The Third Scrutiny: Life. There are various forms of life and various forms of resurrection. There is the restoration to life that the people experienced when they were allowed to return from Exile; there is the restoration to life that people experience when they have a religious conversion; and there is the miraculous resurrection that Lazarus received. But the resurrection of Jesus surpasses all these, offering us more than we could possibly imagine.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Ezekiel 37:12-14. God promises to restore the people to their homeland and to give them a rebirth of faith.


Psalm of the Day: Ps (129) 130
Psalm 130 is another traditional “penitential psalm.” Like Psalm 51, it is used by the Church during seasons and rituals of repentance. It sings of another kind of “resurrection”—the restoration of someone who is suffering, who has experienced God's mercy, forgiveness, and redemption.


Contigo, Mi Dios, Piedad/With You, O God (Hurd) GP 276
Del Señor Viene la Misericordia (Taulé) FYC 269
Del Señor Viene la Misericordia/With the Lord, There is Fullness (Hurd) FYC 268/FYC3 234/JS 105
With Our God There Is Mercy (Manion) GP 275

With the Lord There Is Fullness/Del Señor Viene la Misericordia (Hurd) JS 105

With the Lord There Is Mercy (Bogdan) PMB 592/WS 386

With the Lord There Is Mercy (Carroll/Gelineau) WOR 799/RS 175

With the Lord There Is Mercy (Guimont) GC2 999

With the Lord There Is Mercy (Haugen) GC 127/GC2 71/G3 87/RS 176

With the Lord There Is Mercy (Hunstinger)  SS 539

With the Lord There Is Mercy (Isele) CBW 56

With the Lord There Is Mercy (Janco) PMB 172

With the Lord There Is Mercy (Joncas)     MI‑BB/CBW 374/JS 393/RS 174/GP 344

With the Lord There Is Mercy (Jordan) LMGM 512

With the Lord There Is Mercy (Roberts) LMGM 511

With the Lord There Is Mercy (Schiavone) JS 915

With the Lord There Is Mercy (Smith)      JS 106

With the Lord There Is Mercy (Willcock) SS 587


Romans 8:8-11. Paul uses “flesh” to mean those who have not come to belief in Christ and “spirit” to mean those who have. For those who believe, the Spirit is at work restoring all of creation and raising it to the new life given us in Christ.


John 11:1-45. The story of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus makes some points similar to those made in the previous week's Gospel: You need to see things from God’s perspective in order to understand them. Jesus is the source of true life. Though he is “the Christ, the Son of God,” he is also very human, deeply touched by the sorrow of his friends at the death of Lazarus. God is acting through him not only in this miracle but also throughout his ministry (“I know that you always hear me”).


Third Scrutiny

In communities where there are elect preparing for baptism, the third scrutiny is celebrated today. For appropriate musical settings, see RS 232/GC 98/JS 127/PMB 19/WC 218/WS.


Songs for the Liturgy

A Living Hope (G) CBW 613

Alive in Christ Jesus (2,G) GC 799

Awake, O Sleeper (1,G) GC 803/RS 650,729/WC 827/WS 668 WOR 586/WOR4 915

Broken Cisterns Walled in Stone (G) JS 385

Christ Is the World's Light, v 3 (2,G) WOR 543/WOR4 602

Christ's Church Shall Glory in His Power (G) RS 777/WOR 616

*Come Home (Ps) GP 468/GP3 410

Eternal Lord of Love (1)  CBW 360/GC 385/JS 390/RS 554

From Ashes to the Living Font (G) G3 474/OIF 427/ PMB 236/RS 561/SS 727/WC 558/WS 466/WOR4 463

From the Depths We Cry to Thee (Ps) BB-MI 132/JS 386/JS3 357 /OFUV 422/OIF 289/ WC 472/WS 383

God So Loved the World (G) PMB 418/WC 808,846/WS 680

*God’s Holy Mystery (G) PMB 297/WC 658/WS 553

*I Am the Bread of Life ‑‑ Toolan (G) BB-MI 364/GC 828/G3 945/GP3 493/LMGM 133/LMGM2 755/RS 931 /SS 988/WC 659/WS 543/WOR 738/WOR4 950

*I Am the Resurrection (G,C) CBW 647/GP3 329

I Know That My Redeemer Lives (2,G)  BB-MI 569/CBW 647/ GC 430/G3 527,972,972/GP 388,482/GP3 318,431/JS 141/JS3 129,556/LMGM 63/LMGM2 309/OIF 599,628PMB 363/RS 582/SS 763/WC 731,761/WS 29,616 /WOR 445/WOR4 527,994

*I, the Lord (G) GP 480/GP3 433/JS 584/JS3 552

I Will Not Die (1,G)  GC 657 /GP 716/GP3 758/JS 658/RS 771 

Jesus Has Conquered Death (G) LMGM 62

Jesus, the Bread of Life (G) BB-MI 344/GP 527/GP3 515/JS 817

Keep in Mind (G) BB-MI 672/GC 674/GC2 658 /G3 646/GP 492/GP3 /JS 589 /JS3 559 OFUV 330/OIF 332,734 / PMB 36/RS  940/SS 888/WC 219,841/WS 28,684/WOR4 651

Lead Me, Guide Me (Ps) BB-MI 361/ GC 574 /GC2 555/G3 656/JS3 654/LMGM 168/LMGM2 538/OIF 704/ PMB 397/RS 712/SS 334/SPS/WC 816/WS 650

Lift High the Cross (G) BB-MI 713/ CBW 435/ GC 791/GC2 785 /G3 881/GP 444/GP3 384/JS 522 /JS3 500/LMGM2 726/OIF 703/ PMB393/RS 884/SS 974/WC 792/WS 654/WOR 704/WOR4  885

*My Soul in Stillness Waits, esp. refrain (Ps) GC 328/GC2 336/G3 415/RS 495/SS 646/WOR4 404

Now in This Banquet, Lenten ref. (2,G)  CBW 608/GC 833/GC2 825/G3 937/RS 933

Now We Remain (G) BB-MI 507/GC 694/GC2 640/G3 785/RS 813/SS 983/WC 678/WS 561/WOR4 764

*Out of the Depths (Ps) BB-MI 807/GC 877/G3 88/GP 344/GP3 196/JS 107,393/JS3 109/OFUV252/PMB 241/RS 947/WC 563/WS 385/WOR4 970

Praise to You, O Christ Our Savior (2,G) BB-MI 589/ CBW 442/ GC 515/GC2 517/G3 596 /GP 662/GP3 691/JS 674/JS3 643/OFUV 651/RS 652/WOR4 690

Precious Lord, Take My Hand (1,G) BB-MI 685/GC 874/GC2 847/G3 955/GP3 424/JS3 548/LMGM 162/LMGM2 780 / OFUV 726/OIF 788/PMB 448/RS754 /WC 888 /WS 722/WOR4 980

Remember Your Love - Dameans (1,Ps) BB-MI 660/ GC 881/GC2 851/G3 961/GP 474/GP3 417 /JS 516/JS3 533 /OFUV 317/ RS 550

Roll Away the Stone (G) BB 179/JS 429

Song of the Body of Christ  (G) BB-MI 332/GC 847/GC2 807/G3 924/RS 924 /WC 668/WS 738

Take and Eat (1,2,G) BB-MI 361/CBW 611/GC 831/GC2 812/G3 950/RS 910/SS 1010/WC 686/WOR4 940/WS 563

The Lord Jesus Christ (G) CBW 436

Tree of Life (G)  CBW 373/ GC 397/GC2 401/G3 475/OIF 434/RS 541/SS 719/WC 578/WS 480

Victory in Jesus (G) LMGM 240

We Live Not for Ourselves (2) JS 773

We Shall Rise Again (1,G) GC 772/GC2 762/G3 871 /JS3/LMGM2 719/RS 872

We Will Rise Again (1,G) BB-MI 438/GP 603/GP3 609/JS 714/JS3 681/ OFUV 629

When Jesus Wept (G) JS 418

*Yes, I Shall Arise -- Deiss (Ps)  GP3 444/JS3 562 /OFUV 308/OIF 584/ PMB 325/WS 589/WOR4 964

You Are the Voice (2,G)  CBW 576/ GC 549 /GC2 538/G3 609/RS 659

You Are The Way (G)  CBW 441 GP3/OIF 639/ PMB 365/WC 748/WOR4 682/ WS 612

You Shall Be My People vs.5 (1)  OIF 666/WC 784


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #

De Profundis
De Profundis (SATB)

De Profundis (SATTB)
De Profundis (SATB)
De Profundis

des Prez, Josquin

DiLasso, Orlando
Gluck, Christoph, W.
Gluck, Christoph, W.

Mercury (MC 43)

Artista (AE 301)
E.C. Schirmer (ECS 617)


Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep (SATB)

Connolly, Michael

GIA (G-3847)

For God So Loved the World (SATB) Busarow GIA G-7509 G
From Deep Distress and Troubled Thoughts (SATB) arr. Parker GIA G-5082 G

From the Depths of Woe (SATB)

Schütz, Heinrich

GIA (G-1912)


Give Me Jesus (SATB)
Give Me Jesus (SATB)
Augsburg 11-0540
Selah 420-507
God So Loved the World (SATB)
God So Loved the World (SATB)
God So Loved the World (SA)
God So Loved the World (SAB)
God So Loved the World (SATB)
God So Loved the World (SATB)
God So Loved the World (SATB)
God So Loved the World (SATB)
God So Loved the World (SATT(Bar.)B)
Oxford BC29
G. Schirmer 3798
Concordia 98-3098*
GIA G-7824*
Concordia 98-3098*
Galaxy 1.2214
Selah 410-546
Kjos 90920
Concordia 98-178*
I Am the Living Bread (SATB) McCabe R. Egan G

I Am the One (SATB)

Caldwell, Mary E. Fred Bock

(Presser) (G-153)


I Am the Resurrection (SATB)
I Am the Resurrection (SATB)

Morley, Thomas/Simkins, C.F.

Concordia (98-2393) *
Concordia 98-2784


I Am the Resurrection (SATB)

Nelson, Ronald

Augsburg (ACL 1511) *


I Am the Resurrection (SATB)

Reed, Everett

Aspen Grove (1001)


I Am the Resurrection and the Life (SATB/SATB)

Schütz, Heinrich

C.F. Peters (6591)


I Am the Resurrection and the Life (SA)

Willan, Healy

Concordia (97-7610)


I Wait for the Lord (SATB)

Bach, J.S.

Morning Star (MSM-50-9054)


If Any Man Hath Not the Spirit (SATB)

Davies, H. Walford

H.W. Gray


Out of the Deep (Alto, SAATB)

Morley, Thomas

Blandford Presse (A. Broude) (AB 708)


Out of the Deep (Requiem) (SATB)

Rutter, John



Out of the Deep (ATB)

Tomkins, Thomas

Oxford (Anthems for Men's Voices)


Out of the Depths (SSATB)

Busarow, Donald

Concordia (98-2330) *


Out of the Depths (SATB)

Charpentier, Marc-Antoine

Concordia (98-1521) *


Out of the Depths (Soprano, SATB)
Out of the Depths (2 pt mixed)
Out of the Depths (SATB)
Out of the Depths (SATB)

Hovhaness, Alan

C.F. Peters (6270)
MSM 50-3501
Mark Foster MF2037
St. James Press


Processional Psalm for Lent
(2-part mixed)

Proulx, Richard

GIA (G-1966)


Psalm 130 (SATB/SATB)

Carter, John

Augsburg (11-3014)


Psalm 130 (SATB)

DeLong, Richard

E.C. Schirmer (4757)


Psalm 130 (SATB)

Manz, Paul

Summy-Birchard (1547)


Psalm 130-De Profundis (SATB)


Belwin-Mills (4597)


Raising of Lazarus, The (SATB)

Willaert, Adrian

Ricordi (1873)


Ransom of a Soul, The White ECS  

Remember Not, O Lord, Our Offences (SSATB)

Purcell, Henry

Novello (322)

Si Iniquitates Observaveris (TTB) Wesley Oxford 41.031 PS
When Jesus Wept Olejar Morning Star Music (G)