Good Shepherd Sunday (or, in Year A, "Good Sheepgate" Sunday)

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Acts 2:14, 36-41. Continuing the story of Peter's preaching, this reading shows the connection between powerful preaching and conversion. It also summarizes a theology of Baptism as the sacrament that incorporates us into Christ, forgives sin, and brings us the gift of the Holy Spirit.


Psalm of the Day: Ps (22) 23

This most familiar of all the psalms is a hymn in two parts. The God of Israel is praised as a shepherd caring for the flock (verses 1–4) and as the host of a banquet (verses 5–6).


El Señor Es Mi Pastor (Rosas) FYC 185/FYC3 161/GP 181
El Señor Es Mi Pastor (Taulé) FYC 184
El Señor Es Mi Pastor (Terry) FYC 183
El Señor Es Mi Pastor (Rosas) FYC3 161/GP 181

My Shepherd Is the Lord (Gelineau) BB-MI 740/ CBW 606/GC2 24/RS 45/WC 421/WS 330/WOR 32

Nada Me Falta (Peña)   RS 46/GC 33

Shepherd Me, O God (Haugen) BB-MI 36/GC 31/GC2 23/RS 756/

SPS 128/WC 423/WS 331/WOR4 736

The Lord is My Shepherd (Blakesley) SPS 59

The Lord is My Shepherd (Colopy)  WC 422

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Cooney) GP 179/

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Crandal) JS 23/SPS 60

The Lord Is My Shepherd (della Picca) PMB 589/WC 218

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Guimont) GC2 894

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Gustafson) GP 178

The Lord is My Shepherd (Hunstinger)SS 499

The Lord Is My Shepherd/Tú Vas Conmigo (Hurd) JS 24

The Lord is My Shepherd (Janco)   PMB 622

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Proulx/Black) CBW 53

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Proulx/Gelineau) WOR 796

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Roberts) LMGM 544

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Schiavone) JS 912

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Sensmeier) RS 44/GC 32

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Smith) GP 180

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Somerville) CBW 607

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Vermulst) PMB 141

The Lord is My Shepherd (Wood/Black) CBW 158


1 Peter 2:20-25. During a time of persecution, this letter offers the example of Jesus as a model to help people deal with their suffering.


John 10:1-10. The sheep hear and recognize the voice of the shepherd. The shepherd also lies down at night across the opening to the sheepfold, blocking it so the sheep will not wander off or be attacked from outside, and thus the shepherd becomes the “gate.”


Songs for the Liturgy

*A Banquet Is Prepared (Ps,2,G) GP 509

A Living Hope (1) CBW 613/PMB 284

Abundant Life (G) GC 710/GC2 703/G3 811/RS 636

*Amen! (Ps,2,G) LMGM 170

Baptized in Living Waters (1)   OIF 662/PMB 386/WC 787/WS 640

Baptized in Water (1) BB-MI 646/CBW 614/GC2 797/G3 903/GP3 391/JS 542/JS3 516/LMGM2 746/OIF 516/PMB 286/RS 903/SS 980/WC 635/WS 530/WOR 720/WOR4 919

Be Not Afraid (2) BB-MI 43/GC 608/GC2 596/G3 683/GP 602/GP3 600 /JS 579 /JS3 673 LMGM2 583/OFUV 647/PMB 446/RS 734/SS 849/SPS/WC 877/WS 715/WOR4 680

*Because the Lord Is My Shepherd (Ps,G) BB-MI 464/GP 627/GP3 641/JS 725/JS3 697

Christ Be Near at Either Hand (Ps,G) OIF 623/PMB 361/WC 756/WS 611

*Come to Me Norbet (G) BB-MI 359/GP 629/GP3 644/JS 728/JS3 695/OFUV 730/OIF 791/PMB 444/WC 880/WS 717/WOR4 716

Come, Taste and See, v 1 (G) GP 526/JS 818

Come to Us (G) GP 537/GC 743/GC2 740/GP3 842

Easter Alleluia, v 4 (Ps,2,G) GC 424/GC2 447/G3 537/RS 592/SS 753

*Gentle Shepherd/Jesús, Pastor Tan Dulce (Ps,2,G) CBW 598/GP 512/JS 737

Gift of Finest Wheat, v 1 (G) BB-MI 324/GC 815/GC2 816/G3 940/GP 525/GP3 487/JS 803/JS3 791/LMGM 136/LMGM2 757/OFUV 807/OIF 540/PMB 300/ SS 1009/WC 666/WS 560/WOR 736/WOR4 939

Glory and Praise to Our God, v 4 (1,G) BB-MI 545/GC 522/GC2 537/G3 606

GP 671/GP3 723/JS 596/JS3 574OFUV 576/OIF 836 /RS 596/WC 936

WS 758/WOR4 597

His Name Is Wonderful (Ps,2,G) LMGM 87/LMGM2 372

I Am the Vine, v 3 (G) OIF 762/PMB 436/WC 868/WS 669

I Lift My Eyes to the Quiet Hills (Ps,G) CBW 484

*In the Arms of the Shepherd (Ps,G) WC 887/WS 718

*Jesus, Shepherd of Our Souls (Ps,2,G) WOR 649

Jesus, Wine of Peace, vss 5 ff (Ps,2,G) GC 817/GC2 804

Keep in Mind (G) BB-MI 672/GC 674/GC2 658 /G3 646/GP 492/GP3 434/ /JS 589 /JS3 559 OFUV 330/OIF 332,734 /PMB 36/RS  940/SS 888/WC 219,841/WS 28,684/WOR4 651

Like a Shepherd (G) BB-MI 604/CBW 490/GC 325/GC2 332/ G3 402/GP 708/JS 648/JS3 622/OFUV 617

*My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (Ps,2,G) JS 732/JS3 699/OIF 785/RS 761

WC 886/WOR 606/WOR4 708

Now We Remain BB-MI 507/GC 694/GC2 696/G3 785/WC 640/RS 813/SS 903/WC 678/WS 561/WOR4 764

*O Lord, You Are My Shepherd (Ps) WC 556

Open Wide the Doors to Christ (G) OIF 636/PMB 356/WC 765/WS 625

*Peace, v 6 (G) BB-MI 524/GP 649/OIF 799/PMB 462/WS 726

*Priestly People (G,C)  OIF 669/PMB 383/WC 761/WS 637

Rain Down (E) BB-MI 606/GC2 505/G3 582/GP 713/JS 651/JS3 627/OFUV 616/SPS 228/WS 689

Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us (G) LMGM 47

*Shepherd of My Heart (Ps,2,G) GC 641/GC2 624/G3 723/SS 864

Shepherd of Souls, in Love, Come, Feed Us (Ps,G) OIF 565/PMB 307/WC 681

Shepherd of Souls, Refresh and Bless (Ps,2,G) BB-MI 365/ GC 840/GC2 818/G3 910

GP 501 /GP3 475/JS 825/JS3 808/OFUV 830/OIF 554/ PMB 296/SS 993/WC 665

WS 541/WOR 728/WOR4 941

*Take and Eat v. 4 BB-MI 361/CBW 611/GC 831/GC2 812/G3 950/RS 910/

SS 1010/WC 686/WOR4 940/WS 563

*The King of Love My Shepherd Is (Ps,2,G) BB-MI 466/ GC 635/GC2 631/G3 712/GP 632 GP3 648/JS 733/JS3 690/LMGM2 601/ OFUV 724/OIF 749/ PMB 427

RS 766/SS 861/WC 854/WS 694/WOR 609/WOR4 712

*The Living God My Shepherd Is (Ps,2,G) CBW 690/WOR 612/WOR4 709

*The Lord Fills the Earth (E) BB-MI 753/GP 198

*The Lord Is My Shepherd (Ps,2,G) LMGM 152

This Is My Body, v 4 (G) CBW 580/OIF 570/PMB 318/WC 661/WS 554

Through the Mystery of Death (2) GP 451

We Know That Christ Is Raised (1,2) CBW 398/RS 906/SS 752/WC 615/WOR 721

We Shall Rise Again (2,G) GC 772/GC2 762/GP3 871/RS 872

*We Will Rise Again (Ps,2,G) BB-MI 438/JS 714/JS3 681/OFUV 629

With a Shepherd's Care (G) GC 654/GC2 628/G3 725/RS 738

*Without Seeing You, v 4 (Ps,2,G) GC 844/GC2 842/G3 922

*You Are All I Want (Ps) GC2 625/G3 726

You, Lord, Are Both Lamb and Shepherd (2,G) RS 698/GC2 525

You Shall Be My People (1) OIF 666/WC 784


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #

All We Like Sheep (Messiah)

Handel, G.F.



Blessed Jesus (Unison)

Fauré, Gabriel

Concordia (98-2508) *


Brother James' Air (SATB, SSA)

Jacob, Gordon

Oxford (43.902)


Come, Risen Lord Powell Concordia * (G)

God Is My Shepherd (SATB, SSA, Sa, Unison)

Dvorak, Anton



God of Love My Shepherd Is, The (SA)

Handel, G.F./Jacques, R.

Oxford (E 102)


Greater Love Hath No Man (Bass, SATB)

Ireland, John

Galaxy (1.5030.1)


I Am the Door (SATB)

Lewis, John Leo

Lorenz (E 43)


Incline Thine Ear, O Lord

Bach, J.S.

Harold Flammer (A-5806)


Jubilate Deo (SATB) Powell St. James Press 2, G
King of Love, The Bairstow CPDL P

King of Love, My Shepherd Is , The (SATB)

Englert, Eugene

GIA (G-1842)


Lord Is Like a Shepherd, The (Unison)

Page, Sue Ellen

Hinshaw (CS.2549)


Lord Is My Shepherd, The (SATB)

Berger, Jean

Broude Brothers (BB 3053)


Lord Is My Shepherd, The (SATB)

Hillert, Richard

Concordia (98-2439) *


Lord Is My Shepherd, The (SATB)

Matthews, Thomas

Fitzsimons (F2142)


Lord Is My Shepherd, The (SSA)

Matthews, Thomas

Fitzsimons (F5026)


Lord Is My Shepherd, The (SATB)

Pote, Allen

Choristers Guild (CGA-551)


Lord Is My Shepherd, The (SATB)

Rutter, John

Oxford (94.216)


Lord Is My Shepherd, The (SATB, SSAA, SSA, SA)

Schubert, Franz



Lord Is My Shepherd, The (Unison)

Sleeth, Natalie

Broadman Press (4560-93)


Lord Is My Shepherd, The (SATB, SSAA)

Thompson, Randall

E.C.Schirmer (2688) (2578)


Lord Is My Shepherd, The (Soprano, SATB)

Wise, Michael/Smith, M.J.

Novello (88.0027.08)


Lord My Pasture Shall Prepare, The (SATB)

Harris, William

Novello (MT 1222)


Lord My Pasture Will Prepare, The (SATB)

Billings, William

Concordia (98-2193) *


Lord's My Shepherd, The (SATB)

Franck, Cesar/Black, C.

H.W. Gray (2901)


Lord's My Shepherd, The (SATB)

Titcomb, Everett

H.W. Gray (2809)


Lord Is My Shepherd, The (SA)

Smith, Gregg

G. Schirmer (12325)


Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep (2-part)

Carol/arr. Ehret

Choristers Guild (CGA-362)


My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (SATB)

Thomson, Virgil

H.W. Gray (CMR 2046-7)


My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (SA)

Thomson, Virgil

H.W. Gray (CMR 2562)


My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (TTBB)

Thomson, Virgil

H.W. Gray (CMR 2108)


Paths of God, The (SATB)

Young, Gordon

Richmond Music Press (MII-360)


Psalm 23 (SATB)

Burkhardt, Michael

Morning Star (MSM-50-9051)


Psalm 23 (Unison)

How, Martin

Boosey & Hawkes (W-180)


Psalm 23 (SATB)

Zimmermann, Heinz W.

Augsburg (11-0638)


Surrexit Pastor Bonus (SATB) DiLasso, Orlando CPDL

Thy Sheep May Safely Graze (SATB)

Bach, J.S.

Galaxy (1-1278)


Twenty-Third Psalm, The (SA)

Davis, Katherine K.

Remick (TME4453)


Twenty-Third Psalm, The (TTBB)

Malotte, Albert Hay

G. Schirmer (9612)


Twenty-Third Psalm, The (Soprano, SATB)

Vaughn-Williams, Ralph

Oxford (43L 913)


Verily, Verily Tallis CPDL G

Your Holy Cross (3 equal voices)

Hurby, Dolores

GIA (G-1894)


* out of print