesus (G)  WOR 737/CBW 426/GP 419/WC 703/MI‑BB/LMGM 67/GC 853/GC2 826/JS 477/RS 914/PMB 352/WS/SS
Anthem (G)  JS 761/GP 578/MI‑BB/GC 690/GC2 681
At That First Eucharist (G)  WOR 733/WC 620/LMGM 134/GC 852/GC2 840/RS 922/JS 826/GP 511/PMB 292/WS/SS
Be Light for Our Eyes (G)  GC 509/GC2 511/CBW 305
Be Not Afraid (2)  JS 706/GP 602/GC 608/GC2 596/CBW 481/MI‑BB/LMGM 123/WC 839/RS 734/PMB 446/WS/SS
Christ Is Alive (2,G)  WOR 466/CBW 384/WC 550/RS 601/PMB 258/JS 441/SS
Come by Here (1)  LMGM 218
Come Down, O Love Divine (1)  WOR 472/MI‑BB/CBW 407/GC 465/GC2 471/WC 588/JS 461/RS 617
For All the World (G)   HG 34
Glory and Praise to You (G) PMB 360/WC 716/WS
Go to the World! (2,G)  CBW 508/RS 608/GC2 469/WC 884/WS/SS
Go Out in the World (2,G)   WS
Go Out to the Whole World (2,G)   MI-BB
How Firm a Foundation (2)  WOR 585/MI‑BB/LMGM 102/GC 606/GC2 587/WC 833/JS 716/RS 731/PMB 438/SS
I Know That My Redeemer Lives ‑‑ Soper (Ps)  JS 586/MI‑BB/GP 482
I Received the Living God (2)  WC 657/WOR 735/GC 851/GC2 809/RS 913/JS 815/PMB 312/WS/MI-BB/SS
I Will Be with You (G)  GC 455/RS 603
If You Believe and I Believe (1)  RS 825/GC 722/GC2 708/JS 839/WS
Jesus Shall Reign (G)  WOR 492/RS 631/JS 479/WC 702/PMB 362/WS/SS
Join in the Dance (Ps,2)  JS 438/GP 393/MI-BB
Keep in Mind (2)  MI‑BB/WC 802/GC 674/GC2 658/JS 5892/RS 940/GP 492/PMB 36/WS/SS
Lord, Who at Your First Eucharist (G)  MI‑BB/JS 826
Lord, You Give the Great Commission (G)  WOR 470/MI‑BB/WC 742/GC 456/GC2 466/JS 452/RS 607/GP 401/PMB 382/WS/SS
Mold Me, Lord (G)  LMGM 128
*My Heart Declared to You (E)   IH 29
Now the Green Blade Rises (2)  WOR 453/GC 444/GC2 456/CBW 403/WC 562/JS 443/PMB 260/BB
O God, Beyond All Praising (2)  WOR 541/JS 614/PMB 488/WC 908/MI-BB/SS
Only This I Want (2)  CBW 516/GC 695/GC2 701/JS 766/GP 575/MI‑BB
Send Me, Jesus (G)  GC 677/GC2 674/RS 796
Send Us Your Spirit (1)  GP 410/MI‑BB/GC 470/GC2 476/CBW 414/JS 462/RS 612/SS
Sing of the Lord's Goodness (2)  MI‑BB/GC 547/GC2 532/JS 605/GP 690
Stewards of Earth (G)  WC 936/CBW 634/JS 627/PMB 509/WS/SS
The Church of Christ in Every Age (2,G)  WOR 626/WC 930/JS 843/RS 803/GC2 665/SS
The Love of the Lord (2)  GC 702/GC2 680
*There Is One Thing I Ask (Ps)  GP 489
*This Alone (Ps)  GP 621/MI‑BB/JS 689
Up from the Earth (2)  RS 589/GP 386/MI‑BB/GC 452
We Are One (G)   GC2 482
We Remember (G)  GC 593/GC2 578/MI‑BB/WC 653/RS 724/WS/SS
We've Come a Long Way, Lord (2)  LMGM 294
*Your Love, O God, Has All the World Created (G)  WOR 638/GC 713/JS 841


Choral Anthems

God is Gone Up With a Merry Noise

Hutchings, Arthur

Novello & Co. (29 0311 03)


Lord Is My Light (SATB)

Pfautsch, Lloyd

Sacred Music Press (NOS-24)


Lord Is My Light (SATB)

Roff, Joseph

GIA (G-3519)


Lord Is My Light, The (SATB)

Sturk, Stephen

Arista (AM 119)


Lord Is My Light and My Salvation, The (SATB/SATB)

Bender, Jan

Concordia (97-6339)


Lord Is My Light and My Salvation, The (SATB)

Englert, Eugene

GIA (G-2348)


Lord is My Light and My Salvation, The (2-part mixed)

Schütz, Heinrich/Wagner, D.

Belwin Mills (DMC 1208)


Lord Is My Strong Salvation, The (SAB)

Powell, Robert J.

Augsburg (1428) *


O Clap Your Hands (SATB)

Vaughan Willams, R.

Galaxy Music (222)

One Thing I Ask of the Lord (SA or TB)

Schütz, Heinrich/McAfee, D

Capella Music


With A Voice Singing (SATB)

Shaw, Martin

G. Schirmer (8103)


* out of print